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Organic Modern Estate by Ken Kellogg AIA - Joshua Tree, CA

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Presented by TTK Represents http://www.organicmodernestate.com The Desert House: The most important architectural house you may have never seen. It is physically of the desert, a part of its surroundings. The strength of the hard and rugged protective shell exterior is drawn from the desert. The interior is a warm intimate space of flowing organic shapes wrapping gently around its inhabitants. Light enters through continuous openings that separate the towering concrete panels. The textures provide the touch and feel of the desert as materials were meticulously selected from the desert. The property highlights the masculine and feminine forms that are the hallmark of organic architecture.
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Text Comments (78)
Abdul Quayyum (2 months ago)
Good looke
Wennington Grendel (3 months ago)
( ° Д ° ) ( ° Д ° )スゲェ
Sharon S. Lee (3 months ago)
How much to build this?
Z3RO LIN3 (3 months ago)
Why is this House not in the IRONMAN Movie as it really fit to Tony's Stark Taste..
DeForestEveland (7 months ago)
I prefer a "walk through" as if I was visiting the house.  WHERE AM I??? inside, outside, in living room, in bathroom, in lounge, in entrance, in tub, etc.????   Still, a fabulous house!!!!
Angel La Canfora (1 year ago)
You know you're getting old when you see a place like this and can only think about all the maintenance involved for the up-keep.
nhat anh hoang nghia (1 year ago)
i cant believe he spend 10 years for this amazinggggggggggggggggg
Stu Berda (1 year ago)
It WILL be mine! Oh yes. It will be mine!!!
kokosz37 (2 years ago)
Piękny !! istny majstersztyk ...(Y)
Malcolm James (2 years ago)
I need this :) a suitable lair indeed!
Nhoj Navonod (2 years ago)
How do you get pizza delivered?!
Canyon Haverfield (9 months ago)
drone.. yet most likely anyone qualified to live here would have the will power and imagination to put together a pizza. Pizza delivery is left for the humble folks,we who build imaginative homes build imaginative meals at home .
ouinly Daily (2 years ago)
preuve qu'a force de volonté et de courage,on peut faire de grandes choses dont l'être humain est parfaitement capable plutôt que de se foutre sur la gueule!
johakin51 (3 years ago)
Absolument incroyable, magnifique, onirique. Merci messieurs de TTk pour cette oeuvre d'art.
Jamushroom (3 years ago)
Does anyone know the music that's been used in this video?
Jamushroom (3 years ago)
Sweet, thanks! Was hoping it was instrumental to be honest!
TechIsFashion (3 years ago)
+Jamushroom Zerbin - In Your Arms
DouglasUrantia (3 years ago)
Lovely but way over-designed.   There is never a rest for your eyes....anywhere.
Ivan Thomson (3 years ago)
As a sculpture it is quite good.  However,  in my opinion, it fails as a 'home'.  It would be best suited as a museum.  It is cold and sterile.  To me I see a dinosaur that laid down and died and someone made a a table out of it's vertebrae.  It is obviously not designed for a family in mind, and if it was I fail to see that whatsoever.  Materials are jagged and rough and the colors are all shades of hell.  Even the back yard is stark stone and concrete absent of life.  It would make a great visitors center or something of that nature.  Of course, art is subjective and I am sure many would disagree with me.
jearob (4 years ago)
I wonder where is their water is coming from. It seems like in the middle of nowhere !
Elizabeth Ewen (4 years ago)
Why is this called "organic"? I see nothing green or sustainable.
Jim Pemberton (4 years ago)
It's flowy and visceral. That constitutes "organic" in many people's minds who conflate aesthetics with bioethics. Unfortunately it's not the same thing as sustainable.
Àlex Marés Garcia (4 years ago)
Amazing house for any Tyranid looking for to form a family! 
Doug Kaufman (4 years ago)
Man, now I want to live in a spinal column too.
Wandering Wade (4 years ago)
A home on the far away planet of Nerdgonia. The fish-eyed Nerdgonians have achieved inter-stellar space travel centuries ago and are sick of living in the desert and want to sell.
Wandering Wade (4 years ago)
Science fiction movie set for sale.
Lady BlackstarDust (4 years ago)
I love Joshua Trees and the Mojave Desert.  I would love to live in this house.  But, I only saw one bedroom. 
Alvin Mendez (4 years ago)
Organic????? then,  what is not organic? it seems to me that you're just adding "science-y" without really knowing what the word means!!!
bcxaz (4 years ago)
Noticed easily a lack of solar or any form of natural energy production in place.
Crystal Punky (8 months ago)
i was just about to say that. This is high end real estate. Just because you don't see big ugly "normie" panels all over the roof, doesn't mean they're not there. If there was, it would certainly be integrated into the design.
Canyon Haverfield (9 months ago)
Don't be so sure.. after all the design is lead-edge,and certainly a photo-v array wouldn't be left in plain sight,nor would propellors.Stretch your imagination a bit more and let go of being so quick to judge negatively
BaNathShal Ahayah (4 years ago)
michael kane (4 years ago)
I guess this is where the Flintstones would stay if they lived today....
BuddhaBelly (4 years ago)
this place is great for a Medical Doctor. It has the word injury written all over it. someone is going to slip and fall or would be great to do drugs in it and then slip and fall. smashing you head on the hard surfaces or glass breaking . just one real nice party palace though!
jshaw6600 (4 years ago)
And for that reason, it fits the landscape. 
Lady BlackstarDust (4 years ago)
Just don't do drugs!
Michael W (4 years ago)
Lovely house, a classic of its time. The buttress walls are thicker than could be used today with high strength concretes (UHPC) and better computer models for the structure. The price seems good as well for such a classic. Only one problem - its located in police state AmeriKa...
Canyon Haverfield (9 months ago)
so by all means stay in Alaska or Costa Rica
Michael W (4 years ago)
+Dusty Rhodes Please stay in your trance... 
Lady BlackstarDust (4 years ago)
Please stay out of California.  We love it here, especially the desert.  We don't need any hotheads who don't know how to get along in civilized society.
marcsi gomez (4 years ago)
Will Fagan (4 years ago)
It looks like the house a Bond villain would own.
john doe (4 years ago)
It sucks! There`s no Cable TV!!!!!!! Hello????????? (lol)
józsefné zsiros (4 years ago)
Ez valami csodálatos!
Noise Marines (4 years ago)
I think I need to liberate this house.
Mihály Rácz (4 years ago)
aditya menon (4 years ago)
Finally something I can imagine Howard Roark to have designed. Amazing work.
Ciara Bonifazi (4 years ago)
I never thought that house would be so pretty on the inside! It doesnt look that big from the outside. And town isnt that far from the house lol
Russell Bond (4 years ago)
I am in awe. A flawless example of a daring and stunning design, perfectly executed... I'd live there in a heartbeat. Kellogg is in league with the likes of Wright and Prince (that's Bart Prince)
Michael Doornik (4 years ago)
This is amazing! It feels so organic. An original piece of work. Yet the neighbourhood is awfull, Lol.
Tarno wianin (4 years ago)
Fred Flinstone wants to buy
Peđa Knežević (4 years ago)
21 century Flintstones home :) Amazing!
M. Entera (4 years ago)
Didn't see a single solar panel.  What a waste of good design and sunshine.
Levandetag (4 years ago)
1.19-1.27  Hämtar en hink med Inspiration, det badkaret, har jag haft i mitt sinne sen länge. Stensätta med alla samlade stenar jag har, vilken Dröm. Bara badkaret, gillar organiska former, men ibland blir de för luxiösa.
dalajlamapeace (4 years ago)
Nice ..the play of light is impressive *
Keith Glimmer (4 years ago)
Ugliest  House  Ever.
Catherine Howell (4 years ago)
Having grown up near to where this house is built its as breath taking now as it was watching it being built!
FilmSupplies (4 years ago)
I had a photo shoot for a major designer I would have loved to have shot here
Tin Nguyen (4 years ago)
I honestly wouldn't live there.. its so lonely x) nearest place to go, you'll probably have to drive milessss to get.
M L (4 years ago)
Cool architecture, would do as hotel, but living there, definitely not. I would feel like a lizard already after a few days...
Brian Lang (4 years ago)
Does anyone know the song playing?
Bob Hearn (4 years ago)
Just curious, does the price include the custom furniture?
modspell (4 years ago)
Goldstrom-- if that's "insanity," I don't want to be sane.
lthornt3 (4 years ago)
Flintstone house in the future.
ho2cultcha (4 years ago)
i'd love to do a native plant landscape for this place!!
Steven Williams (4 years ago)
incredibly novel design...a bit over the top for my tastes, but i realize this is america. ..people are generally drawn to dramatic extremes over class.  lost me a bit with the water features...like the big fountains in front of the gated communities in Coachella...highlights the man OVER nature qualities of this design...could have gone more man WITH nature
Cameron Cooper (4 years ago)
metta8888 (4 years ago)
I <3 this home! I wish that I could afford to buy it and take care of it. 
mytinfoilhat69 (4 years ago)
Sorry, foster, but i would live here! I see only a few minor changes that need to be made. :-)
Foster Goldstrom (4 years ago)
Who could live in such a nightmare of design? One would go insane from the constant sifts of materials, angles, light, and surfaces. Your mind and eye could never relax. Totally out of sync with the human condition. Home should be welcoming and a haven to retreat and recuperate.
Canyon Haverfield (9 months ago)
the concept of 'should live' is left for others who need such. Going insane isn't about where you live it's how. Remember the human condition isn't about you and your ways or your neighbors.. it's about this architect,his staff,his client .It wasn't meant to be appealing to you . Wake up ! Step out of your predictable box
mokienatrix (4 years ago)
+Chris Green Nothing about this reads natural natural to me - the rough concrete, mortared stone and metal together with the angles make it feel urban and institutional, which is incongruous with the setting. The odd fern and desert view just adds to the disconnect. YMMV.
samgod (4 years ago)
+Christina Gaffney His theory applies to homes. I think the house is beautiful and amazing. But I do agree with Foster Goldstrom in that it lacks the warmth one would want in a primary home. It seems ideal for throwing parties, cultural events, a cultural center, or maybe an academy of some sort.
Chris Green (4 years ago)
You must have difficulties walking through a forest or so other natural space.....
Nick C (4 years ago)
Foster, I'm sure the opposite is true.  The human condition thrives on curiosity, the search for new information and connection with nature, whereas lack of mental stimulation is a recognised trigger for insanity. I accept that you don't like it, but let's keep home-brew psychology out of it.

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