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Text Comments (2467)
The Barber Game (9 months ago)
Best Hair styling channel ever on YouTube ❤️ Hit like if you agree ?
mxrk22966 L (11 days ago)
whats the name of this hair cut???
Adam the TREE (12 days ago)
Almost at 1 million your at 999k so keep it up 👍
Fragg3r (16 days ago)
The Barber Game I have my haircut so short that tips I don’t wear
Ryck Alex (24 days ago)
What is the video cover application?
ZeinMax (27 days ago)
AM6 (2 hours ago)
the music so painfull
La música del Willy xdxdxdxd
Toxic (4 hours ago)
Sponsored by pacinos
Ling Ming Ching Ching (10 hours ago)
Only if I had a hairline like that...
free mejia v: (11 hours ago)
1:10 Messi
Nenad Vucetic (16 hours ago)
It is the same fucking hair style 10 times over
Bananaterminator 007 (17 hours ago)
Im a Nurse... I don‘t have time for this...
Raxtler (18 hours ago)
El 2do es igual a alario
zia nabi (19 hours ago)
Can u suggest haircuts according to face cuts??
kitty katarina :3 (20 hours ago)
3rd clip thats my hairstyle but with less effort still the same look
Salah gamer (21 hours ago)
6:55 Wtf..
Aaromal K . J (1 day ago)
Only I will remember is Lucy -O
Cahaya baru (1 day ago)
I bald why i watching this
SowliitGaming (1 day ago)
So they use hair dryer so that their hair will not get destroy? How dumb
Bamba Squad (1 day ago)
What if your ugly 😭 1like 1 confidence ↙️
Moisord (1 day ago)
Vamooooo Willy!
chapi faps (1 day ago)
Y si no tengo secadora ya vali madres :'v
Hami Tube (1 day ago)
Thaaaaaaank you
bty96ツ (2 days ago)
I hardly do my hair but when I do I make sure it's in my scooter mirror.
Michigan Az (2 days ago)
Messi are you? 1:10
Balázs Hadászi (2 days ago)
Naveen NvN (2 days ago)
At 5:39 😎👍
boria lopez (2 days ago)
FifaMobileGamerTEEVEE (3 days ago)
All of these are horrible
Catherine The Second (3 days ago)
*Wow there’s no one WHO is so simple*
xd exp3rt (3 days ago)
I just cut most of my hair IT HARD TO THAT EVERY DAY
Dope but why the faces, im not complaining but still 😂😂😂😂 caught me ofd gaurd
Sartaj Prattoy (3 days ago)
Just keep your hair short.... No tension... Of styles..
KASHINATH 7 (4 days ago)
The second guy is looking like messi 😀
ChRoNic (4 days ago)
4:33 Woah, momma.
Jorge Mendez (4 days ago)
they are all the fucking same
Jose Andres (4 days ago)
Como se arregla la cara ??? :"v
Naryonte (4 days ago)
Like a brush
j hopee (5 days ago)
i rather have my hair messy
Mohamed Fouad (5 days ago)
Please what's is name for music
Gaming Channel (5 days ago)
Can you name the hair cuts on the vid
Mayank (5 days ago)
What is bg music please
WoffyGamerYT_son (5 days ago)
I got a normal brush.. That brush.. No um no But good news I can take my grandmas blowdryer to make my hair look terrible.
T- Bone (5 days ago)
Whats the name of the first hair cut???
KWB91 (6 days ago)
All those top knots are way too long and they all looked like such stuck up poofs. Dont do it.Ya welcome - a female
Raymond XL (6 days ago)
I'm too lazy to do that much work on my hair. I'll just go for a plain cut
Philip Neil (6 days ago)
This may be a stupid question but what exactly is the hairstyle at 3:30 called?
Philip Neil (5 days ago)
+One Feminine Boi Thanks man!! Cool profile picture
One Feminine Boi (6 days ago)
That's moose I think
Minato channelTM (6 days ago)
Can we use aloeveeara gel
Fabian Rodriguez (7 days ago)
Messi 😃
Victor manuel Ortiz (7 days ago)
Alguien habla español en esta mierda? :v
neriza sulit (8 days ago)
6:56 LOL that face!
Oney SI (8 days ago)
That music is too much irritating 😑
SHAZAM (8 days ago)
Whats the first guys name?
Cymric (8 days ago)
this is the same hairstyle over and over
瞳 紫 (8 days ago)
8:05 Messi
Bone Crackler (8 days ago)
Collin keys
Bone Crackler (8 days ago)
All the girls have a crush on us now like if agree
Sasha Nicolaas (8 days ago)
Where is Curly hair Squad??? 😂
Random channel Wingo (9 days ago)
the bluelight force (10 days ago)
I'd like your hair styling ALOT more without the crappy music :/ I've heard it a thousand times!!!
Phenomz ML (10 days ago)
Can Anyone Tell What Kind Of Haircut He Had?
Alan Hdz (10 days ago)
No mms es el mismo intro dela verdad del fitness
karyamsetty sanjay (10 days ago)
Super hair styles of British
Dark Quack (11 days ago)
My parents would smack me in the face if they saw me using a blow dryer to do my hair
Nightcore LoverTM (11 days ago)
Yo Lgb*T* guys/Girl! Where are my Trans girl looking for the haircut huh? 😂
Oskar (11 days ago)
Not rly tutorials
JuniorTith4Real idk (12 days ago)
I'm stuck with the quiff but I wanna change it up!
Martin Monostori (12 days ago)
Where the last photo on the indexpicture?
Ellie jean (12 days ago)
Why am I watching this? IM A *GIRL* !
Ellie jean (2 days ago)
+Gg Gg lol
Gg Gg (2 days ago)
For us guys to flirt with you
TeenBite (12 days ago)
Hit downvote the second the shitty charva choons started
evans hlychho (13 days ago)
wow that great how can do that??? ilike your face and some hairstyle👍👍👍🙇
evans hlychho (13 days ago)
wow that great how can do that??? ilike your face and some hairstyle👍👍👍🙇
Taylor Sharp (13 days ago)
Word to the wise, dont try to use ANY Pacinos styling products if you have thin hair. It's meant only for thick hair
BenIsAWashingMachine (13 days ago)
5:28 I'malexx is that you!😂
Rookie (14 days ago)
Actual trash music
I am Indian
A random Person (14 days ago)
Too bad, my stupid hair wont cooperate with me
Fikri Fadillah Wibowo (8 days ago)
Same here bro
H6l2n 1 (15 days ago)
7:28 schjar Instagram
Aryaman bahl (15 days ago)
Wtf is this
Happy Little Accidents (15 days ago)
Everything is almost the same Hairstyle
Happy Little Accidents (15 days ago)
I didn't come here to doubt my straightness. I wanted hair making And if y'all gonna be sexy just take the shirt off altogether
Mark Francis Ortile (16 days ago)
What haircut is that?
moon rabbit yun (16 days ago)
""straight guy left the f chat""
RemTube M8 (16 days ago)
Im watching 2019 this is not gonna work😣😔
juan polo (16 days ago)
pense q era willyrex por la cancion jajaja
karthick liam (17 days ago)
Please say hair gel name
Smarak Patra (17 days ago)
Things you do to get laid
Esteban 070 (17 days ago)
Soy pelón y me vale verga no tengo tiempo para esas mamadas :v
Am i the only who hates long hairs? I mean i keep em pretty short all the time like fuckin military or shit
5 76 (17 days ago)
Sala india me to pani lagakar hairstyle banate aur yeh bakchod cream all and all lagaraa😂😂🤣
erwin Seva (17 days ago)
fk i dont have air blower
Androman Aze (17 days ago)
3:29.What is this still?
kreutzer (18 days ago)
When u realize ur so broke coz u can only use water
Benjamin.M Machado (18 days ago)
Yo no me puedo hacer nada de eso xq tengo el pelo muy lacio
Sk Najim (18 days ago)
PLEASE PLEASE Tell me the Background music name????
Andersonwl9 (18 days ago)
Mucha cabronada!
Ibrahim Topac (18 days ago)
6:55 me every morning xDD
Ibrahim Topac (18 days ago)
0:49 this is because u have thin hair not all have thin hair so not all can do the same in the video maybe only a few in the video :///
Nipun Dilhara (18 days ago)
My friend your a amazing guy.i really wonna make hair look like you.but i have short hair.how can i make it like you.cd you explain step by step how to convert short to long hair plz.
Taha Yasin (19 days ago)
sondan 2 ci olanın amına saplayım
Kma26 (19 days ago)
What if I’m black
raimax XD (19 days ago)
Me molestan estás personas q se creen perfectas y suben tutoriales de cómo en realidad son ellos pensando q son el centro de todo osea creen q son perfectos no sé ni cómo llegue a este video

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