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♥♥ Relaxing 3 Hour Video of Tropical Beach with Blue Sky White Sand and Palm Tree

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Project this onto your TV using Google Chromecast which is the newest way to enjoy online video and music on your TV. Plug it into any HDTV and control it with your existing smartphone, tablet, or laptop: http://www.google.com/chromecast Why 3 hours? Tranquil nature soundscapes are excellent for relaxing, meditation, insomnia, studying, tinnitus sufferers, or just play the background scenery on your big screen TV when you are not watching shows. The genre is called "slow television" or "slow TV". Please SUBSCRIBE by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MoneySavingVideos To see my entire playlist click here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI3kQhLH6NvDGxgc0RBzZG3P2OOUVTWqT Relaxing 3 Hour Video of A tropical beach with clear torquoise water and gentle waves. Use as background while meditation, sleeping, studying, or entertaining. Why turn off your expensive big screen TV when you are not watching it? Turn it into a window to the world in high definition using hardware like the Apple TV, Roku, Tivo, Boxee, XBox PS3, or Google TV, Ideal for homes, offices, waiting rooms, rest homes, home, office, restaurant, spa center, hospitals, and home confinement. Check out my playlist of similar videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlH3f5WW7DCsEsc3OPStPuSqPPBnSvala Do not download this or ask me permission to use this. I purchased this video clip from LoungeV Creative Studio for "commercial purposes on unlimited basis. Please note that the license will not permit resale as stock footage". Thank you for not asking.
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Text Comments (344)
ElenaLifeDesigns (7 days ago)
So relaxing
Sam McCarthy (7 days ago)
I’m wet
GscheidLeiwond Oida (7 days ago)
This is so amazing!
bauerpower13 (8 days ago)
play this with black flag shanties i the background and its perfect
serkan Koca (15 days ago)
Tropical video
J Bro (19 days ago)
I'm waiting for Tom Hanks and his FedEx package.
Barbara Aspengen (1 month ago)
Wish I could be there snow is no fun thanks U Tube for this GREAT video I can look at all day long I appreciate it thank you so much.
Who doesn't love the sound of Ocean Waves!? Great scene. Love how the lonely palm tree is standing there.
Eric Perron (1 month ago)
the clouds are not moving...
everss02 (1 month ago)
Threw it on the wall via projector and my surround sound, had great sex on the couch as if we were on the beach lol
kishon8 (1 month ago)
The view is great, but the audio doesn't match the video
Tamika Hawkins (1 month ago)
I❤️this so much
Holly Hallack (1 month ago)
Aubrey Smith (1 month ago)
This is absolutely amazing! It’s so beautiful and so relaxing...... BUT am I the only one who notices that the clouds don’t change at all?!
Trey Bringhurst (4 months ago)
Yi Geun Hong (4 months ago)
Bo (4 months ago)
this also helped me relax well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F73rZ85rwE4&t=104s
dwarfer777 (4 months ago)
consider moving the microphone to a more related area, or a little further away from the exagerated waves
小島信一 (4 months ago)
The bird,s singing voice and the movement of the waves heal the tired mind and purify the heat. And it melts the suffering and the lamentation of person .
Zophier (5 months ago)
Listen to Paracabana Coast along with this 11/10
Lost Workout (5 months ago)
Where's the chicks :-)
Peter Noble (5 months ago)
When is the palm tree going to fall.... waiting... patiently....
johnson nguy (5 months ago)
The video is great to look at
Shoes Kowblinsky (5 months ago)
so calm
Steiny (6 months ago)
s it looped ??
Alexia Reese (6 months ago)
i was listening to this but my brother was music
Biff Balata (6 months ago)
Very relaxing to fall asleep to, however, make sure to go wee wee first.
Old Ben (6 months ago)
This film is only 30 seconds long. Watch closely one or two details and you'll see them repeat twice a minute.
Kathleen Carter Steeves (6 months ago)
I lived beside that tree in the Caribbean for two years it was wonderful
Brooke Lofton (6 months ago)
I miss the beach
Sharon Message (6 months ago)
*"Where's the curvature?"* *"Where?"* tellmewhatyoulove
Dr. Andrew, S.P. (6 months ago)
extremeninjamine (6 months ago)
Paradise can be whatever you make it, and I choose my paradise, to be on that beach. With just me and my family.
will taylor (7 months ago)
This is 15 seconds of film repeated continuously for 3 hours.
Ryleegirl Chance (2 days ago)
you are right the clouds never move in any of these ocean videos
omnia ben abdallah (7 months ago)
Oh my god..i feel like i'm already in that place Just close your eyes and listen
Jadyn Linton (7 months ago)
You can really fall asleep to this if you wanted to😴
Paulína Kusková (7 months ago)
It really helps me to calm down, great video
ron willcox (7 months ago)
Don't get me wrong this series of videos are really great, relaxing calming and very pleasant...…. and a very clever idea but don't be deceived the nerd in me noticed they are very short loop videos of less than 1 minute but who gives a @@@@ they are fun.
sienna marie (7 months ago)
Martin Kuska (8 months ago)
It really looks amazing!
Oliver Teker (8 months ago)
Its coconut tree not palm three 😄😄😄😄
The Waiter At Applebees (8 months ago)
shoutouts to siavash. im here for an anti hero beach episode background.
Someone (9 months ago)
Ahhhh, the beach. While listening I just imagine myself laying on the sand or on a towel. Closing my eyes. Enjoying the sound of waves. Then I get up. Getting my feet in the water and them sinking into the warm sand. Walking forwards. Then jumping into the water. After getting up I swim for a couple minutes and then decide to get on my back. The waves take me back and forth. The sun shining on my face. And I think: I wish I had more then a week on the beach and then I stop dreaming and wake up to find that I have another month of school.
HAMZA ALIEV (9 months ago)
Fun Tyme (10 months ago)
need a copy of this to play on big screen in back yard as I relax after cleaning it. I need a copy. thanks for presenting this. 😁
Tarek Adam (11 months ago)
I live 5 minutes from about 10 places like this... but since I'm not actually water-front, I still love putting this on in the background. Never get enough!
jean dubreuil (11 months ago)
hello.....you should get a NOBEL price for this peacefull video....merci beaucoup jean from freezing montreal canada
Agatha Isaac (11 months ago)
Ahhh! This is truly paradise. Breathtakingly beautiful . Thanks for taking me there every time .
Ed mourik (1 year ago)
I think that palm tree has plenty of water...
Ms P (1 year ago)
Mai Tai, please!
Ms P (1 year ago)
"Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take ya Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama Key Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go, Jamaica Off the Florida Keys, there's a place called Kokomo That's where you want to go to get away from it all Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand We'll be falling in love to the rhythm of a steel drum band Down in Kokomo Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take you to Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama Key Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go oh I want to take you down to Kokomo, we'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow That's where we want to go, way down in Kokomo Martinique, that Montserrat mystique We'll put out to sea and we'll perfect our chemistry And by and by we'll defy a little bit of gravity Afternoon…".
tenshi (1 year ago)
best one on youtube for me!
Stuart Etheridge (1 year ago)
on my tv its so clear and it looks like its real i love it
Emre Yaşar (1 year ago)
beyler burda mısınız kendinizi belli edin
Ethan Thomas (1 year ago)
This is so gorgeous. I wish I was there lol.
Ovv 👌
Fabio Martorana (1 year ago)
L'idea è carina.....rilassante.....ma poco realistica......le nuvole non si muovono di un solo centimetro in 3 ore di video. Perchè limitarsi in un loop di qualche secondo quando è possibile fare qualcosa di veramente originale e realistico? bah.....stessa cosa dicasi per il sound generale....
Emine Binay (1 year ago)
4o7KeV (1 year ago)
Video makes me want to have a corona
muhteşem very good
Aleyna K (1 year ago)
Huzur 💕
iKo0N The Mighty (1 year ago)
This video makes me wanna play assassins creed 4
Huly Canlioglu (1 year ago)
harika bayıldım çok teşkür ediyorm bu güzellikleri bizlere yaştnlara bir dahilsiniz doga dosları
Ben Horton 7303 (1 year ago)
Who dislikes the sound of the ocean?
Paul Carbon (1 year ago)
Maddy Carter (1 year ago)
Who is listening in 2017
Danielle with love (8 months ago)
Try 2018
Mysticmotivation (2 years ago)
this is my favorite of all beach sounds. let's me rest. Thank you!
Melisa Avşar (2 years ago)
This sound tho 🔥❤
quail333 (2 years ago)
Just think, when the planet dies this is all we'll have left.
No Name (2 years ago)
not war!😐
Lollipop xD (2 years ago)
I have never lived by the ocean but I have been to the ocean. Why do I get heartaches when I see anything ocean related?
aarzu aliyeva (2 years ago)
i want Maldive😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nashella (2 years ago)
actually saved my life...
Nashella (2 years ago)
amz my friends are so realx
Shak0033 (2 years ago)
forget binaural beats,chara meditation frequencies.thats the frequency.
большущее благодарю !
abudoru hakimu (2 years ago)
With all the waves , sun, ocean, salty wind.. ah my window has now got a seaside view, lol. I wish i can squeeze my body through it
Gloria Maiolini (2 years ago)
Yes, this is so nice and I feel like I am there.
Hannah Lin (2 years ago)
I turned the fan on while listening to this and it felt like I was laying on a soft cloud of white sand...ahhhhh
kartasaSERIES (2 years ago)
böyle yerlere gidememek çok acı :( bari sesini dinleyelim :(
Mikhael Harvey (2 years ago)
love the Palm tree and the beautiful water
Jannah perkins (2 years ago)
drinking tea sit back just watching this pretend that I'm there ahh so nice thank you for beautiful video
Call the man Usta (11 months ago)
Ilaria Ferrandino (2 years ago)
I always put this on to fall asleep :') I can't sleep otherwise
Free Breezy (2 years ago)
Hill Fletcher me neither
Rusty Williford (2 years ago)
This was so relaxing
TumblrSquad (2 years ago)
Adam Wolfe (2 months ago)
I have headphones in right now and omg I'm in bed but feels like I'm at the beach goodnight
Gilmar SANTOS DE SOUZA (6 months ago)
stephanie Inocencio (6 months ago)
I love it that's my favorite sound
Sing Ling (2 years ago)
So relaxing
Sing Ling (2 years ago)
Rlly man
Stop reading these comments and, continue to relaxing.
Sjoerd Bakker (1 year ago)
everything ok with u?
Ethan Fulton (2 years ago)
Marina Mori (2 years ago)
Oh, so incredibly beautiful . . . I almost smell the water and feel the warm sand. . . and the blue. . . Thank you!!
Cameron Holding (2 years ago)
Relex Panix (2 years ago)
I spent 3 hours waiting for Pama Anderson to turn up!
Naomi Jones (2 years ago)
This is the best beach sounds video I've listened to. It has helped me get through many assignments!
K. Hall (14 days ago)
+Candy Derosier a pretty cool idea though, an interactive beach
Candy Derosier (14 days ago)
+K. Hall There's probably a better term. I was saying that it's not a still image w/ noise but, realistic.
K. Hall (14 days ago)
+Candy Derosier Wait how is it interactive? (Genuinely asking) Not to mention, the stereo sound just makes it so much better.
Candy Derosier (2 years ago)
Most videos just have an image & rhythm. This is interactive. THE BEST!
Maulia Noor (3 years ago)
Fatjohn (2 years ago)
Supreme Skills (3 years ago)
I wanna lay d=there in an afternoon sleeping on a hammock :3
Sarah Coleman (3 years ago)
I'd never leave.
Candy Derosier (2 years ago)
This is why I can't vacation in those places. Boyfriend:"Its time to leave." Me:*crying* "I'm not going, I'm staying here." Boyfriend:"We have to leave." Me:"Says who?" Boyfriend:"We have to go back to work." Me:"Says who?"(I would just say, "Says who?" constantly.
cy p (3 years ago)
Punta Cana gorgeous Beach !!

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