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Young Dumb & Broke | Khalid | Lyrics

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Follow me on instagram thanks :) : @itsmaegann subscribe to my main account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEdQxy0r9KKUF8NBzmUXIhA/videos - No copyright is intended. I do not own the song or the lyrics to this song nor the background of the video. All credit of the song given to Khalid. - His socials: Twitter: https://twitter.com/thegreatkhalid Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegr8khalid/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thegreatkhalid - Pre-Order "American Teen" now! : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/american-teen/id1200868601?i=1200868890&ls=1&app=itunes
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liquid gold (9 months ago)
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Meralco Plaridel (1 day ago)
Jozz Hall (2 days ago)
Hey I love this song
Rehan Da Silva (3 days ago)
liquid gold mantull bangett lagu nyaa
M Mullins (4 days ago)
liquid gold
March Adhi (5 days ago)
Alongba Anar (10 minutes ago)
shut the fuck up n listen
sanzok magar (24 minutes ago)
Fantastic song su -supop
baby baby (52 minutes ago)
We have time to go
Mariaelena Ayala (1 hour ago)
January 2019 if anyone agree💘
Annie Quynn (1 hour ago)
Misthy đưa đến =))
Sandeep Raj Kaushik (1 hour ago)
How many of your heart is 💔
Almera Quiles (4 hours ago)
this is my favorite song:)
Almera Quiles (4 hours ago)
i love this music
Trường Đạt Hà (4 hours ago)
Trường Đạt Hà (4 hours ago)
최예림 (4 hours ago)
Takkiya Genji (5 hours ago)
I love this dong so much 😘😘😘
suko Mukti (6 hours ago)
January 2019
Mantap lagunya 😁💜💜
Isoring Xoxo (7 hours ago)
I love this song it's so nice
Dhiren Chhetri (7 hours ago)
So nice
Megan Humphreys (11 hours ago)
jayden branch (11 hours ago)
Nkhhkgi. Kloey. Jhjbkjvjgbjjfjhjgjgngngngnngkgngngkjngngmngngngnngngngnfnmfnfbfngngn g. Gnngmgmgngkgnngmgnfnfmfnfnfngngngngnktbtnfmfnbfnfbfbfnfbfnfnfnfmfj hfnfnfngngngk ignoring ugh ok he said U from the ground you and your hfjfjfhkfjfbjknnfkgnfbfmbffmfmnd dmfnfbfkjfnfoghgngl ok Ifnfnfmfmfnnfmfnfbfkngngngngngngnngngngngnv. Gmgnvnv v gngngnvn f f c v vnvngngbv. G g. G g g gngnkgjfjfbfjnfbfkfjfbfjfjfjkfjfjfjffkfkkfkfjfkfnfnfnnfkffnnfmfnfkflfb fkfbf fkjf ficjfbgkfkfbfkg g on
Putri Damayanti (12 hours ago)
23 januari 3019 😂
Yo Yo (13 hours ago)
Kittisak Chuensutchai (13 hours ago)
นี้และ 2019 !!!!! ชัดเจนนนน
Tia Barnes (13 hours ago)
Johnny Martinez (18 hours ago)
The new generation is super young super dumb and even broker our future is fucked frfr
Agung Gumelar (18 hours ago)
rey chaniago (12 hours ago)
awkwkwkwk 😂
mix (23 hours ago)
anyone cái đkm tụi m, đéo cmt được thứ gì hay ho hơn à ?
Sangay Tamang (1 day ago)
l love this song
Karam Samra (1 day ago)
Why does he sound a bit like Elmer Fudd?
Susila Wati (1 day ago)
my love is romm vie
Iis Nafisah (1 day ago)
Dark Assassin (1 day ago)
*2019 ??*
טוהר חגג (1 day ago)
Gaby Aurea (1 day ago)
2019 masih nnton :)
Crime Documentaries (1 day ago)
LETS BE BASIC W👏🏼H👏🏼O👏🏼 I👏🏼S👏🏼 W👏🏼A👏🏼T👏🏼C👏🏼H👏🏼I👏🏼N👏🏼G👏🏼 I👏🏼N👏🏼 2👏🏼0👏🏼1👏🏼9👏🏼
Mira Hartati (1 day ago)
alokbabi bhandari (1 day ago)
Fresiska Lufita (1 day ago)
Wita (1 day ago)
young, dumb and broke....
Quan Vo (1 day ago)
better than sicko mode + despacito + taste + Walk it Talk it + Big Bank
Jonathan Ruedas (1 day ago)
This brings back memories
Helen Valencia (1 day ago)
Young Dunn young Dunn and broke~
Indra Lenje (1 day ago)
2019 indonesian ?
Tia Barnes (1 day ago)
А що це змусили мене пісню вивчити. Шандец целый. Я идол Касты, Капа и Картеля однако не будто Khalid :):((((( Маша ты прикалывашься ...?....
Mohd Hafizam (1 day ago)
2020 anyone?
Agung Agung (1 day ago)
Indonesia hadir like 😉😉
Adhits (2 days ago)
Onin Gnasnal (2 days ago)
The sad part is when th sing ended, i need moreee. I think i BROKED the replay button since 2017 up to now.
Nia Karunia (2 days ago)
Suka lagu ini😂😂😂😂
Edwin Firazer (2 days ago)
Sigi steady lagu tok. .
Miss Photimoh (2 days ago)
January 2019 🖕
Mamad pedofilia (2 days ago)
January 2019?
info sinertour (2 days ago)
Rhaja Adilah (2 days ago)
n duo (2 days ago)
By Mobile (2 days ago)
euis sofiantie (2 days ago)
pada ga jelas bahasa nya
Luluk Luluk (2 days ago)
Like this song song 😘😘😘😘🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Yadi Casper (2 days ago)
I"m from indonesia i like it this song
Gurl Of Potatoes (2 days ago)
When you meet your next fortnite bf/gf
Jozz Hall (2 days ago)
Hey love this song
James Boris (2 days ago)
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!THIS SONG YOU WRITE IT IS TO AND THANK YOU BECAUSE this song helped me but a boyfriend and his name is Louis he hit in to trouble like me and he loves the songs!
Meysa Rani (2 days ago)
video terhits sepanjang masa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHvFhRv_YsU
Meekal Khawas (3 days ago)
just love his voice...
Rahmat 44 (3 days ago)
Rahmat 44 (3 days ago)
KING Gorilla (3 days ago)
https://youtu.be/izXxG4oxGD8 👈👈👈
Legends Of randomness (3 days ago)
January anyone?
Jel Ei (3 days ago)
1.25X so good
Stella Febriana (3 days ago)
helloowww gaisss....who see in 2019
Gretchen R Soriao (3 days ago)
I like the song when I'm feeling down
pongtron boonsongserm (3 days ago)
ยันดำ ยันดำ ยันกะโปก
Nha YT (3 days ago)
Love song
Maria Salgado (3 days ago)
Mary Roger (3 days ago)
Dis song so lit😎😎
BB am (3 days ago)
like like
dhani wiz chingakham (3 days ago)
#ThienNhan (3 days ago)
20.1.2019 🤞🏻
Nicole Punla (3 days ago)
Nice song bro
Lalu Satu (3 days ago)
Enak lqgu
Na Ry (3 days ago)
good song
Krysta Mizell (3 days ago)
reply button for sale 0:00 0:00
herald flores (3 days ago)
Listening january 20 2019. 8:24 am
Gh0stNinja 13 (3 days ago)
2019 and I'm still obsessed 😍
Faith Haney (3 days ago)
Dipa Putra (3 days ago)
mampir chanel me
Muhammad Subhan (3 days ago)
Prozagamer ch (3 days ago)
คนไทยใครฟัง2019บ้างง 👇👍👌
Vifiana Datte (3 days ago)
very Nice...👍
Pupha Kesarinhomhual (3 days ago)
2019 i still young and dumb.
Atifa Dia (4 days ago)
Dd Dd (4 days ago)
Yaya Sumil (4 days ago)
Young dumb broke highschool kids #jan19
Tin Tin (4 days ago)
เพลงนี้เองที่ในพันทิพเค้าตามหา ยังดำ ยังโบ๋ 55
Oppa JJ (4 days ago)
january 19 who still wacthing??😘😘😘

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