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How To Cut and Style Ivy League Haircut - Greg Zorian Haircut Tutorial

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Premium Grooming Products for the Modern Man. Made in USA. http://www.ZorianOfNewYork.com To cut this Ivy League hairstyle start by fading the sides and back with a 3 ¾ blade on a detachable blade clipper. Fade down to a 3 ½ blade. Blend into the top section and over the crown with a 1 ½ blade using the clipper over comb technique. The 1 ½ blade will cut and blend at the same time. Fade out the hairline with an adjustable clipper and line off the sideburns and behind the ears with a t-outliner or your favorite finishing clipper. Do not make a line on the back of the neck. Shave the hair off the back of the neck using an upward motion staying away from the fade. Cut the top using the barber shear over comb technique. Start in the front center and angle the comb down toward the crown leaving the front longer. Repeat on the right and left sides until the top is complete and blended into the parietal area. Finish off the cut with the perfect style. First, use a dime size of our Zorian Of New York firm hold gel. Our gel is a specialty blend of gel and pomade that is alcohol free and contains aloe vera to keep your skin and hair moisturized while avoiding flaking. Using a hair dryer dry the hair forward, to the side, and then up in front. This will give you the basic shape and foundation before the final style. Next, apply the Zorian Of New York classic pomade for a high shine with a firm hold. The benefits of our pomade is it infused with ginseng which helps to keep your hair healthy. It also infused with jojoba seed extract which moisturizes the hair and scalp and gives it a healthy shine. Use a fingertip portion and emulsify completely in your hands. Push forward, to the side, and then back. Follow the same motion with your favorite comb or brush and you will have the hold necessary to maintain the style all day. Both Zorian of New York products are 100% water soluble and will rinse out with ease leaving no leftover residue. Production Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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greenblazer2 (1 year ago)
Nice cut. I trust the difference between an Ivy League cut and a Princeton is slightly longer hair on top?
Greg Zorian (1 year ago)
Thank You! By definition yes. But the two do get confused sometimes and can be interchangeable. I do my best to educate my customers and barbers on the difference to avoid confusion.

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