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Valiant Hearts: The Great War official trailer [UK]

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Follow the stories of 5 characters and their faithful canine companion during the Great War from 1914 to 1918 Discover an amazing animated comic book adventure A mix of exploration, action and puzzles, Powered by UbiArt Framework
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Text Comments (367)
Jared Ricks (1 month ago)
all 4 died but not the dog :(
Carlos James (1 month ago)
Ubisoft made a brilliant game and the Somme mission is hard for me to play cause I've had a relative who was killed in the battle of the Somme. This game should be in schools so kids can learn about the great war.
U.S. Boi (3 months ago)
Maa Kap (4 months ago)
Dog pro
Maa Kap (4 months ago)
Umut CR (5 months ago)
amazing game
Alon Krespi (6 months ago)
Amazing game
Jefferson Pizza (6 months ago)
Why is gorge here?
lizardsarecute hello (8 months ago)
War makes men mad
Germán gaymer 1234 (10 months ago)
Dio warzumba😣😣😣😭😭
Gabriele Genota (10 months ago)
"Some made it... some did not" Yeah like fucking George? Was looking forward to him...
sturmpanzerwagen ATV (1 year ago)
Some made it The vast majority... may they rest in peace
deni sherlock (1 year ago)
I'm so glad a big game publisher like Ubisoft still giving game developers opportunities to make beautiful games like this
SerChyvak (1 year ago)
Some made it, some... did not...
nick Betroski (1 year ago)
Does anyone know the song they used at the beginning of the trailer?
I dont know why they didnt put the italian and hungarian war in the game
Jus Escote (1 year ago)
of world war
Jus Escote (1 year ago)
this is based on true story game
Cancerous Sub (1 year ago)
"And there's George. The British aviator, who lied about knowing how to fly..." Maybe that's the reason why they scrapped George. Ya' know. For lying. *Lying is bad*
front lines (8 days ago)
Why did he scrap him. Is it becouse he's british?
connor (5 months ago)
Absolutely discraceful
Seven Souls (1 year ago)
Gabriele Genota you can't play as him though
Gabriele Genota (1 year ago)
George is in the game...
süper man güven (1 year ago)
end the wath no end no
They should make Valiants hearts 2 about World War 2 form the 1939-1945
The game is sad
jáke stop play (2 years ago)
valiant heant 2
Tomasz Tomasz (2 years ago)
no pegi 12
Isay Saldana (2 years ago)
Ummm.... Clyde Blackburn
Janet Saldana d
BIG tiny PANDA (2 years ago)
who is the pilot guy with goggles i don't remember him when i played the game
Malcolm (2 years ago)
BIGtinyPANDA i know right
OUTLAW J4DEN (2 years ago)
BIGtinyPANDA I wish we can play as the pilot
heynow 0921 (2 years ago)
He was cut from the game before release
I See You (2 years ago)
For everyone who doesn't know George he was cut as a playable character but he makes a small cameo
Alcin (2 years ago)
0:20 song?
Alcin (2 years ago)
Thanks m8 <3
Tonino Candela (2 years ago)
Ludovico Einaudi - Fly
azlina azmi (2 years ago)
No ottoman empire?
Jefferson Pizza (6 months ago)
Taj Gordon um onion head guys when Freddy was giving bombs to the guy
I See You (2 years ago)
Alif Adam Mohd Zulhasmi yeah it's only on the western front bruh
Taj Gordon (2 years ago)
The game takes place on the Western Front
Nutsplice (2 years ago)
Wait who is George? He was not in the game...And there was only 4 story's Karl, Emile, Anna and Freddie.
It’s Stuka Time (2 years ago)
+Gost he is, i think in the one where Freddie helps the canadians by firing a Cannon, i think he help Freddie by Tallinn where to shoot from his plane
Nutsplice (2 years ago)
+Clone Trooper Wait is h in the game or not?
It’s Stuka Time (2 years ago)
A British aviator Who makes a cameo
jianxin Lei (2 years ago)
I want to know this music, since i did not find it in the game.
jianxin Lei (2 years ago)
MrJL1995 (2 years ago)
jianxin Lei valiant hearts- fly
Bogdan Koldunenko (2 years ago)
Who is George?
Bogdan Koldunenko (2 years ago)
+YOYOYO101 sad....
I See You (2 years ago)
Bogdan Koldunenko at this time he was going to be playable but then he just turned into a background character in like 1 scene
azlina azmi (2 years ago)
George a British pilot but it wasnt a playable character
Lossguette (2 years ago)
0:29 It makes me so sad
sxmebxdyxnce (2 years ago)
0:57 Anyone know why he was deleted from the game?
It’s Stuka Time (2 years ago)
+Tac Son (Jackie Nam) still would be cool to fly around
Tac Son (2 years ago)
+SeVeN He's actually in the game but only as a cameo character.
Kenny Petrov (2 years ago)
Because he was too comedic
dennisairwolf (2 years ago)
who the hell is george?
Zak Stratford (2 years ago)
+Daniel Omar he wasn't completely cut, he did play a part where you play as artillery trying to hit the german artillery and george tells you how close you are
Kenny Petrov (2 years ago)
+Daniel Omar no because he was too comedic
Daniel Bin Hujan Omar (2 years ago)
George was sapposed to be a character but they cut him our due to money shortage
What's the song 1:28 onwards?
+RogueRangerHD Thanks
RogueRangerHD (2 years ago)
+Julius Engels-Greer III No Adrenaline/Dreams within Dreams
David Brelu-Brelu (3 years ago)
+Julius Engels-Greer III the theme of this game just tap valiant hearths theme
MrHatman26 (3 years ago)
I feel like this trailer should be called "The Great official trailer". :|
Alexander Hart (3 years ago)
the music is the best bit scrach that the story is the best
Alan The Cow (3 years ago)
2016... What's The 2nd One Called?? I Still Want To See Emile.. We Will Remember You In Our Hearts.
Vincent Quach (3 years ago)
In the US version, George was only mentioned once in the entire game. How was it like?
RogueRangerHD (2 years ago)
+Monthrax No he was too comedic and they thought it would make the seriousness die
Monthrax (3 years ago)
+Vincent Quach In the game he was cut due to time or money.
user name (3 years ago)
George was never really a main character
lyfin chea (3 years ago)
Casey McCurley (3 years ago)
Was George removed? Or is he in the fourth chapter?
MultiMedia XL (3 years ago)
+trina Frohock I meant level, autocorrect on my tablet.
vino en caja (3 years ago)
+Peixe Serra that cannot be posible,if he was removed because he add humor,look at emile,an old french soldier armed with a spoon that can dig and infiltrate in a german fortress on daylight
willster9000 (3 years ago)
+MultiMedia XL huh I think I remember that. also I think you meant level
MultiMedia XL (3 years ago)
George is the pilot that says where you will shoot the artillery in one lever.
Netherlands ball (3 years ago)
+Declan Brazier ok thanks
Hagisher (4 years ago)
not many games make you really hate war, but at the end of Valiant Hearts i was like, "man, fuck war."
lukeskywalker899 (4 years ago)
Plz make a sequel, hopefully we can play as george in a sequel
Bastian Olivares (4 years ago)
is the dog... the narrator? 
Alexander Hart (3 years ago)
yeh i think
Santo29200 (3 years ago)
Janek Brat (4 years ago)
The most underrated game this year imo
Zach H (4 years ago)
I wish there was more of George
SwiftFoxyGamer (3 years ago)
+Zach Helfrich if they kept him as a playable character we most likely would have flown a plane or two but there is always room for DLC to be made
LordChristoff (4 years ago)
Finished it, an amazing story and awesome puzzles.. Recommend to all I doubt my opinion means much but for a side scrolling game 10/10.... Amazing work... Thank you Ubisoft....
Louisiana Perry (4 years ago)
Shivers! this looks very good :)
Lucas Quaresma (4 years ago)
i finish the game and i dont see this george
killer as (7 months ago)
Malcolm (1 year ago)
Alejandro Garcia still waiting :'v
Alejandro Garcia (3 years ago)
Oh.  Well, it stands to reason that there is a group of people out there who know what really happened, the developers and game designers and such, but so long as they're employed at Ubisoft, its unlikely they'll ever disclose it to print media. I was thinking maybe you heard it from some guy who knew guy or something like, since aside from speculation the Internet is pretty mum on the subject.  Somebody out there must know the truth.
Mean Guy (3 years ago)
+Alejandro Garcia Actually I redact that statement, it was speculated that he was removed for that reason, an official reason was never disclosed.
Alejandro Garcia (3 years ago)
Which fly on the wall told you that?
The _Toaster (4 years ago)
Though its still and absolutely amazing trailer, I do have to say that the US version is better. Not because it tells more about the game or anything, just because of the sadness that it brings, and the goosebumps that follow.
TheJESSASS (4 years ago)
This one gave away too much Lol.
jokyejoker (4 years ago)
I cried so hard! Why is this Pegi 16? It shows the real, the sad, side of war.
U.S. Boi (3 months ago)
It is not the actual picture of what WW1 was, maybe, maybe not. But what ever it is, it is a masterpiece
RayMKlll (3 years ago)
+nuubio the reason VF is rated T in my nation is because unlike Battlefield, this is in third person, is more of a 2.5d puzzle platformer than a free roaming shoot 'em up, and has little or no speech except the narration. Battlefield and Call of Duty are the opposite, and contain strong profanity.
jokyejoker (3 years ago)
+nuubio Hmm, well if you see it like that. Well if I play Battlefield I dont care to much about the setting. So yeah I guess Battlefield doesnt confront u with war like VH does.
nuubio (3 years ago)
+jokyejoker Valiant Hearts is 1000x more brutal than Battlefield. BF gives a really clean and "robotic" view of the war. If anything, Battlefield should be pegi 12 to reflect the player base's average age. I would never give VH an age rating of 6 or even 12, its themes are too mature.
jokyejoker (3 years ago)
+Muhamad Harith Akmal Abu Bakar Oh no Alcohol and some blood... I doubt that this is just as brutal as battlefiled. :D
DukeNXQT (4 years ago)
this is a game wants us to never forget this time. 
min90jo (4 years ago)
the second world war was only more terreble for the civilians the first was a nightmare for the soldiers
U.S. Boi (3 months ago)
So Damn true
Yes in WW1 soldiers had less food and water and the clothes were badly made and there was so much mud but WW2 was a total war which means that everyone is included even civilans so cities were bombed, as well as hospitals but soldiers had much more meds like penicillin
Jon Baxter (4 years ago)
Where is George in the new trailer? Hope they haven't taken him out ;(
Dylan Verceles (4 years ago)
music from 0.20 to 1.10?
IZScomic (4 years ago)
McBralee (4 years ago)
+Izak Flash Fuori Dal Mundo's a very good song too
josh matos (4 years ago)
thanks :) Dont worry is just it sounded like a really sad vals.
IZScomic (4 years ago)
There are a couple different songs in there, none of which I recognize sorry.
josh matos (4 years ago)
+Isaac Taylor and the one from 1:10 to 1:52??
Kurai1321 (4 years ago)
Its nice to see a Game that tells us about the First world war that aint a generic FPS but actually something that really try to tell us a story . not just some go here shoot this guy do this go there
Ironvc grae (1 year ago)
I agree Kurai because in this game you dont shoot people dead like a FPS game
Bandita (1 year ago)
In WWI is not bad and good, there is only two sides, and no one side was bad
Kurai1321 (4 years ago)
Yep i just finished the game too and i cant say that this game dissapointed me
Wenbo Zhang (4 years ago)
It touched my heart, especially when I saw the Ubisoft Confrence, showing from the eyes of the dog to experience the first world war.
DirtyHairy1 (4 years ago)
this trailer made me cry, I'm such a wuss
Hüseyinekrem (4 years ago)
The best trailer I ever seen!
Chugus Bungus (4 years ago)
THE FUCKING FEELS!!! I'm crying, its so beautiful 
Salmiak Geist (4 years ago)
first child of light and now this! great work ubisoft!
Those Damn Pixels (4 years ago)
Right?! They're on a damned roll!
loulakion (4 years ago)
any more news than this single awesome video ???
IZScomic (4 years ago)
Valiant Hearts E3 Trailer [US]
AÇ! (4 years ago)
Le petit Alexis (5 years ago)
Guys, this game will be without Russia.Anna is from Belgium.
Hanz Medina (5 years ago)
:'( fucking god damn it....trying not to cry.....fuck take my money I must know about this story Like how I was hooked with brothers in arms...ubisoft & gearbox better get on tht
Niblik6015 (4 years ago)
The voice over and music keep hitting me right in the gut. Definitely going to buy this when it releases!
That Greek Guy (5 years ago)
DotDotDot Hu (5 years ago)
your sexist and ignorant of the history that has transpired in world war 1 and 2. Nonetheless other war front and as well before women rights were made. Women played a part in every war back then was rare due to men's pride and current present as well future women are within every single ranks. Look up your shit, it's what the internet originally for imbecile
termi natotoro (5 years ago)
t es con con il y a une video en francais
armando carrillo (5 years ago)
I bet it will be a tower defense game
Josh Griffiths (5 years ago)
They should throw in a mentally handicapped character too just for you.
4321IronMaiden (5 years ago)
Looks really interesting, but I'll have to see the gameplay before I'm sold. I'm not interested in another Gone Home
JSpindler (5 years ago)
WhiskeyWhiskers (5 years ago)
Because that's an entirely different front of the war? There isn't a Turkish character either.
coo1yman (5 years ago)
But after the Great October Socialistic Revolution Russia was still involved in that war. And RSFSR came out of the war only at 3rd march of 1918. So you just dont tell me that I'm wrong if you're not sure or if you dont know.
ANDGE1944 (5 years ago)
the Russians didn't fight in 1918 because of Lenin's rise to power in 1917
coo1yman (5 years ago)
So yeah, there is an american character (USA participated in that war for 1.5 years 1917-1918), but no russian characters at all (And the Russian Empire participated in WW I for 3.5 years 1914-1918). Seems legit (actually not) =_=
mo0secat (5 years ago)
To the russians who are angry, that their country isnt in game. Make your own game then, why americans, british or french have to create ww1 story about the front where they werent fighting, Go and learn how to create games and create your own, wiht your own story.
Nero von Aarfeste (5 years ago)
Seems to be interesting... it's not known how much it'll cost yet, is it?
Kenny Gallant (5 years ago)
This game looks amazing. I'm not that into 2D games but i may give this one a chance
Robin Deltour (5 years ago)
I don't agree with what you say. After the surrender of the russians in 1917 the Germans and their allies are concentrated their efforts on the western fronts. Nevertheless the French and the British (mainly the amercians were many still not enough to make tilt the balance) are held and pushed away the Germans. So personnally i think the war was won in the western front.
This game is a little bit unprecise as you said. The war has started not because of the assassination of Franz Ferdidand, it started because Serbia didn't want the Austrian-Hungarian Empire to research what actualy happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina so a month after the Assasination war was declared. Gavrillo Princip was part of two organizations called The Black Hand and Young Bosnia. Serbia didn't just kill Ferdninand without a reason, it was much more complicated. When Austria was called the Habsburg Monarhy, Serbia got independence. After that they wanted to expand their country across Balkan and call it Great Serbia.When the Austrian-Hungarian Empire took Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1908, the Serbians wanted to kick them out so they could establish the Great Serbia project which never suceeded. Earlier, a few alliances were made. In the Triple Entente were France, Russia and Great Britan and Italy in 1915, in Central Powers were the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Germany, and Italy until 1915. The first battle was Marne in 1914. There were 4 Fronts, the two main were Western and Eastern. Few of the most known battles were Marne(1914, 1918), Verdun(1916), Jutland(1916),Ypress(1916), and Somme(1916). In Ypres, the first toxic gas was used in a battle and by Germans. Jutland was the first Naval Battle and Germany was using submarines. The United Kingdom used tanks for the first time at Somme. Verdun was a French flawless victory, but still there is around half a million deaths on each side. Italy, was promised the Croatian coast if Entente won (which they never got), so in 1915 Italy joined Triple Entente by the Secret London Contract. In 1917, Russians had two very important revolutions:The February and October revolution. In the first one, the dinasty Romanov lost the command. In the second one, communist got the throne, followers of Karl Marx's ideas. The revolutions have weakened the country for a while, so this is the reason for Russian surrender. The same year the American forces got to the Western Front which was the turning point in war. In 1918 all of the other countries that were in Central Powers. Germany surrendered the last. The German leader, King VIlim the First signed capitulation (surrender) in an old wagon. In WW2, Adolf Hitler made France sign capitulation in the same wagon Vilim 1. did. That is the main for WW1, if I were to talk about some side things the text would triple itself
sandra na (5 years ago)
@stpcwfz yeah man i know what you mean BTW! i think you would enjoy this game have a look -> tr.im\4f4ln
Lorella (5 years ago)
GUNxSPECTRE (5 years ago)
Oh, man. Dem feels.
Aleksander Olbrych (5 years ago)
Very little media cover the eastern front of WWI. And I won't agree this conflict was won in the west. Breaking of Russian lines on the East was the major turning point for the previously stalemate conflict.
Elgar (5 years ago)
Im not Russian as i mentioned Im Serbian.
imstill notusingmyname (5 years ago)
so, you think this this game is poorly shot meaningless oscarbait with american jingoism and selfcentered national wankfest? cute. very cute.
MultiSoberman (5 years ago)
Castle crachers all i was thinking when i saw this. But i like the sad story
AirOne1333 (5 years ago)
you are right , french nurses and medical assistants helped soldiers , but i dont think they where in the front lines
Niklas (5 years ago)
from the soundtrack to judge, some dev watched the intouchables <3
Ozku9 (5 years ago)
Russians lost around 1.5 million soldiers and during 1914 the population of Russia have been estimated to be nearly 100million, so are you implying that over 80 million of people in Russia were women during that time? Please, present your sources before you start making such accusations.
Erick Siguenza (5 years ago)
cant wait
Elgar (5 years ago)
I didnot mention that I am Russian.
Polo MooN (5 years ago)
Rogue (5 years ago)
Ok, ok Pigeon is not a Horse and maybe one or two things aren't "exact" Touche.
Duffy2013 (5 years ago)
The war was mainly won in the west. As harsh as it may sound the stalemate in France and Belgium was what made WWI, it just wasn't that slow in the east. Besides all WWII games these days focus on the Russians, so you're not exactly being left out of history.
Elgar (5 years ago)
I say tipical because games are alvayse focused on doings in the west i understand that people want to see theyre cunteryes in games like this,but so do I,and i greaves me deaply that there isnt going to be a menute in this game telling the story of the happenings in the east,my countery lost 60% od its male population during ww1 but that isnt mentioned at all.
Blighty One (5 years ago)
i must get this game, i love ww1 and a great story.

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