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Song of the Sea - Sea scene

2082 ratings | 296482 views
This is a masterpiece animation made by the Irish studio Cartoon Saloon based in Kilkenny. The story and characters are drawn from irish mythology and focuses on the theme of emotions and family. Please go and watch this wonderful experience, it's one of those things that comes about once in a lifetime. Thank you Tomm Moore and Cartoon Saloon for making this.
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msmissjordan1 (7 days ago)
I accidentally found this movie...i was so glad I did. Saorise is so sweet as a wee seal pup Selkies and Pookas (shapeshifting mythical creatures) are such cool creatures my homeland once believed in ancient days.
Dhay Abris (9 days ago)
the simplicity of the animation makes the whole movie spectacular beyond compare.
ThatOneCuteDevil (20 days ago)
This is very beautiful
Jaymes Warde (2 months ago)
Omg they had feck off on their door so funny. I'm from Ireland and this is honestly the most Irish thing ever
PLAYMOVIES ONLINE (2 months ago)
Full Movie Online in HD at https://playmovies.eu/song-of-the-sea/. NO Limits, NO Fees, NO Registration.
Dave Vidito (2 months ago)
Say Kimxii (4 months ago)
When I heard about the name saoirse i really like it . I want to name my daughter saoirse
fragilecreature (4 months ago)
This is beyond beautiful, I loved this movie so much and all of cartoon saloon movies it's incredible
Liz G (5 months ago)
I truly love this movie with my entire being. It makes me so happy, and so glad I've got Irish roots.
Changeling Child (6 months ago)
Her shadow is the shape of a seal
а с каким муэикалним инструментам эделалаш ета муика ета нааа НА на НА на кап кап плюх кап кап кап на НА на
Britney Bain (6 months ago)
Wouldn't saoirse and her mom have darker skin like according to the legends?🤔
Middle Of Heartia (6 months ago)
This scene helped me compose a song called "Time shore"
cramer floro (7 months ago)
0:13 possible Crom Cruach reference from The Secret of Kells? I don't know,I heard someone else who thought that
Alvaro Perez (7 months ago)
Seal puns and stating that Big Hero 6 overshadowed this, that’s what this comment section is about
Sealski (8 months ago)
This movie is beautiful
JackIra (8 months ago)
I am the only who likes mermaids and (now) selkie too?
Satsuki Kiryuin (8 months ago)
I just watched this movie and I started crying like a baby by its perfectionism! Everything is combined so damn well, the animation, the music, the story... Absolute Mesmerising! You rarely find such aesthetic cartoons!
Eka Widodo (8 months ago)
CeltycSparrow (9 months ago)
I recently watched this movie. I was absolutely blown away by how stunning the animation was.....especially as it was all hand-drawn. Just imagine the time and creativity that went into every single frame of this movie.....its beautiful. The story, inspired by Irish mythology, is also fascinating to me. .
Fabian Mora (9 months ago)
Light show her away
Sol (9 months ago)
Siân Pickford (9 months ago)
She is so cute!!!
Titan Slayer (10 months ago)
The way that the music and animation compliment each other so well ... it's almost hypnotic
Titan Slayer (10 months ago)
I'll check that out. Thanks for the recommendation
Callaxes (10 months ago)
That's the main thing that made me fall in love with this movie. If you want to listen to Bruno Coulais's best soundtrack IMO search for Himalaya (1999) soundtrack and give it a listen. It's something special :)
Siân Pickford (10 months ago)
I wish she could talk I feel so sorry for her
DefinitelyNotaPervert (11 months ago)
Icephoenix95 (1 year ago)
*I love so so much this animated film <3 I like the Scottish and Irish legends about the selkies :3 I think that the selkies are very kawaii and cute x3 my favourite mythological creatures are: selkies, mermaids, phoenixes, angels and nymphs <3*
Warabhat Bundasak (1 year ago)
Warabhat Bundasak (1 year ago)
Hi Saoirse
PRI DOTAN (1 year ago)
Natalia Bogdał (1 year ago)
TheMetalhead (1 year ago)
This movie is perfect! Its animation, story, characters and music are amazing. This kind of movies should be more popular.
C (1 year ago)
aw! I love this movie
Hinako Artzhh (1 year ago)
this is so beautiful (。’▽’。)♡
Yuwarat Boonmas (1 year ago)
Stop your children watching "trash" stuffs on the internet and let children watch these type of movie instead (100% family friendly)
tony ngai (1 year ago)
the way they set this movie out is so beautiful
Cynical Sunflower (1 year ago)
My Bff-I wanna be a mermaid me-then I'll be a selkie! my Bff- ...a what now...?
Charlotte Jons (2 years ago)
this is my favorite movie!
Hoshi Kurama (2 years ago)
Funny that my real name is Saoirse. My mom wanted my sister and I to have unique names. She chose to name me "Saoirse" and my sister "Chrisanda".
Hoshi Kurama those are beautiful names!
Awesome Cats (2 years ago)
Does anyone else notice that her shell is almost as big as her torso? I think it's cute.
aquariusMoonbeam (2 years ago)
3:25 Daaaaw
Past Life Pro (2 years ago)
The avatar, has returned.
Everyone i have a information about the selkie it only goes on land in 7 years after 7 years he or she will be back to the sea to save the fairies to be safe go to my youtube videos see it on January 4 bye
Oushiseer (2 years ago)
I love this part! My favorite :3
Lily Pacheco (2 years ago)
Never wanted to be a mermaid but a selkie seems to be the life for me.
Lemonations (5 months ago)
If I were a selkie-my life would be so much better
Enigmatic_Crow Nebula (1 year ago)
I would love to be a selkie
Susie Brown (2 years ago)
Lily Pacheco yeah seals are cute
Lightning in a bottle!!!
Virlonna Chavis (2 years ago)
I love the part when she talks to the seals.Its a so cute...
DragonGodess18 (2 years ago)
3:24-3:29 The power of adorableness is strong is in this film. Hehehe, Saoirse is so cute mimicking them
Exlayer (2 years ago)
SHE IS SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! \(^o^)/
Kallirroy Spyridonos (2 years ago)
Paolo M (2 years ago)
Mi sono innamorato di saorsire ho bellissima
LadyJema (2 years ago)
The name Saoirse (Seer-she) is an old Irish name meaning "freedom". Fits considering she became a popuar name choice for girls in the 1920's. Where as her mother's name Bronagh means "sad, sorrowful" signifies her tragic awakening into a full fledged selkie and having to part from her family.
Lemonations (5 months ago)
Already knew that uwu. This is where knowledge in gaelic comes in handy
Marcelo Diaz (9 months ago)
Thanks for that information, never knew that! 👍
Ravenwolf 124 (2 years ago)
LadyJema The more you know
Chandra Rosella (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot for the Information!!!
Callaxes (2 years ago)
That's really awesome to know! Thanks for sharing that :)
WhiteSwarm (2 years ago)
Screw Ariel and the mermaids.I wanna be a Selkie.
Lemonations (5 months ago)
Lmfao that's a MOOD. Same!
felicia Willow (7 months ago)
But when you Marry you will leave in 7 years to come back to the ocean
Naralith (7 months ago)
cramer floro (7 months ago)
well, there also are the Irish Merrows
Ellie the temmie (1 year ago)
Selkie is irish for mirmade
%Davesuperstar% (2 years ago)
That calmed my heart
Brookie Cookie (3 years ago)
I sea, this this a movie that gets my seal of approval.
Pope (8 months ago)
Brookie Cookie I sea what you did there kek
Moira Palace (2 years ago)
CandyLover Gamer (3 years ago)
ymyr1 (3 years ago)
So adorable, precious!!! Can't wait to watch it!
Filmsparks (3 years ago)
you know what, Im happy this movie didn't win the academy awards, this would have brought the movie into the main stream, this movie is very special and it will stay special
Filmsparks (5 months ago)
+¿Do Geese See God? irelands government gives alot of money to their animation and art production studios though i do want it to be popular
Liz G (5 months ago)
I was about to get mad at what you said about you being happy this movie didn't win, and then I finished what you said and I totally agree with you.
Lemonations (5 months ago)
+¿Do Geese See God? Tru Tru. Heck, they need to make a 2018 series. That's how addicting the movie is
¿Do Geese See God? (7 months ago)
Why would you not want something you like to be popular? If it were more popular, the studio would make more money with which they could make more movies.
Noble 6 (3 years ago)
Digger Humpa (3 years ago)
Сирша попросту не в курсе что она сэлки. а папа попросту гигант!
Serenella C. (3 years ago)
It is just beautiful, sacred and blessed.. all in this cartoon is sweet and deep... thank you very much... Yes, to be a Silkie would be so perfect....
Liz G (5 months ago)
Lemonations (5 months ago)
Wonderland Gems (3 years ago)
After wacthing this movie. I brought a seal plush and named it Saoirse.
Wonderland Gems (2 years ago)
CockatielPony Sweet.
CockatielPony (2 years ago)
Wonderland Gems haha I'm watching this cause I want to make a Saoirse seal plush
Awesome Cats (3 years ago)
Just. Too. CUTE!!! :)
Mordecai bH (3 years ago)
Looks like the legend of the Sylkie. Beautiful animation, excellent sound track.
Khuram Ch (3 years ago)
omg omg I lv this mvi and the little cute fairy her voice is so adorable she is unblv abl
caseyjonesknows (3 years ago)
Is this movie for kids or someone on hallucinogenic drugs?
Eszter Varga (10 months ago)
As I know silkie can be man and woman so why only the girl is silkie? And I couldn't find that a silkie's child can be silkie too if the father is a human
Enigmatic_Crow Nebula (1 year ago)
No it's based off of Irish lore off of the fairies and Manannán mac Lir story. Saorise a silkie faeire. That ending where they left to is Tir Na Nog. Homeland of the fairy folk.
Actually a bit of both. There is a theory that the story of MacLir heading off across the sea with his two dogs and looking like the sunset was inspired by eating the wrong kind of mushroom after a day foraging. It is of course a story for kids but you may not be far off with your idea of halluncinogenic origins.
RumpelGnom42 (3 years ago)
+Biggus Dickus it's a pity, but his loss i guess
Noble 6 (3 years ago)
^ This guy doesn't understand the art of animated movies...
Cristobal . (3 years ago)
Yo vengo por la zona cero :)
John Smith (3 years ago)
Each frame of this cartoon is a masterpiece of artwork.
ladyus (3 years ago)
what is the name of the music on 0:54? I can't find that part on the soundtrack and it's my favorite one </3
Callaxes (3 years ago)
+ladyus you're welcome :) sorry the late reply
ladyus (3 years ago)
oh my god, thank you so much!
Callaxes (3 years ago)
+ladyus 'ello, just in case you're still looking for the track, it's called Mother's Portrait and yes, it's my favorite too :)
10 people dont like this scene....is a fact that the world is falls down
CornyTelecaster49 (3 years ago)
What the hell did the Academy see in Big Hero 6? It was mediocre. THis on the other hand, is a stupendous piece of animation.
Lemonations (5 months ago)
I know RIGHT. Big hero 6 was half good, half medicore. Song of the sea was 1000x BETTER
Il Dado col Cappello (8 months ago)
Also think about the fact that, together with The Song of the Sea, "The Tale of Princess Kaguya" was on the list... so...
Moira Palace (2 years ago)
I liked BH6 and even I'm dumbfounded as to why Song of the Sea wasn't chosen.
Anh Duy Nguyễn (2 years ago)
i couldn't make a decision between Kaguya hime and Song of the sea lol BH6 is so cliché
Min Chan (3 years ago)
+Justin Slick I prefer brave to big hero 6 :c
Argot May (3 years ago)
Don't like the kid wandering off in the night to the water. Some kid will copy this.
ChrysanthemumFire (3 years ago)
If you don't teach them not to them yeah; even my 4 year old cousin knows not to go to the ocean without her parents
Technology Nerd (3 years ago)
shut up
CornyTelecaster49 (3 years ago)
+Argot May there's always one, isn't there...
Your Boi Nik (3 years ago)
me at 3:34 : no, the fearies are gonna drown her! me at the end: oh, OK.
Olivia Ho (3 years ago)
+nikki steen XD
Elza Ibrahimova (3 years ago)
What is the exact name of film? Song of the Sea or Secret of Kells? I'm in confuse
Awesome Cats (3 years ago)
+Elza Ibrahimova Song of the Sea. The Secret of Kells is a different movie.
Elza Ibrahimova (3 years ago)
+kamyueloh​ will check for sure. Many thanks
angst (3 years ago)
+Elza Ibrahimova it is also on kat.cr
Elza Ibrahimova (3 years ago)
You are absolutely right:) no need for the words. Thanks for the hints
Elza Ibrahimova (3 years ago)
Music....soooooo beautiful. How can get more info about getting the film?
vulkein (3 years ago)
vulkein (3 years ago)
I cried so much in this movie that I had to keep pausing it for water breaks.
Luna Waltson (3 years ago)
So beautiful ..... It made me believe .....
areejnb (3 years ago)
ughhhhh.... I just love this animation so much it deserves moreeeeee who ever made this you're precious ;-;
Ian Cordingley (3 years ago)
A gorgeous film in every meaning of the word
KilroyTheGreat (3 years ago)
Why did the Academy pick Big Hero 6 over this?
Lemonations (5 months ago)
+Callaxes very true. Yeah, Song of the Sea may have a few flaws about it's story, but together, it's still really polished and well written. But I still loved it a lot
Niji Tsubasa (6 months ago)
KilroyTheGreat because the academy is shit
CeltycSparrow (9 months ago)
I don't know, but they definitely made the wrong choice. Big Hero 6 is a good movie, but this one is INFINITELY better. The animation alone is absolutely breathtaking....just the time and creativity and DETAIL that they used in every scene to bring this movie to life.. It is very rare that you see beautiful, hand-drawn animation like this nowadays. And the story is unique and inspiring as well. I love that they drew inspiration for this movie from Irish mythology....we see a lot of movies based on Greek mythology or other legends, but its rare you see a fantasy movie based on Irish legends. I will definitely be adding this one to my collection.
Ryan Smith (1 year ago)
I fear that Disney is becoming what one would call a monopoly.
Vincent Des Rosiers (1 year ago)
Both are very good films, even though Song of the Sea is indeed more unique and beautiful and award-worthy. But, one was made by a humongous American corporation with a lot of friends in Hollywood, and the other was not...
Zuyuri (3 years ago)
Just the way Saorise depicts so much with no dialogue is what sets this film apart. She's so adorable.
Paolo M (2 years ago)
+Kendra Curtis te ne vai fanculo perché lei è mia e anche lei adora la libertà
Kendra Curtis (3 years ago)
Ikr! I love her so much ^3^
oppai chan (3 years ago)
+Jake &quot;JJR&quot; Rivera Photoshop.
So Lo (3 years ago)
i like and love this animation
So Lo (3 years ago)
amazing animation
Jupiter9099 (3 years ago)
Beautiful animation.
Lizzy Lands (3 years ago)
I'm going as a Selkie for Halloween, but I'm American so my family makes fun of the "sealperson" .-.
Ellie the temmie (1 year ago)
Lizzy Lands tell them selkie is irish for mirmade
Nia Hopkins (2 years ago)
Lizzy Lands ok now they're just being SEALLY
zachanikwano (3 years ago)
I don't want to be a mermaid I wanna be a Selkie like Saoirse
Lemonations (5 months ago)
Fabian Mora (9 months ago)
Me three
Charlotte Jons (2 years ago)
when I say that in class people are like, "Who is Saoirse?" I'm like, "No...NO! Why? Why do you do this to me!" Then I cringe and walk away.
zachanikwano (2 years ago)
+Water Nebula is there a library of magical people/animal transformations I'm not aware of??
zachanikwano (3 years ago)
+Yellow Pikmin88 cmon that was ONE time.....[wait, no] okay that was only TWO times....
Hong Hanh Le Thi (3 years ago)
Beautiful :)
Raymond O'Neill (3 years ago)
Just went to see it in cinema pictures it looks very good on the big screen and relaxing i give 5 stars.
hannah galvez (3 years ago)
aaaaaaaaa i liket
Ludovica Gianella (3 years ago)
OMG,Saoirse is too cute in seal form!
SZalonaOla D (3 years ago)
Its so beatiful
tanner creek (3 years ago)
olivia (3 years ago)
+knight gaurd I doesn't have to be anime to be kawaii. Kawaii just means cute
ValiantSquirrel (3 years ago)
+knight gaurd Doesn't stop it from being as adorable as any anime. ^ v ^
Knightguard1 (3 years ago)
This ain't no anime,son
BlueTeller (4 years ago)

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