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Loose vagina को Tight करे|Most sensitive topic every women should know|Fake virginity|Be Natural

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BE NATURAL (5 months ago)
Hey guys plz support me to spread awareness about women health and hygiene so be a part of it and share this video on all your social media platform by stating #lets spread awareness...let me know if you participate in it...this was tough topic but i did it for my all female viwers ...love you all 😘😘😘to connect more plz follow me on Instagram Benaturalindia https://www.instagram.com/benaturalindia/
Adarsh Sikarwar (4 months ago)
Ye lo ab sab ladkiyan legi. Ye capsule or ladko chutiya bnayegi... Ye bahut galat baat madam...
Usman Ali (4 months ago)
BE NATURAL Di men 23 years hn or Meri body ak dam bachon jesi hy men isko kesy bra skti hn
Soha Khan (4 months ago)
Meri vargina us time tight nhi rehti...mere husband ab upset hony lgy hain is wja s😔
Soha Khan (4 months ago)
BE NATURAL...plz mje lekoriye k liye kuch btyn...or insert krty hi virgina wet hojati h...plz koi solution btyn.
Nida Usman (4 months ago)
BE NATURAL plzzzz capsule ka name bta dein plzzzz
Priti Nagar (4 days ago)
Aap bht acha kam kr rhi ho mam salute to you👍👍 me job krna chahti hu but husband allow nhi krte h wo mujhe aage nhi bdhna chahte h me ek bachche ki mother hu please make a video this topic
Deekey Lepcha (13 days ago)
Wow an awesome video maam,loved your guts.Yes this video is providing a lot of help to many womens.
my karate moves (13 days ago)
Hiiii love u diii aap ese hi video bante raho
Deepti Chaudhary (1 month ago)
Dii I really like u..... Aap Sach m bhut achhi ho... Aapka bolne ka way bhut gazab h.... Nd thanks for all vds
Ishan Hasnain (3 months ago)
Plc kya ap mijhko apna contact no. De sakti h mujhe apni problem apse shear karna h plz
Aashita Gawande (3 months ago)
Thnk u so much di aur bhi gharelu upay bata do vagina tightning ke
Di... I'm in trouble... I need ur help Plzzz.. I can't share my problem to anyone except u... I want to talk to u... Please share ur mail ID...
vicky brar (4 months ago)
Madam g please ap bta skte ho meri wife k back bone pe 4 injection lge huye hain or ab pain bht hoti rhti hai kaise Aram mil skta hai
Mandeep Kaur (4 months ago)
Aida da koi method ni Jo ghr vich easily mil jaye
Sunny Kourdal (4 months ago)
Ye to SB ludkiyo ko psnd ayegi mam
POOJA KASHYAP (4 months ago)
Mera swal h ki male touch i mean bf ke touch pe hue white discharge ko kaise roke. Pls koi solutions dijie.
pyl SAHA (4 months ago)
Thnk u
Rashi Thapa (4 months ago)
agar Artifical hymen capsul insert krne k baad phisical relation nahi bna toh kya wahi inserted capsul ka asar next day tak rahega...?? becouse wo capsul bahut expensive h...
Rashi Thapa (4 months ago)
agar Artifical hymen capsul insert krne k baad phisical relation nahi bna toh kya wahi inserted capsul ka asar next day tak rahega...?? becouse wo capsul bahut expensive h...
Rashi Thapa (4 months ago)
agar Artifical hymen capsul insert krne k baad phisical relation nahi bna toh kya wahi inserted capsul ka asar next day tak rahega...?? becouse wo capsul bahut expensive h...
Rashi Thapa (4 months ago)
artifical hymen kit insert krne k baad agar us night relation na bne toh fr kya wo next night bhi wesa hi rahega..?? becouse artifical hymen kit is so expensiv.. plz reply or give any suggetion..
Preeti Lot (4 months ago)
mam muje apki help chaheye mam muje garden ke pichle hesse mai mam bal hai mam mai wax krti hu ya koe bhi hair removal cream use krti hu to mam muje bhot mote mote red colour ke Dane nikl jate h mam muje deep gale ke kurti pehna na psnd h pr mai nhi pehn pati hu mam or meri marriage bhi hone wali h to mam meri help kre mam ye bal meri gardan ke piche h or kafi bade h mam mai mehnga treatment nhi kra sakti hu ye bal mam meri dadi ma ko bhi the or aage chote bhie ko bhi h or muje bhi h plz mam help kr dejiye
Sonu Prajapati (4 months ago)
good video
NND here (4 months ago)
its keegal exercise i think
tahir habib tahir (4 months ago)
u r daring,
tahir habib tahir (4 months ago)
tight q zaroori hy, ??? dheela to ziada enjoyable hy,
R. k. (4 months ago)
This is vry helpful 4 me.. Thanks.. Thnku soo much..
R. k. (4 months ago)
This is vry helpful 4 me.. Thanks.. Thnku soo much..
Shrutika Ruptakke (4 months ago)
It was helpful...thnk u
Chandan Choudhury (4 months ago)
good job...keep it up...
Jhony Sinha (4 months ago)
Kafi aachi vdo banati ho aap
saloni Singh (4 months ago)
Never ever be with someone who ask for such bullshit tests. Why only girls r suppose to do go through such shit. And stop making such videos where u tell girls to buy such things. Virginity should not be a parameter to judge someone's love and loyalty.
PRIYANKA GHOSH (4 months ago)
Love you mam 💝
You are right Mam
Mahesh Kumar (4 months ago)
learn English (4 months ago)
you are doing great job
mehboob sayyed (4 months ago)
Thank u sis this video is really nice. I like it Do one think create a new video of brest tigted
karthik karthik (4 months ago)
English translate
palak Sharma (4 months ago)
Souvik Kundu (4 months ago)
Yes you right mam ese ladke jo a soch te hey vo kavi kush nehi reh sakte ku ki vo ladki ko insan he nehi samaj te main oun ladko ko bolna chata hu vai kya farak parta hey ager pyr kare
Abinax Gogoi (4 months ago)
Thank you Didi...
Shashikant Mishra (4 months ago)
Very nice thanku diii
ritu Verma (4 months ago)
thanks sis love u
zoya batool (4 months ago)
Yaha Pakistan me mil jaye gi?
zoya batool (4 months ago)
Pooja Rana (4 months ago)
Really good
sweta reddy (4 months ago)
Aapa ka dare ko salaam..koi bhi itna dare NY letha.. hats off aapka gutts ko
Wrestle Report (4 months ago)
Virginity matter nhi krti ladki achi honi chahiye
Rupa Sharma (4 months ago)
Best ho aap 👌👌
you tube vdo (4 months ago)
Khush Kher (4 months ago)
woh konsa tablet hai jo lene se blood niklga drng intrcrse plz tell me
Ameena khan (4 months ago)
Good info...hates of 👏👏
Psradhanjali Pradhan (4 months ago)
Sachi me Kiya excrsie karane se titite hogayaga Thnq
Psradhanjali Pradhan (4 months ago)
Sachi me Kiya excrsie karane se titite hogayaga Thnq
iron Hack (4 months ago)
This lady deserve🔥 millions likes❤
Ashishkumar Jagatap (4 months ago)
hirok (4 months ago)
Fuck off bit**
Seems varun Seems varun (4 months ago)
Can miya khalipha and sunny leone also be virgin
Karuna Bhatia (4 months ago)
Yup ma I think it's good suggestion for us. Mam can you Plz tell that capsules which you talk in this video it is good for us. to give vaginity test, any kind of sideffects or not
Karuna Bhatia (4 months ago)
Mam Make a next video how to decrese breast size and tight our breast size
himpriya rajput (4 months ago)
Salute u mam... Such a great video. Thank you
Ashirbad Thapa (4 months ago)
Very good initiative. Really proud of you.
Naba (4 months ago)
Wow you are doing nice work,,,,, lovely
Rubab Tariq (4 months ago)
m pakistani i like him very much
Mamta Kantiwal (4 months ago)
Love u diii
Supriya Sonwane (4 months ago)
yrrrr grt yrr.. mam u really a very grt person .. u have a very big heart ..
Asmita Shubha Shubha (4 months ago)
kiya sub log ie lotion loga sekte hai
Farheen Ziya (4 months ago)
Ishwari K (4 months ago)
ur video is very useful for that every women 😊
Momina Noor (4 months ago)
Hye sis very nice video Meri shadi ko 2 saal ho gae hen Mere husband abroad hote hen Ab Kuch mah bad main b unk pas chali jaon gin main chahti hun unk pas jate hi muje pregnancy ho Jae Plz plz plz payari behan isk about Kuch Btaen muje bilkul ni pta k konse days main pregnancy k chances zaeda hote hen muje is cheez ki samjh ni aati plZ sis guid kr den thora Main bht preshan hoti Hun Pregnancy muje pehle hoi thi magr wo tube main thehar gai . Ar phir wo khatm krna pari , muje dar lgta hai k phir se aesa na ho Jae Plz Kuch guid kr den ap
Angel Puja (4 months ago)
how to losse weight????
Supriti Haldar (4 months ago)
How can i get this gel ? Plz share the link
Gulrej Ahamed (4 months ago)
Sharm kro ladko... Apna soch badhlo or ladkiyo ka izzat kro.. Slute youu sister 👌✌✌✌
kausar khan (4 months ago)
Achha tha saf suthra triqa. Breast ko tight or big kese kren
sweta kumari (4 months ago)
Mera breast ka size bhut km h plz upaye btaye
Tayaba Nosheen (4 months ago)
Good information for every women.
Rohan choudhary (4 months ago)
tum yahi kaam karo....
Mehboob Alam (4 months ago)
Kitni larkiya chudi Hui ha Sab pata chal Gaya comments parh k😂😂😂😂😂😉
Alok Rai (4 months ago)
Let me check urs first
Ankit AD (4 months ago)
salam sister
Pradipta Pati (4 months ago)
Rdod(@#[email protected]#$/^123456 codedesjkut core desk kin node desk kin news desk kit yon node desk cue re mo vitare to atma rahila )
Golu Jaglan (4 months ago)
Koi man पर भी बना दो
Roshan CBI (4 months ago)
misguiding message..... dont encourage for pre marriage intercourse
VINOD KUMAR SINGH (4 months ago)
You are the always best
Geeta Maurya (4 months ago)
Very nice very helpful. Thank you so much
Rahul Gmail (4 months ago)
Jab chudogi to dili to hogi hi
Mushk Shah (4 months ago)
A vaginal yeast infection (vaginal candidiasis) is caused by an overgrowth of a fungus that naturally lives in your vagina, called Candida albicans. This overgrowth triggers irritation, inflammation, itching, and painful discharge. Most women experience a yeast infection sometime during their lifetime....
Huma khan Huma khan (4 months ago)
Ap ke bal bohat khub surat he ap kya lagati he
Vandana Sharma (4 months ago)
Mam plz mere liye ek video banana ki baby delivery k bad stretch marks kaise hataye
Nice ma m aap bahot cut ho duniya bolne ka kaam karti hai
Arfa Ali (4 months ago)
God bless you always aamin 🙏...❤️♥️
Avisek Mohanty (4 months ago)
this girl has gone mad.. so embarrasing ask ur brother if u hv how much embarrasement he would be facing y u discuss all these things
Shaik Tahreen (4 months ago)
Amazing 😊
Me 4o years ki hu vagina luss hai ma m
Ruby khan (4 months ago)
Tysm didi for this video meri sab se badi problem k solution milgaya tysm once angain💗💗💗💗💗
Orbit Star (4 months ago)
Mam Plz Mujhe Btayie Koi ladka ho chahe propose kiya ho ya proposal aya ho ghar par ya jo b ho .. But Bht Ladke Ajkal Dhoka Dete Hain Plz I request you Mam batayie Ladkon ki Virginity kese pata karen ..Kuch Toh Solution batayie cz kuch Bf b dhoka dete hai ya koi ladka shadi k baad b dhoka deta hai
Manoj singh (4 months ago)
Always healthy raho, healthy lifestyle, exercise, yoga, routine management karo..dont use artificial chemicals, dont eat junk all the time, dont take stress..always feel happy..sab apne aap theek ho jayega..good luck
suraj thatal (4 months ago)
toh aap ko toh bahut tiet hoga naa
sonam netam (4 months ago)
WAww mam so nyc
ninad thorat (4 months ago)
kyu itna marmurati hain ladkiyan achhe ladkon ko toh chod deti hain aur sab lafdebaaz ladkon ko pakad leti hain.
ninad thorat (4 months ago)
idhar loyalty chodo madam sidha sadha zindagi bhi mushkil kar di hain.
Sanjeeta Gupta (4 months ago)
Thank u so much
Angel Anshi (4 months ago)
Dii... U r really very bold and strong.... A big salute to u😘😘😘
ARSH QAMER (4 months ago)
Such mam you have a guys to make this type of vedio .
Rm Ram (4 months ago)
please please please maidam reply

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