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Learn English Words - Impertinent (Funny Vocabulary Video)

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✔️ LEARN 20 WORDS https://youtu.be/TSGdNMzlrcg Watch all vocabulary videos here ► http://bit.ly/cartoonvocabulary Learn English Words - Impertinent Definition: disrespectful; bad-mannered If you're impertinent, then you're just flat out rude! For example. An impertinent student in class, is likely to be sent to the principal's office for calling the teacher names. Although Alexis had been enjoying the young man’s company, his impertinent suggestion prompted her to leave the bar. As the site’s webmaster, it is her job to monitor the online forum for impertinent comments. So, impertinent is a word you use to describe a bad-mannered person. If you ask me, disrespecting the elderly may perhaps be one of the most impertinent things a person can do. --- Increase your English vocabulary and sound smart by watching and listening to our vocabulary videos! They're the best way to expand your vocabulary and learn intelligent words fast! Instead of providing a forgettable definition, we provide a simple explanation for each dictionary word along with pictures and sentences. This is a fun and engaging way to teach and learn grammar and vocabulary. On our channel we teach common words you can expect to find on the SAT, GRE, GMAT, and ESL vocabulary test. Our helpful vocabulary videos teach the big vocabulary words children learn in the 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade and 12th grade. Whether you are in elementary school, middle school, high school or college, our free online educational videos are a fit for students of all ages. And even if you are not in a test prep class, it never hurts to slip these smart sounding words in your casual conversations. Hard vocabulary words are easy to forget, which is why we teach words the way we do. Memorizing vocab lists and copying down definitions on flashcards is a struggle and will do little to improve your vocabulary for the long run. You want to grow your vocabulary quickly and easily, and our vocabulary cartoons will ensure that you will permanently remember the word and its meaning. Not only do we have vocabulary videos, but we have English Grammar lessons, English Speaking lessons, Advanced English lessons, Word Smart Guides, Proper Pronunciation Guides, Vocabulary Workshop exercises, Vocabulary Training and so much more! Practice speaking fluent English, learn how to improve your vocabulary fast, and better your English skills by subscribing today. Click on over to our website http://wordsinasentence.com and learn words with our Word Of The Day e-mail newsletter. You will be a wordsmith in no time!
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Vikas Bhati (1 year ago)
Hello ,Sir Your all videos are wonderful and perfect ..Is there any particular site where we can see them all..
Sera (7 months ago)
Vikas Bhati https://wordsinasentence.com/ hope this helps~

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