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Hello Kitty Geek Frames/Glasses

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These Hello Kitty glasses are so awesome, what a creative idea! They come in different colors on the frames. My favorites are the black classic Hello Kitty with a red bow. They can all be purchased at www.outletbydesign.com. You can add us on facebook [email protected]
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Text Comments (15)
I WISH I HAD A DRONE (4 years ago)
can you ask to put lenses?
Shellz (5 years ago)
ochelarii astia fac senzatie . am si eu ochelari ca si acestia dar ai mei sunt galbeni si fundita este roz.
Destiny _ (5 years ago)
lol i laughed @ $10.00 each plz im getting mine from ebay they're so cheap on ebay i liked the leopard one (i saw cheetah print) though
iheartbankai (5 years ago)
I hell no I stopped the video when she said $10 na u can get them on eBay for 1.98 and free shipping from Hong Kong I just got mine yesterday
Hailey (6 years ago)
u can buy them for less than 5 bucks individually on ebay.
princessruby14 (6 years ago)
I have an black & pink one, and it has my prescription on it
MJDPunkyPinkPrincess (6 years ago)
Like real optical lenses???!!!
Faith Hart (6 years ago)
Can some one plzz tell me can you put your prescription in it
Bkszloca18 Bkszloca18 (6 years ago)
Igot mine in bronx for 5$ iwas like :o yea the same ones from clairs with soo many colors :D and even those
Bkszloca18 Bkszloca18 (6 years ago)
Got mine for 5$ in the bronxs same ones as clairs iwas like :Oilovethem they have them in so many colors eve those
jjay jjayjay (6 years ago)
i have those in light pink and mines has a white bow
Leah Pumaren (6 years ago)
Yes, you can have lenses put on:)
Alexandra Rojas (6 years ago)
Is it possible to put lenses
djbunnyhoney101 (6 years ago)
lol Im getting those off of clairs .come
Kawaii Sidau (6 years ago)
I have those

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