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Fashion Favorites | Eyewear, Clothing & Shoes

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Text Comments (82)
Tiffany Steckel (9 days ago)
Can you share your fitness routine or what you like to do to stay active? Also, how do you stay motivated? My husband and I are getting at the age where we are getting a bit to comfortable in our bodies 😳 and it scares me sometimes aha.
Tiffany Steckel (6 days ago)
Rhian HY okay, thank you for your response😊❤️
Rhian HY (6 days ago)
I am not the person to ask i'm afraid since i am just not working out rn. I would suggest finding something you enjoy whether it be hiking or exercise classes/videos and work them in when you have the time x
Sam Lane (2 months ago)
U look great bae
Sidney (7 months ago)
I just got the Matt & Natt white sneakers but they are SO squeaky!!! It's embarrassing. Did you have this problem when you first got them and any ideas on how can I fix it?!? <3
Rhian HY (7 months ago)
Hmm i don't remember it but probably just continuing to wear them will help! Otherwise ask their customer service! x
Deborah Rieks (7 months ago)
Your so pretty, You have so many tattoos, I'm intrigued.  Can you do a video on your tat history? Thanks Deborah>"<
Isabel Alves (8 months ago)
It's so strange to hear that you don't like Melissa's scent haha They are a brazilian company and most of the girls here in Brazil associate that scent with nostalgic and good things. I remember the first time that I had a Melissa and I would just keep smelling that shoe lol they even have the scent to buy or something. Love your videos <3
Tatiana Baquer (8 months ago)
When í went vegan í gained a lot of weight. No longer vegan and í feel awesome. Now i can focus when í study .
Elizabeth Fray (9 months ago)
"You guys are steppin on a rabbit, what's wrong with you?" 😂 I love you
sonatak304 (9 months ago)
Thanks Rhian for the tip, I desperately need new glasses! Mine are 5 years old, scratched and with my lack of delicate handling, they have been through hell and back. Need a few pairs so bad! Love yours! Sending good vibes, we miss you!
Madison Elizabeth (9 months ago)
Miss your videos <3
Sarah Ingerson (9 months ago)
I love my Rothy's! I bought a basic black flat and the investment was well worth it.
Jacqueline Hendrickson (9 months ago)
we actually call those overall-dresses "jumpers", which is why I was so confused when I first read Harry Potter... :-P
Coffee With Nadia (10 months ago)
Great video, LOVE the black long sleeve sweater 💗💗💗
smanion617 (10 months ago)
of course the only the thing i am absolutely dying to get is the denim pinafore. you’re killing me girl
lifekicksyouaround (10 months ago)
Hi Rhian Which brand of contact lenses do you use? Thank you
Kalen McCoy (10 months ago)
Your perfect and I am in love with that denim skirt!
M Jedski (10 months ago)
Level 10 vegan! LOL :)
Rowan H (10 months ago)
omg i'm also into baby pink lately! i love seeing that we're on the same thing :3
Hannah Fountain (10 months ago)
So glad I'm not the only one who thought overalls and band tees are a great combo
reddyenumber2 (10 months ago)
Lol v tru... I basically only wear patagonia haha
Stephinepaigemua (10 months ago)
I love your style !!
Sabrina Accime (10 months ago)
I think you would like a sneaker brand called veja. They have vegan sneakers that are really nice :)
Shelley-Ann Ali (10 months ago)
"Herbsessed"!! ☺ I'm herbsessed with you 💚 Love your fashion sense. Wish I could try all these brands. Take care love XOXO 😚🌹
Shelley-Ann Ali (10 months ago)
Rhian HY Lol...Lllloololo 😆😚
Rhian HY (10 months ago)
I love that you heard it in American and put an h at the beginning... i'd never thought of that and it tickles me to no end! Herbsessed with you too! x
thebirdisblue (10 months ago)
I love that cropped kimono. I wish I could find it in the Uk.
Sian E (10 months ago)
oh you are just lovely to watch :)
Lauren Craig (10 months ago)
“If anyone knows how to make a raincoat, they live in Portland Oregon” as an Oregonian I 100% agree to this 😂😂
Dana Gawlak (10 months ago)
Your body is AWLAYS your own. In gains and in losses! Your physical mass needs to adapt to this earth... thx biology. No matter the fact, your body is still your HOME! You freaking rock and your body does too! 😊🕺🏿
veganbeautyaddict (10 months ago)
How did you know I keep sitting on my glasses and now they're bent. I love the pink ones!
Rhian HY (10 months ago)
Omg thats the worst! I remember i did it in school and wore them with one leg for a few months.
Emily Taylor (10 months ago)
another good way to reduce the eye strain online is using a computer app called f.lux!! it uses the time of day to set the colors on your computer so it dims the bluer light at night so you can sleep better :) i've had it on my computer for about 6 months now and i loooove it, esp as a college student who's up late all the time. just wanted to suggest that you y'all who are interested!! my non-sponsored ad aside lol, thanks for the vid rhian, always a pleasure to see your style <3 just wish ethical brands (with the exception of mia koda thankfully!!) were more plus-size friendly; i'm a size 12 and can't wear most of the stuff from denim companies and the jewelry can't fit my chubby fingers -- onto emailing the brands i go ;)
Emily Taylor (10 months ago)
ah ok i didn't know! i have a pc so not familiar with macs and such. i looked on their faq and saw that they claim it's "different" thank the apple feature, but i'm not so sure, lol. thanks for keeping us curvy ladies on your radar!!
Rhian HY (10 months ago)
I think most apple computers/phones have that option built in now. I just prefer the glasses because for editing/color correcting etc it makes more sense to me to peer over/take off my glasses for a second. Still such a cool option though, i have it set up on my phone for sun up/down! I will definitely keep an eye out for ethical fashion with better sizing, thanks for making me aware!! x
Mary 888 (10 months ago)
Ooohh that's why they call them skater dresses. I never understood that until you mentioned FIGURE skating. I always wondered, because you don't typically see someone wearing this in a skate parc XD
caramelushca (10 months ago)
Haha, I didn't get that either, until now :))
Plant Based Bride (10 months ago)
I love how silly you are in this video! I kind of want to get glasses with the blue light blocker now even though I don't need glasses...
Stephanie Rodriguez (10 months ago)
That intro! hahahaha
Dutchgram (10 months ago)
I really like my Rothys. I'm glad that you showed a pair on your channel.
theuncommonviewer (10 months ago)
Hey Rhian. Just wanted to say that I really appreciate the way you talk about weight loss and gain as just incidental to life. It makes your videos totally accessible to some people who struggle with negative thoughts about that stuff :)
Ana Rodriquez (10 months ago)
Rhian I was wondering if you plan on picking up the new Angela Roi cher mini? I would love an in depth review and a comparison to the original cher!
jennifer g. lapan (10 months ago)
can i go HAM on some fashion comments? a) i wish i could fix the poppers on your skirt for you b) that's definitely a pinafore dress, america needs to adopt this term immediately because there is no better term for it c) your velvet dress is a wrap dress, it's the same shape as a skater dress but a skater dress would zip up, d) i think those last shoes are mules, mule heels. absolutely LOVE the fashion vids. i mean you are truly my personal shopper. thank you for the amazing content!
jennifer g. lapan (10 months ago)
oh Rhian i do want those gucci knock off loafers! 😍
Paige Mannix (10 months ago)
I think u look awesome (Dont need to lose weight 😊) Also that red dress, sooo beautiful
Moinmoin (10 months ago)
does anyone know where i can get those summer "papery" pants in eco friendly? Those high wasted, loose, mostly black white striped ones 😅 yeah i have no idea what they're called but maybe someone knows what i'm talking about
Rhian HY (10 months ago)
No but I think you might mean linen pants, if that helps!
michelle newman (10 months ago)
Hi Rhian! I just wanted to say that I truly adore you and I love your videos. Thank you for doing what you do.
Coffeencarbs (10 months ago)
You can also just switch the blue light off on macs and iphones and you can even set a timer so it switches off after 6pm for example!
Emily Hicks (10 months ago)
Nice picks! I like! How big are your feet Rhian, the shoes look nearly as big as you 😘😘😘
Lauren Sharpley (10 months ago)
I absolutely love your fashion videos! You show different pieces that could work with such a wide variety of people’s styles. I was wondering if you (or anyone else in the comments) have suggestions for ethical clothing brands that carry a good men’s selection? My boyfriend is looking to get away from fast fashion and we don’t know where to look for brands. Any little suggestions help! Thanks and love all that you do 🖤
Alaura Gallegos (10 months ago)
I seriously love you! 💕
Dirt Naturals (10 months ago)
Yess! I live for your fashion vids 💕🙌
Morgan Cason (10 months ago)
Been needing new glasses and checked out that site,perfect for me as I now live in the middle of nowhere 😂.
Jo Bo (10 months ago)
Can you get Miakoda in the UK and also do these tops come in full length?
Katie Belle (10 months ago)
You look beautiful 🖤 I love your style. Oh and if you have apple products there’s a night shift in display options and it makes your display more yellow so the blue hue is diminished
Summer Castillo (10 months ago)
Love these videos💗
Claire Jo (10 months ago)
You're the cutest. Also, your recommendations are always make so much sense. <3
Ashley Timmermeyer (10 months ago)
I am buying those glasses now! Obsessed! I love new glasses and i need some to help like computer lense since i work on a computer all day! Thank you!!! Love you ❤❤❤🌞😊
Rebel Blossom (10 months ago)
"Can you imagine stepping on a rabbit, whats wrong with you?" haha. I have a copy cat version of those hideous loafers and I love them!
Mindy Rodriguez (10 months ago)
First off loved your quirkiness in the beginning of the video! :D Also, I love the way you do your ads!!! Honestly you dont over hype or repeat yourself. I liked that you added #ad on the corner. You're very good at selling without making me feel like your pushing it down my throat<3 btw those glasses ugh im in love!! And lastly I am SO excited you should some vegan loafers because ive been in love with the trend but i wouldnt buy Gucci lol sorry for the long comment. ok byeee! Love you xoxo ^_^
Lennon Bedelyn (10 months ago)
Natalia Blå (10 months ago)
Love this style of video👌👌
Ethical and Chic (10 months ago)
Thanks for the inspiration!❤ My fashion wishlist just got longer!😉
Kathleen Hackel (10 months ago)
Cutest,funniest,schmexiest you tuber! Can I please just have you do a daily voice over of life already.😚
Cyprine Murdder (10 months ago)
You look like a very cute teacher with the pink glasses ! Also you’re the only person who can slay the “Gucci” loafers !
Emma Häggkvist (10 months ago)
Isn't Free People an ethical brand??
thebirdisblue (10 months ago)
Emma Häggkvist I don't think she said the weren't?
Melanie Horne (10 months ago)
Ahh so glad you are trying out Patagonia! I've had stuff from them for years and years, and their rain jackets are the best! They will repair your clothes and recycle or upcycle them responsibly at the end of their life.
xkyries (10 months ago)
The Jents Instagram website link doesn’t work and some of the comments from people say they ordered some shoes and then the website went down and no one will contact them/never got their order.The shoes are sooo cute so I’m hoping it’s a temporary hiccup and not a scam and I’ll be able to grab a pair ASAP!! I need to buy that Lentils shirt so bad oh and that romper 😍
Sarah Ward (10 months ago)
Yay! I love your fashion videos!
satellitezoo (10 months ago)
Do you or anyone who has purchased mat & nat shoes find they are true to size? I want buy a pair but the European sizing throws me off. Since you also have to pay for shipping on any returns I want to try to the right size.
Nastya Makuna (10 months ago)
Just want to remind you, that you are gorgeous woman.
Elisheva Freedman (10 months ago)
Super glue the buttons on the skirt!
Alice Walker (10 months ago)
This is the best 💅🏻✨
Cee Cee (10 months ago)
Ooo, those Matt & Nat heels 💕💕💕 and the half moons. I could make people think I try 😉
Anaïs • (10 months ago)
I just LOVE your style, everything suits you so well! (The glasses are amazing) Such the perfect way to end my day, thank you Rhian! I just love it! ❤️💜
Kerry McG (10 months ago)
Thank you! I love your fashion videos! Thanks for recommending Miakoda. I have the bralettes & I love them. Bramis are next on the list. I have been curious about Rothys so nice to see them featured here. I'm a huge fan of Patagonia. I have been buying their products for a long time when they go on sale. They last forever. I love their maxi dresses for Summer. I have been thifting a ton thanks to your inspiration to do it. I have been purging my closet & also have picked up some items from people with similar taste to me that are cleaning out their closets too! I always love your recommendations. Thank you for being you and for all that you do! 💜
Katherine Wallace (10 months ago)
Thank you for this video! I get inspired by your fashion videos, because I enjoy the way you blend comfort and style.
D Lady Manhattan (10 months ago)
Rhian, I look forward to this. Know the feeling of going up and down and weight. Especially when you to gain 20lbs - 30lbs and it shows on your arms and stomach. Ahhhhhhhhh. Ladies, we are all beautiful stronger than we can ever know. Love from Manhattan, Danielle
Mindy Rodriguez (10 months ago)
aww, this comment made my day since ive been strugglig with my body.

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