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Behaving Properly | Little Mandy Manners | TinyGrads | Children's Videos | Character Songs

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DOWNLOAD an mp3 of this song for ONLY $1 (click below): http://tinygrads.com/product/song-bee-having-properly-audio/ To watch our videos with NO ADS, visit our website by clicking: http://tinygrads.com Thanks so much for watching! Children can have fun singing along with Little Mandy Manners about having good behavior. This is another in the series of sing-a-long videos from TinyGrads for children to learn proper manners. Kids love to sing these fun songs and learn how to respect others and be kind and proper children. I know how to "Bee-have" Wherever I may be. There are ways to "bee-have." Come sing along with me. In the classroom, I raise my hand high. Before I answer or have a question. My teacher likes it when we listen and follow all her rules. She told me that she's proud of me and how I behave in school. I know how to "Bee-have" Wherever I may be. There are ways to "bee-have." Come sing along with me. When I see mommy talking with daddy. I wait there patiently until they're done. They told me that's what people do and how they show respect. They always say I'm well behaved And I know I won't forget because... I know how to "Bee-have" Wherever I may be. There are ways to "bee-have." Come sing along with me. In the Library, you must speak softly. Never run or shout, but you could walk about. When you follow all the rules and obey, you'll hear people say, "It's nice to sit and read a book, in such a quite way." Now you know how to "Bee-have" Wherever you may be. Sing this song and you will see How easy it can be.
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Text Comments (64)
Rebecca Mapstone (4 months ago)
Thanks that helped me I'm immature now
Bindu Saxena (9 months ago)
V.good manners and channel
adam pasley (1 year ago)
Will this make my kids behave
Huda Nasir (1 year ago)
I no how to BEE HAVE is the wrong spelling
Camila's Family (1 year ago)
💗💗💗I like this video!💗💗💗
Caitlyn XD (1 year ago)
My mum put this on and I hate it
bevz (1 year ago)
what did i see?!?!?!?!?!?!😨😵
Brianna J (1 year ago)
Thank you I show my kids this.
Amani and Ayman iqbal (1 year ago)
My teacher use to put these on and I was the only one that liked watching them everyone else said this was a annoying but I did not
Luigifan 72005 (2 years ago)
Mandy starting the video with puns
romey kumar (2 years ago)
StarChild 2006 (2 years ago)
Did she just make a pun?
Samina Akhtar (2 years ago)
halo kancaku sing jenenge wong 3i3idjxxk
Jenny S (2 years ago)
teach me
Jenny S (2 years ago)
awwwwe I'm gonna try wiTh you ;-}~
Camille Happy (2 years ago)
Fernanda Calderon (2 years ago)
I love it
Sienna Gippert (2 years ago)
we absolutely love these videos! where can I purchase a cd or dvd??
Sienna Gippert (2 years ago)
TinyGrads That's ok. Thank you very much!!
TinyGrads (2 years ago)
Hello Sienna. Sorry for the late response. You can find the CD on our website.... tinygrads.com. Hope you enjoy it!!! Thanks you.
Daniel Asemve (2 years ago)
These songs are good.
nadia nadine (2 years ago)
Iris Williams (2 years ago)
Thank You, i will be using these videos to see if they will help my autistic child.
Tayibah Raja (2 years ago)
Iris Williams I zWf 5dzx8😴
TinyGrads (2 years ago)
Hello Iris, we just wanted to let you know we put our Little Mandy Manners collection of songs on a new AUDIO CD. You can take a look at it on TinyGrads.com at a introductory price of only $7.99. Thanks again for your support!
TinyGrads (2 years ago)
Sorry for the late response Iris. That is so wonderful to hear. Please let us know how your child likes the videos. We appreciate your comment very much.
Little Dania (3 years ago)
My baby sister watches it
Phan Trash (3 years ago)
When I have kids I'm going to show little mandy to them to help them learn 👍🏻
Idk Idc (3 years ago)
I wish that I could do this all manners from Mandy little manners.🙏 Thanks for doing it for us.✌👌👍
Samina Akhtar (2 years ago)
halo 6rxsttxgsysgedgs ing
TinyGrads (3 years ago)
You are very welcome Zaina! Thank you for watching!
Garrick Bennett (3 years ago)
My 3rd graders were acting up, made them watch this video and they shaped right up!
TinyGrads (2 years ago)
Garrick, we just 13 Little Mandy Manners songs on a new CD at TinyGrads.com. Only $7.99 for a limited time. I think your 3rd graders would LOVE IT! Thanks for your kind comment again.
TinyGrads (3 years ago)
+Garrick Bennett Wonderful!! That's the highest compliment!!! :)
Christyna Thomas (3 years ago)
this was soooo cute!!
Gabrio Vaz (3 years ago)
this really helps thanks. from gabrio's sister
TinyGrads (3 years ago)
+Gabrio Vaz Thanks again Gabrio! We're so glad you like the videos!
UnusedCheese358 (3 years ago)
i know how to“behave" :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
TinyGrads (3 years ago)
+Michael Choi Excellent Michael!
Cindy Wong (4 years ago)
My kids very love this song and try to follow the song. how can I download all the Little Mandy Manners Songs please let me know so I can download for my kids to listen when they in the car.
TinyGrads (2 years ago)
Hello Cindy! Sorry for SUCH a LATE response. But we took your request to heart and put our entire collection of 13 Little Mandy Manners songs into a beautiful new audio CD. It's available on TinyGrads.com at super low introductory price of only $7.99. Hope you enjoy it! Let us know!!!
malak abdallah (4 years ago)
Sr.Waffles (4 years ago)
I am totally subscribing.
TinyGrads (4 years ago)
@G Baca Great. Thank you G Baca. We just made a fun new Alphabet song video. It's featured on our channel page. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks again for subscribing!
Gedela rakesh varma (4 years ago)
not certain about the points made but,if anyone else is searching for how to discpline toddlers try panlarko teaching toddlers planner(just google it )? i ve heard some incredible things about it and my buddy got excellent results with it
Manjot Singh (4 years ago)
Love a sweet song thanks to u guy y class is awsone
TinyGrads (4 years ago)
@Manjot Singh Thank you Manjot.
people dont teach goood Manners anymore :/
Jhonny Garcia (4 years ago)
someone needs to make a remix with a heavy bass drop /skrillex should get on this
Victor Pavlov (1 year ago)
+Jhonny Garcia Nice Video! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you ever tried - Trentvorty Kids Science Theorem (google it)? It is a smashing one off product for becoming an excellent parent minus the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin at last got great results with it.
Abby Kirkby Hall (5 years ago)
Thanks that helped me im immature
JustZazzy (5 years ago)
Daryan Daniello (5 years ago)
Love these videos for my daycare! They teach great lessons for circle time, while being fun and easy to fallow along. Perfect for ages 3-7. 
TinyGrads (2 years ago)
Hello again Daryan! Just wanted to let you now we recently put all 13 Little Mandy Manners Character Songs into a beautiful new audio CD for only $7.99 (introductory offer). I'm sure your daycare would LOVE IT! And we'd love to hear from you about it as well! Thanks again Daryan. All the best for your dear 3-7 year olds.
TinyGrads (5 years ago)
Daryan, Thank you so much for leaving such a wonderful comment. Sorry it took us so long to reply. It's great to hear the videos are useful at your daycare! if you could make a little "testimonial" video for us of yourself at your daycare (no children) telling us how your impressions of the TinyGrads videos and maybe how you use them, we'd love to send you a little compensation for your time. Our videos are made for kids so any report we can get from teachers or childcare providers would be wonderful! You can send us an email at [email protected]
Cyber Child (5 years ago)
Sorry, but this is hillairious!
kate rose (5 years ago)
great song, thank you .
TinyGrads (2 years ago)
Hello Kate... We just wanted to let you know that we have a new Little Mandy Manners song AUDIO CD! It's beautiful! You can see it on TinyGrads.com. Have a GREAT day!
TinyGrads (5 years ago)
Thank you Kate. We appreciate your kind words and hope to be able to make more manners videos soon.
シLexi (5 years ago)
It's a good song just a bit Wierd to me
シLexi (5 years ago)
What did I just watch?!?!?!?
Hermits & Fish (1 year ago)
シLexi stop being rude please and use respect
kidsarthub (5 years ago)
nice song!

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