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Men's Haircut For 2016 | Modern Gentleman's Haircut & Style

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Get a jar of Cavalier Clay! Save 10% using Code- Cam- https://blumaan.com I hope you guys enjoyed the haircut! Please share, like and subscribe for weekly videos! Let me know what you think! Be sure to follow myself and Jose on Instagram! IG: @camcretney & @real_barb3r Products Used: Hairbond's Gripper Pomade:http://amzn.to/2G18Szv Haircut details: 0.5 tight fade blended into a 2 then scissors over comb with clipper over comb. Thanks to Captial Barbershop here in Ottawa Ontario for letting us film! If you are in the area be sure to swing by for a fantastic cut :) ***Subscribe for new videos every week!*** Last Video:https://youtu.be/jq0M7ITbiUg **Vlog Channel** https://www.youtube.com/CameronAlexTv **Instagram** http://instagram.com/camcretney **Twitter**: https://twitter.com/camcretney **Facebook Page** http://bit.ly/cameroncretney Music: Oh Wonder- Technicolourbeat (Urban Contact Remix) Love you guys! Thanks for all the great comments and likes! Appreciate it!
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Text Comments (442)
Τέλειο και μοντερνο😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Muhammad Affan (3 months ago)
What's guard that use for this haircut
Binit Shrestha (5 months ago)
i am getting jealous of those people...
DRAVID DHRUV (7 months ago)
Slope cut
Moly Moly (10 months ago)
Lonzo ball
King Allen Chico Sipcon (10 months ago)
What hairstyle is that ?
Headcartoon (10 months ago)
Retarded! Do a voiceover explaining the cut or don’t bother making a video.
Manuel Neuer (11 months ago)
Δεν είναι ωραίο πολύ
Lisa Fanucchi (11 months ago)
Good looking client 😍
Edgar Miranda (1 year ago)
This guy looks like the terrorister bomber from the Punisher
Mujeeb Ktk Mujeeb Ktk (1 year ago)
zalkhi adi sar
Mari Ker (1 year ago)
I did a similar vid on my channel! Check out!
Genc Hakan (1 year ago)
its called hakkı bulut haircut
Mohd Rusdi (1 year ago)
Ronak Agrawal (1 year ago)
How is slope with a combover
Chris Hemsworth (1 year ago)
you're handsome
Guadalupe Escamilla (1 year ago)
Why you don't mentioned what size of ward you used?
TWrecks (1 year ago)
It’s alright but the blend isn’t too good
cyrus duro (1 year ago)
the music is so relaxing 😍😊😊
Desiree H (1 year ago)
Gorgeous transition
Ahmet Harmandagli (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-T8BuotL5Y this is gentlemans hair ;)
Choura (1 year ago)
Great music taste :3
Nick Van Vleet (1 year ago)
does anyone else get the feeling that place almost feels like a tattoo parlor at the same time
Cool is too good! !
Justin Shelton (1 year ago)
shits gay
Samuel Von Scheidt (1 year ago)
Come to Germany with his haircut and we'll reserve a special space on jail for you
Tiuz Kanggz (1 year ago)
what are you talking about.This haircut is very common here
Samuel Von Scheidt (1 year ago)
Hitlerjugend hair cut is the best
William Markl (1 year ago)
whats the song name?
Charlie M.P. (1 year ago)
This model is so handsome!
Sarah Holmes (1 year ago)
Syafiq Andy (1 year ago)
what is your haircut name?
nazh kun (1 year ago)
what is this called? name of the haircut...
Amar Lambture (1 year ago)
very very gud barber everyone can suit hairstyles very nice
Kevin Ceniceros (1 year ago)
There is only one problem with fades: they do not tend to last long, because they simply grow out.
Harithhh (1 year ago)
what name of this haircut ?
Xuan Cong Nguyen (1 year ago)
What is his hair color ? (Like what brown?)
marnno mariun (1 year ago)
nice style hair
delfia406 (1 year ago)
Here in Holland hipsters are not populair. They are so GAY according to Dutch girls.. Is that true? Hipsters look gay, but they aren.t I guess.
SARA garcia salazar (1 year ago)
the one thing that you don't have
SARA garcia salazar (1 year ago)
That Boy (1 year ago)
I'm curly sadly
Vladimir Sergoyan (1 year ago)
does anyone know a proffesional haircut place in Los Angeles
Cetz 75 (1 year ago)
So do I just ask my barber what it says in the description?
Showta Ito (1 year ago)
I swear i didnt come here to question my sexuality
Andras G (1 year ago)
Gentlemans' haircut does not include a skin fade
Rick 5 (1 year ago)
Should I go to a barber for this or like super cuts would be fine ?
Chuck Hanson (1 year ago)
Comment if your watching this in 2017
Ian Caldwell (2 years ago)
I'm a little bit about toni and guy who I grew up with In the family anyway ciao lots of love to the mascolo family from the Caldwell's
Reynaldo Dabocol (2 years ago)
So what is the name of that haircut??
Patrick Patrick (2 years ago)
what do you call about that cutt
Manny Ramonette (2 years ago)
What kind of hair cut is this
A.L. H. (2 years ago)
Great video but at around 0:45 when the camera starts shaking I burst into laughter lol
KNG ANGEL (2 years ago)
Why does the guy getting a haircut remind me of the Simpsons so bad😂
dylanjsebastian (2 years ago)
How does he only have 79k subs?!
Cristopher Riquelme (2 years ago)
poopoo the smarties (2 years ago)
that vibrating video work.... was really bad, hair cut was amazing
lz sosa (2 years ago)
Rafael Parra (2 years ago)
does anyone know the official haircut name or how to easily describe it to your barber
RobloxAssassin69 (1 year ago)
Rafael Parra just take a screenshot of the video and show them
These Biscuits (2 years ago)
I have this hairstyle now and I really love it.
Jay Lopez (2 years ago)
I have no idea when it comes to haircuts what do I tell my salon when I get my haircut to cut it like that?
Brad (2 years ago)
Jay Lopez What I will do is I'll take a screenshot of all four sides (F, B, L and R) and show my barber and say "I want this" and hope for the best lol.
Kilian Böhm (2 years ago)
whats the first haircut
TheDirtyDirtMcGirt (2 years ago)
Feel like I just got Rick Rolled.
jordub (2 years ago)
I like this style, but with my job I'm working on machines that involves me bending, stooping and my hair falls over my face, will this "Gripper" product hold stronger, or do i just need to cut my length back?
What is d name of d background music?? Anyone know ?
GriffyBoiii (2 years ago)
I love those shears. Thry are like 15.00 in Amazon
Utube Guy (2 years ago)
Damn i wish the gurls at great clips could do that for me for 12.99 :(
Caleb Rabion (2 years ago)
Should have taken more time on the blending. The guide lines were still there.
Morgan Whitacre (1 year ago)
Intentionally left like that. Some people like the style; Like me. Blending is not necessary in every cut. You cut the way the client wants.
david fowler (2 years ago)
Whackest fade for such a beautifully done video!
Frank Noel Abrogar (2 years ago)
whats the name of that haircut?
idomkason (2 years ago)
What's the style called
Kensuke (2 years ago)
Warte mal dies ist doch Jack The Ripper? Wenn ja ich war heute dort und habe mein Haare geschnitten
Aaron Johnson (2 years ago)
Looks good, but damn, dude needs to work on shear dexterity and keeping that still blade STILL.
Kanis Cut (2 years ago)
I like it. Good job bro. :) 👍👍👍💈💈
Steph Kurty (2 years ago)
What is the best haircut for short curly hair? TY! I like styles like this one..
Hieu Dang (2 years ago)
what music
Tronnec (2 years ago)
beautiful haircut. I think this one looks best on you
0 5 (2 years ago)
That looks awesome, really great work
Zay The Banana (2 years ago)
i wish i had his type of hair. I have the asian hair thats super thick and needle straight. I can barley style it
Diego Tuñon (2 years ago)
how long can it take to grow hair like his
Dihan Mustakeem (2 years ago)
if you're referring to the top, about 4-5 months depending on your hair growth.
Xuan Cong Nguyen (2 years ago)
can this hairstyle look good on Asian hair ?
Xuan Cong Nguyen (1 year ago)
Kolin Dunn what the fuck is wrong with you ? like really ?
Alien or (1 year ago)
oh well at first I wasn't sure but now I'm sure : you're racist as hell. I don't care about the generalities you're making!! I'm just saying that heir hair is and looks great. tss
Kolin Dunn (1 year ago)
Alien or-- your a oriental it's in your nature to be devious and conniving and please don't tell me that Asians don't like to gamble + and what's with all the oranges and incense ? Buddha was just a big fat slob
Alien or (1 year ago)
+Kolin Dunn ??? what the hell
Kolin Dunn (2 years ago)
+Alien or you're very sneaky conniving and devious you love money and gambling and you don't go to church every Sunday
Harley Quinn (2 years ago)
I've noticed all of these barbering videos show off a male's barbering techniques...where are the female's at ? I love doing this haircut on clients btw.
Harley Quinn (2 years ago)
how about you?
Harley Quinn (2 years ago)
Cody Stanley (2 years ago)
chelsea krziske stfu
Rostaam (2 years ago)
chelsea krziske Look up LenTheBarber. She by far one of the best female barbers I've seen so far
Infinatic (2 years ago)
Is it me or does the barbers give me some shit ass haircuts?
ThePainterr (2 years ago)
Love this manly haircut....well executed! Thanks for posting....
Kane Foster (2 years ago)
Why did u choose to clipper over comb?? instead of using scissors on the blend then finish with thinners ??? i could see atleast 2 blends lines personally if you had worked on the blends and used less product that trim would have been spot on ..... Just a barber from the uk's opinion ,nothing ment rude ,harsh or disrespectful
damon salvatore (2 years ago)
i lik your style
Travis Kraft (2 years ago)
Looks awesome.
KanyeTroll (2 years ago)
Society wants us men to cut our hair to look "civilized"... *FUCK THAT IM NOT CUTTING OFF MY DICK FOR SOME NEW WORLD ORDER FEMINIST SHIT*
AGoat7 (2 years ago)
Regina Sollecchio (2 years ago)
This is a work of art👌
Chris - Sol Mon (2 years ago)
All these cuts look the same. All the males that get it look like clones of each other. If you don't want to look like an insecure, crypto closeted gay man, then do NOT get this cut.
Mostofa Ali Reza (2 years ago)
No offence Can anyone tell me ?? Whats the name of the music playing????
LittleR0124 (2 years ago)
How fucking dare you! Just because you said "No offense" doesn't mean it's not rude. Description.
Marketect (2 years ago)
Is there such thing as a line up on the back? Please help me ASAP.
Nittya Acharjee (2 years ago)
cole Macaluso (2 years ago)
Does this hairstyle work for square face shape?
Vin Liboon (2 years ago)
what should i tell to my barber? i want this kind of haircut.
Marawan Atef (2 years ago)
the song name please
Marawan Atef (2 years ago)
than u v.v much
Mike duffy (2 years ago)
It's a remix of Technicolor Beat by Oh Wonder.
NightWulf Graal (2 years ago)
that was tough!
Luula Hassan (2 years ago)
ugly white people
Najwa Nadiha (2 years ago)
pak yes
Aang Sherpa (2 years ago)
I dont know why but he looks like De Jea, he is a goalkeeper from spain.
Josh Bedar (2 years ago)
The camera shaking made the hair cutting experience look somewhat uncomfortable.
Rayan wazir (2 years ago)
can this hairstyle fit oval or round face shape ? please let me know fast
Rayan wazir (2 years ago)
+Pinkfloyd Games thanks for let me know bro 😊👌👊
Ronan Fitz (2 years ago)
edward Lam (2 years ago)
what’s the back ground music called?

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