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Create User and Connecting With SQLPLUS in Oracle SQL Developer Using Command Prompt

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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ala.hassine.10 Email : [email protected] Page Facebook Système Embarqué : https://www.facebook.com/NewEmbeddedSystem ============================= ============================= The commands used in the video : sqlplus / as sysdba CREATE USER Name IDENTIFIED BY password; GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES TO Name; GRANT EXECUTE ANY PROCEDURE TO Name; GRANT UNLIMITED TABLESPACE TO Name; GRANT CREATE SESSION TO Name; CREATE ROLE role_Name; GRANT CREATE ANY TABLE, ALTER ANY TABLE, DROP ANY TABLE TO role_Name; GRANT SELECT ANY TABLE, INSERT ANY TABLE, UPDATE ANY TABLE, DELETE ANY TABLE TO role_Name; GRANT CREATE ANY TRIGGER, ALTER ANY TRIGGER, DROP ANY TRIGGER TO role_Name; GRANT CREATE ANY SEQUENCE, ALTER ANY SEQUENCE, DROP ANY SEQUENCE TO role_Name; GRANT SELECT ANY SEQUENCE TO role_Name; GRANT CREATE ANY INDEX, ALTER ANY INDEX, DROP ANY INDEX TO role_Name; GRANT CREATE ANY PROCEDURE TO role_Name; GRANT role_Name TO Name; exit sqlplus / as sysdba exit sqlplus Name/Password ============================= ============================= CREATE TABLE employee ( empno number PRIMARY KEY, empname varchar2(70) UNIQUE, address varchar2(70), salary number NOT NULL ) ============================= insert into employee values(1,'Ala','Nabeul',1500); insert into employee values(2,'Ahmed','Tunis',2000); insert into employee values(3,'Ritej','Sfax',1700); insert into employee values(4,'Majdi','Sousse',3000); insert into employee values(5,'Raed','Bizert',2500); insert into employee values(6,'Yasser','Mahdia',1900); ============================= select * from employee;
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Hassine Ala (7 months ago)
Thanks my friend Ala Hassine

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