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‘Izikhothane is simply about your looks’

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They might have made news headlines for burning money and spilling Ultramel custard, but Tshepo “Don Dada” Pitso (24) from Soweto says that izikhothane (showmanship) is only about the fashion.
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Text Comments (61)
Mo Jamal (6 days ago)
Saw This Guy On Yemi Alade's Song "Bum Bum" 😂😂
Mercas ED (27 days ago)
idiots this is the new generation of South AFRICA 13000 for a fake versace
Tshepiyano DON (1 month ago)
Gianni is Versace's name.... NTATE
phatie moyompala (1 month ago)
L love it
john jon (5 months ago)
Eish wearing expensive clothes kodwa u lala emqolombeni and u nyiswa yi ndlala. Eish vukani ma afrika.
Manare Mashamaite (5 months ago)
Itumeleng G Mofokeng (5 months ago)
A clown of note
Snenhlanhla Myeza (6 months ago)
congratulations on Destruction Boys u deserved it
tsholofelo shuping (6 months ago)
don dana mi role wish i was like u
Nelisiwe Porcia (6 months ago)
Don dad's
King Mufasa (7 months ago)
I do NOT understand? Room looks shit but clothes is expensive. Where is the reason in this?
Johanna Zikalala (7 months ago)
I like this guyyy.
You are the Wester bro nathing you can do with tht R13000?
Eugene Sathekge (7 months ago)
How much money on the bed ? With the shoes and tshirts.. about R 100 000 +-
Letago Malope (8 months ago)
This nigga's clothes look like they're worth bo ma 100k and my whole wardrobe doesn't even cover his 13k shirt 😭😭😭😭
gilbert chikomborero (9 months ago)
this niqqa z a bloody lie i saw one of his videos burning money
Thato Mapotlakela (9 months ago)
Ur room is soo 😱 but ur wearing expensive clothes
Brian Iminathi (9 months ago)
Nice bro
Pretty Sokoti (1 year ago)
Elo there people are using ur pictures and pretending to be you and do really ugly stuff I have 1 who is doing the same I think they want to ruin u how d I get hold of u n tell u wats happening?
Ingrid Dipholo (1 year ago)
Nathan Nathi (1 year ago)
UbuTepu braaa
Bitch Chocker (1 year ago)
What a wasteful fool
Mzizi Mpumi (1 year ago)
Those re looking good than mine can u sell them tome with 2000000
Nathi Sparo (1 year ago)
one of the homies that I truly respect
Patrick Phokoane (7 months ago)
Nathi Sparo tell him to go to school fist
Oratile Martin (1 year ago)
wow dondada
kiribetio123 (2 years ago)
They love colourful clothes ayy,
ilaphulam TV (2 years ago)
Would they not be more stylish if they had their own designers in their hoods. Dress them in outfits that noone has.
atilio brownley (2 years ago)
its he's $ .. better than spending it on tik, cats ,noape or these plastic drugs ... but i think my brother is adding extra 0 on the price tag.😅😅
Goodwill Khumalo (9 months ago)
Keletso Letso (2 years ago)
Well u ya rocks don dada
Mayibongwe Ray Moyo (2 years ago)
Niza Asive (2 years ago)
oops a don't wana tok R13000 t shirt really u working hard bro
Letho Kuhle (2 years ago)
T shirt is R13000 but your room looks R500
Lindi H (10 days ago)
We all speak nonsense when we judge too much. Let the man live. Abanomona, bazo babadiswa 🔥 iyoh!
Edward Pule (23 days ago)
+Lindiwe Hlatshwayo my sister not to be rude. You're talking nonsense... his room look's very cheaper
Edward Pule (23 days ago)
Skhura Good Omen (2 months ago)
That why us blacks we will never get that success in life, this guy he could do something that will be useful in future for him. Just imagine R13,000, R9,000 R13,000 but yet this guy is sleeping under his mom roof. That why whites people will always be smart enough when it comes to managing the money 💰.
Amazing_ Videos (2 months ago)
i am sure you just typed this msg with a vodafone👀
Mr Dhliwayo (2 years ago)
don dada
Dakyl Gravity (2 years ago)
Well said!!!! great video bro
lebohong sekoutu (4 months ago)

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