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Petty Morals / Mean Girls / Official Music Video

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Official music video for the single, 'Mean Girls', by Petty Morals. www.pettymoralsboston.com Cinematography by Brian Brooks and Greyson Welch, Produced by Lauren Recchia, Edited by Greyson Welch. Filmed at School of Rock in Watertown, MA in October 2016. Special thanks to all our amazing extras and Anngelle Wood for the use of the space!! Please go buy the single on Bandcamp where we will be donating 50% of the proceeds to Girls Rock Campaign Boston! So give as much as you can to this amazing cause! www.pettymorals.bandcamp.com/track/mean-girls www.girlsrockboston.org Also, check out the Rock Band Rivals December update which includes 12 FREE tracks from bands who appeared in the new Rockudrama mode, including Petty Morals 'Mean Girls'! Check out the official Rock Band Rivals promo video here: https://youtu.be/W7feHzUFJCk Lyrics: They all love me I’m so fancy They can’t keep up with me They all love me You can’t fight your feelings of jealousy Your self esteem I admit, I admit I ain't worried about it Clean and pristine Fall in line. Lag behind You know I’m first in this line. I don’t care Because I do what I want Because I know what I want I want you - don’t worry Because I’ll tell you what you need They all fear me Cause I’m the queen bee They crave my honey They all fear me High school supremacy And you’ll vote me prom queen Not to be mean but If you disappeared No one would care No offense but You're talking Makes me bored I don’t care Because I do what I want Because I know what I want I want you - don’t worry Because I’ll tell you what you need
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Text Comments (9)
Trucker Rob (1 month ago)
Love the song congratulations!
June Ficus (1 year ago)
love this song!
Grand Romantic (2 years ago)
That Heathers quote tho!
Grand Romantic (2 years ago)
Petty Morals (2 years ago)
Right?! We even have a side project called Heathers! 80s cover band! 😊
DelDuio (2 years ago)
Tai the teacher, hooray! Merry Christmas!
Karen Kiesel (2 years ago)
Great video Chrissy! I see you're recruiting the young ones early... Good job. Wishing you continued success and having fun. Miss not being close to see one of your shows.
Kim Heatley (2 years ago)
just the song to end this crappy 2016 with!
Petty Morals (2 years ago)
RIGHT?! Screw you, year!

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