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The Ecstasy of Gold - Ennio Morricone ( The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ) [High Quality Audio]

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#EnnioMorricone #EnnioMorriconeMusic #SpaghettiWesternMusic #RDR2 "The Ecstasy of Gold" (Italian title "L' Estasi dell'Oro") is one of the Western compositions that most represent the genius of Ennio Morricone. Composed for "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" 1966 (Sergio Leone as director) became one of the icons that most reflect the relevance of the music created by Ennio Morricone for the Spaghetti Western movies era. "The Good, The Bad and Ugly" (Digitally Remastered Audio)  iTunes: link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the... Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Ennio_Morricone_The_good_the_bad_and_the_ugly?id=Bgovhbd5ul5wcvyryidz4etojcq&hl=en_GB Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/good-bad-ugly-Ennio-Morricone/dp/B006LZ5Z9O/ref=sr_1_sc_2?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1499263295&sr=1-2-spell&keywords=the+good+the+bad+and+the+uglly Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1pDYxCrFTy971V4zaN5Anq Spaghetti Western (The Original Masters)  iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/spa... Google Play https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Ennio_Morricone_Spaghetti_Western_The_Original_Mas?id=Bsp4lumxjtn3js3qo4dteuuwefe&hl=en_GB Once Upon a Time in the West - Ennio Morricone Music Collection. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2tEHkzwQcKi1B0h0QXVv7P Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/album/14809633 "The Ecstasy of Gold Top 100" Spotify Playlist https://play.spotify.com/user/baccibrosrecords/playlist/7hMc8b3M2CGqNyp7SPFISa?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open
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Text Comments (1572)
Daniel Horne (12 hours ago)
This is like morphine to a serious morphine addict just unable to say no to
maxeypad (4 days ago)
This has been stuck in my head for three days straight.
FireChamPi 33 (5 days ago)
Notgamer X (6 days ago)
me after try to find it after hours.
Scully 101 (6 days ago)
This music starts playing when you start looking for your wallet.
ShiFTy (7 days ago)
Who here from Greek? GGX GANG
big gay (9 days ago)
RIP tonkasaw
Yoshitaka Yamamoto (6 days ago)
Rhidian D (9 days ago)
*Plays this on earphones* *Gives every passing stranger a Clint Eastwood-style squinting stare*
lawrence y (12 days ago)
Best Western ever. Best Soundtrack ever
HolyMuscleOfLove (16 days ago)
Some days I wake up with this music. Those days I feel like I'm indestructible!
senrey26 (17 days ago)
R.I.P Eli Wallach and Lee van clef, long live clint eastwood
- SpaceMan - (18 days ago)
The greatest song of all time
Loser (21 days ago)
Tyler1 speech!!!
TVGUY333 (24 days ago)
Sad Hill Unearthed (2017) got me here. A documentary following film fans working to restore the set of the climatic graveyard scene from the iconic spaghetti western The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966). IMDB I needed to hear the whole thing for the 1000th time.
GeomeRed Dhs (25 days ago)
James Dean (27 days ago)
what of best movies ever tierd of hereing this crap on stuoid beer xommercial i bet most idiits dont even know its from this movie morons
Dueling Gamer28 (28 days ago)
When u just want walk like bad ass
H. Henry (1 month ago)
Heard it on beer commercial and im like where have i heard that before.. Good the bad and the ugly. Classic!
Ber Tii Berti 89 (1 month ago)
One of the best songs ever written
MauriGame (1 month ago)
El fedelobo XD menciones honoríficas XD
darling (1 month ago)
Came here on a hunch that maybe the modelo beer commercial was a real song and not some obsure jingle and I was rewarded, this is BEAUTIFUL. This song makes me think of history.
Witold Mosakowski (1 month ago)
Eli Wallach, Lee Van Cleef, Clint Eastwood, Sergio Leone, Ennio Morricone = The Best Spaghetti Western Ever Made
John Thistlethwaite (1 month ago)
Blondie you know whst you are !!!!!!!!
Salvatore Cocomazzi (1 month ago)
Non ci sono parole 👏👏
GooseCrafter (1 month ago)
Anyone else here because of spongebob, sponge out of water
Stuart Keir (1 month ago)
Metallica use this as an introduction on stage in concert and i love it !
DEEDAY0699 (1 month ago)
Love it.. Love the movie as well..
Sarge Forward (1 month ago)
After the music, I keep hearing the Opie and Anthony intro bit.
Matthieu (1 month ago)
Immortal song!!! It's just a fu***ng MASTERPIECE!!! This thing makes me shiver :')
THUGALOT22 (1 month ago)
Classic ! The best EVER
James Inscoe (1 month ago)
I saw this Modelo beer commercial and turned to my wife and said, That's from The Good, Bad and Ugly. ! Course I was right. For all you YOUNG WHIPPER SNAPPERS that found this by mistake. Do yourself a favor and Watch a REAL Movie from 1966 and see what a great western is all about. Well within my Top Ten Movies of all time. The Good, Bad and Ugly, One of three in a series that MADE Clint Eastwood's career .
Minty (1 month ago)
When there's a sunset that needs riding into
fofanarmy (1 month ago)
when you find the red dead online money glitch
Rafael Villegas (1 month ago)
Excellent..some people should not criticize...they never created nothing...I wonder...
Taz Mod (1 month ago)
My dad new Lee Van Cleef from Somerville, New Jersey. My grandmother had gotten his autograph on a book that was about Somerville. However the book was stolen when someone broke into my car. They probably threw it in the trash.
Ratbourn (1 month ago)
This should have been in red dead 2 at somepoint
Not Tachanka (1 month ago)
This was needed in RDR2
KRISTEL QUISBERT (1 month ago)
Es una obra de arte! Aun recuerdo que fue laobra que hizo que amara el OST, esta hermosa composicion cambio mi vida....amo la musica, la expresion que manisfiesta al interpretarla , es magnidica, cada sentimiento puesto, es hermoso! No se explicarme bien , pero siento algo indescriptible al oir obras como esta, una pieza maestra! Maestro Ennio Morricone, mis mas respetos!
Shahrvan Arif (2 months ago)
Oh my God remember blur ps3
Thomas Warne (2 months ago)
How can you dislike this
An0nymous (2 months ago)
Spongebob lol
skpknight (2 months ago)
Now I know where the music for those beer commercials come from!
Tomas (2 months ago)
so-what (2 months ago)
Hey blondie You know what you are .....
so-what (2 months ago)
You just cannot beat an orchestra sound. How this piece of music progresses and grows is truly amazing.
Mic Dy (2 months ago)
should be in RDR2
giuseppe tomacelli (2 months ago)
Buon compleanno Maestro!
Stefano Pavone (2 months ago)
Buon Compleanno, Maestro! 90!! :)
Moose Chinmoku (2 months ago)
Does this have copyright?
serge angelo davidon (2 months ago)
This was played in FIFA World cup 2018 Russia
Stick Wan (2 months ago)
When I started my new job I used to listen to this before work to get me pumped
Stick Wan (2 months ago)
Mexican stand off
adulto grande (2 months ago)
Jetxdog (2 months ago)
rdr2 vibes
crimsonBen (2 months ago)
Wirklich jetzt? "die Verzückung von Gold"? "DIE VERZÜCKUNG VON GOLD"??! Ernsthaft? XD
Delta (2 months ago)
I’m using this for my YouTube intro.
Delta (2 months ago)
Who ever likes the comment subscribe to me so I can do this intro.
Marco (2 months ago)
i play this music while playing "Red dead redemption 2" feels cowboy-man :D
Jimmy Moretz (2 months ago)
Metallica Hardwired Tour intro song 🤘🏼🤘🏼
wasteyelo1 (2 months ago)
I've never been fortunate enough to find gold but, If I ever do, I hope it sounds like this.
James Kirk (2 months ago)
Is it just me, seems all "remastered" are worse than the original.
roppi (2 months ago)
OrganizedChaos (2 months ago)
Now ik where the Steam World Dig theme song was inspired from!
Kendrik Doughty (3 months ago)
I'll probably be playing this come October 26th. Only the real ones know what I'm talking about 😏🤠
dougie cook (2 months ago)
woooo can't wait I was thinking the same thing
My Main brought me here. What a tune. Beautiful.
Joseph Spicer (3 months ago)
I am going to be listening to this when I play a Certain game that is coming out soon.
dougie cook (2 months ago)
me too brother
Pmelon (3 months ago)
This always makes my fall leaf blowing seem extremely important. “There are people with leaf blowers and those who rake..you rake”
bambang manohara (3 months ago)
good job
Jamie Hadland (3 months ago)
Jackass bought me here
FLOGÃO DA MC 116 #025 (3 months ago)
Gostei ja vai para playlist
Xx_karar_xX 56 (3 months ago)
الله ما اجمل هاذ الايام
PwnzerProductions (3 months ago)
Why do I suddenly want a beer?
R S B R (3 months ago)
legends don t fade
jesse williams (3 months ago)
A full on BOP
Richeh (3 months ago)
Steel Vengeance <3, cant wait to ride you next year
DeadlyBrianX (3 months ago)
When some guy was dissing your flygirl, so you wait till high noon to hit him with one of these
Brasile Brasile (3 months ago)
grande maestro
M. Swaiti666 (3 months ago)
You dig!
Alice Takafumi (4 months ago)
Alguien mas esta aqui por Fedelobo ? O solo soy yo ?
Antoine Adam (4 months ago)
Scott Johnson (4 months ago)
This was the song played during the fountain show at the Bellagio resort in Vegas that i saw this week!
jean-louis Berlatier (4 months ago)
Go forth to victory !
Mikaël Bats (4 months ago)
"T'as vraiment le don de réchauffer l'atmosphère, toi !" "Et ça va pas s'arranger !" *musique qui se lance, Camus qui apparaît* -CDZA
Nasrullah Gunawan (4 months ago)
Kylle Poiencot (4 months ago)
How can I use this music in a video I am doing?
SansyMansy 2.0 (4 months ago)
mcCree's whistle 0:48 to 1:37
Natisha Alli (4 months ago)
There 2 types of people in this wolrd my friend those with load guns and this who dig.
Chippy Walnuts (4 months ago)
It looks like Curb Your Enthusiasm.
luis aguilera (4 months ago)
Una pieza maestra!!
JMX 41 (4 months ago)
Why this song is in a metallica album
Heather Weeks (4 months ago)
Tuco brought me here 🔫💰
Andreas Hoppe (4 months ago)
I'll keep the money and you can have the rope
Hank Hill (4 months ago)
What an amazing piece of music
Dalila Portillo (4 months ago)
Heard this melody on the modelo comercial and had to look for it! I really like it! :)
axetonamill B (4 months ago)
when the math teacher says the person with the highest score on the quiz can have their choice of a Gatorade and the 2 Asian kids look at each other
Nori Taraen (4 months ago)
chills goosebumps rapid heartbeat
Igor M (4 months ago)
World Cup 2018???
VRK (4 months ago)
what a feeling omg.this might be what people calls eargasm
anshumansingh81 (5 months ago)
Arch Stanton !! Arch Stanton !!
Yo vengo por el fedelobo
Wistl (5 months ago)
Someone put this over a siege montage

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