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These girls prefer a man with a tight body in the gym

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JAYTC (10 months ago)
“So, do either of you have boyfriends?” “Umm, I’m on again/off again with my bf because he’s, umm, kind of a jerk (giggle, giggle). Gum-chewing cum dumpster. At least these two say what most women won’t — that they like jerks!
Brent Peterson (1 year ago)
They're gonna be fat and flabby after a couple kids..so there's that.
Sam Be (3 years ago)
I think the girl on the left is obsessed with butts because she doesn't have one.
Aaron Lair (4 years ago)
just essentially say healthy don't dislike and just watch the video it is helpful no matter how much or little you take from it they are voicing their opinions so utilize it or not just don't drill them and these women don't won't to see that shit stop talking about your sexual preferences do you think they want to see that if you have a sister do you a guy to talk about you liking her being able to take it in the butt, so why don't you go boink yourself in the ass and leave that off here so they can actually read these with out feeling embarrassed and objectified.
Billy MacBargain (4 years ago)
Who,are these whores and why am I listening to there stupid faces?
John Smith (5 years ago)
So basically every muscle...
700racer22 (5 years ago)
what the hell am i watching?
RainstormOfPiss (5 years ago)
wjb4341 (5 years ago)
STFU you you dumb flabby gum chomping biotches.
Danny Brown (6 years ago)
basicly when you work out your also putting on somemuscles in the face, but thats not it. When you reach a low bodyfat % all the fat on your face goes away and it gives you that aesthetic chin, look at Zyzz, mirin jobra?
Em Dee (6 years ago)
ok, yuck fou
Yavuz Turk (6 years ago)
this is a college interview or something or porn ?
Em Dee (6 years ago)
so how the hell do you workout ur chins? LMAO
Carlo Brooklyn (6 years ago)
well i ont have a nice butt. lucky fo me my gun got me nice cash. :)
Rev_Rob (6 years ago)
As a male, .. I don't really need my girl to be slim-fucking-good-body. I actually like curves and meat. Oh and I like girls who dont see like arithead, frat party, bitches.. like these girls. Go get date-raped by Biff and hayden and all the other college boys.. Wait your skanky sses 10 years... it'll be funny to see
daboo950 (6 years ago)
my gf has V8 with twinturbo isnt awesome
Rob Hurley (6 years ago)
the girl on the right >
reczy (6 years ago)
Literally the most shallow thing I've ever watched... I actually hate where youtube makes me end up. This is definitely not a related video to anything!
MenOfMischief (6 years ago)
I think they named just about every muscle...
Gjergji Cumani (6 years ago)
this girl right here is what life is all about, love her lips imagine the other lips
Jared Johnson (7 years ago)
Blonde hair - more caring Black hair - just wants dick!
BlueFlame1013 (7 years ago)
best two top comments ever
Leonard Legg (7 years ago)
147 times last month
pompom660 (7 years ago)
2 guy in a gym... -dude what you working out today -my pecs man, you? -my jaw dude
whydoyousuck100X (7 years ago)
OMG and im totally going to the mall in my daddys BMW and I like love to like shop all day with daddys credit card and um, well i guess i would let a guy do me but he has to be like totally perfect and rich and wear 5 condoms and only give me oral sex and then take me shopping afterwards teehee....I HATE STUPID FAKE BITCHES! Real Women dont act or talk like these spoiled hoes!
bryant mariano (7 years ago)
You two should just make out already... Please?
Daniel Riddell (7 years ago)
I like girls with nice V's too
lovestospooge646 (7 years ago)
i lost my butt in vietnam
mmagouh89 (7 years ago)
19 people dont have a gym membership
24034543jd (7 years ago)
RipFlm (7 years ago)
The girl on the right said she loved her boyfriend in another video wtf
Freddan0 (7 years ago)
They basicly have no idea what they want..
nlytend1 (7 years ago)
these girls are unrealistic
K Hill on the Beat (7 years ago)
my boyfriend/ex boyfriend
999Rourou (7 years ago)
@reljadorcol probably more
Matt Rolling (7 years ago)
Guys, Getting girls doesn't have to be difficult (I used to think it did). I'll give you some advice right now.. Step 1: Go to MackMethods(dot)com Step 2: Order the "pandoras box" program Step 3: Use it and laugh at how easy girls are to figure out haha Seriously, that program has changed my life. I probably shouldn't even be mentioning it because I don't want a bunch of other guys out there running the same "game" but whatever, I'm in a good mood today so I'll share the tip.
Eidolin (7 years ago)
@keltecdan yea and know why? cause the guys are dumbasses themselves and go looking in places they KNOW they will find tons of dumb sluts. there's more than enough smart and super sexy women here, guys like you are too useless to find them. if you're looking for smart sexy beautiful girls in a sweaty club in bikinis grinding on strangers then you're NOT going to find them there. YES you will find cum dumpster girls there. jesus.
MagDump (7 years ago)
its sad to see that the majority of american women like these two cum dumpsters are so typical, its no wonder that alot of guys look overseas to find women these days
crazybbob (7 years ago)
@pmic2011 I like a girl who can take *my dick in the ass. 4.3 inches strong bro.
crazybbob (7 years ago)
@dekoork1 I think me means by different guys...
crazybbob (7 years ago)
@vladimirvputinstein Yeah, I hate it when girls are annoying. Or pregnant. That reminds me, I have to go punch my girlfriend in the stomach.
crazybbob (7 years ago)
@reljadorcol This was posted 6 months ago. The updated number is currently 428.
vladimirvputinstein (7 years ago)
god, this series has reminded me that girls are fucking annoying.
Fafner (7 years ago)
what does a nice butt look like in their heads?
BABA GOPP (7 years ago)
the quaties r only in Donkeyss
Zachary Mohler (8 years ago)
i like a girl that shuts the fuck up
Aaron S (8 years ago)
Man I have that V thing on my waist and all my ex's loved it. WTF do they like so much about it?!? Like that scene with Pitt from Fight Club too! I agree with everything they said except for butts for the most part. It's hard to tell unless the guy wear really revealing pants. Not my thing since it's not comfortable to wear and I get a little self conscious showing a perfect outline of my penis in public. Not that it's small at all it's just one step below whipping it out in public imo.
Dez Owens (8 years ago)
all the shit they said is shit you ccan barely control
Gr33nAv (8 years ago)
Fucking accents.. i like the baaaaaaaaaackssss
Luke Stone (8 years ago)
honestly i'd give these girls 8/10 without makeup i can guarantee you these chicks would not be all that attractive.
Gfresh844 (8 years ago)
Just draw a v on your torso. Much easier than working out.
thoms1986 (8 years ago)
@DangerousMusicProd no they just think they do, these are girls have NO clue what really attracts them..
Relja Petrovic (8 years ago)
i bet the brunette has been drilled about....147 times.
Erika Seitz (8 years ago)
I think they're describing me
TheLordofShell (8 years ago)
I like a girl who shuts up and stays in the kitchen
EPIK562 (8 years ago)
@raymondtyn not really. just eat right exercise and stay lean. ive had one since i was 12.
dezz nutz (8 years ago)
off to the gymmm bb
vanmaarwijk (8 years ago)
they didnt mention the most important every woman digss "MONEY, haha dont have ny of that but still have money, u can bang ny bitch
Ind1g0 (8 years ago)
@raymondtyn i got that v and good abs but my back is not so big i guess a bit more working out will do the trick ;D
raymond ng (8 years ago)
god the v is hard to get so much work......hate working on abs everything else is easy
NewKidProductionz (8 years ago)
Looks are important. But personailty is harder to achieve.
Rafterman (8 years ago)
The girls forgot the No.1 thing!.... MONEY.... If you can't maintian, don't even try... "No girl want's to go out with a Hobo... no matter how toned he is
groundoddday (8 years ago)
thts me there talkin about lol
jerry springer (8 years ago)
@SerbiansareTrash thats what i said too :)
Logan (8 years ago)
these are average shopping market chicks...
Joe Oberle (8 years ago)
@TheBlackConscience agreed
pacifiedfools (8 years ago)
How the fuck can you have a boyfriend/ex-boyfriend? He's not a fucking ex if you're dating him still. FUCKING THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!!
Itz_knt (8 years ago)
bascily they like manly man.of a 2010 era..lol i got the manly chin and jaw.lucky for me
Rachel Smith (8 years ago)
What's wrong with liking a man with a hot body? ;) I'd rather have a fit guy who takes care of himself than a fat loser like you pieces of lard tbh.
ssaannss terra (8 years ago)
@XTJimbo1910 hahhaha 7 days a week is 2 much but i know plenty of ripped people not on steriods working out 6 days week and have been for years now....small testicles????? sure maybe the 6 weeks you cycle them, but you do know that testicular atrophy due to steriods goes away when your not on them right?
Rachel Smith (8 years ago)
These girls are right. ;) hit the gym, boys.
yo dadd (8 years ago)
body building make yo dick small
C0nstellati0ns (8 years ago)
GrueJesus (8 years ago)
Proof: squats will get you laid.
eromattiffarg (8 years ago)
I definitely would not want to attract these dumb bitches, they seem like the type that would drain my wallet at a faster rate than most other women would.
MiaMizauki (8 years ago)
I laugh at all the angry posters, mad at these two for telling what women want. "Boohoo, I don't feel like ever working out, so I'll just wine about how hot guys are stupid."
Sillylilsunshine (8 years ago)
hahah wow. in one video shes like "omg i have the sweetest boyfriend and i got him from dollaradate and im so happy" and then she said he was a dick BAHAHA
JackRabbitSlim (8 years ago)
Typical dumb trashy "good looking and we knoew it" American chearleader types. First line of the dark haired girl "I'm on and off with my boyfriend right now...and he's a jerk...so". Yer and what's the betting you crawl right back to him, I bet he's a fucking douchebag, and there are laods of great guys out there that would be better but this guy of hers is probably a jockish neanderthall who treats her like shit, which girls like her can't get enough of. Your looks will fade, dumb bitches!
SquishyRainbow (8 years ago)
Some of the comments here are fucking stupid. Don't tell me that you guys don't find a slim women with amazing curves attractive. It's mostly fatasses who are leaving hateful comments because they haven't got what's described. Don't worry, I saw a stunning girl with a morbidly obese boyfriend so it's not all about looks. Having said all of that, these two are whores.
spike0097 (8 years ago)
so pretty much just everything.......helpful
grandladybug (8 years ago)
well im rocking the face section
kirill broski (8 years ago)
@hahaha515 you say that you fat because computer geek? i bet you do.
Urswrnme (8 years ago)
haha lookin at alot of the comments.. and most of u guys are losers... calling these lovely ladies shallow and whores... They were asked a question about PHYSHICAL Appeal and they answered it based on thier opinion. Also Key thing.. most girls are Attracted to guys who take care of themselves... Most of you haters are probably fat slobs who are lonely and overlooked...
Mátyás Buday (8 years ago)
@hahaha515 yeh but i wish i could fuck them = D
John Foster (8 years ago)
shallow girls.
trey scott (8 years ago)
these girls are cock slaves
Tyla Hart (8 years ago)
well i got thye "v" and the abbs, but none other
peter north (9 years ago)
i got huge arms flat ass and balding 7 incher date me ok?
perdedor3571 (9 years ago)
thats good enough. the only reason i go to a gym is cuz my university has one i can get in for free. when i leace im going to buy the shit for my house. its easier and cheaper in the long run. at least your trying lol lazy people agrivate me
perdedor3571 (9 years ago)
...i dont work all the time...lol going to the gym and bjj are fun as fuck dood. i just get my shit done on time and i still have time for shit afterwords. its called prioritizing =]
perdedor3571 (9 years ago)
@bigjess71 dont get pissy at me. im no over acheiver your just an underacheiver brah fuck you. and u dont kno shit i have been with my girl for almost 4 years. dont get mad at me cuz i got my shit straight man.
perdedor3571 (9 years ago)
i have a job go to colledge full time and still have time to make it to the gym AND jits class ever day (sometimes i have to skip cuz of school work)
L2xSniper (9 years ago)
@bigjess71 YOU HAVE TO find time to exercise or you'll end up overweight, everyone has an hour to spare in their day to run or weightlift.
MrPresident2032 (9 years ago)
im a guy and in girls looks are the most important thing for me, followed by personality, both of those are important, as for intelligence its not as important, as long as shes not like retarded or something im happy, average iq girl or smart girl...doesnt really make a difference to me
Jed9133 (9 years ago)
oh yeah im that guy...
ndc18 (9 years ago)
These girls seem like they have brains.
Matt Adams (9 years ago)
thank you
Matt Adams (9 years ago)
im a guy and i dont give a shit about looks
Josecho Goñi Bravo (9 years ago)
jajaj que cachondas
alex poutine (9 years ago)
I like girls with brains...

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