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Bleeding Hearts - Trailer 1994 Movie

10 ratings | 4090 views
Official Website: http://www.wowtv.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wowtelevision A doomed interracial relationship provides the focus of this tragedy. White paralegal Lonny, wants to write a political novel that rails against the system, but he can't seem to start it. His writer's block has cost him emotionally, and he is bored with his job, his conversations with his father, and with his girlfriend. He looks for something different. He finds it with black teenager, Denise as she prepares for her SATs.
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Text Comments (3)
DeeNice681 (2 months ago)
They basically tell the whole movie in the trailer.
xele fonte (1 year ago)
The black girl looks like a younger version of Jemele Hill.
Vegeta Solo (4 years ago)
This movie was actually enjoyable but the ending went out terrible :/

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