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What an inspiring message !! #Ritikasingh

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If you are down and needs motivation. Watch this video how a youth can empower.
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Text Comments (3201)
nabila rani (26 minutes ago)
Nice you are a motivational speaker like Pakistani motivational speakers it's good you motivate people towards good things 😄
nabila rani (27 minutes ago)
Nice you are a motivational speaker like Pakistani motivational speakers it's good you motivate people towards good things 😄
Akash jadhav (6 hours ago)
amazing to you
zero Tower (7 hours ago)
I also love junk food
Richa 540 (7 hours ago)
She is having a boyfriend
Archana Kullu (7 hours ago)
You are amazing so excellent yaar
Jyoti Pal (11 hours ago)
Wao nice
Ummi Habiba (20 hours ago)
Nice... to gud
Jazeela Fathima (21 hours ago)
Its very Inspirational talk👍
Aishwarya Hampalle (22 hours ago)
Wow beautiful energy 😍😍
Risla Shabni (23 hours ago)
You are really amazing 👍
Anu Sharma (1 day ago)
wow mam amazing
MD WASEEM ANSARI (1 day ago)
You are very good speaker
Shibil Nasar (1 day ago)
Excellent speech😘😘😘😘😘
Parameswar Charai (1 day ago)
So smart girl
ishita mistry (1 day ago)
Nice speech nice words
sibi sha (23 hours ago)
oh my god super speed
Jeethendra Kumar (1 day ago)
Sumiaya Sadia (1 day ago)
Lv, from. Pakistan🇵🇰
Sumiaya Sadia (1 day ago)
Kya bache h 👌👌👌👌
Md Arif (1 day ago)
It's rounds good..........👌👌👌👌
Rahmat Hayat (1 day ago)
Same here.....i m also being played by many person...i m 24 and i m post graduate my college life was very boring....i had bad time in PG college..😔😔 that was biggest lesson of my life.....
Haters Queen (1 day ago)
Damm her confidence is just on another level dude👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Ganesh P (1 day ago)
Super attitude
Naeem Sario (1 day ago)
Shahid Chunawala (1 day ago)
Kya bolna chahti h ek dum baseless talk😠😠
Vimal Kumar (2 days ago)
Confidence aapki bahut achhi hai...
KOMAL KUMARI (2 days ago)
such an amazing girl .. who's she
Lakshmna rao Ganta (2 days ago)
Good attitude
ashish maurya (2 days ago)
S Raju (2 days ago)
super super
Sameer Bhat (2 days ago)
Her cuteness killed me😍
Khazeema Rashid (2 days ago)
Inspiring 😍
Saira Khatoon (2 days ago)
U are so beautiful💟❤
N- creations (2 days ago)
Choudhary Renu (2 days ago)
v.beautiful di
Arshu Mizu (2 days ago)
Amezinig yar riyali love y 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
I love u yar Ritika mam
yangya Panda (3 days ago)
I love u ritika.
Savitha Savitha (3 days ago)
Nice speech and a good motivator😋😋😋😋
Prajakta Patil (3 days ago)
Very energetic,nice personality👌👍
Bandna Thakur (3 days ago)
Her commUnication is aDding extra beAuty to her beAuty.....
anjali Shukla (3 days ago)
Really you are awsome.........,......
anjali Shukla (3 days ago)
She is tooooooo good 👍 👍, How many thing so............ 👇 👇 👇
Ageles Polite (3 days ago)
I wish you give 100 % to think upon your existence...I wish you read about Islam ...I wish you read the word of The Creator "The Quran" ...That is all I wish for everyone and all I wanna say ...Stay Blessed ..May Allah guide you all and me on straight path ....Ameen )
SANJAY KUMAR (3 days ago)
Very Good
Chandni Laxkar (4 days ago)
Your confidences is good
Aman Yadav0000 (4 days ago)
Overacting ki dukan
Bisham Rai (4 days ago)
So beautiful
kurmi mahaan (4 days ago)
I love you ritika nothing else to say
chinna chinnu (4 days ago)
super speech mam
HARSH cricket (4 days ago)
https://youtu.be/dz7y1uLvaLg #CARRYMINATI| YOUTUBE topper he|inspection story |
ruma roy (4 days ago)
Very good speach mam
Prince Sarja (5 days ago)
Ur speaking really waste of time 🤷🏻‍♂️
tom jerry (5 days ago)
Amisha Patel (5 days ago)
Very nice👌👌👌👌👌
Hasna pt (6 days ago)
it's really inspiring..
thalapathy lux (6 days ago)
Learn from your mistakes. It is really true. Inspiring speech.
Anil Kumar (6 days ago)
Ma'am by your speech u have very much effected us, especially I have been very impressed by your speech.
Gaurav Dubey (6 days ago)
Very nice communication skill And very buetifull
Hajrah Abid (6 days ago)
drugs k against bat kr k dil jeet lia yr mera love u😘
Anshika Khanna (6 days ago)
😍 cute & confident 😎
Chandana Nice (6 days ago)
Sayeeda Begum (7 days ago)
Thanks for this such a beautiful , clear , and understandable inspirational speech....
SHANKAR JADHAV (7 days ago)
Our communication
Jason J (7 days ago)
Good friendly speech
Anitha Chinnathambi (7 days ago)
very nice... words comes from heart.... she speak clear and naturally.... she never act....I really like so much....
akash Rathod (7 days ago)
Your speech very nice
Minnulakshmy R (7 days ago)
Very inspirational....i loved u as an artist...Now i love you as a human ..
I am motivating this English speech .
mvr rr (8 days ago)
In this world only one free bird
Ramamit amit Rishy (8 days ago)
creative life (8 days ago)
So sweet
sushma sushma (8 days ago)
Great confidence level
PUNIT KUMAR (8 days ago)
no spoken word
Sharad Pawar (8 days ago)
My guessing was right .you're actress
Priyanshu Punia (8 days ago)
Amazing communication skills with great emotions
suraj avale (9 days ago)
Confidence level😍😍😘😘😍😍😍
Ibrahim Imran Ibrahim (9 days ago)
Your movie kanchana wowww😍😘
pooja patil (9 days ago)
beauty wth brains
Darshan Gowda (9 days ago)
Confidence level infinite
sidhartha pandey (10 days ago)
Wow Friend.... I'm your big fan
nachu nachu (10 days ago)
U r great.....😎👍👌👌
Aruna Aruna KP (10 days ago)
Super really great
Moulya k (10 days ago)
Good speech.... ❤️👌✌️
Lakshman Dapkar (10 days ago)
Awesome communication skill
eddy rawat (10 days ago)
So beautiful
BARAK BANGLA FUNNY (11 days ago)
Very very nice your address.
Krishna (11 days ago)
U r looking too excited Why?
dheeraj yadav (11 days ago)
fantastic success motivation...!!!
preet kaur (12 days ago)
omg veryyyy nyc speech mam👌👌👌👍👍
ashok KUMAR (12 days ago)
Sunita Sharma (12 days ago)
Hey frnds i m in search of some ambitious frnds who want to achieve so much in life nd want to do something different if any of u r among them plzz contact with me at my fb id EKTA SHIMAR i will surely help u its a promise
awesome speech...nice personality
Mahii Khan (13 days ago)
u r a love bird my own self speaking like u freely
Mahii Khan (13 days ago)
Amar Chand Saini (13 days ago)
I just love ur talking seance

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