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How to create Table,Insert,Update,Delete in SQL Server very easy steps

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A Chanel Where you can learn about Computer Information and Technology Like Asp.Net C#,Asp.Net MVC,SQL Server,Bootstrap,Oracle and more Website design. How to send email in ASP.NET C# using Gmail smtp server step by step https://youtu.be/rnQphXehu7g How to send email with attachment in Asp.Net through Gmail smtp server,simple steps https://youtu.be/mhRe_we4hhA How to Login in Asp.net C# https://youtu.be/gYkuDhDFYh0 How to create website using ASP.NET very attractive design https://youtu.be/uAKWaCl-vK4 How to create login and logout in Asp.Net MVC https://youtu.be/7E8IK_eAsWE
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Text Comments (76)
chaitra s (4 days ago)
Tarun chutia (20 days ago)
nice video
patel shivam (1 month ago)
plz give me microsoft SQL server mangement studio setup file
Azm Kabir (1 month ago)
its very help full
Brian Maggs (1 month ago)
From this video I learned far more than I did from watching numerous other videos such as "Learn SQL in Ten Minutes", which doesn't teach anything about how to use the SQL language!!!
Shut da hell up (1 month ago)
Lamin Tamang (1 month ago)
really nice voice and easily understand what u explained
Rina Tamang (1 month ago)
LemonyScabs (1 month ago)
Awesome video, you explained it very well in nice fluid steps.
Lolo Subba (1 month ago)
one of the best video
Riya Subba (1 month ago)
Gud work...
Som Tamang (1 month ago)
Gud work
alick jack Alex (1 month ago)
Its really nice video and easy to understand
Pushpa Chetry (1 month ago)
Nice sir... excellent
Dhurba Sarki (2 months ago)
nice video sir
Sahil Hyolmo (2 months ago)
Kya mst he video😊😊😊😊
Rantang Mossang (2 months ago)
Sir i am waiting for your another video please make u soon
Rantang Mossang (2 months ago)
Thank you sir ur video is very helpful
wahid zaman (2 months ago)
do you have any more tutorial for SQL for beginners?
wahid zaman (2 months ago)
very simply you you made it clear. thanks
Meghana Kesani (2 months ago)
Brooo thanku broo
Degeswar Hazong (2 months ago)
dammi video acha hai
Krispy Kreme (2 months ago)
How do you update a name from O Brien to O'Brien? Is it: Update name set firstname= 'O''Brien'?
Jerry Odia (2 months ago)
Great job
RAADHA RANI (2 months ago)
Which version of SQL are you using ?
ALI AkBaR (3 months ago)
thank you so much brother. its really helpfull...
Majid Siddiqui (3 months ago)
Hi, can you please help me to know that how to disable/enable updating any particular column in a SQL Table. Is there any query or option that the specific column cannot be update while doing any transaction unless it is not enable/permissible.
this accent is fucking my ears
Nelluri Dariyavali (3 months ago)
easy to understand, thank you very much!
gerald stanley (4 months ago)
what and how did u install ur studio??
Carmen Ng (5 months ago)
Sohail Qureshi (4 months ago)
Sir tujhe tu zarorat ha parhna ki
Rizwan Ashiq (6 months ago)
this is one of the best tutorials for SQL, thank you sir
Greezel Senilla (6 months ago)
well explain.
Vivek singh (6 months ago)
my con. 9897755506
Vivek singh (6 months ago)
i learn to data merging, for example ......2 nd 3 bak file make to 1 bak file
rameshrjj08 (7 months ago)
hi am amateur in sql i followed this video but getting error like this "there is aleady an object named 'employee_tb1' in the database"
Ravikansyakar Kumar (7 months ago)
sir eclipse java project ke table me by default serial number ke liye source code kya hoga?
The Perfect Tutorials (7 months ago)
nkumar gurjalwad (7 months ago)
abarna maha (8 months ago)
nice ji...
WajooFun (8 months ago)
nice sir g???
Abikalai (8 months ago)
Which software u used to execute the queries
sachin rawat (7 months ago)
microsoft sql server express u can download it from google its free
vijay laxmi Pant (8 months ago)
Appreciate your effort... Keep it up Its really helpful
Hassan Ali Hassan (8 months ago)
Thank u made me understand milion thankz
nasser abdou (8 months ago)
Plzzz how can i Edit the salary for example in your video the salary is 10000 i wan to reduce 200 from it what is the right code for that should i use Update or ,,,,,, and if i want to empty that salary(10000)'s cell what is the code also plz answer me fast
gouthem subramanian (6 months ago)
sachin rawat (7 months ago)
update table_name set salary=9800 where eployee id= id no.
mulusew aneley (8 months ago)
in short nice but why not gate working manuall sql server 2008 with in pdf or doc
saby (9 months ago)
Very nice explaining in a simple way to understanding SQL for beginners. Thanks
Kuldeep Upadhyaya (9 months ago)
At least try to make it visible.
Amar Kashyap (9 months ago)
found helpful
Noyon.IT (10 months ago)
Great Excellent
Avinash pandey (10 months ago)
Jab v digginer mai codding krte hai h to inter press krne pe work kysei krta hai plz details me
Ethio Man (11 months ago)
I apprciate your knowledge
Vismay Sawant (11 months ago)
Thanx man .. i have practical exam coming in 4 days ...and found your video ... I will foloow every stem what u told ..thank you man :)
d.selvam antony (1 year ago)
thanks ji very useful
Nouman Tahir (1 year ago)
short and very helpful videothanks sir...
Adeela Chaudhry (1 year ago)
Very informative......thanksssss
Mohamed Allam (1 year ago)
thank you pro
Wilfried Essonkong (1 year ago)
Simple and very interesting. Thank you so much.
Philo P. (1 year ago)
these indian voices are not very soothing
Omer Lopall (2 months ago)
Philo'p u coward voice doesn't matter
N M (9 months ago)
Lol agree, we would have fared 50% better in this world, if only we had better accents.
spanta Ali (1 year ago)
Thanks. very simple and understandable tone I will consider you my teacher for IT so I will learn IT from you. Once again Thank you so much.
Gopi Krishna (1 year ago)
Thank u ji
Captain Dunsel (1 year ago)
Nice Work on The Vid the way you explained it a new born could work SQL Server, I give this Video 2 thumbs up
Top5Category (1 year ago)
very good
nukestrom (1 year ago)
Abdulghafar Zahir (1 year ago)
Ang Sherpa (1 year ago)
proud to see you doing this bro..nice one...
Abhishek Bhadoriya (1 year ago)
thanks so much
Zcobb Cobb (1 year ago)
thanks for the video. it was very helpful.
Abhishek Bhadoriya (1 year ago)
Zcobb Cobb

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