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A Strong Ass Teenager - Bench Day

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Text Comments (404)
BlueSpades (1 month ago)
Title of the video is *bench day* *...thumbnail of video is guy about to do squats, and 80% of video is squatting*
Nick Wright (1 month ago)
The second HALF of the title is "bench day" BlueSpades.. The second half of the video is of my bench day.. What's the first half of the title?
Klarcke Watz (1 month ago)
There was some fat kid that squatted 580 in high school at a weight meet I went to.
Satunnainen Katselija (7 months ago)
Well I suppose his ass is pretty (no pun) string uh I mean strong if he squats 455.
Mountain Fox (8 months ago)
That's strong as hell for his age. I was weak as fuck at 19. I weighed 175 and was max benching 265, squatting 335, and deadlifting 365. I mostly ran since I was a marine, so I wasn't that strong. These days I weigh 190 and those numbers are 365, 425, and 495. Still not that good, but at least I've stayed natural and good at running. I doubt I'll get much stronger unless I want to pack on weight or take steroids.
Suth (1 year ago)
Damn strong kid... bench isn’t the best but his squat and deadlift are amazing...
FaZe Jev (1 year ago)
Dalton Pittsenbargar (1 year ago)
I'm 14 and bench 190 squat 250 and deadlift 315
Alex Wright (1 year ago)
Look in the background at 2:13. Awesome squatter up front, quarter squatter in the back
G YamBal (1 year ago)
Very motivating 👍🏻
alexinioh7 (1 year ago)
rowdy gunner (1 year ago)
Not really strong for a teenager but okay
CHAU (1 year ago)
those poor guy half squating in a smith machine with a pad suprised he doesnt have a bodybuilding belt
dakota dawson (1 year ago)
not a teen but ok
Clout Bryce (1 year ago)
Im 10 years old squat 135
Guy Pheonix (1 year ago)
I feel like boo boo I'm 14 and can barely squat 2 plates ATG
RemainFog (1 year ago)
Trash bro stop why does everyone wanna be a bodybuilder like just stop you need the skill for it and bro you dont sorry move on
Rawrzors TCG (1 year ago)
make sure he does his assistance work, so he doesn't get underdevelopment from specialization too early like me. my left serratus is still weak AF, along with my left hip flexor and anterior delts.
4 Square Films (1 year ago)
My homie just broke my school record for 410 on bench at 18
Israel Martinez (1 year ago)
im 15 and i bench press 225 this nikka weak asf
* PublicFigure (1 year ago)
ur fat tho
Christian Hill (1 year ago)
Whoever says a 19 year old is not teenager is freakin ridiculous, it's called nineTEEN for a reason, at 18 and 19 you might be a young adult, but you're still a teenager, you're a teenage adult, and yet I see people saying this dude wasn't a teenager at the time, ridiculous
David Roberts (1 year ago)
very nice
Michael Baskerville (1 year ago)
Fairly new to squats... I thought you weren't supposed to lock knees in any leg exercise, looks like some pretty aggressive locking?
Noah Johnson (1 year ago)
Not trying to take away from this kid but there is a 15 year old at my school who squats 515. And a 17 year old who benches 315. The kids special, but not deserving of 225k views imo.
Preston Gonzales (1 year ago)
im 14, weigh 200 pounds, and have ATLEAST 100 pounds on all of his maxes.
John Thompson (1 year ago)
not that strong
Benny J (1 year ago)
Nothing but respect. Keep it going.
Trent W. (2 years ago)
I'm 15 almost 16 I squat 505 Bench 325 And they callin this dude a strong lifter. I know I'm a lineman but still
David Lingner (2 years ago)
Keigan is very strong. But like some others here I noticed the knees coming in. I could be wrong, but I think he should slow the descent down some. Watch the bounce off the bottom. I am thinking of long term effects on his knees in both regards.
Jack Sutton (2 years ago)
Push your knees out
Daddy Max (2 years ago)
Teenager ? He's 19 technically an adult I was expecting him to be around 15-17 years old but another than that , that's a strong ass dude
BIG HOOK!!! (2 years ago)
Flat Out Clean.....the funny part is I was over here saying Press....Rack! You are there Young Buck!!! Way To Work!!! 400lb club is in your sights!!!
Christian Njoku (2 years ago)
this dude low key weak I'm 15 turning 16 in 6 months and I squat 425, and I don't power loft I just play football
Colby Granger-Christie (2 years ago)
Nathan Sims (2 years ago)
Is it normal for knees to buckle?
Nathan Sims (2 years ago)
Is it normal for knees to buckle?
Garrett Geidel (2 years ago)
Love how he's repping 415 and the guy in the back is using a smith machine
John Hernandez (2 years ago)
that's a strong teen ? I'm 16 squat max 495 bench max 365 power cleans 255 (yes I know my cleans suck)
Alfonso Cerda (2 years ago)
my friend is 18 and can do 705 squat
The Eagle (2 years ago)
What a fucking beast man. 17 right now nowhere near your numbers though. Good shit man.
? (2 years ago)
Senior last year at my school was squatting solid 600. These two should meet up lol
Dylan Tashjian (2 years ago)
so you bench a little over 3 plates for 1 rep and you say thats your max then at the end your doing 4+ playes for reps at the end of your world something seems fishy bout those weights
Gabe Garcia (2 years ago)
At 15 I won the high school powerlifting state championship and I squatted 545 raw, benched 300 raw and deadlifted 530 at 190 lbs. I'm 16 now. Hit me up on Insta @powerlifter_boy_198
Gabe Garcia (2 years ago)
Charles Trotter (2 years ago)
terrible form
Kyle Klein (2 years ago)
Why does this guy act like he's giant after a set lmfao
Goku Vegetta (2 years ago)
snap city knee action though?
Deerslayer420 (2 years ago)
How can I barely squat 315 but have bigger legs than this guy?
MilitaryCorner (2 years ago)
because you probaly do body building, which is not made for to get strong. These Guys are doing Powerlifting ;)
Overlord (2 years ago)
Deerslayer420 Muscle density I guess. I don't know much about these things lol
Big H 317 (2 years ago)
Lol look at the kids in corner squating on the smith machine, their barely even going down.
Steven Assanti (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure that guy is on steroids squatting 8 plates for reps. it's not like they're that tough to get. still impressive though.
Tristen Hildebrand (2 years ago)
This nigga is a fake he don't even lift tho!!
Gage Smith (2 years ago)
These guys can squat more than me but their form is absolute trash.
Ken Kitano (2 years ago)
Lol what kind of music is he listening to that's getting him so amped up? He was like channeling Arnold from Terminator or some shit.
Onni Soininen (2 years ago)
Such small calves :( #musclehunger
ben d (2 years ago)
Why are you fat?
EbintQ (2 years ago)
I would stop at 620 before your spine breaks
Tucker Brinson (2 years ago)
Wow so fucking badass he must be so rich and famous
your daddy (2 years ago)
he does 440 for reps and next to him some puss does a plate on the smith machine with the pussy pad
Jack Scheerer (2 years ago)
Not that impressive, I know two 17 year olds who get 600 squat for reps
Carlos Moyano (2 years ago)
And he can dead lift 600
Carlos Moyano (2 years ago)
My cousin can bench 315 and my cousin can squat 700
calvin dmello (2 years ago)
@2:27 -another teenager in the back squatting, except he's doing half reps on 90 + smith machine bar. Great work man!
walker cameron (2 years ago)
2:23 the guy in the white shirt is getting lower then him
Progenitor In Training (2 years ago)
He put's a new meaning to snap back!
Immortal Strength (2 years ago)
Two words......Jesse Norris
John Likely (2 years ago)
Does he know that it's bad when you're knees buckle in when you go up
Jack Ouellette (2 years ago)
2:27- my role model quarter repping that135
i was 17 and repping 3 plates at 20 i was benching 400+
Metal Berserk (2 years ago)
lol pantera:)
Donald Draper (2 years ago)
2:30 wth is that form on the smith machine
Seemore Dicks (2 years ago)
im lucky enough to do 225 for 2 reps... bruh yall on crack
gpsgrader (2 years ago)
I'm 3 and I can do 785
M M (2 years ago)
holy shit!!!! this is very impressive stuff...you guys are wayy to strong for your age and size....much respect!!
Chris D'oulmeth (2 years ago)
2:14 Quarter repping on the smith machine with a bar pad. This is comedy gold
aw4991 (2 years ago)
Horrible bench form
Ajax Savage (2 years ago)
Those squats are awful, those knees buckle like a belt.
That guy in the back on the smith machine doing half squats lol
Mike Jaciw (2 years ago)
19 years old isn't a teen-ager you fucking cuck
dakota dawson (1 year ago)
not a teenager no but part of the teens yes by law and by culture he is an adult rather you admit it or not yes that kid is a dumb ass but he also is not wrong
Damian Kenney (1 year ago)
You're a dumbass
Cole Stegerman (1 year ago)
Mike are you fucking inbred? 19 is considered a teenager lmao
Oz TheWizard (1 year ago)
No, YOU are making yourself look retarded. He said he is a teenager, not a child. But YOU who are probably a TEENAGER yourself are intent on being considered as an adult and therefore do not want to be associated with that word. You can be a teenager and be legally considered an adult. Those two things are not mutually exclusive of eachother. You are making me incredibly sad for the future of this country. Abort yourself.
Adam Sabo (1 year ago)
Nick you're making yourself look retarded. He is not a "Teenager" we live in America, 18 is considered an Adult. That is what his comment is about.
CodHumors (2 years ago)
dude you're going to slip a disk if you bench like that
Silver Warrior (2 years ago)
I saw a 15 year old squat 780.
Chris Barrow (2 years ago)
impressive but you didnt miention that the kid is a fucking meatball. kid looks like he weighs like 350
Silver Warrior (2 years ago)
+Alexander Forsanker Except it's an official meet.
Alexander Forsanker (2 years ago)
Fake vid. No 15 16 17 18 19 year old can ever squat 780lb. A 17y/o from Colombia does 606 for 2 thats the most ive ever seen
Silver Warrior (2 years ago)
Nice man, 385 deadlift is amazing.
Vince Iaboni (2 years ago)
Silver Warrior haha yeah that's just insane tho. Funnily enough I just turned 15 and my bench is 215. deadlift is 385, and squat is 345. I love working out. Keep going man, good luck!
MIKE JONES (2 years ago)
around 2 minutes there is a teenager on the Smith Machine doing 1/8th squats
Andrew Huang (2 years ago)
15 here and squatted 420 in comp pulled 458. Poverty Bench though. My video is on my channel. Feature me Nick? haha
Marcus Davies (2 years ago)
He's gonna have fucked knees for life with that form, regardless of the amount
sparky24 (2 years ago)
bad form, your going to hurt yourselves eventually. Bulged disc's, fucked up knees, etc.
cooper ryan (2 years ago)
he makes the guy at 2:20 look extra worthless.
Jason Genovaweight (2 years ago)
weak ass teenager
Unkle Zeebizcut (2 years ago)
Sooooo yeah... the kid is SKRONG!..though I'm confused how his bench is only 285(I speculate its just a form issue)... and the kid on the smith machine quarter squatting 1 plate hehe.
justin Hamlet (2 years ago)
My buddy was 18 in high school benching 305 squatting 600 just saying and he's barley a teenager
Evan Terry (2 years ago)
How is his bench only 285
Joel Doxtator (2 years ago)
You and your friend would benefit from a short pause in the hole. It lowers the weight required for maximal effort(i.e. lifting smarter and safer) and builds more stability and explosiveness from the hole.
Ernest M (2 years ago)
Don't you just love the sound of 45s rattling together.
Efface (2 years ago)
do belts help you lift more or just give you back support?
insight001 (2 years ago)
2:35 his knees keep going inward
Patriot_boy116 (2 years ago)
Get that bullshit back arch shit out and then your good don't get me wrong the numbers are good I maxed out on bench at 325 but my college coach would flip a shit if he saw that arch keep it flat
techmaster777 (2 years ago)
My friend when I was in Highschool weighed around 190 pounds with a low body fat, and he squatted over 640 pounds
Nick Wright (2 years ago)
Video please.
Flex For All (2 years ago)
I'm 18 I can bench more than that man cmon now lol
Dwardly Edouard (2 years ago)
What weight class do you guys compete at
Nick Wright (2 years ago)
Both 183lbs.
Ben Zaudio (2 years ago)
Super Bad ass but dont get hurt man your knees are turning on the inside
Cody Darnell (2 years ago)
Props on the squats tho you're lower half is beast
Cody Darnell (2 years ago)
I have a 16 year old friend that plays for my team and he can bench 315 so shut up ass up
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