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Martial Arts Girls Tight Grappling Match between Man and Woman 2

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sergio scanzani (4 days ago)
that woman wieght at least 10 libs more that the boy.
Drawing Disciple (3 months ago)
Just a girl and a guy trying to dominate her. Nothing weird about that.
A (1 month ago)
Drawing Disciple sexist
Ryuutarou Smith (6 months ago)
I would have gotten a boner
Cowardly Lion (1 month ago)
+Sascha Yoko Nah, she can break my arm with her legs anytime.
Drawing Disciple (3 months ago)
+Sascha Yoko you dont get choked out in wrestling lol. Also you win even if you lose.lol
Sascha Yoko (3 months ago)
You have obviously never grappled before. It is exhausting. If you are thinking of how hot she is instead of your next move, you are going to find yourself losing. When you are about to have your arm broken, or neck choked out, its not exactly "boner" compatible.
Drawing Disciple (3 months ago)
I'm the Tengri (5 months ago)
i already got one, my proudest fap
Ss Dubey (8 months ago)
बजन में बहुत ज्यादा लड़की अपने से हल्के लड़के की पकड़ से बाहर नहीं निकल सकी।पृकृति ने पुरुष को शक्तिशाली और महिला को नाजुक और कोमल बनाया है। जब नेचर ने बराबर नहीं किया तो हम कौन हैं।
Hamza Hamza (8 months ago)
Big Member (10 months ago)
the advice from the sidelines is pretty rough.....maybe it's a newer school
Big Member (8 months ago)
well coaching def shouldn't come from parents unless they train, all that will do is confuse the kid. but listening to coaching is it's own skill there is a huge amount of time to practice without coaching in the midst of general training. you pay money to compete so you want every chance to win. the idea of possibly taking time off of work depending on your age and situation, paying something like a hundred bucks and all the trouble a weight cut brings I can't imagine saying "eh I'll just wing it maybe win maybe lose" especially when the other person is going to have coaching. if the other person was solo I might ask my coach to let us just be individuals but if they getting coached I mean....
Kevin Willis (8 months ago)
Sideline coaching is o.k. to an extent but i would like to see the grappling without it, let the kids work it out on their own then you will see what they really learned. The woman yelling and coaching from the side is exactly what i dont like to hear, she is loud, assertive, aggressive and probably a sore loser when her child doesn't win, can't say for sure as the video didn't show the end of the match.
Big Member (9 months ago)
well I believe the sidelines are trying to give coaching
Thorbjørn (9 months ago)
why they commenting on everything?? no respect..... let them work! Let there be respect
Big Member (10 months ago)
I wish she had tried the kimura sweep when she couldn't break the grip
Big Member (8 months ago)
I don't feel that she did but it's difficult based of fof looking compared to like if I could feel what was happening
DENNIS HOLLEY (8 months ago)
Looks like she did
asif khan (8 months ago)
Big Member klrkltlql
jwgeezer (11 months ago)
The guy's a pussy.
Maegan James (1 year ago)
That was a great match. Then again I just started rolling again and only had two classes, so.... yea. Great job you guys.
Ishmeal Chambers (8 months ago)
maegan james
Phillip Ferguson (1 year ago)

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