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To Sign up please use this link http://members.dooyoo.co.uk/my/new/?ref=4099842581-1099445 *If you sign up with this link I will take any questions you have about Dooyoo and will help you with writing your reviews and getting along on Dooyoo. When you sign up with this link you will Be automatically added to my Friends list and I will READ and RATE all of your reviews, giving you extra DooyooMiles! This is a quick look around the Dooyoo website for those who want to see what it's like and how to earn cash. It's one of the best wasy to earn money online. Dooyoo is a paid Surveys site. You get paid 500 DooyooMiles for every review and then ontop of that 15 Dooyoo Miles everytime someone reads your review. 1000 Miles = £1 When you get to 20,000 Miles you can redeem a £20 Amazon Voucher and when you get to £50 you can redeem a £50 Cheque for cash. The amazon voucher allows you to buy ANYTHING off Amazon.co.uk. All rights for the music and Dooyoo.co.uk to the respective owners. The content of this video is for educational purposes only, advertising the site to potential new members.
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Shobhit Verma (6 years ago)
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