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The Abramelin operation and my experiences from Enochian.org

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I talk about the Abramelin working :) Video brought to you by Athena & http://www.enochian.org If you have some other topics you would like to learn about, just comment and let me know which ones. Video created by a practitioner with over 28 years of experience. To find more of our vids search for Enochianorg Also subscribe, like, comment and share :D http://www.enochian.org
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Text Comments (79)
Enochian.org (10 months ago)
It’s that time of year again, anyone starting soon? :)
Soror LAVA (9 months ago)
Starting to prep, yes
jimmy the killer (9 months ago)
Who Are We I'd assume that they would like to know what should be starting soon?
Enochian.org (10 months ago)
Let you know what? :)
Who Are We (10 months ago)
Enochian.org please let me know.
Luke • (3 days ago)
Is there a specific copy of the text that you would recommend?
Billy Pitts (4 days ago)
I like your video thank you.
TheKoderius (4 days ago)
Seek therapy please...lol
Chris Wolf (21 days ago)
i like you :D
TM3000 (23 days ago)
I'm a Christian, yeah a hardcore evangelist type Christian (quite friendly with Gnosticism I'm quite gnostic I love the gnostic gospels), and honestly I have to agree with you: the Abramelin ritual is not evil. Also, it is not a sin. When you use the book's method specifically and keep to the book :) God bless, good video!
Enochian.org (22 days ago)
Thank you for your input :). Have you performed that one? BTW, as you likely know, some folks feel the period of retirement is akin to what Jesus did for a time....
Yemeserach Alemayehu (1 month ago)
+Enochain.org you can watch it on netflix if you have an account!
Juan Salgado (2 months ago)
Fuck that's one ugly mutherfucker
Delhi Delirium (2 months ago)
´A Dark song` is a pretty great movie nonetheless . Watch it and try to ignore the Abramelin operation ,it is an interesting piece of film.
Delhi Delirium (2 months ago)
+Enochian.org ... me and my tendency to look at the top comments and type straight away without even bothering to scroll vvvv P.S. Nice video btw .
Enochian.org (2 months ago)
I watched it :). I thought it was OK. ..
Arctic Fox (2 months ago)
What is an HGA?
Enochian.org (2 months ago)
Holy Guardian Angel :)
shaun rinker (4 months ago)
None of your "friends" did it in the right way.
Austin Shippey (5 months ago)
Loved the video and the work that you do! Thank you! What is your opinion/idea on how Aleister Crowley did the ritual?
Enochian.org (5 months ago)
Thank you :D. From what I understand he didn't do the entire 6 months everyday, with either time he did it? Also, having shot someone (with good reason, but still, against the Abramelin rules) would really... mess things up in a very bad way.
michael hamer (6 months ago)
still listening
Enochian.org (6 months ago)
Glad you like the vid/s :D
Charee Pringle (6 months ago)
Can you suggest a book about herbs that can be smoked or drank as tea for feeling relaxed, confident etc
Enochian.org (6 months ago)
You'd definitely want to see a TCM Dr. or naturopath for such things :). Or you can ask at your local health food store. Books aren't very good for such things, since each and every person is different. I'm not going to be recommending health stuff since that is illegal without a certification.
Edward Bickerstaff (7 months ago)
what were or where kind of find the proper steps on fasting, not ready for abremelin, my wife has told me my guardian is a huge demon about 6 feet and has a centaur like body, and the thoughts of seere and asmodeus random into my mind. im left handed, pisces born in march. your advice is highly respected and valued. do cigarettes block my spirit or dreams?
Luke • (2 days ago)
Edward Bickerstaf you are mixing fictional texts with real ones. Be careful.
Edward Bickerstaff (7 months ago)
i had a copy of necromonican and german grimoire, had a friend i met from school , chilled one day showed him my thoughts on the 13 true gates and not the 9th or seventh and freaked me out when he looked at the north star said theyd been observing me for some time and asked why i of all never stepped through the door. and my family are masons im a trailmaster, mom is a lady templar, heroines of jehrico. i wonder what you can see for me in the other realm, please help
Edward Bickerstaff (7 months ago)
lately im insomniac and cant remember my dreams anymore
Zhhxx Hxhxhxjx (7 months ago)
Are You Magician ?
Ali Okur (5 months ago)
Enochian.org do you have instegram or facebook ?
Enochian.org (5 months ago)
Very interesting, I'd not heard of him or his works before :). I don't personally work with Iblis, but such things are still interesting to read about.
Ali Okur (6 months ago)
Havas Ilmi is the former Islamic Magic Teacher. With the help of the Charms named "Vefk" or with the invitation of Hüddam (Satan or Muslim jinn) they do what they want.
Enochian.org (6 months ago)
I don't go for newage stuff myself, I prefer the older magics :)
Majd Alyo (7 months ago)
I have a question about something you said that I found extremely interesting which I hope you would answer or more like further explain. I'm speaking of how you said if you don't let go during the magical act you might meet your ego instead of your HGA. What is the ego, in the physical sense youre speaking of?
Enochian.org (7 months ago)
Bind that asshole! LOL Kidding. Though I'm sure there are ways to stop that from happening.
Majd Alyo (7 months ago)
Enochian.org it is also claimed that A person's doppelgänger could be summoned by a wizard to get information on the person
Majd Alyo (7 months ago)
Enochian.org it is believed to be a dark spiritual or a demonic form of one's self yet he looks the same as your form (despite him being invisible due to being on a different plane). He's believed to be able to read your mind -since youre the same- but the catch is he's meant to have absolute hatred and despise towards its the human, as it sees it an inferior replica of him
Enochian.org (7 months ago)
Sounds a bit different, each system has its own parts of the spirit/person and entities. They don't always overlap. Now I'm curious though, by doppelganger, do you mean a living physical person, or in spirit form, or?
Majd Alyo (7 months ago)
Enochian.org my religious believes state the existence of a doppelgänger to each person. A true identical doppelgänger that knows everything about you. I was simply trying to understand if that's what you meant but I see I was far off. Thank you for explaining anyways
Majd Alyo (7 months ago)
Despite you being the most charismatic satanic character I have seen recently I'm still disappointed you did not talk about Alastair Crowley's failure
Escada Latina (3 months ago)
he gave it up he didnt fail
Enochian.org (4 months ago)
shaun rinker  Did he not finish either one he started? (I didn't finish the diary of a drug fiend...) I have only ever seen one person who didn't finish, but he seems to be doing fine fortunately. Perhaps it matters how far one is into it when they bail.
shaun rinker (4 months ago)
Crowley didn't finish and left to Paris before vanish the demons. He fucked up and it ruined the rest of his life
Enochian.org (7 months ago)
Whether he made it or failed is a bit of a debate, depending on how you look at it etc. Also, that's one huge, gallon family sized lol, can of worms. Also, I wouldn't necessarily call Crowley a Satanist, he did state/feel that any magical act which is not in accordance with your true will is an act of black magic. Pretty RHP in one sense...
The Truth (8 months ago)
I'd be interested to hear your opinion on the movie "Dark Song", if you've seen it by now. I thought it was pretty cool
Enochian.org (8 months ago)
Have you read the Abramelin book yet? The movie is simply not about the working us all.
The Truth (8 months ago)
You can see it here: www2. 0123movies.com/movies-a-dark-song-2016-0123movies .html Just remove the spaces
Mian (8 months ago)
What do you mean by nothing, would you care to share the difference?
Enochian.org (8 months ago)
I haven't actually watched it yet, since it has nothing to do with magic, and definitely nothing to do with Abramelin (many people who actually know and/or have done the working have watched it and reported back). Though I here it's a good movie on a mundane level. One day. When I went to the video store to rent it they didn't have that one...
Tom Baldwin (8 months ago)
what movie?
The Truth (8 months ago)
She mentions the movie "Dark Song" in the video. Its awesome. I watched it last night. Thats how I got here
michael hamer (10 months ago)
you need red lipstick x
Enochian.org (4 months ago)
michael hamer (10 months ago)
still watching you tho...
michael hamer (10 months ago)
your eyes look dark....
Raziel Bey (10 months ago)
Did like at the end of the movie she realized out of her first undistilled intent she simply needed to learn to forgive it lol of course they weren't completely accurate on the ritual but it was one the best movies on the topic of magick on Netflix by the way love your videos
Enochian.org (10 months ago)
Thank you, glad you like them :). You know, I still haven't watched that movie yet, will get around to it eventually, since the curiosity will get to me lol
Frater Ignatius (10 months ago)
I'm the 777th view lol
Enochian.org (4 months ago)
Heh, nice :D (yeah OK so I'm a little behind on replies lol)
Enochian.org (10 months ago)
Seems there was 11 more since your comment lol
Enochian.org (10 months ago)
:D Awesome!
Michael borge (1 year ago)
This answers a huge question. I had about work irl. And still being able to keep up. I love your work keep it up⚘ 93 93/93
Enochian.org (4 months ago)
Thank you :D. I didn't see your comment until now!!!!
Kenichi216 (1 year ago)
Hey Pranayama increased my intuition; my spiritual insight. I'm reading Abramelin now, is it true it enhance your power's ?
Enochian.org (1 year ago)
Abramelin most definitely enhances many things, and that is only a small portion of it. You get much more out of it than that :).
Mckeever Yancey (1 year ago)
What about aleister crowely
Jason Lin (6 months ago)
you mean he failed to banish the demons he evoked for the ritual in the boleskine house and caused the subsequent haunting in the area, the most notably being the noch less monster?
MysteryMachine 444 (9 months ago)
Yea, he fucked up on the feng shui. Oops!!
Enochian.org (1 year ago)
What about him?
LokiRudder (1 year ago)
This was incredibly motivating and helpful. Thank you
Enochian.org (1 year ago)
Awesome, and you are very welcome :)

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