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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Free Scripts, split into grid & more

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► More Tutorials: https://www.bit.ly/omopops Hello world, In this tutorial we will see how to split object into small squares and boxes. You can use this option to create CSS Grid system. and I'll demonstrate my script for applying Random Fill color & Random Stroke Color to multiple objects at once. ◘ Eiffel Tower Illustration Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tIOIf29qDU&list=PL4MPJBTaOhFzFRZkd-o_36hPpX-9Sq9hZ ◘ Fill & Stroke Color Randomizer: https://wp.me/p9uLDg-9i ◘ Opacity Randomizer: https://youtu.be/4GelBpx4YxU (Instruction notes included) ► I hope you'll learn something out of it. :) Do Like & Subscribe. Keep Learning!! ================================ www.twitter.com/VectorSlate www.facebook.com/VectorSlateTutorials www.Instagram.com/VectorSlate Google+ : http://bit.ly/VectorSlateGPlus ================================
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Text Comments (7)
Tuan Ingalls (1 month ago)
are you serious right now???? BRUH!!!! LIFE SAVERR!!!!!!!! i noticed that it won't for many high lighted paths - only select a litte an it will work perfectly! 2019 version!
Phantom5bad (1 month ago)
Thank you! This worked perfectly!
Great! You're welcome 👍 :)
Gabriele Malaspina (3 months ago)
Thanks a lot for the video! ;) The plugin Fill & Stroke Color Randomizer is great!
Ryma RABAHALLAH (5 months ago)
i's been a week and i'm discovering so much stuff on you acount !!! wheeere have you been all my life ?? lol :D very nice work !! thank you for your hard work :D
Krishna Bhatt (1 year ago)
Great bro...keep it up...👍👍👌
+Krishna Bhatt thanks :)

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