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WhipAddict: Black Beach Weekend, 'Mobile to Biloxi', Custom Cars, Swervin, Ladies

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Got a call from my homie about riding out te Black Beach Week in Biloxi Mississippi, so you know I was with it! First we stopped in Mobile, AL to meet up with a few whips then we hit tha road to the tha strip in Biloxi, MS. Cars and Females all over the place, all day! Enjoy!
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Text Comments (71)
Ezra Pound (13 days ago)
Mark Troutman (2 months ago)
What month and week does this happen wanna go next year
one up. one down (2 months ago)
A little bit of lean
Valhalla (4 months ago)
Retarded,,, just so lol.
Red Planet (5 months ago)
What a shame...so many drugdealers in their pussy upfront little no meaning cars.
Annunaki (10 months ago)
Black muthafucking POWER
Annunaki (10 months ago)
Love being black
monster high mansion (1 year ago)
What if someone actually wants to get gas ffs
gatekeeper1 (1 year ago)
@ 36:51,hey..dude by the green vette...man,you got doo-doo in yo draws...playa's card revoked!
MrSilent Takeover (1 year ago)
damn WhipAddict, You know how to capture dat footage... Phenomenal 💩, STR8☝️
Chris Thornsburg (1 year ago)
are you going to Memphis in may?
Chris Thornsburg (1 year ago)
it's a month long festival... the carshow is on the last Saturday.. I'm trying to get my ss camaro on one of these videos lol
WhipAddict (1 year ago)
Chris Thornsburg Whats in May?
soonersdevil (1 year ago)
What is song and who put it out after Tahoe rolls by..about 5:20 ?
monster high mansion (1 year ago)
soonersdevil fuck up
Joe P (1 year ago)
Ingrid you don't know any thing about these people. Take your tired ass and troll some other page. You is the lowest piece of trash there is. Here you go bashing someone and don't even know them. You might be living in the projects who knows.
Joe P (1 year ago)
Hey mister carrying revolver. How do you know they are drug dealers? Are you saying because they are black and have nice whips you assume they are dealing drugs? I don't care what race you are but envy and jealousy just came spewing right out of your nasty evil big ass filthy stinky ass mouth.
Young G35 (1 year ago)
bruh why they gotta fuck up the looks of the car man with them big ass wheels and colors that shit looks ugly af
Gabe so beefy 23 (1 year ago)
They playing that big chop cold case btw MOB shit 251 shit
Clifton Wellman (1 year ago)
Great video. I hate that I missed you I was filming the carshow at the coliseum.
All them dam drug dealers. Motherfukers need to stop selling drugs and get a job
Jonathan Long (1 year ago)
Black Ops Fun I lived on base there... no majority if the guys there are in fact drug dealers lol
KINGTRAP2018 (1 year ago)
I carry my Revolver In single action what you meen? I'm sure they all have great paying jobs!!!
Tony Turner (1 year ago)
put all that money in a v6
BeenLeanin/ Media* (1 year ago)
Seems like 98% of the people there went out and bought the exact same Future cd and threw everything else away!!
Jayvan Wallace (1 year ago)
BeenLeanin/ Media* 😂😂😂😂 Fr Fr
Shizz Jizzle (1 year ago)
Young G35 (1 year ago)
BeenLeanin/ Media* lol
INTRO2MILLZ Promo (1 year ago)
el digge (1 year ago)
u sob thanks
Joe Benson (1 year ago)
Nice footage bruh 👌
DOPE show.. #ohiorichkid (Instagram)
96chevyboy (1 year ago)
hey WhipAddict the black challenger that was @ the gas station in Mobile it was sitting on Diablo Elites what size rims are those
WhipAddict (1 year ago)
96chevyboy 28s I think. Might've been 30s tho lol can't remember what I saw.
Ingrid Rodriguez (1 year ago)
All that money waste in a car instead of a college education, don't blame the white men for living in housing.
mallavetti (1 month ago)
Bill j White people are the the most evil savage vile creatures on earth. Hitler, stalin, musallini. All the greatest atrocities of all times whites committed. Start in and participate in all wars (VIOLENCE). Everything you named whites do but on different levels. Trashing places (whole environments) gangbanging (bikers, russian, Italian) no sells or uses more drugs than whites just opioids alone are slaughtering whites 127 people per DAY. Whites lead in drug overdoses by far. Way more deaths per year than black gun violence. Nothing is civil about whites. Black have no power and have no say in areas created in America thus these areas are created by bias disenfranchisement racist corrupt evil white power system. Whites discriminate against everyone else non white and other (women, gay). But everything comes back to evil people. With your recessive genes when it comes to interracial relationships and low white birth rates less diseased pig skins like you.
mallavetti (1 year ago)
White man created ghettos housing trailer parks. And all races are not treated equally.
96chevyboy (1 year ago)
Ingrid Rodriguez & ubwant a cookie or sumthing #FOH
Aderius Scott (1 year ago)
Ingrid Rodriguez I have rims and a college degree..👍👍👌👌🚗
96chevyboy (1 year ago)
Ingrid Rodriguez I don't have a college education but my career out pays a lot of careers roughly 100,000 wait don't think so research Truck Driver pay after nearly 20 yrs in the game besides who 2 spend all that time in college 2 have a damn bill not 2 mention not every1 is college material nor do they believe they need 2 go 2 college 2 make it but u keep on thinking that's what we need bcuz 4 nearly 20 yrs I didn't even have a high school diploma & I was making it.
Ingrid Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Black need to stay away from news edge rap, its like it turns their brain into marshmallow.
mallavetti (1 year ago)
Ingrid Rodriguez Same with Latinos.
DrinkMoWater (1 year ago)
What's ya favorite car out there +WhipAddict
billy rae valentine (1 year ago)
DrinkMoWater grey and red vette tho dayuun
DrinkMoWater (1 year ago)
Joe Benson for sure all black 96 is mean af 🔥
Joe Benson (1 year ago)
WhipAddict Yeah that yellow Cutlass was clean. That Impala at the gas station was nice too.
Jim Marcum (1 year ago)
the one with the clown wheels on it.
Joseph Sein (1 year ago)
Damn the south is lucky! I wish we had whips like these up north! If you ride these kinda cars around New Haven, CT Bronx, NY Camden, NJ Paterson, NJ Philly, PA Bridgeport, CT Brooklyn, NY Brockton, MASS Hartford, CT or Newark, NJ you'll get robbed or shot!
bill bass (1 year ago)
you watch to many movies
bill bass (1 year ago)
no u wont
Same over Here in the ATL..Arkansas, Texas & Louisiana
Dime Fever (1 year ago)
Joey Boricúa We don't ride naked in the south, everybody is carrying! And most likely traveling in groups...
Up North niggas do FOREIGN whips though...all I saw up there was benz mazi benz porsche benz(we have cats with those here too though country money)..and not all of us spread love down here ..we have haters down here too, esp if u ridin nice like these guys(I am have 3 whips and nice house) I guarantee half these guys strapped in this video lol
Dre Brown (1 year ago)
Look at all that scattered ass!
SHADOW-BLACK (1 year ago)
Dre Brown it was right before spring break this year, mid April....Check out Biloxi Events on Facebook....We have scraping the coast as well..... it's annual..
Dre Brown (1 year ago)
VaderMan904 I'm glad y'all had a great time. Is this an annual tradition? If so, I'd love to be part of it. Is it a weekend thing in a certain month?
SHADOW-BLACK (1 year ago)
Dre Brown brah they where cutting up down there, I think we where more crowded than last year....
Donald Byrd (1 year ago)
All of that random phat asses. There were some nice cars too.
RP Kustoms (1 year ago)
Mann I watched dis hold video and finally sn me at d end in d red 5.0 mustang
RP Kustoms (1 year ago)
I carry my Revolver In single action what u mean lying click on my link and c my videos...lol..I can tell u a rookie on here.
RoyBoss ...lying ass nigga 😂😂
el digge (1 year ago)
RoyBoss I said that out of allll the chargers finally a mustang at the end lmao #mustanggang
Nitro9thGenSi (1 year ago)
RoyBoss hahahah dope!! I wish I lived down there. I'm a Honda guy though I like the speed. But this meet was all different types of cars and wheel size. PAUSE at 6:48 god DAMN that charger is killin it. The wheel size is perfect. Dope paint. Gna have to find one of these shows when I head down to Georgia in June. But that Percocet Molly song had burned a hole in my brain at this point for. Watching your video haha. Chicken at home relaxing watching this in the 65" Samsung. Love it. Love your video bro keep them comin
Dre Brown (1 year ago)
+WhipAddict Yw. Stay grinding fam. Gotta respect the shooter 🎥

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