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Official music video for RHAPSODY OF FIRE's "Sea of Fate." Subscribe to Nuclear Blast: http://bit.ly/subs-nb-yt Taken from the album "The Frozen Tears Of Angels" Out now! PURCHASE ALBUM AT: Nuclear Blast USA http://store.nuclearblastusa.com/Search/rhapsody_of_fire Nuclear Blast EUROPE http://www.nuclearblast.de/en/shop/artikel/gruppen/51000.1.html?article_group_sort_type_handle=rank&custom_keywords=rhapsody%20of%20fire iTunes http://bit.ly/gTh4O9 AMAZON http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0038P9LTU/?tag=nublreus-20
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Text Comments (1304)
Iván Aguilar (27 days ago)
The mystic power continues sounding in 2019
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Matthew McClain (3 months ago)
Rhapsody to a Newcomer Vocals:"Weird Al" Yankovic Bass: Ronnie James Dio Keyboards: Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) Drums: The Edge (U2) Guitars: Someone with an Ibanez JEM with floral fretboard inlays.
Infinitos Universos (4 months ago)
I don't like too much metal but this song is gold 👍👍👍👍
Adam Hasan (4 months ago)
Turilli is beautiful
Ludociel (4 months ago)
The best voice of power metal.
Mariceli Manuel (4 months ago)
La mejor voz lml
Furqan Javed (4 months ago)
Almost 9 years old song but its intro is still the best one by this great band❤️
Fierro Metal Pesado Cba (5 months ago)
Qué gran noticia la de este regreso! Lo esperamos ansiosos!
ALinkBetweenSouls (5 months ago)
Came here after the great news that this lineup(except for Staropoli) will return with a new album in 2019! Frozen Tears of Angels is definitely one of their best albums.
Der Queen (6 months ago)
Me encanta esta canción
Toasty667 (6 months ago)
Video is too clean, where's the blood and dragons?
Theo Cedar Jones (6 months ago)
Videographers need to stop overusing closeups. It breaks up the image of the whole band, and you can't see the whole band at once.
Julian (7 months ago)
Qué rolonnnnn!
Jorge Quiñones (7 months ago)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fabio Lione🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Vamian Infekkktion (7 months ago)
Gustavo Islas Guerra (8 months ago)
Rhapsody es la mejor banda de power metal y al que piense lo contrario nos damos unos putasos
Ariella Barboza (9 months ago)
Melhor banda de Power metal de todos os tempos
Caio Fabris (10 months ago)
Uso le vostre canzioni per studiare l'italiano. Grazie mille! Saluti dal Brasile!!
Eric Smith (10 months ago)
who are these guys a gay dragonforce? seriously this shit sucks their outfits are fucking gay stop making "music" you fucking suck
Santiago Urzagasti (10 months ago)
Guitar Flash y Móvil (Pronto) :v !!
enrique palza (1 year ago)
Wellington Teles (1 year ago)
Essa formação era pura e simplesmente perfeita, mas nem tudo dura pra sempre, o bom é que as músicas continuam vivas!
Que saudade desta formação. =´(
Joel B.² (1 year ago)
Mi parte favorita es por mucho el solo de bajo.
貴虎 (1 year ago)
『みんな、白と黒で統一しようぜ!』 フロアタム『青ですまんな』
Arka Adriankeane (1 year ago)
im so depress now , love that part in he say "my soul is warm"....
ZeedBlitz (1 year ago)
4:46 hi, im luca turilli and I want to die xd! ok no :v
Julia Nadeau (1 year ago)
Damn... Rhapsody never fails to impress!
Stéfano Antonuccio (2 years ago)
Great band. Greetings from Argentina !!
norrec1234 (2 years ago)
they forgot green screen
ISABEL NOEMI Rivero (2 years ago)
que vos fabio NADIE TE IGUALA .....
Tomás Turbano (2 years ago)
don't worry,the music is much better than the clip
Izzy Weiki Luca (2 years ago)
Luca is master......
김재규 (2 years ago)
진짜명곡 너무늦게알아서 죄송합니다 지금 24시간동안이것만듣고있습니다 랩소디노래듣고 난청이었던제귀가 저기 서울에서부산 거리의제친구가 혼자말하는걸들을수있을만큼 너무좋아졌습니다
KARINA KEKK (2 years ago)
браво супер выполнение
Monkey Jesus (2 years ago)
Is it me or does the chorus make this song awesome.
Monkey Jesus (2 years ago)
also very good song.
Oxidio Vega (2 years ago)
best Chorus goes to Fires of harkun
Sir Michael J (2 years ago)
No amount of zooming in and out will make a keyboardist look metal lol. Great tune
Jesus Guerra (2 years ago)
fuck man thats an insane guitar solo, only luca can do that, makes it look so fucking easy, he is not human!
Jennifer Basilio (2 years ago)
True!!! xD
Italo Herrero (2 years ago)
mis oídos pueden descansar en paz
salvo errori (2 years ago)
why is Nicholas Cage playing keyboard?
Ruben 1991 (2 months ago)
Why not ?
Fenorth (2 years ago)
Turilli es un genio!!! grande Rhapsody!
Charles Robin (3 years ago)
Candy Blick (3 years ago)
awesome vocalist
Izzy Weiki Luca (3 years ago)
Luca is the best......!!!!!
niey079 (3 years ago)
grande la noche
macarena Uribe (4 months ago)
jajajaja ctm
Daniel Ponce (3 years ago)
+niey079 Acá un chileno jaja
Master Freezer (3 years ago)
Last good song from Rhapsody of Fire
Marionettetc (1 year ago)
I agree, I actually thought that exact same thing when I opened the video. Reminds me a little of Athena, with how it's a little progressive with Fabio's singing
Maria Filipiak (2 years ago)
Modest of course, sorry for the typo.
Maria Filipiak (2 years ago)
+roberto soto in my modemy opinion FTOA is their best album with Luca. Personally I prefer the two albums recorded after his departure (don't want to argue, it's just the matter of taste), making this one the 3rd on my list :)
roberto soto (3 years ago)
I´m not sure (because FTOA is the only one album that I listened), but sounds great for me, Fabio vocals are perfect!
Paul Nan (3 years ago)
amaizing singer better than matt bellamy
Gabriel Covers Songs (3 years ago)
Love this song !! Best formation \m/
Jb Ballout (3 years ago)
all they talk about in their songs is about angles, demons, hope ,war ,fire etc
Ashley Merritt (1 year ago)
Dude I don't think we should think deeply into lyrics written by people who typically dress in full body leathers. They're obviously gonna be lame.
Ruben Gardiner (3 years ago)
+Jb Ballout ive never seen them sing about right angles before
Economista da UNICAMP (3 years ago)
+Jb Ballout I don't see how talking about love, politics, religion or emotions is somehow "deeper" than talking about those SAME things within the context of a fantasy world. If anything, it makes these topics easier to digest with a world.
Arco van Akkeren (3 years ago)
+Jb Ballout ..and what's wrong about that? Better than b*tches, dope, coke, guns and $$$
freakydrummerpro (3 years ago)
So nobody is going to talk about the soundless drums that they used for the video?
Arco van Akkeren (3 years ago)
+freakydrummerpro ..No.
Thomas Kittock (3 years ago)
Lol I saw the pads too, but hey, it's just a video.
Stefanos Xaritos (3 years ago)
+freakydrummerpro Well every music video is recorded with playback.. this is not a live performance.. you can also spot mistakes in Luca's playing as well as the guitars being unplugged :P
PinkRei (3 years ago)
So three of this band's song titles are "Dark Wings of Steel", "Dark Fate of Atlantis", and "Sea of Fate"
Far Altright (3 years ago)
+HappyGasProductions next song: "Steel Sea of Fate" lol. just joking i love this band so much. :)
haruWR (3 years ago)
+HappyGasProductions http://puu.sh/m6qyX/4a82c1154a.png :(
Arco van Akkeren (3 years ago)
+HappyGasProductions ..ah, no..but the next song will be called 'Wings Of Atlantis'.. whoehahaha!!
PinkRei (3 years ago)
I just think it's funny. I like the band
Eusine48 (3 years ago)
+HappyGasProductions Is that a bad thing?
depakote code (4 years ago)
3:21 que delícia, cara!
Russ Green (4 years ago)
Why clip so cheap ?
Russ Green (2 years ago)
I answer once for all : Мне уже похуй! Stop responding!!!
Jesus Guerra (2 years ago)
good enough for me bro, at least i can watch luca's fingers literally eating that fretboard like chewing gum.
Corvus Cadaver (2 years ago)
Because you don't need pompous music videos to make great music.
Economista da UNICAMP (3 years ago)
+Ruslan Grebennikov Because it's Rhapsody.
Master Freezer (3 years ago)
+Ruslan Grebennikov Nuclear Blast...
Joao Augusto (4 years ago)
power metal perfection
Charles Robin (3 years ago)
perfect band!!! lml
zonic26 (4 years ago)
To be continued? was there meant to be a sequel to this?
Robert Plant ou Patrícia Pillar?
Allan Santana (4 years ago)
Que clipe pobre ein.
Allan Santana (4 years ago)
+Gerson AmonAmarth pode crer foi o funkeiro do "faraó saiu da tumba".
Gerson Glaeser (4 years ago)
Um funkeiro roubou a tela de fundo
popas7 (4 years ago)
Young Dio on bass.
8man (3 months ago)
+Phil Swift That is a FuCKIN JOJO REFERENCE...
Phil Swift (4 months ago)
popas7 I That a Jojo reference?
James Style (4 years ago)
Insanely talented musicians playing the music to mega man? Can someone explain this genre to me? What mindset do I need to adopt to not hear pure cheese? Not putting them down, just trying to understand.
UndeadSon (4 years ago)
You need to learn to like cheese. It's the only way really.
Andersonesp (4 years ago)
It is pure cheese tbh and that's why I love it, sometimes it's a nice break from other type of metal. Just appreciate it for what it is I suppose.  Not forgetting the musicianship is phenomenal!
BabaHangedOS (4 years ago)
Guess it's their image of fantasy themed music (magic warriors, evil demons, wise wizards and so on), influenced by the popular culture and mythological/fantastic heritage. Also, they refer to older heavy/power metal bands (you know, Helloween, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Running Wild, Manowar...). Because of their classical melodies mixed with fast power metal tempo, it sounds like a video game theme. It's a matter of taste and personality. Some people share this image of fantastic stories, power metal sound and fast tempo, finding it enjoyable.
那一刻回憶 (4 years ago)
Not bad ,but I think this song should be boiled down to "power metal" not "symphony metal"
ALinkBetweenSouls (5 months ago)
But Rhapsody has always been a Symphonic Power Metal band
BlaackElskaa (4 years ago)
+StringStorm Symphonic Power Metal. Just a subgenre of Power Metal.
Roni Vallin (4 years ago)
+teepannu1234 Sorry, *Angels
Roni Vallin (4 years ago)
Agree... The whole ''Frozen Tears Of Angles'' is more like only Power Metal, not Neoclassic- or Symphonic Metal... Still like the song!
Alberto (4 years ago)
man that Turilli's guitar is so awesome everytime i see it
jorge munizaga'kruvick (4 years ago)
lo mejor 
Montanaro (4 years ago)
James labrie Brother jaja
Harley Sandavidson (3 months ago)
James Labrie na fase glam do winter rose.
Tarks Gaming (4 years ago)
Weird Al's Brother.
Emmanuel Quiroz (4 years ago)
la cancion es genial, pero el video parese de  musica sound jajaj xD
Anastasie SCHER (4 years ago)
Mafe Reina (4 years ago)
Lo mejor ♥____♥ TE AMOR RHAPSODY OF FIRE...
vito grillo (4 years ago)
sascha paet o cucchiti!
samuel lima (4 years ago)
wolfation1992 (4 years ago)
God I can't get enough of them. Alex's solo in this is the best keyboard sound EVER! And I see everyone complaining about the music video? Who cares? It's Rhapsody of Fire!!! The music they play is out of this world talented, sorry if it's not up to your guys' MTV standards. Its Rhapsody of Fire, they can do what they want:)
AK Albabtain (5 years ago)
their video clips will never be as epic as their music..always a great song with a cheap video..and this fucking "zoom in zoom out" motion, GOD i hate it !
Jesus Guerra (2 years ago)
I agree, to make a proper video for their music they would need millions of dollars because of the cinematic-movie-soundtrack of their sound (don't judge me, its how they call their music ok) like a lord of the ring mini-movie.
Matichek (5 years ago)
great band
michelepana (5 years ago)
Fabio's hairy chest wins.
Helt Fläng (5 years ago)
Good song, pretty meh video tho :p
Tobias Davies (5 years ago)
Really? I love these guys but this video is pretty pants. Go up into the mountains and film some footage to inter-splice at least.
Behemothokun (4 years ago)
+chinox1996 those videos are hilarious
Adolfredo Malave (4 years ago)
still better than the low budget crap they did in the beginning imo
Rebeca González (4 years ago)
It's a performance music video. It is intended to be this way, like if it were a concert. I understand your point of view but it's just the way it is ;)
KannibalKill3r (5 years ago)
Grande Albano, vai così !!! \,,/
juanfjimenez9 (5 years ago)
mmm... amazing band, but i do not like the video direction. (its just my opinion)
johana vega (5 years ago)
hermozo .... <(tres)...
Arresius (5 years ago)
la mejor banda del mundo con los mejores compositores de la historia!!!!
Godoy Gómez (5 years ago)
+Chaotic Harmony vete ala mierda hermano 
Chaotic Harmony (5 years ago)
que friki XD ¡¡¡¡¡
bmthbilly (5 years ago)
idk why but this band reminds me of dragonland
Ix Suomi (5 years ago)
or Dragonland remains of 'old' Rhapsody of Fire.
Dream And Star (5 years ago)
super cancion la adoro demaciado ese luca toco de poca espero ser algun dia tan buena pero no mas que el 
renark Montoya (4 years ago)
jaky teles?
Dquiñonez David (5 years ago)
That bass :3
mario bertolaso (5 years ago)
it's the most beautiful
The Soul Harvester (5 years ago)
Wonderfull group :D
The Soul Harvester (5 years ago)
Wonderfull group :D
wewyllenium (5 years ago)
Baroque Rock love it :D
Manrique Menezes (5 years ago)
quem e brasilero e ama rock metal da uma curtida ae rock
Marcin feret (5 years ago)
bardzo zaje.....
Jegil Song (5 years ago)
Behemothokun (5 years ago)
Nicolas Cage on Keyboard ;)
selvaoscuras (5 years ago)
no.. these are the Italian musicians!
alejandro torres (5 years ago)
for me they are the best in the all world!!!! luca turilli is the best guitarist of the all world
Montanaro (5 years ago)
jaja yes
zephc (5 years ago)
And Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies has never been better on the drums!
fa şo (5 years ago)
vokal tek kaş amk asdfasdasd :DD
VranaStena (5 years ago)
Patrice Guers :D <3
FelipeAnargyrou (5 years ago)
Nicolas Cage on Keyboards...
Jormav (5 years ago)
Jaromir Jagr on guitars
Exile of Heaven (5 years ago)
The legendary Rhapsody of Fire deserve so much more than a totally simplistic green-screen videoclip... Come on, we are talking about the official video here, and it was 2010. Bah, well, still awesome music and awesome musicians individually. Thumbs up for the song, thumbs down for the video. These guys deserve much better

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