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#2 Pretty girls don't like strong men. Joke

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Pretty girls don't like strong men. Joke Yurii Spasokukotskyi, a personal trainer and bodybuilding champion came into the sport in 1994. Initialy he used to have narrow shoulders, weak muscles and a big fat belly. But even after 7 years of regular gym training 3-4 times a week didn't bring hime good results. The reason was that regular and hard workout vs bad genetics was not cool enough without a competent training system. Then Yurii has developed his own system which works 100% and may ba suitable for everybody. And he himself got much greater results in bodybuilding during that one year than during those 7 years of training before. Now all people, who want to get a significant progress in bodybuilding and fitness are getting success with Yurii. He gives personal trainings in Skype and has thousands of happy clients around the world. Build muscle really fast: http://biceps.com.ua/engl In today's episode, it's time to build some MONSTER BICEPS! I've gotten a lot of questions lately in the comments about what I do for my arms, and how to develop a big biceps . In this video I'm going to show you two of the exact exercises I use to get big arms myself. Building a biceps "peak" will make a HUGE difference in how big your biceps appear. If they're shaped right, your biceps will appear much bigger than someone whose are the same size, but whose biceps do not have a dramatic peak. Developing your bracs (muscles outside your biceps) with the other exercise I show in this video will also make your arms appear much bigger and fuller from the side, which is the main way that people will be looking at your biceps. Some people THINK that you can't develop parts of a muscle, like a biceps "peak"... but this is actually not true at all! You CAN shape your muscles the way you want by doing the correct exercises -- my own body is proof of that. You just have to know the right exercises to develop that body shape you want. Yury Spasokukotsky www.biceps.ua/engl TRAINING ON-LINE On our site we are happy to provide you with two types of on-line support\ : • Brief short free consultations from Yurij Spasokukotskij in skype. Trai\ ning programs and diets will be not elaborated and posted on the forum as\ they are rather individual and not for public view. In skype you can ask\ the trainer only one personal question a day since over 9000 people visi\ t our site every day. • Paid on-line training. Training is performed via Skype. You can easily find me on sila33333 On-line training is made as follows: you send me your pictures (full size\ , side, front, back), your characteristics (anthropometric figures, weigh\ t, age), describe me your diet and habits in honest details, etc. I will \ need to know everything: if you are allergic, have had any breaks and inj\ uries, how many hours you sleep -- everything that makes a clear image of \ your lifestyle. Everybody has been looking forward for the first edition of Yuriy's book with detailed information of all his secretes of training and nutrition program. But first of all you better get started with the basics of his method. The basic principles of Yuri Spasokukotsky's method (summary): 1. Rest between workout sets with heavy weights 2 ½ -- 3 minutes and more. 2. Short training sessions 1 hour +/- 15 minutes 3. The number of exercises and sets in a work-out session can vary, limit it by 50 minutes or 75 minutes the most; 4. Cycle principle for more experienced athletes (reducing the working weight during the same amount of repetitions). 5. Recommended number of repetitions per set can vary from 3 to 8 (with strong joints); 6. Increases in strength indicate are an important requirement for the solid growth. 7. Cheating training principle is partially used during work-outs (not a strict form of exercising with incomplete amplitude of the movement). 8. Reducing injury rate and extending athletic longevity using this methodology. It is recommended to avoid some form of basic and classical exercises like bench press, sitting lift and deadlift. 9.The principles of Nassir El Sonbati: "switching isolation into basic exercises". It is recommended to perform some isolated exercises in strength, "explosive" and even a "dirty" manner, those same isolated exercises become as basic ones. 10. Performing negative repetitions, super-sets are not recommended during the period of bulking. 11. Synthesis of proper work-out program and also an individual balanced nutrition plan. 12. Athletes should favor organic and healthy food, instead of opting for dietary supplements.
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Text Comments (153)
sommi (4 days ago)
Girls love muscles, but these guys are Drug Addicts. They inject a needle into themselves twice a week, thats by definition a *Drug Junkie, Drug Addict* . Girls want to see fit guys with muscles, not *Needle Junkies* like these 2 plebs
Pol Luxury (5 months ago)
Im in love in you i love you so much kiss
crazedvole (6 months ago)
Its funny because it's true. I also like how they got 2 big guys. Not just guys who are in good shape or guys "who take care of themselves." Two hardcore muscle men. And the women are all over them. Just as it should be. It sinks that whole thing that women say sometimes. "His muscles are too big." Finally some truth.
T Rockefeller (1 year ago)
those faces tho...it's impossible to find good looking guys with muscles, looks like the ugly bunch goes to them gym only.
I want to Lick abs (1 year ago)
1:16 😍😍😍😍😍
Piper Anderson (1 year ago)
I want to have sex with all day long I'm yours
recall (1 year ago)
Muscles don't change your ugly faces
Douche Bags (1 year ago)
kolya sidorov (1 year ago)
Stephen Landy (2 years ago)
women are more interested whats in your wallet rather than how big your arms are.
JCHANNEL_GAMING (2 years ago)
can you make more videos like this
DeOnn Norton (2 years ago)
I'm a guy and I like muscles
bing bingbung (21 days ago)
Casey Aylward (2 years ago)
If you train because you want to get more girls, you need to get your priorities straight
craik (2 years ago)
wait. you mean sluts n hoes? there's a difference no
roblox game (2 years ago)
🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕👎👎look up
noze611 (2 years ago)
Giorgi Berikishvili (2 years ago)
Women like muscle they don't like steroid freaks:D
Shavon Welch (2 years ago)
i train for myself not for stupid girls i love what i do
PoisonTheM (11 months ago)
THE ROYAL (2 years ago)
high FIVE dude
Africandide & AngeL (2 years ago)
I like muscles
Derrick Handeland (3 years ago)
What do they like
{ Ace-Kid97 } (3 years ago)
They're kinda fat with some muscle, they're not ripped
adu1991 (2 years ago)
They're not fat.
Dumbelmore Caprio (2 years ago)
+Victor alot of rearch. Alooot. And experience. I've learned how things works over the past 3 years
John (2 years ago)
+Dumbelmore Caprio How would you know that?
Dumbelmore Caprio (2 years ago)
Some muscles? Those fuckers have about as much as possible naturaly, and fat? U kidding me? They have about 10-15%bodyfat which is still under the level of 20 which is considered fat.
DualNexus (3 years ago)
They can't find the girls coz there too tall to see any lol.
Mike Setzer (3 years ago)
i wonder how much they bribed girls to do that.Come on if they had the bad pitt or leo di caprio´s face the video would have sense not like this
William Varner (3 years ago)
All the fat guys should stay sloppy and leave more women for me.
Mike Strinati (3 years ago)
That boy on the right is he 11???
Chloe Portillo (3 years ago)
I dont know. Cause im a 10 year old girl. And i dont know if i like strong men. I will see if i get older.
bing bingbung (21 days ago)
Leo TW45 (3 years ago)
+Chloe Portillo You will.
mendesana friv (3 years ago)
pew pew laser beams (3 years ago)
girls do like muscular fit guys like men physique category  they just don´t like the pro bodybuilders type.
Jack Lao (3 years ago)
Serr Kocc (3 years ago)
you both are ugly
Jereme Van Pelt (3 years ago)
Hahahaha. So sure its something to look at according to my gf, but that's all it is. A piece of sour eye candy. True Love over powers lust any day!!! So like I said you can put your shit in the trash!!! Hahahah.
Damien (3 years ago)
U sound like ur jealous bro
Jereme Van Pelt (3 years ago)
This video makes me laugh because I'll be honest and I don't mind to... I'm not muscular and buff but I have been dating the same girl for years. I'm heavy and she is thin. So all this shit about abs and shit that gets you women. You can put that shit in the trash!!!
80386 (3 years ago)
hail Russia! :v
Harman175 (3 years ago)
Bit fat, cut like 15-20lbs and lean out more u fucking retards.. No girls will want to touch you besides the whores you hired in this vid
Sorapol (3 years ago)
based fam (4 years ago)
Hahah they look terrible
Hanirah Ramli (4 years ago)
yes i like bodybuilders.. they are hot
spiderbrine attacks (4 years ago)
lol i tried that i scared away the girls : )
Jhonatan Gil Romero (4 years ago)
lol Anybody that say's girl's do not like muscles are either.... Skinny or Fat...... 
DoUEvenLiftBro (3 years ago)
+Liquid Selection | Fresh, Liquid Drum & Bass Most girls don't like the bodybuilder physique. They like the fit, model physique. So technically they like muscle, just not too much,
ka wai ng (4 years ago)
retarded guys talking shit,,,
daisaigai7 (4 years ago)
women don't like bodybuilders...that's a fact. they like sportsmen.
adu1991 (2 years ago)
All women are different when it comes to who attract them. In fact, there are some females out there who do like the bodybuilding look on guys..... Saying that *all* women don't like bodybuilders is completely wrong.
Robert Neria (2 years ago)
shut up weak ass
John (2 years ago)
+Victor They are kinda bloated and their muscles are not well defined. In other words they are fatties with muscles.
John (2 years ago)
+daisaigai7 How do they know you play sports? Do you approach them and say right away "i play sports"?
Math Made Fun (3 years ago)
+daisaigai7 Endurance athletes like long distance marathon runners are often rediculously lanky looking and seem as if on the verge of death. A almost sickly appearance with their extremely low body fat as if they never get fed or are actively fighting against cancer. It's extremely unappealing to most men and women. Low body fat is attractive if you have muscle. The problem with extremely long distance marathon runners is it eats away at muscle mass and causes wear and tear on your muscles to be jogging for 20km several days in a row preparing for marathons. Now Sprinters or people doing intense but short bursts of exercise are athletes that are very attractive to women due to low body fat and some muscle. An sprinter that occasionally does upper body exercises is ideal vs a sprinter that mostly skips upper body workouts.  Balanced muscles of decent size + very low body fat is the recipe of success. The lower your body fat, the larger your muscles that you do have will appear. Just don't sacrifice a healthy amount of muscle to reach that state or you've "lost" already.
nowadaysable (4 years ago)
*hey **+aps0608**! I am 45yrs old now and was trying all sorts of diets over recent* *yrs and training but nothing has really worked for me. Until I* *found this very wonderful program! I have found that Ive lost a lot* *of flab and started to get firm in places that I used to bounce* *around a lot. So personally I recommend this product.*
dreyrugr (4 years ago)
PS: everyone knows the multiple channel thumb up trick now. 
nowadaysable (4 years ago)
I forgot to put the site name, Just clicjk the redirect link i made below :) *buffmusclesnow.blogspot.com*
Telis Tipitelis (4 years ago)
These bodybuilters have fun, they think that the huge muscles will get the girls and that they will make other people respect them. You know something idiots, i don't respect you becuase you can't even move and in every fight you left the place with broken jaws. No stamina,no reflexes,slow as hell and small dicks, shut up and take your drugs
TheGoodMan (3 years ago)
+Telis Tipitelis σκασε μαλακα ,δες το εαυτο σου πως εισαι χαχαχα lol
陈浩 (3 years ago)
+Telis Tipitelis I don't think they are slow,speed comes from power.
Telis Tipitelis (3 years ago)
+Alexander Papadopoulos Actually read the title, it call them strong men. They are not strong just bodybuilders. Martial Artists are stronger faster and better looking. I am not skinny, i am normal. The perfect body in my opinion is the body of a martial artist like bruce lee,buakaw etc
EssenceOfTrance (3 years ago)
+Telis Tipitelis If they wanted to fight, they'd compete in a fighting sport right? They can go the same way: "I don't need to proof I'm the baddest guy around town by punching on other guys, thinking I'm a tough guy." There have also been experiments of testing every sport against MMA and the guy that did the best overall was a bodybuilder.  I don't respect fighters because they are uneducated, aggressive people who only think about smashing someone on the face instead of having a civilized conversation. They must have low IQ. See what I did there? That's how you appear to others.
Telis Tipitelis (3 years ago)
+dreyrugr i respect powerlifters but they are not powerlifters, they go for the "image" thyat's why they shave their chest LOL pussies
RAY///M316 (4 years ago)
remove kebab (4 years ago)
Hahaha crazy russian bros :D
bing bingbung (21 days ago)
BboyBboy4life (4 years ago)
u guys sound retarded
MrLaidback (4 years ago)
funny haha half true half false....cause we'll never know what the hot girl we're staring at the corner of the bar likes or not.
Jim Jimmy (4 years ago)
great! Song at the beginning?
epicboy69 (4 years ago)
these two bastards have poor physiques and disgusting faces 
rasheed jeffries (5 months ago)
Let see a pic of your body
Katie Still (1 year ago)
waw just waw
Jake Abernathy (3 years ago)
+Akis Voul I think they do as well. These other people dont know what they are talking about
Jake Abernathy (3 years ago)
+epicboy69 Their physiques are not poor and they are not fat!!! They are muscular just not huge. They are still impressive looking and more impressive when in person.
true lies :D
awesomerj03 (4 years ago)
Why do we feed into the stereotype that guys need muscle in order or to attract girls........WHY! It's just no true lol.
Dream Of A Tiger (4 years ago)
Christy Nash (4 years ago)
dmana3172 (4 years ago)
Hey hot ladies!!!! I'm putting alot of effort into doing bodybuilding myself to get huge and I'm doing it all for you so you can like me and make your first move. :-D
Jake Breed (4 years ago)
Hahahahah this is hilarious
SNKeSport (5 years ago)
the truth is : 1)wallet 2)face 3)penis 4)body "who doesn't work, doesn't fuck"
Raymondxicao051 (5 years ago)
U think it is totes bad well this time it's pretty good great!!!
Bang4BuckPC Gamer (5 years ago)
That blond in the background I would fucking destroy her..if she ever spent a weekend with me :)
AresTheGod (4 years ago)
srs? the one with grey pants is so much hotter...
Luke Hall (4 years ago)
Kaiser Danish (5 years ago)
Am not listening but I look what is going on at the back. Grrrrrr...
Gamerr Power (5 years ago)
They are totally stupid..!!
jose2144 (5 years ago)
wow so hired them. lol everybody don't look at them.
DaveWBedford (5 years ago)
Believe that if it makes you feel better, little boy.
vtogvblog (5 years ago)
I don't know if this falls under the weird part of youtube or not.
KL Malcom (5 years ago)
THIS IS GDLK! ....lolzz
Cory Vanny (5 years ago)
It is joke! It is so funny joke!
sigurd2498 (5 years ago)
Lean Strength (5 years ago)
If you look fake with bloated muscles where you can barely move your arms, thats a bad look. Its not natural. If you look naturally strong like Eugene Sandow, bitches will swoon.
recazdeef55 (5 years ago)
My wife liked my body more when i was lean and slim (fit) She thought i was too big when i was on steroids. Ive never met a girl that liked it when i was really swollen.
fi stla (5 years ago)
how much did you have to pay the girls in the video, lol Girls will choose face over body every time. An area which you guys fail.
niko javeiki (5 years ago)
and you got a big brain but a small body congratulations how does it feel to be smarter than einstein but weaker than a girl?
Review (5 years ago)
The majority of women would rather approach a skinnier fitter looking guy than a buff guy. I did bodybuilding for quite some time. Ladies found me more scary and harder to approach which really annoyed me. I joined the Army and lost a lot of bulk and became much more fit and skinnier. Girls then was so much more interested in me and they actually approached me more often. It really shocked me what they would rather want because I hate being skinny/fit hence why I went back to bodybuilding.
Sam J (5 years ago)
are they french or russian?
makesmenblush (5 years ago)
There's a difference between women and women. Just like there's a difference between slim and buff men ;)
Tajbaroda Microsense (5 years ago)
Yes I agree cant even believe it. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly. Listen to this the surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items. i found it here bit.ly/19QXh3L?=bjwet
Nyce Goody (5 years ago)
Nice job, Suzy! Only took you a week to come up with that one!
07SuperchargedSS (5 years ago)
Heyyy they sound exactly alike! Lol. These guys remind me of Vladimir, a huge Russian guy on my hockey team. Vlad the Impaler...
MrJacobus04 (5 years ago)
and your mom should have swallowed you
Jared Lee (5 years ago)
austin powers?
Marco Alverez (5 years ago)
I think they were referring to the insane bodybuilders there big but there are way bigger
sparkstarr12 (5 years ago)
Based on your judgement it's easy to see who the one with the small brain actually is. They're being sarcastic, and by that they're trying to motivate people to train. Pretty cool if you ask me. Keep your opinion to yourself-
Torque2100 (5 years ago)
My sides are now somewhere in a low altitude orbit.
Madhavan H (5 years ago)
I already told you. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Listen one of my friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly. have a look here bit.ly/1201kVz?=wizvk
amazinginspiration (5 years ago)
Nyce Goody (5 years ago)
Gay guys shouldn't comment on women's bodies
prabina shrestha (5 years ago)
Have you experienced "Elite Muscle Formula?" (do a Google search for it) It is a quick way for you to bulk up fast.
monkeybone (5 years ago)
LOL. If they had American accents this would be so douchey, but Eastern European body builders can't not be funny, even if they try.
anuj simkhada (5 years ago)
My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to bulk up with "RushMax Muscle", but then I showed them the results. Go and Google RushMax Muscle to see their reaction.
MrJacobus04 (5 years ago)
all the girls have fat asses >>>>>.
TheHillwillie (5 years ago)
dude...he probably don't even know what correlation means.
dan43544911 (5 years ago)
If you think there is a correlation between intelligence an muscularity you are a really dumb moron.
BigBoy62783 (5 years ago)
shut up, your a virgin
Hawk Sasuke (5 years ago)
We Can Simply Tell They Want Them For The Selfs But Thats Impossible
michaelized (5 years ago)
MegaSayitlikeitis (5 years ago)
they're fucking gross...
Lakshmi Shankar (5 years ago)
If you are looking to build muscle, you should look up on Google "Smashing Ripped X". They can help you get the body you deserve.
MrMerkNasty (5 years ago)
Haha, their lightly airbrushed.
MrMerkNasty (5 years ago)
All I heard is derp, glurp, blurp.
vidirz (5 years ago)
bwahahaha you are still hating! Haters gonna hate.
Hosun Kann (5 years ago)
That just a set up you are acting.

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