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HOW TO: Geek-chic, Retro-Style Glasses

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Fashion correspondent Talya Macedo looks into finding the right frames for your face shape. eg. Zooey Deschanel from New Girl
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The presenter had the BEST ones!
JB 6000 (3 years ago)
OK so I have and wear glasses and these people use them for an accessory. I should slap the life out of these people - but I won't. People buy all sorts of things they don't need anyway and a pair of nice ones looks cool - I have real ones and I can tell you that besides its safe as long as the lens index agrees with you
JB 6000 Hehehe!😁
carmengonzales282 (5 years ago)
lot of nice glasses
LiveFreeOrRIP (5 years ago)
so people actually pay to look stupid.. Kids starve in Africa while people in the USA spend money to look like idiots...Real smart.
Naomi N (5 years ago)
she has an angular face so they add a more round texture LOL, what a load of bull shit, round is not a texture its a shape!
Stephanie Anderson (5 years ago)
I love how the retro look is coming back and I really needed to know what style of glasses to wear for my face. thanks!
talyalee (6 years ago)
My new frames were by 'Cheap Monday'!
mstnatrn (6 years ago)
What brand is she wearing? Its so geek chic!
Bora Gokcenlik (6 years ago)

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