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Call of Duty: World at War Weapons

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the weapons of the game. the weapons i didnt put in: bolt action rifles: Arisaka all bolt actions get the scope, bayonet, and rifle grenade attachments except for the PTRS. it comes with its own scope but no attachments are available for it. Rifles: Gewehr 43 M1A1 Carbine the rifles get a slew of different attachments depending on the one you pick. from aperature sights to rifle grenades, silencers, or bayonets. the only one that gets a sniper scope is the garand. theres a few in the class that will get the telescopic sight though. Sub-Machine Guns: Ppsh-41 the smgs get the silencer, apurature sight, and magazine or drum attachments. the trench gun gets a grip attachment or bayonet. the double barrel gets a grip or sawn-off option. Machine Guns: FG-42 most of the machine guns can get a bipod attachment. the type 99 can have a bayonet and i believe the fg-42 can get a telescopic sight. Pistols: Colt M1911 Nambu Wather P38 Tokarev TT-33 .357 Magnum no attachments for the pistols. Grenades: Frag N 74 ST Molotov the N 74 is a sticky/anti-tank grenade. it will stick to anything it lands on. even players. and itll explode within a second of it landing. Special Grenades: Smoke Tabun Gas Signal Flare the gas blurs and disorients the screen plus is slows movement and aiming. very annoying. the signal flares brightens the screen of anyone looking at it. think of it as a flash bang but in one constant spot.
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Text Comments (216)
Simon99 ! (2 years ago)
Still played Jan 2016
DiscardedZombie (2 years ago)
I've thought about grabbing it on steam again. I heard it's still pretty popular on pc. having too much fun with Titanfall at the moment though
Mertesacker (3 years ago)
Memories :') I remember rocking in this game with the Mossin Nagant, hating MP40s (everyone always used one, they were op) Sadly its so full of hackers and forgotten :s
NextStep (2 years ago)
+KingMasterKing i know but hackers and low amounts of players and friends switching aswell as bad servers
KingMasterKing (2 years ago)
all the good games aren't on next gen so im keeping my ps3
NextStep (2 years ago)
+KingMasterKing same..but i switched to next gen so it allwent with the air...away 😭😢
KingMasterKing (2 years ago)
me because i like playing waw mods free
NextStep (2 years ago)
+KingMasterKing ikr...who tf cares anyways lol
Idiell Manso (5 years ago)
Love the attachments and guns black.ops II needs this and treyarch needs to make WAW 2
playa rich (5 years ago)
Thank you for spelling m1 garand correctly that gun has way too great of a legacy and service record to misspell it's name
Alatreonmaster6292 (5 years ago)
Best game in the series
jack dog (5 years ago)
I no this is old but great video
Quinten Sorice (5 years ago)
I love these ww2 weapons. Who thinks that they should make a game w/future guns AND old guns?
ipwnzombz (5 years ago)
Mate that's not an m2 that's a 1919 .30 browning light machine gun the m2 or madduse is a 12.7 mm 50 cal heavy machine gun which is still in use today
andres134ful (6 years ago)
Wats ur user name
Ivan Belinsky (6 years ago)
i wish the browning High-power were in this game
Mertesacker (6 years ago)
great video buddy awsome playing.... (y)
ivanfabric (6 years ago)
yeah, still playing it in June 2012!!
Donny Doo (6 years ago)
@TheMuncyWolverine It's really fun, dude. The online is great when people aren't freakin hacking. It's been bad lately. Haven't played in a week so I don't know exactly how it is now. If you want to get it, go ahead. It's a great game. Just be careful online. Some players are just snotty little 10 year old idiots who think they can do what ever they want if they beg the crap out of there parents.
Yadira Ventura (6 years ago)
callduty is awesome
zibipek (6 years ago)
I have all atachements for all weapons
TheMuncyWolverine (6 years ago)
Hey this game looks extremely fun. Are people still playing it online? Also, how to the tanks work?
Dutchbag (6 years ago)
bouncing betties are also OP.really annoying.
bryce stricker (7 years ago)
If anybody has ps3 add me : mr_wildcat2......I'll play u in cod world at war
AgentMorris94 (7 years ago)
Can you use a Springfield without a scope in the campaign.
TaZ101SAGA (7 years ago)
@COD392 That's because the M14 is basically an M1 Garand with a few improvements.
KeenOn TheDeen (7 years ago)
i like all the weapons, but no that big on the game
i remember when the stg 44 was the mp 44 in cod 1, 2, and 3
IhateGooglePlus (7 years ago)
Man, I love the COD series
wafflecushioned (7 years ago)
It's a shame this game is run by hackers nowdays.
aapenkooi1234 (7 years ago)
you forgot the ppsh-41-
JeyVGaming (7 years ago)
I typed 100, what did i win?
Revealed Joe (7 years ago)
What does the sawed-off attachment do on the double barrel?
TaZ101SAGA (7 years ago)
@Krytonite001 The Japanese also copied the .303 round, and ended up with the 7.7x58mm round which they intended to replace their long serving 6.5x50mm round with.
TaZ101SAGA (7 years ago)
@darealjoff19 The M2 is still made by browning.
James C (7 years ago)
kar98k one shot one kill everytime :)
MrAbsbvbsdfbsdfvbdab (7 years ago)
1 you are a great player if you have ps3 please tell me ^^ 2 i loved the kill with the shootgun you killed them both 3 i liked the slow motion lol
GohModley (7 years ago)
The designers really shocked me. The Call of Duty series has always done well staying true to the look of the WWII era weapons; however, in this game they committed a glaring anachronism. The thumb safety on the 1911A1 pistol is a post-war commercial version rather than the standard WWII-era GI version. I feel cheated. And I thought the stripper-clip snafu was bad.
DiscardedZombie (7 years ago)
its been a really long time since they let you do that. maybe for the first couple months after release you could but they patched it cuz people were using it to look and shoot through walls. now you can only mount it on a ledge or a window.
James Alvarez (7 years ago)
How do you mount bipods on the floor it woult let me
MilkWith Ice (7 years ago)
I want world at war I never tried it
xtoothpastestudiosx (7 years ago)
Say what you will about World at War's graphics, but it is still a great game just for the fact that there is no such thing as a bad gun in multiplayer. There was not one gun I didn't like in that game.
Bryce Walburn (7 years ago)
I love the ray gun and the revolver
Jonathan X (7 years ago)
browning isn't the M2 as the M2 is a .50 cal and the one used in games is the M1919 A4, a light version used by heavy infantry.
serge (8 years ago)
@Andreaspaw yes cous the Type in WaW is not Bren LMG. Its a japanese copy of it.
Ben Dover (8 years ago)
@Krytonite001 That doesn't make it a Bren LMG and it used different Bullets.
serge (8 years ago)
@Andreaspaw yes here is type 99 or what ever , but the japanese copied the bitish with bren lmg. The type looks just like bren lmg.
Ben Dover (8 years ago)
@Krytonite001 It's not the Bren LMG.
serge (8 years ago)
@Andreaspaw i know more about weapons then you. And now i know WHAT Treyarch is couse i got Black Ops now.
Ben Dover (8 years ago)
@Krytonite001 You don't know much about Weapons.
wat 70 (8 years ago)
There is always at least 5 people in a game using the mp-40,its a fucking noobcannon,the only weapons people use are the submachine guns and machine guns,that noob,you havr to be able to use other weapons,like rifles,bolt actions,and shotguns,not just SMGs
wat 70 (8 years ago)
@kopfnogl the mp-40 is a fucking noob cannon
1000yenyama (8 years ago)
M2× M1911○
Gui596Md (8 years ago)
nice vid dude
4gn3 (8 years ago)
@kopfnogl ur cleaarly the retard ask anyone on the net that mp40 is operpowered and nooby
Andreas Barth (8 years ago)
@4gn3 mp40 isn't nooby. i need 3-5 shots to get u fucktard. u don't need to shoot from the hip..
4gn3 (8 years ago)
@kopfnogl eeew mp40 noob
odstmiller12345 (8 years ago)
you make me want to use the Springfield again! xD
hl2oli (8 years ago)
the good old days with 3 killstreaks ^^
sonic619760 (8 years ago)
I think it takes too long to unlock weapons and perks.
DiscardedZombie (8 years ago)
yeah theres still alot of people playing it. i find the game more balanced than mw2 aside from the mp40. i keep going back to zombies though which is still alot of fun.
pgx911summersend (8 years ago)
pfff so many juggernaut he necrocom4 do ppl stil play this online on ps3
Jillwiches (8 years ago)
Why why why a ps3 wwwhhhyyyyyy?????
King Pootis (8 years ago)
juggernaut noobs...
serge (8 years ago)
@GameWolf346 Treyarch? who the hel is he!?
serge (8 years ago)
its not type 99! its bren lmg!!
Living Proof (8 years ago)
@tramis123 Whats the point of having a fucking xbox without live..god..
Alexander McEwen (8 years ago)
dude whats your psn and how do you mont a gun with the bypod cause i driving me nuts.
Firstname Lastname (8 years ago)
4:10 wtf?
Oswaldo89 (8 years ago)
ta chida la primera rola, la segunda no me gusto.
joygt3 (8 years ago)
my favorit weapon is the ppsh-41
Bo White (8 years ago)
357 mag is my fav gun on the game.
DSNL (8 years ago)
DiscardedZombie (8 years ago)
its part of the world at war soundtrack. look up Black Cats Theme. you should get something.
DSNL (8 years ago)
what,s the name of the 1st song???
Samuel Guevara (8 years ago)
the are learning about the ww2 xDDD
musicfreak8580 (8 years ago)
...........god damn little kids playing games they shouldn't be!
DiscardedZombie (9 years ago)
i finished the story in about 6 hours. the zombie mode should keep you occupied for awhile though. i got the video for mw2 weapons done a few days ago if you wanna see that one as well.
DiscardedZombie (9 years ago)
if your asking if its good without multiplayer id have to say it would be worth a solid good rental. after playing the 1 player story through it was fun but i wouldnt do it again.
DiscardedZombie (9 years ago)
got the intro, assault rifles and shotguns done and its already 13 min. im guessing its going to be near a half hour long.
Andreas Barth (9 years ago)
mp 40 and stg 44 , best
RazorCell7 (9 years ago)
great job this was really entertaining but I was screaming USE a Mauser Kar 98k with bayont you shoud make a video where your only using that and see how well you do
DiscardedZombie (9 years ago)
you can get a scope for it but its not like a sniper scope
Herp Derpington (9 years ago)
the FG needs a bigger clip, the m1a1 needs a scope, they did the opposite
DiscardedZombie (9 years ago)
i dont play much anymore but im on the ps3. once in a while ill put this in. i wont do much fps stuff until mw2 is out.
Ryan P (9 years ago)
Deter Pinklage (9 years ago)
Their is no M2 it's just the M1919
88pie88 (9 years ago)
i wish we can get telescopic sights on submachin guns.
Thomas Pool (9 years ago)
Were is the ppsh 41 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mario the great (9 years ago)
how do you put down the tri pod?
LOLNOOBCAKES (9 years ago)
While the 1% of us walk around with real guns that take skill, and .10 of us run around with shotguns.
DiscardedZombie (9 years ago)
he was afk lol. i still have this game but dont play it anymore. the new content they released was a joke and 99% of players are mp40 sprayers now.
Irvin Fuentes (9 years ago)
WTF was that at 4:17.!? The other guy should have killed this dude instead of this dude killing the other guy. Noobs these days. Lol. Btw, you are truly a pro at this game. Keep up the good work. That is if you still play World At War. :P
hoolahoop75 (9 years ago)
brownining m1919 30 caliber heavy machine gun *note* not the a2 version in this game as that has a sholder butt
R Dub (9 years ago)
the only gun i use in downfall is the dp28, cuz its mostly long range fighting
Theelementofpizza (9 years ago)
good thing about the double barrel shotgun is that you cant call someone a noob for using it
Alex (9 years ago)
good vid but u camp sometimes. best weapons are: rifles - stg subers- ppsh OR thompson machine guns - mg42 shotgun - trench gun bolt action - KAR98K
DiscardedZombie (9 years ago)
yeah it only works on ledges like near windows now. sucks cuz i loved using it prone. and infinate ammo while prone actually gave the bipod purpose. i never did the glitch where you can use it to shoot and see through walls though. thats the main reason they took it out.
TornTech (9 years ago)
How do you apply the bipod when you have it?
Bluesocks 11 (9 years ago)
o_o 4:02-4:13
acebunny17 (9 years ago)
u should've bought this instead of killzone 2
JohnDiabol (9 years ago)
Uhm no. The luger p08 was taking into service by the german military in 1908, and has since been described as one of the finest balanced pistols of all time. The Walther P38 entered German service in 1938. It was designed to be cheaper too manufacture then the costly luger. While both pistols share alot including the same ammo, The firing mechanisms are completely different! Oh and the Luger isn't rare. It just wasn't used as much in the war as the Walther was.
K Lovett (9 years ago)
the walter is practilly the Luger but the Luger is a OFFICERS version of the walter ,Oh and the Luger is Rare
K Lovett (9 years ago)
i dont use mp40 and im 10th prestiege and i'd whoop any1..
Goodafeda (9 years ago)
whats ur PSN
gearkillerking (9 years ago)
lol its like at 4:02 - 4:13 STFU lol

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