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X-Members - Car Trouble - Music Video - Hot Rods - Custom Cars - Girls - Motorcycles

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Great Punk Rock band with members from several other bands including Social Distortion, Manic Hispanic, and The Cadillac Tramps. The song Car Trouble came from the "Down With The Average Joe" record. Most of the images are pictures I took. Send me a message if you would like to hear another X-Members song on You Tube.
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John Bosco (6 years ago)
More X-Members songs!!!!
tina wilson (7 years ago)
5 Stars short Movie
Joseph Foley (7 years ago)
wish i had a chopped custom 49 merc. i spose ill keep dreamin
Flyinlow (8 years ago)
I just posted Mr. Neutron, for you two. I will try and get The Message up, but I might need a reminder, been busy putting together a festival and some shows. Glad you 2 appreciate the tunes.
Flyinlow (8 years ago)
Great choice csimmerman, I'll try to add that one ASAP.
Christian Simmerman (8 years ago)
Let's see The Message get posted up here!!

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