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Women Get Photoshopped Into Cultural Beauty Standards • Ladylike

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Text Comments (10401)
Grace Lawrie (13 hours ago)
Elinpelin 08 (1 day ago)
NinJaFREAK (2 days ago)
This is terrible editing...you shouldn't drastically change your photos anyways but if you're gonna do it atleast make it look good ESPECIALLY when trying to prove a point.
Kirsten Buchanan (2 days ago)
How does Jen not know she’s like legitimately the most attractive person at buzzfeed 🤷🏽‍♀️.
EllaBellaLy (3 days ago)
Oof who else remembers Safyia on buzzfeed
Kayla Warren (3 days ago)
Brittany Bates (3 days ago)
I Didnt Know She Was On Buzzfeed Before This Video
Shubha Sharma (3 days ago)
Noodles And Doodles (4 days ago)
I’m watching this while my face mask is drying
Panda Lover (4 days ago)
I bet I triggered you READ MORE
Signe Clausen (4 days ago)
Im from Denmark🇩🇰
Hi I’m Frickin cc (5 days ago)
Oh man those eye brows 😬
Mia Cooney (5 days ago)
‘To see it on paper’ BISH ISSA SCREEN not hating on her she is my favourite girl on this channel it’s just these things annoy me
AnotherGachaTuber _ (5 days ago)
I look up to Jen 😂 She is my favorite and I want to have my hair short, and I don’t like skirts so :P I love Jen
Charlotte Astley (6 days ago)
Jen is beautiful and sexy
Thałia (7 days ago)
Kristen is only 1/4 Italian..
Iris Ignis (7 days ago)
Jen honey beautiful is an understatement to how hot you are like damn ❤️❤️❤️
Sophia Need (7 days ago)
I honestly think they all look better before photoshop.
bonana 02 (8 days ago)
3:40 Her original self is much prettier! ♡.♡
Love Shine (11 days ago)
Jen: I don't know how beautiful I would be in America Me: Yoire hot what the heck
Trevor Hodges (12 days ago)
Your all butifful just da way u is
Cherry Sahni (12 days ago)
Safiya...I'm an Indian ....and according to me u just slayy the Indian beauty standards the way u r... naturally....so I would say the edited version was tremendously bizzare and that you slaaayyy
Brynn G. (12 days ago)
“ I’m like a quarter Italian and three quarter... butt”
Gabby The Llama (12 days ago)
I have an Italian friend who is a boy and dis boy is huge he was 5'5 back in 6th grade and I'm not sure how tall he was when I was in fourth grade (when I met him) But , he is pretty tan , and skinny .
Ida Bertelsen (13 days ago)
HALF DANISH?! id i ever get to meet Saf.. i'm speaking danish to her. Like, i'm from Denmark so that just made me scream inside when one of my fave youtubers is half danish! Love her....
Good Christian Child (15 days ago)
I am a quarter Italian and then 3 quarters... mud.
DIY duck tape (18 days ago)
I’m gay for Jen
SJ Cross (18 days ago)
Literally all of them are f**king gorgeous in real life so literally there is no need for any of them to compare themselves to beauty standards at all—because if I’m being honest, y’all blow beauty standards out of the water.
Happy Horse (19 days ago)
These girls didn’t need photoshop They are naturally gorgeous 💖
Minyoongi Squish (19 days ago)
Yay, Jen is also a Naruto fan 😊
Tahli Rosé luv (20 days ago)
Omg saf is indian
Mallory Knots (20 days ago)
wow girl photo shop is a powerful :) :) :) :)
The Annika Show (21 days ago)
Saf!!! Poor thing🧡❤️💛
Barbara Thomas (22 days ago)
Ladies I prefer you the way you are! You're all beautiful and unique and special in your own individual way!💜
mrs Keisha (24 days ago)
Dude no hate but Kristen acting like she’s half italian whenever she’s like 15% italian, lmao if you’re a quarter italian, hispanic, asian, etc. chances are you probably won’t be able to notice much.
Iris Freeze (25 days ago)
Jen instantly voted Hokage...
Alysia Mondragon (25 days ago)
Jen your beautiful just the way you are
Meemabubba (27 days ago)
When it comes to beauty... All these women are stunning ❤❤
cherish the frog (27 days ago)
But they just made them paler and skinnier? That's not really appealing to all of the different beauty standards...
Anna Augustine (29 days ago)
Click read more Read more
Katlyn Dailey (29 days ago)
Kirsten- I'm greater than the sum of my part
hora tempora (29 days ago)
"I am greater than the sum of my parts" is about the most beautiful thing someone can ever say. You truly are beautiful! <3
Puggle :3 (1 month ago)
The girl that did the Japanese “facial thingy’s” is pretty I like her shirt hair and her “Makeup?” Idk I like her style it’s like mine.
Doritoman (12 days ago)
I like girls with that type of hair its cute
真冬降る (1 month ago)
Jen-san wa kirei desu
Maria Ceja (1 month ago)
they are all beautiful in their own way
Candace Tapia (1 month ago)
I think they are all so beautiful no matter what they look like
Anna Coderre (1 month ago)
Jen, your so beautiful!
Mariah White-Taylor (1 month ago)
*I am greater than the sum of my parts.*
Alexis Gold-Perez (1 month ago)
I don’t like Freddie’s brows, I’m sorry
Unique Productions (1 month ago)
Camryn Starling (1 month ago)
Jen you are so beautiful do dont say your not
LeaMarie (1 month ago)
Maggie Aponte (1 month ago)
I love your look Jen ..... your style is unique
Hannah Truesdale (1 month ago)
I love Saf!!!❤❤
Miss Vrindha DIY (1 month ago)
I loved the way Kristen looked before!
Rey (1 month ago)
All of these people are beautiful and I’m being totally hones
justbeingme (1 month ago)
Omg they are so beautiful anyways 💕 they are all so prettyyyyyyy!!!!
Sebastian Michaelis (1 month ago)
Haley Brown (1 month ago)
"The butstical, and breastical area..."
Allie Grace (1 month ago)
*I lOoK lIkE a SiM*
Mia Jensen (1 month ago)
I’m from Denmark too!
Black girl and girl With short hair was in video where they *get tall for all day long*
Kylie Jenner (1 month ago)
Mad Rose (1 month ago)
back when kristen thought she was italian
Leah Ginsburg (1 month ago)
Kristin looks great 👍
Nana Wilberforce (1 month ago)
abdul alim khan (1 month ago)
Except for the italian everyone go home.you gys are alright. The indian looks like indian models. The aa is good too. The jp is straight dante that you can bring home. The italian needs to go from Mario to luigi.
Clicks on video Sees saf
Lizzy Aest (1 month ago)
Alyssa Watson (1 month ago)
They're all super pretty without the photoshop and Kristin's photoshopped image looked like a little girl.
Jessica Milstead (1 month ago)
Every single one of these women looks 100% better the way they are
Freddie Mercury (1 month ago)
When saf was part of as/is omg
x.toxic.tori.x (1 month ago)
Promise Hayes (1 month ago)
Omg Jen mention Naruto
Rachel G (1 month ago)
I'm German and Nordic, what are the beauty standards for that?
Sara (28 days ago)
Rachel G tall, blonde, blue eyes, slim i guess
Kelsey Aubin (1 month ago)
you ladies are perfect ❤❤
Annabelle Skerten (1 month ago)
Safiya's on Ladylike!!! Like if you feel the same way
Clara Lion (1 month ago)
All of you are beautiful, beauty standards don’t matter.
Just remember ladies no matter what your size or skin color there is always a man somewhere who thinks you are perfect. Don't settle for less eithier!!!
Fiona Lin (1 month ago)
They look like Sims characters.
Laura Coffey (1 month ago)
It makes me sad that she cried when people called her skinny even though thats a good thing and shes beautiful
Yung Charlie (1 month ago)
who the heck would want to be lighter
Iamshook Soshook (1 month ago)
Lmao Kristen's white stop only 13% Italian stop lmao
natalia rocks (1 month ago)
Someone called me fat and I said ya cause I eat food duh
Doritoman (12 days ago)
Eat healthy food you pig
Lily Salisbury (1 month ago)
I love Jen the way she is without that #younglesbian
Lilly Grace (1 month ago)
Jen for 8th Hokage
Sophia Melendez (1 month ago)
Cuddlebuddes DeRitter (1 month ago)
Tavyanna Parker (1 month ago)
It’s native ameran not Indian sorry because I’m native
akaimimi (1 month ago)
Oh God, okay! Jen caught more my attention, so I'll comment on hers. Her chin, hair and eyes didn't look bad but wow, her torso! I didn't like that at all, it looks so not natural. The legs weren't that bad, but... Mehhh. I still prefer your ''unedited version'', girls ha ha ha. Also, Kristin looks a bit like the french singer Louane!
diys with casen (1 month ago)
The Sibling- Vlogs (1 month ago)
Have you ever had this feeling that you need to scream and you miserable and you just need to get something out but you don’t know how and your sad and mad you just can’t do anything are is that just me idek
B C (1 month ago)
Shakalaka boop ziggaty boop
Plyskaj (1 month ago)
Im Danish
Sherly Arteaga (1 month ago)
Naruto is my favorite anime! 🍥
I honesty think none of you need photo shop you are so beautiful
Mia Blooms! (1 month ago)
I honestly would like to say..... you literally are all beautiful!!,!
Emily Castro (1 month ago)
bruh kristen u ain’t Italian just say ur white
Aishani M-P (1 month ago)
Stafia Nagard
Juliann Jones (1 month ago)
Ladys!!!! You are amazing and people can't make you who THEY want you to be.
Kayla Warren (1 month ago)
Jen is adorable, before the photoshop... I mean, she's our cute little Jen!!!
I am a Chicken (1 month ago)
Addy_ GMSSR (1 month ago)
Did a 12 year old photoshop these? The ladies look wayyyyy better without photoshop.....just saying

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