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ODD FUTURE Clothing Haul + OF x Vans Sk8-Hi Donut Shoe

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Thanks for watching guys!! Please comment down below your thoughts on the vid and what I should do for the future! LINKS: -Odd Future All Over Donut Button Up Shirt: http://www.zumiez.com/odd-future-all-over-donut-teal-button-up-shirt.html -Odd Future OF Logo Tie Dye T-Shirt: http://www.zumiez.com/odd-future-of-logo-blue-and-pink-tie-dye-t-shirt.html -Vans Odd Future Sk8-Hi Scuba Blue Donut Shoe: http://www.zumiez.com/vans-odd-future-sk8-hi-scuba-blue-donut-shoe.html -Odd Future Donut Allover Light Blue Crew Socks: http://www.zumiez.com/odd-future-donut-allover-light-blue-crew-socks.html For my social media: Instagram: https://instagram.com/jason_g25/ and https://instagram.com/sneacasso417/ Snupps: https://www.snupps.com/Sneacasso417 Twitter: https://twitter.com/sneacasso417 VSCOCAM: sneacasso.vsco.co Snapchat: jason_g25 Beme: jason_g25 Music by Jeff Kaale & Andrew Applepie Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jeff-kaale https://soundcloud.com/andrewapplepie
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Text Comments (224)
Manuel (1 year ago)
bro all these salty people in the comments getting all pissed because "he isn't affiliated with the culture." he likes the clothing that's all bruh, calm down.
Pablito V. (8 months ago)
Manuelish for real
Melted Grenade (9 months ago)
Dixie Devildog who cares ?
Panda gamer x (1 year ago)
Manuelish lmao nigga I don't like ofwgkta clothing I only fuck with their music OF is broke nigga golf Wang
W H A T THE F R I C C (1 year ago)
Manuelish eat my ass
David D (1 year ago)
Tom Zogo how bout syd and hodgy
Sophia Rose (26 days ago)
0:55 um i think those are fakes😂😂
ethan ostlund (2 months ago)
ngl that’s a pretty sexy nose
Melanie Labanda (2 months ago)
Who else DYE shirts to not spend money Read more
тripιcαl cιтιzeɴ (3 months ago)
thatneoyokiofan (4 months ago)
All these people complaining that he don't know what the brand means and that he shouldn't buy stuff he doesn't know the meaning behind tf since when?
Rasmus Ditlefsen (5 months ago)
Im so jealous of you guys in the US sometimes, bc if you want to buy things like OF and Golf, then you have to pay taxes, and a ton of shipping...
Pooper Dooper (5 months ago)
Odd Future Wolf Gange Kill Them All
Bades for life (6 months ago)
Poser but IDC it's tyler lol
Firthy boy (6 months ago)
Jesus Navarrete (7 months ago)
Pablito V. (8 months ago)
Odd future and ripndip are my favorites
RioT_ViiZioN (8 months ago)
Why should it matter that he doesn’t know the members in OF? That’s kinda like saying don’t wear basketball shoes if you don’t play in them.
Ugh It’s Andres (22 days ago)
RioT_ViiZioN on god shut up💀 with yo RioT Clan Havin ass💀💀💀
Jake The Creator (2 months ago)
RioT_ViiZioN stfu
You fcking bandwagon stop please u dont know sht
ecan 2 (9 months ago)
Lookin freshhh
Kevin Hernandez (10 months ago)
Biggest POSER
Freewill2kill (10 months ago)
damn he dont even listen to them i wish i could get somthing like this
Yeetus that Fetus (10 months ago)
Katlego C.L Twala (1 year ago)
SUCCMAN leanfart (1 year ago)
Odd future wolf gang kill them all
Pakei Lsu (1 year ago)
Lmaoo it spells it out and says it on the shirt
SUPREME CHOBIES (1 year ago)
Your voice is wackkkk
[GM] Rain (1 year ago)
tf kind of insult is that? lmao
Cristal (1 year ago)
Odd future wolf gang kill them all
Blu Jay Music (1 year ago)
Vro you purchased multiple items from a brand you don't even know the full name to. . . it literally said the name on the tag
Jordanz _ (1 year ago)
How much was the second shirt?
Cade Smith (1 year ago)
Victor Garcia (1 year ago)
Odd future wolf gang kill them all
rip me because i can't get any of these to the UK
nutonmychoppa (1 year ago)
If you can name more members other than Tyler and Earl from Odd Future, you get a pass to wear that shirt. However if you don't and you're just one of those ppl who wear the brand cause it quote on quote "looks cool" than you sir have to return everything you bought
Muffie (4 months ago)
Yeah ikr
thatneoyokiofan (4 months ago)
This has to be the stupidest s**t I have ever read in my life
Muffie (5 months ago)
Got Meme Bro if he likes the design and how it looks in general, he should cop it.
Enzlow (1 year ago)
Odd future wolf gang kill them all
yer* (1 year ago)
I get it you like the clothes and I have nothing against you because if you like a shirt buy it, but if your gonna do reviews on odd future clothing at least know frank ocean, Domo, jasper, sid cmon man
skeet skeet (1 year ago)
I like the blue and purple shirt
Jason Greenberg (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching!
Raziq (1 year ago)
Lmao I’m sleep 😂
HershBoy TV (1 year ago)
Where did you get your biker jeans?
Jason Greenberg (1 year ago)
The ones I'm wearing in the video are from Pacsun. But I own other biker jeans from Zara, H&M, and Embellish NYC. Thanks for watching!
sirhumphriezz 15 (1 year ago)
I think people hate zumiez mostly because of the name
Jason Greenberg (1 year ago)
True that, thanks for watching
Ayden Oakes (1 year ago)
and stop hateing on him atleast he is still giveing good vib3s
Ayden Oakes vibes with a '3' kys
Ayden Oakes (1 year ago)
tyler earl syd the kyd left brain mike are my favs and domo
Ayden Oakes nobody asked tho
bella ramirez (1 year ago)
you know nothing about ofwgkta smh
Matthew Aber (1 year ago)
yo dude please know what the group is before you cop they shit, like you couldn't even name 3 of em
Scummy Prick (1 year ago)
Straight up everyone starts somewhere so I'm not mad for him just starting out and stuff but bro you should at least know more members and what OFWGKTA means jfc man
Nathan Lopez (1 year ago)
why in the fuck would you buy this , if you don't know shit , god I hate saying this but you're a fucking poser
CRAWL (1 year ago)
Nathan Lopez Golf Wang, or Golf, is an American clothing company started in 2010 by rapper Tyler, the Creator of the hip-hop collective Odd Future. The company sells clothing, which is designed by Tyler I'm a Tyler fan too but you guys are pushing it
nutonmychoppa (1 year ago)
LFTE Beats *clothes dumb nigga
Nathan Lopez (1 year ago)
LFTE Beats it's a music clothing brand , made for fans , who like the music , not for posers to go buy because it has pretty colors , wouldn't be dumb if someone asked "hey you life odd future wuts you're fav song ?" and you say nah the shirts just cool , it ruins the fanbase
CRAWL (1 year ago)
Nathan Lopez no it isn't you dumbass. it's a clothing brand . CLOTHS .not rap
Nathan Lopez (1 year ago)
LFTE that was the dumbest shit I've ever heard.
GradNite (1 year ago)
learn the brand befor eyou buy it plz
Melissa Kinzer (5 months ago)
They're just clothes it's not likes he's buying a damn company
Henrik (8 months ago)
GradNite he doesn't it isn't a requirement to own it he paid for it and that's what's important even though he's not educated doesn't mean that he got them for free
D F (1 year ago)
Burberry Fruit! (1 year ago)
GradNite agreed
Force Light (1 year ago)
Nice man! I also have the Odd Future Vans!
Bekah (1 year ago)
i wanna eat those shoes tho
Jason Greenberg (1 year ago)
Connor Cascon (1 year ago)
why you buy this and you don't even know what the whole ofwgkta means it means odd future wolf gang kill them all, by the way
Muffie (5 months ago)
Connor Cascon Because the design is lit?
Matthew Parks (1 year ago)
so many people at my school wearin of and dont even listen to them smh
DANIELLE BRANDT (1 year ago)
did you just said i dont know what all those letters mean?
Mr.Hit It (1 year ago)
How tf do you not know what ofwgkta means but you still buy their merch omfg, fuck off mate
Swizi (1 year ago)
thatneoyokiofan (4 months ago)
Omg Bro it's a poser let's all say poser cause that's what he freaking is dude just cause he bought sk8ter clothing
Drew Dominikoski (1 year ago)
If u can't name more than 2 member of OF them don't fucking wear it
Oh my god! He's getting all these OF merch yet he doesn't even know what OFWGKTA stands for!
Burberry Fruit! (1 year ago)
Flubber Nudges bandwagon hype beast at it's finest
PW (1 year ago)
fake af
azryan lamadhan (1 year ago)
where i can buy the t shirt? aliexpress was fck when shipping to Indonesia
DAN NA (1 year ago)
No offense but this kinda disappointing to me cuz the only guys you know is Earl and Tyler 🤦🏻‍♀️yet still buying odd future but oh well {not hating tho}
Henrik (8 months ago)
Danna Valenzuela he's still supporting it he didn't got them for free you know...
DAN NA (1 year ago)
But idk you can do what you want 🤷🏻‍♀️
TOO HAWT (1 year ago)
this shit good
Jason Greenberg (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching!
sky shelgren (1 year ago)
ok but like does he know anything about OF at all
Francicsco Arraut (2 years ago)
After watching this video I instantly copped
Jason Greenberg (2 years ago)
Dope, thanks for watching!
Adrian Mares (2 years ago)
Stop buying OF,buy GOLF WANG
Adrian Mares (2 years ago)
What a Tyler the creator hype beast
churrybomb (2 years ago)
odd future wolf gang kill them all
Minerva Loza (8 months ago)
Wtf? 😂
# AmarGang (9 months ago)
bella ofwgkta
carelesschimp (2 years ago)
at least this guy is honest and he isnt a hypebeast like a BUNCH of other people who cares if he doesnt alot about of
ThatOneT H I C C Pug (4 months ago)
Ikr hype beasts fucking annoy me this dude is chill and is like me just likes the clothing like i don’t really like OF anymore i like golf wang but I’m not going to buy golf wang if i don’t like it to reselll ima buy it if I’ll wear it
XAnimeDemonX (6 months ago)
I'm a hype beast but Odd future is fire🔥🔥🔥
Angel Valderrama (8 months ago)
I’m late but I own of since 2013 and now if I wear of I out of no wear get called a poser and this and that but I got over of and sold my of clothes I moved to golf but I still love of
nah (1 year ago)
Jason Greenberg dont worry about all these dicks in here. they like to hate on people that dont know ofwgkta its all good and ok to wear there clothes even if your not a big fan. good review. p.s. where can i get that sick dad hat😂
Jason Greenberg (2 years ago)
Thanks bro, you're my fav haha. Thanks for watching
Backwoods (2 years ago)
Khrisco (2 years ago)
Lmao I have those they lit
Jason Greenberg (2 years ago)
Thanks for watching
Ethan Humphrey (2 years ago)
can't even wear OF at school because I see lames and all these white preppy bitchez wearing the shit hoppin on the hypebeast clown train
H8rdwork (1 year ago)
Honestly, who the fuck cares! I get that those who wear OF & don't know the rap group at all is kinda weird, but just cause they rich or poor don't mean shit. In fact, it's growing the attention of Odd Future and that's great for more fans. And seriously, what's wrong with them being white? Niggas act like they gotta have a black fan base to be seen as legit. Not only a racist way of thinking, but retarded. Tyler still be at Starbucks if it weren't for his fans. Black or white.
Swizi (1 year ago)
Ethan Humphrey of is banned because of religious shit in some places
Bryan Corona (2 years ago)
OF ? Hype ? OF is cringe as fuck but Tyler is cool though
carelesschimp (2 years ago)
Ethan Humphrey fr all these hypebeast ass niggas who claim they know everything about of and they dont know any members
prodigy Is Prodigy (2 years ago)
this guy don't know shit odd future wolfgang kill them all
Alaa Atari (1 year ago)
FighterOf TheNightMan hope u realize golf wang and of merch are totally different thinngs. Oh and hypebeasts shop supreme, bape and VLONE mann 😂💀💀
nutonmychoppa (1 year ago)
FighterOf TheNightMan I only shop at zumiez cause the Of website and the Golf website crazy expensive, I would find it easier to pick shit up from zumiez sadly, But if I had spare change n shit I'd most definitely order of the website
Zupremex2 (1 year ago)
YUNG ANBASED666 Tyler shit is mad expensive I would love to shop there also zuimez is a store Golf is a website sometimes ppl would like to shop at store so they can try them on
Bryan Corona (1 year ago)
+YUNG ANBASED666 OF is cringe so it doesn't matter
carelesschimp (2 years ago)
prodigy 1 so what bro its cool if he likes that dude
Emmi Fain (2 years ago)
I got this odd future white tie dye with blue shirt and my teacher at school said ohh nice donut an I'm like😐😂
Ugh It’s Andres (22 days ago)
Emmi Fain bro I had people sayin “is that the Simpson’s donut”
Pears (4 months ago)
knightcrusader5 when I first saw odd future I thought it was a simpsons donut too 😂
Dog Jones (8 months ago)
My teacher thought my Odd Future hoodie said “Oof”
starkiller pumpkin (1 year ago)
Brian Carrizal my math teacher said to me damn you got the Homer Simpson donuts and I was all like 😂. I was wearing the low tops odd future Vans.
Brian Carrizal (1 year ago)
Emmi Fain same bro at school they said is that the Simpsons and I was like boiii
HernandezNC (2 years ago)
Hype beast ? 😂😂
Sebastian Callais (2 years ago)
tyler, domo, hodgy, left brain, taco, jasper, earl, frank, lucas, sid, and maybe more but thats some of the members
Lemoné Blue (1 year ago)
Sebastian Callais no one asked for your opinion fucker. People that talk about “don’t hop on the bandwagon” were all losers and are mad now cus this shits popular and they think that being an og makes you above them
joe (1 year ago)
Casey veggies, mike g?
JOSH, THE AUTHOR (1 year ago)
Sebastian Callais how do you forget mike g
Swizi (1 year ago)
Inertial Orbit nakel is in illegal civ idk about of
Inertial Orbit (1 year ago)
Mitchell Graham (2 years ago)
tyler has his own clothing golfwang.com
Landen Lopez (2 years ago)
You are from Baltimore ???!!
indigo (1 year ago)
Cr0at nigga u don't get shot in Baltimore for wearing what u want I'm from a bad part of Baltimore but I still be wearing the shit I want to wear. And stop over exaggerating ur gonna scare the nigga
Cr0at (1 year ago)
Jason Greenberg I'll be honest wit u, I'm from Baltimore but don't go around wearing that shit man you're gonna get fucking shot. stay in you're MICA safe space
Jason Greenberg (2 years ago)
I'm from Long Island, NY but I'm going to college in Baltimore
Rafael Medina (2 years ago)
if you wanted to buy a brand by tyler you should've bought golf wang odd future dead as fuck lmao
knightcrusader5 (1 year ago)
YUNG ANBASED666 chill dude
J'lynn G (2 years ago)
i love your style
mg___ 43 (11 months ago)
Mr. Montana ong
Burberry Fruit! (1 year ago)
J'lynn G That's not his style, that's tyler's style
grayd98 (2 years ago)
Zumiez basically murdered of.
Tony (10 months ago)
Tyler sold the rights to the Odd Future clothing line to Zumiez. I think.. and now he only does Golf Wang. Back then, Tyler used to design the Odd Future clothes by himself but now that Zumiez has them... they are mediocre.
thematthewchannel (11 months ago)
Berry Chomb u think that’s bad? Ppl at my school don’t even know one song and wear there stuff it’s stupid
Emotive Formula (1 year ago)
Hcapd my fav and Ned flander
Lemoné Blue (1 year ago)
grayd98 y’all need to chill
Nick Holsten (1 year ago)
he couldn't even name the acronym ofwgkta
flynn fitz (2 years ago)
Odd future wolf gang kill them all (OFWGKTA)
-lllusionz- (1 year ago)
Jason Greenberg it says on tag
DANIELLE BRANDT (1 year ago)
flynn fitz. he aint part of wolf gang
charles Gates (2 years ago)
Jason Greenberg (2 years ago)
L G.6 (2 years ago)
You don't deserve them!!!
Henrik (8 months ago)
Lui G.69 even though he is not educated about it doesn't mean he doesn't deserve it he spend money on it
Henrik (8 months ago)
Lui G.69 he paid for them he didn't got them for free.
Fish (1 year ago)
Well he paid for them
Denice Olivares (1 year ago)
He bought them and enjoys clothes, he deserves them. Lmao
David Martin (2 years ago)
Luis Golf how he does
Default (2 years ago)
Got em on the first day.
ChinkBean (2 years ago)
All these damn reviewers, don't know shit about OF, it's annoying, it's like people who buy nirvana shirts and don't know shit.
Lemoné Blue (1 year ago)
killethan people that say “poser” are looked down upon
Super Marcos 64 (1 year ago)
Fr gets me pissed off
Solomon Solomon (1 year ago)
Notorious Juan its a shirt
Vanilla Splash (1 year ago)
So it's just clothes they may just like how it looks damn they don't have to know everything about the brand
caleb greenwood (1 year ago)
Notorious Juan he likes the brand he doesn't have to like and know the music
YoungMotherNature (2 years ago)
Odd Future don't exist anymore fool!
Swizi (1 year ago)
TheJordanEra no they broke up
Tyler Tompkins (2 years ago)
Put on the pink laces my dude
knightcrusader5 (1 year ago)
Tyler Tompkins I don't like the pink shoe laces I left mine white
Jason Greenberg (2 years ago)
will do thanks for watching!
NightmareZzz (2 years ago)
Elliott Namba (2 years ago)
Aye new camera set up and lens are looking crisp
Jason Greenberg (2 years ago)
Thanks bro yeah shooting in my dorm now. Thanks for supporting the channel

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