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7 Reasons Besides Money to Write a Book

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Making more money is a great reason to write a non-fiction book. Besides selling books, most entrepreneurs and business professionals can leverage a book into higher income through consulting, coaching, workshops, paid speaking and so much more. But, there are many reasons beyond money to write a non-fiction book. In this video, Amazon best selling author Julie Broad explains. Subscribe for our weekly videos on self publishing a book on Amazon and bookstores: http://www.youtube.com/c/booklaunchers?sub_confirmation=1 If you are interested in self publishing your book in the United States and Canada, kindly visit Book Launchers company website: http://booklaunchers.com/ Connect with us on social media: http://twitter.com/booklaunchers http://facebook.com/booklaunchers http://instagram.com/booklaunchers Video transcript: Everyone talks about the credibility you'll gain from a book and the resulting boost to your income that comes from that. And there's even a lot of money that can be made from selling books. But, money isn't the only reason to write and publish a book. Stick around, I've got seven reasons to write a book this year. As I've talked about before, you can even make money selling your book despite what a lot of people will have you believe. My first book, More Than Cashflow, put more than $63,000 in my pocket in just four years. Only from book sales on Amazon and in book stores. That doesn't count the thousands of dollars in sales I made at the back of rooms when I spoke or the bulk sales from associations or companies that purchased my book in bulk to give away or to sell to their clients and members. But, there's a lot of reasons to write a nonfiction book that go beyond dollars and cents or loonies and toonies, as we say in Canada. (laughs) We actually don't have pennies in Canada anymore. It's true. Here's seven reasons to stop procrastinating and get that book done this year besides the money. Number one, holding it in your arms is a special moment. Number two, seeing it on someone's shelf is priceless. Number three, get clear in your thought process. You'll end up coming up with marketable phrases and processes like our five P's, which is pen to paper, process, publish, platform and promote. Or the brand magic formula, M A G I C, that I developed when I wrote The New Brand You. It's amazing how powerful it is to spend time thinking about what you do to explain to someone else. You'll find that you refine your business process, find trademarkable phrases and get clarity on who you can help and exactly how. Number four, highlight your best client stories. It's a way to thank them and give them positive exposure, while also showcasing how you helped, what you do and sharing lessons learned. Number five, legacy. I heard an author on a podcast say he stopped worrying about how he would leave a legacy for his kids once his book was published. He knows his book is something that will live on and that's a really cool thing. You don't have to write a book to mass market it. Writing a book to share your family's story, so it lives on for many generations is a pretty powerful reason to write a book. Number six, it's cheaper than therapy. Writing is proven to treat PTSD and many other things. Writing about what has happened to you and how it's impacted you can do amazing things for your health and since you're writing a book to help someone else learn a lesson from something you've learned, typically, you're also helping them while you help yourself. Number seven, the people you'll meet once you're an author of a great book. You kind of move into a new category of people often labeled as thought leader. When I became a speaker, I started to move into this group and I became friends with other people I previously sought to learn from. When I became a published author, I started to meet even more interesting people. It's not necessarily that you meet better people, you're just meeting people doing bigger things. These are innovators, risk takers and successful adventurers in business and beyond. You become their peer and that's priceless. So, there's seven reasons beyond money and money's still a darn good reason to write a book if you ask me. But, there's seven reasons beyond money to write and publish your nonfiction book. And if ya need help, that's what Book Launchers is for, go ahead and reach out, we'd love to help you: http://Booklaunchers.com/application
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Book Launchers (5 months ago)
Book Launchers helps entrepreneurs and professionals self-publish non-fiction books that grow their business. You own 100% of the content, have total creative control, and keep all the royalties. Our publishing team is YOUR publishing team. Find out how we can help you write, publish, and sell a book to grow your business: http://booklaunchers.com/application Watch here more videos on selling books on Amazon: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLh6B5bRioc1yx_ppKeCUD0bOdsWo4pz7L
April Braswell (5 days ago)
Hi Julie, well, HAD to watch it at some point. I love your content and it reinforces some things I already know to do and lifts them to a high priority among the TON of stuff to do. LIKE 61. Cheers and blessings, April
Mark James (1 month ago)
I published a joke book. Haven't even started marketing it. I wrote it because I've just always wanted to publish a book. Not in much of a hurry to promote it LOL
Book Launchers (1 month ago)
Welcome Mark James! Thank you so much for joining the community and saying hello. If you have a specific question you want to be answered to help with your joke book let me know. I just might shoot a video to help you out. And, if you haven't already, I highly recommend you check out our free resources at BookLaunchers.com and grab our free guide to marketing your book http://www.booklaunchers.com/gameplan
V. Timea Noemi *Timi* (6 months ago)
I agree! have a blessed day!
ron neitzel (6 months ago)
change one yard at a time and make the world a better place....good vid
Book Launchers (6 months ago)
Thanks Ron! :) You're entered to win. See you Tuesday at 2pm PST over at Facebook.com/booklaunchers?
Kevin Maguire (6 months ago)
How do you save your pennies?
Book Launchers (6 months ago)
One at a time?
Warrior Chic (6 months ago)
Hi Julie, I'm hoping to have my two howto books at final draft by Jan 2019. I agree with you, writing is therapeutic, it helped me to heal those wounds I ignored for years. Great tips as usual! Thanks Julie! Can't wait for next video..😀
Warrior Chic (6 months ago)
Book Launchers FANTASTIC!! Thank you sooo much! 😀💫🌟👍
Book Launchers (6 months ago)
Thank you!! Your mug is in the mail. :)
Benjamin (6 months ago)
I like how you make the videos funny
Book Launchers (6 months ago)
Thank you! :) I want to provide edu-tainment.
Benjamin (6 months ago)
nice hat
Book Launchers (6 months ago)
Bad hair day or getting beach ready ... both apply :)
Dave Peniuk (6 months ago)
No more pennies in Canada??? Tis a sad sad day...
April Braswell (5 days ago)
Only in Heaven....
Book Launchers (6 months ago)
Andy W (6 months ago)
Trying to get my first book out! I'm thinking of making a business out of this, but worried I can't get books that will sell :( Goin to learn more for now, and your content is awesome. Been following you since revnyou :)
Book Launchers (6 months ago)
Really?!! A Rev N You person?! That's amazing. Thanks Andy. I have some videos coming out to help you make sure you have a book that has a unique hook that will appeal to the market and help you build a business around it. Stay tuned. :) And for commenting today you're entered to win a prize. Tune in on Tuesday at 2pm PST / 5pm EST at Facebook.com/BookLaunchers to see if you win. :)

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