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How Strong Is Future Teen Trunks?

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Alrighty guys it is Qaaman here today and in today's episode of Dragon Ball Q, Mike from Laughing Stock Media and I will be discussing how strong we believe Future Teen Trunks is from both the anime and the manga. We are specificially talking about the teenage version prior to Gohan's death. Check out Laughing Stock Media below: https://www.youtube.com/user/laughingstockmedia1/featured Check out Other Dragon Ball Q Episodes Below: Episode 1: Was Gohan a SSJ2 In Broly's Second Coming?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKZs3Sz0rMs Episode 2: What Is Puar's Gender? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crGQGyaEhMs Check out my anime multiverse page: http://animemultiverse.com/qaamansland Check out my twitter page: https://twitter.com/QaamansLand Check out my fullscreen network profile: https://community.fullscreen.net/7353178211736d4ca8a2 Check out my twitch page : http://www.twitch.tv/qaamansland/profile Check out my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Qaamans-Land/1439845636283181 Check out Rhymestyle's Channel Below : https://www.youtube.com/user/MrRhymestyle/ Check out Blackenfist's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/blackenfist Please Subscribe to Thundershot69 as well: https://www.youtube.com/user/Thundershot69 Want to ask Qaaman a Question? Ask Below! No Registration at all! http://ask.fm/qaamansland I DO NOT OWN DRAGONBALL. DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses there of are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd.
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Text Comments (554)
Great 1 (8 months ago)
Toriyama had piss poor written when it comes to the Boo arc💯
Simple Ways (11 months ago)
this video made me want to watch the goku vs frieza battle all over again, including the filler. Seriously, here i go.
Rboert Christofaro (1 year ago)
future vegeta was all ready ssj and future trunks should have inherited vegeta strength and power level that he worked for his whole tire life including the ability to transform into a ssj that's just the saiyan biology bargain sale to create a generation of stronger saiyan warriors that's why freiza destroy the saiyan's home planet vegeta because of the zenkai boost ability to get stronger there were babies being born with higher power levels because of their parents working hard to get stronger eventually the whole saiyan race would be all ssj's and probably eventually be stronger than frieza and his whole family combined and they would all be killed that's why freiza did it because he knew the outcome of the future who would control the galaxy it would be the saiyanjin's
God Gogeta SMT (1 year ago)
God Gogeta SMT (1 year ago)
lol why'd u change ur channel name quaman
Vitalij Dik (2 years ago)
after the 1 year training future gohan was stronger as goku after he came to earth
Larry Clay (2 years ago)
how could superperfect cell be stronger than ss2 gohan,how did he get obliterated if thats the case
HALOSTORM (2 years ago)
Perfect Cell got obliterated not super perfect cell ssj2 level cell
Larry Clay (2 years ago)
hey qaaman who do you think wins this battle:SS4 BROLY VS SUPER 17
HALOSTORM (2 years ago)
Super 17 unless broly doesnt use ki blasts
Delvin chung (3 years ago)
android 17 was probably lying when he said he only used less than half his strength because he is very arrogant
Gabriel Paintz (3 years ago)
0:34 Piccolo Was First To Try . But First To Die
Gabriel RM (3 years ago)
prgreeneyes (3 years ago)
I think kid Trunks is stronger then teen Trunks when he first arrived here is why. Kid Trunks is close to 18 in turns of power, also this 18 is stronger then the one from teen Trunk's timeline, teen Trunks struggled with a weaker 18 and was no match againts the stronger 18 but I doubt kid Trunks trained as hard as teen Trunks did, so what does this mean?
Kuririnite (3 years ago)
+prgreeneyes it means 18 is stronger than kid Trunks.
shokkazuluman (3 years ago)
Here's a question. How strong was Bardock?
sidhaarth ln (3 years ago)
I think future anime movie gohan is equal to super Piccolo/1 android
Sanjae Uchiha (3 years ago)
Honestly taking the manga into consideration i'd have to put young teen trunks at around 50000-60000 in base
Kogeki Horuganko (3 years ago)
I would put Early Teen Trunks at 48,000 and him as a Super Saiyan at 2,400,000. (That's in the manga.) For his anime counterpart, base form 2,500,000 and as a Super Saiyan 125,000,000.
PoisionLizard (3 years ago)
+Kogeki Horuganko When Anime Future Trunks (17 years old) was punching Androids 17/18 in the face the Androids smirked and didn't even move. When Future Trunks met Post-Yardrat Goku he was confident Goku could make a difference which would mean Goku was significantly stronger than Trunks. Namek SSj Goku = 120m, Post-Zenkai = 130m, Post-Yardrat = 140m.
TheMaster1240 (3 years ago)
If in his Base form he's one million he's way stronger than the ginyu force. Ginyu himself maxed out at 130.000
Odd King (3 years ago)
Dragon ball z makes no sense sometimes tell me how Gohan can catch bullets but can't catch an earring like Boiiiiiii wtf u can travel beyond light speeds and still can't catch an earring welp Gohan just fuck up his Chance to be the ultimate fusion Gokhan or What ever u would call the fusion couldve possibly been stronger Than vegito
JerseyBoy (3 years ago)
Future trunks is stronger that kid forever trunk kid in buu saga Broly saga ect future trunks is my favorite character
Justin A (3 years ago)
Let us assume that the power level of gohan is an indicator to just how strong a properly trained half saiyan can be right outta the gate. Goku had around a 400 power level without weights although this was 4 ish years after gohan was born, but he was stronger than tien during the 23rd tournament who around this time and with 5 years of training has risen to 250 power level putting goku around 350ish during conception of gohan. Gohan's power ranged between 4 normally to 700~ sad and around 1,300 angry. That means that either an accessible power 3.5x the saiyan parent or 325x base power, but keeping it reasonable gonna say around 3.5 parent saiyan. Vegeta fresh off fighting in space and against frieza with his zenkais. He then witnessed goku turing supersaiyan for the second time and begins training to turn super saiyan himself. He may not have resorted to gravity training in the original time line though. This could be due to a lack of a second super saiyan showing up and bringing his manhood into question.  his power was around 30,000~ with the ginyu force fight. Then zenkai was able to fight with and beat jeice even though he had not slept for a few days. Rested and zenkai'd his power was at least half friezas base form conservatively so about ~265,000. After that he had krillen blast a hole in his chest and was able to an extent provide fun for frieza and outclass piccolo who was around ~1,200,000. Using his other zenkai information we can extrapolate what his power likley was. Which is around ~2,144,090. This is around 1.75% of frieza's true power. I do not think being brought back from a wish gives you a zenkai either. But let us assume that within the 4 years till the androids show up after namek his power was around ~4 million when he had trunks. That would put trunk's accessible power somewhere around ~14million angry and if his power is relative to gohan's 4 power at rest then his rest power would be about ~141,000; Super saiyan around ~7,050,000. Let's say then that gohan was about 1 ssj goku strong end of namek 150,000,000 that would put future 17 around 300,000,000 if not a bit stronger. Which even vegeta at that point would be about 200,000,000 ssj which would be grosly unprepared for both androids recap my projections Future Teen trunks - 141,000 Future Teen trunks SSJ - 7,050,000 Future Gohan - 3,000,000 Future Gohan SSJ - 150,000,000 Androids 17 & 18 (roughly half) 170,000,000 Androids 17 & 18 (Full) - 340,000,000 Future Vegeta - 4,000,000 Future Vegeta SSJ - 200,000,000 Tien - 50,000 Krillen - 34,000 Piccolo- ~10,000,000 Yamcha- 28,000
E_01 (3 years ago)
I actually got a question that I really want to know, what if Vegeta never killed Nappa?
David Gibbs (3 years ago)
You know what would be fun, what if future Trunks went back in time to when Goku was a kid and train him to become a super sayen to fight Evil King Piccolo.
unscarred (3 years ago)
He was weaker than Vegeta after the timechamber. He only thought he's stronger, but then realized that the bulky Saiyan muscles slow you down and that's why Vegeta didn't power up any further.
N097 (3 years ago)
This is so wrong on so many levels.
Dimitri Simpson (3 years ago)
You probably don't know him or played his game but asura from asura's wrath vs broly
Fredy Galeas (3 years ago)
Rafael Mott (3 years ago)
So Qaaman, due to the lack of fans listening to me when I explain my reasoning, I would request for a sort of unbiased segment on how Super Saiyan works. I believe it's an addition of 147 million power units. Of course a majority of the DBZ fans will say it's a 50x boost, but I have big reason to doubt that, so just hear me out. One reason I doubt it's a 50x boost is because Super Saiyan is because of the true limitations of the Super Saiyan. What mean is look at Trunks's timeline. When Goku died, Gohan was pretty much in the million range, and so in 13 years he'd only be at 5 million? While fighting deadly machines? I think not. Based on my own math, I'd pinpoint him at a little over 100 million base. With my version of SSJ, he'd be at 249 million, almost at 250 million, which is slightly stronger than Trunks's timeline Android 17 ( based on the fact that the main timeline androids were stronger than Trunks's androids). Even fitting with the manga, Trunks (who'd probably be slightly stronger than 2nd form Frieza) as a Super Saiyan combined with Gohan would still not be as big as 17 and 18 combined, proving that my method could be correct, but there's more. With my method, the actual SSJ boost increases as you discover the other forms like ASSJ, which explains why Gohan also couldn't beat them quickly, because he was dealing with 147 million boosts. To also note that FPSSJ doesnt reduce 'strain', but gives the full power the Saiyan could not get from not getting used to the form. I predict by the time Trunks had went to the past, if Gohan had remained alive, he could defeat the androids. In addition in the HoT movie, Gohan fended off 17 for a few seconds before going SSJ in the amusement park. Do you think someone with a PL of 5 Million is capable of blocking or dodging a single punch from someone with a power well over the 100 millions? Now I'm going to compare and contrast SSJ, Oozaru and Kaioken. If Super Saiyan was a 50x boost like all fans say, it would be strenuously straining like Kaioken, much less to mention SSJ2. Let's get this straight, Super Saiyan is energy consuming, not straining. At this point people would retaliate saying that Kaioken is a technique, whereas SSJ would be a transformation and would exempt the rule for being natural. I will now retaliate by that rule. Oozaru. It's a completely natural transformation used by Saiyans that dealt with multipliers, but the difference is when Oozarus revert, they lose consciousness from strain, with an exception of Vegeta who was capable of controlling the form. Both being transformations from the same race, had SSJ worked like that, the only Saiyans that would remain conscious after reverting would be post HBTC Goku and Gohan, due to mastering the transformation, therefore if they don't work the same way in anatomy, why would they work the same in boosts? The concept is confusing, but I'm sure once explained and looked at from an unbiased perspective, people would understand. Even after I put up an impressive counter to the 50x thing, if it still isn't satisfying that it isn't a 50x boost, Toriyama (aka the creator of Dragon Ball/Z/Kai/Super in case some fans didn't know) himself stated that Super Saiyan didn't work at that concept, in which such statement was blasphemously ignored by the public. Now, I'm not asking for you to agree with it, but to at least recognize it and maybe place out a legitimate argument against it. Now if it changes your perspective, that's okay too. Maybe the fans would listen to you, after all you do seem to know your stuff. Just a request to think about, is all.
JaymanC13 (3 years ago)
Why such a odd increase in power? 147 million? The reason why Gohan in the future timeline gained so little power was because he never got to enter the HBTC which is a years worth of training in one day, he never trained with Goku, and he no good sparring partner, Trunks being to weak to give Gohan a challenge.
PandaUrine (3 years ago)
What if Frieza never existed in the dbz universe? JUST FRIEZA, king cold and cooler would still be alive. Any thoughts?
DTO (3 years ago)
+Qaamans Land If you could make a video on this, this would be amazing but i'm very confused towards the strength of Master Roshi in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' the reason I am so confused is in the fight scene between Frieza's army, Master Roshi seems to be putting up a very good fight against a large amount of Frieza's Soldier's yet how could Master Roshi do this when his power level is around 139 (when bulma checked it on the scouter in the Saiyan Saga) I know this isn't his Max power but surely at Max power he can't be stronger than Freiza's men. Frieza's men have an average power level of 1,300? I would just like your opinion on this as I've heard a few people mention that in the movie Master Roshi announces that he was training secretly, but all I want is your opinion towards it.
Justin Jackson (3 years ago)
This is a good question. Power level is important, but it is not everything. Master Roshi is just that skilled to be able to defeat enemies that are three times stronger - power level wise than him because of his martial arts expertise.
DragonBall Naruto (3 years ago)
Hej Qaaman can you do What if gotenks transformed into a ssj against Fat buu
Jonathan Langham (3 years ago)
Something to talk about: What if Raditz joined the Z Fighters? Now this seems a bit odd, but if they beat down Raditz without actually killing him, it's possible that the assault by Vegeta and Nappa might have turned him 'good', because, most likely, Vegeta would discard Raditz just like he did Nappa. He'd likely still be cruel, as Vegeta once was, but over time, Raditz might have changed. With two full-blooded Saiyans on the Z-Fighters' side from this early point, I feel this would have a MASSIVE impact on future events.
QmanPlayz YT (3 years ago)
Hey qaaman can u discuss of why bardock didn't get revived when they wished for everyone who have been killed by frieza and his men
Lord Popo (3 years ago)
Not as strong as me...
Misha (3 years ago)
What if raditz and nappa returned? Would they want revenge on goku and vegeta for contributing to their causes of death, or would they get over it because goku "killed" (I guess also trunks being vegetas son finishing him off as well) and would they just join goku and vegeta?
unscarred (3 years ago)
+Illidan Stormrage *Vegeta
unscarred (3 years ago)
+Misha Well in a filler Vegetables killed Nappa again.
Misha (3 years ago)
Killed frieza I mean.
Seth Perez (3 years ago)
+Agent Coulson if u look at Dragonball wiki and vegito1089 it does state that future androids were 420,000,000 even if u use db multiplier... lol I'm so late on that comment
Dreaming Of Darkness (3 years ago)
+Seth Perez lol
Seth Perez (3 years ago)
+Agent Coulson​ sorry wrong agent coulson
Dreaming Of Darkness (3 years ago)
...what do you mean? When did I ask about this?
ッChris (3 years ago)
Its funny how teen trunks is actually current dragonball super Trunks should look like
Q (3 years ago)
You forget how trunks single handendly  defeated Android 18 and 17.
JaymanC13 (3 years ago)
Yeah...but that was after he trained for over a year with Vegeta in the HBTC, makes sense.
Ace Martiney (3 years ago)
Hmmm kind of hard to say they said that the androids were weaker in future trunks time then in the regular dbz timeline he was capable of reaching ssj2 not to long after he defeated the andriods an cell in first form in his on timeline though
1984Akeem (3 years ago)
HOW STRONG IS MR. POPO? I know... it seems a silly question...
Coin Flip (3 years ago)
DB is turning pretty gay.
Niv Wong (3 years ago)
trunks was not a super saiyan before gohan died, both anime and manga
Ricky Elliott (3 years ago)
Weren't the Andrioids in the future stronger then the main time line anyways?
JaymanC13 (3 years ago)
Reverse. The main timeline has the stronger androids and the future had the weaker androids.
MrETV20 (3 years ago)
The more I think about it the more obsurd it seems that after ALL the training and being naturally superior physical specimens somehow some loony doctor managed to create freaking 18 or more "androids" capable of taking on and defeating the Z fighters hell even a super saiyan is a stretch for me considering the feats of strength gokus base form can do MULTIPLYING as a ss oh and keeping 18s women parts completely in check? I know it's anime but really...A SPACE EMPEROR ANDROID HAD NO CHANCE AGAINST A SS but a earth android? Nevermind!
Gotenks Jr (3 years ago)
He's one you can have fun with as you like doing this Food for thought things. How would Nappa surviving the fight on earth affected things? Lets envision two Scenario's: Scenario 1: Vegeta opts to not kill him and leaves the planet with him. Scenario 2: Vegeta still prepares to kill him, however Goku finds a way to prevent Vegeta from doing so, whether it be by moving Nappa out of the blast, or by stopping the attack itself. (Not going to pretend scenario 1 or 2 will make much difference but lets face it Vegeta does eventually soften VERY slowly over time)
Jason Cutugno (3 years ago)
What if Gohan was able to kill Raditz?
JaymanC13 (3 years ago)
Well then Goku would train with the rest of the z fighters in order to prepare for the battle with the saiyans, they would either way due to Goku being much weaker then if he trained with King Kai and not knowing the kaio-ken or spirit bomb would mean Goku would lose and Earth would die.
Achille12345 (3 years ago)
Future Teen Trunk might be weaker, but he was way cooler. ;p
backwardsrrip (3 years ago)
You should make one on the crazy power boost on namek. Vegeta getting a sensu bean after being beaten by recoome later takes a nap then is on par with first form freiza?piccolo so weak on earth goes train on king Kai planet(not 100 times gravity) joins body with nail then becomes stronger than second form freiza? Goku MAX 180,000 gets a coulple of zenki boost and is up there with final form frieza? Namek wasn't consistent at all? Please talk about this
KingRexWest (3 years ago)
What if tien was a sayian?
本当のもの (3 years ago)
Much weaker than super sayin gohan  and the androids so a power level 130000000
本当のもの (3 years ago)
+Qaamans Land  Late teen trunks
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+Randy Reed who are you referring to early or late teen trunks?
本当のもの (3 years ago)
In the anime
Milk Nar (3 years ago)
Don't use power levels like of course he's in the millions almost everyone is in the millions considering Frieza in his second form was about a million an at this point krillin may be able to fight him while tien would be able to murder him
Milk Nar (3 years ago)
Do a video on what would happen if cell had absorbed android 18 before 17 would the semi perfect cell be different?
El Charrua (3 years ago)
how strong is gt trunks...When baby tried to control him he seemed to have forced him out by going ssj2..Or was that just a design flaw..
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+Jean Rosa Definitely stronger than at least teen trunks but I say weaker than future trunks considering he stopped training
nicholas love (3 years ago)
Trunks almost about android 19 power who was stronger than freiza so his power level max out around 2.2/3.2 mill.. Just my estimate nobody don't get mad at
nicholas love (3 years ago)
+Qaamans Land teen future trunks the one that killed freiza. Gt trunks max out prolly 1.7/2.3 range
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+nicholas love but im unsure which trunks your speaking about
(PLEASE LIKE THIS SO QUAMAN CAN SEE!!!) Quaman, dude, I have a theory (or the basis of one) that I NEED you to please cover. Okay so here's how it goes... Trunks, out of grief for future Gohan, takes the time machine after killing 17, 18, and imperfect cell, and goes back to another timeline where Gohan has not yet lost his arm, saves them both, kills the androids and cell, then goes back. Do you think this is possible, and if so what would happen afterwards? -Your loyal fan and fellow otaku, epic.
+Qaamans Land I guess that makes sense, I've just been watching the sad scene a lot so I thought he could have tried it out of grief... Well thanks for replying either way, and keep these videos coming. I give it another year or two before you hit 1 million, tops. Btw If you ever need a theory to cover, this one's always there. After all, with time travel, anything's possible.
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+Riley Wilson He could but quite frankly it would be unnecessary considering it would create a vivergence in a time with and without his mother.
KingRexWest (3 years ago)
how effective would the devilmite beam or mafuba technique be against the dbz villians
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+KingRexWest I assume very effective
xMurkNx (3 years ago)
What if the Androids killed Future Teen Trunks or Chi-Chi, would Future Gohan be able to increase his power from being enraged enough to go SSJ2 or be strong enough to beat the androids?
JaymanC13 (3 years ago)
Maybe, would he be stronger the. The androids? Yeah I would think so.
DeAndre Wilson (3 years ago)
Make a vid on. "What if Frieza killed Gohan, instead of Krillin?"
DeAndre Wilson (3 years ago)
I believe Goku also would've killed Frieza instead of holding back and allowing him to achieve 100%.
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+DeAndre Wilson hmm, it probably wouldn't change much goku would still fight and go super saiyan the only difference is krilling would carry piccolo back to the ship assuming piccolo isn't killed.
jo Ben (3 years ago)
Future trunks... Straight up probably just about the best character in DBZ or at least close.
Wisemankugel Memicus (3 years ago)
So,based off this video,I'd place Teen Trunks at Anime: 1,000,000 (Super Saiyan: 50,000,000) Manga: 30,000 (super saiyan: 1,500,000)
DevonDude (3 years ago)
In both the Manga and Anime, Trunks must've increased his power SO much before coming to the past.Especially basing it on what you guys said, ( I agree) it took Trunks several years to be as strong as Goku when he transformed into a Super Saiyan for the first time which is crazy. At the same time, Trunks didn't have any of the resources Goku did and considering his age took a considerably shorter amount of time to reach that power level.
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+DevonDude exactly which I find very surprising but the estimates speak for themselves
Hey qaaman can you do a video on what if goku never learned the spirit bomb
soutpansa (3 years ago)
I wanted this for so long
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+soutpansa =)
Black Titan (3 years ago)
ss4 gogeta vs beerus?
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+Millz093 gogeta for the reasons dragon ball nation explained
Bj Raichu (3 years ago)
When Goku went false ssj against Lord Slug do you think that Goku is as strong as his first ssj for power level?
Black Titan (3 years ago)
what about adult future trunks?
Blue Army (3 years ago)
Would future trunks timeline be one of the other universes beerus talked about ?
@Infxze (3 years ago)
+Qaamans Land  can you make a video on what if gohan went ssjg, ssgss? do you think he would be stronger than goku and vegeta because gohan is already stronger than a ssj3 goku just in his base because of his potential being unleased. im not using legit multipliers but say goku base = 1, goku ssj3 = 3,gohan base = 3 or 4,  and with ssjg u get a just say a x5 multiplier so goku = 5, gohan would be 15? would gohan really be that strong?
Morti Vitae (3 years ago)
Qaaman, you should have a segment on "What is the ACTUAL purpose of the sensu beans and what can/can't they heal?"
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+Charles Yzenski ill do a thought for talk on it.
YoutubeShinobi (3 years ago)
qaanman can you help me channel plz i'm kinda new at this
Gamingvskevin (3 years ago)
Hey quaman, I have a question for you. Was piccolo a better father figure than goku?
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+Gamingvskevin No and Im saying that being COMPLETELY unbiased
mcpucabre (3 years ago)
Can someone answer me this. If future trunks could go back multiple times like shown when he came back after defeating the androids why didn't he just ask goku to take him to namek or ask dende to come with him to future and make new dragon balls and wish back the z fighters . I know the earth's dragon had a limitation of 1 year span after witch you couldn't wish back someone but dende's dragon doesn't so why didn't he just do that?
mcpucabre (3 years ago)
Oh ok thank you :D
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+mcpucabre he doesn't want to diverge the timeline that early as it could cause a chain of unknown events
Dwight Baker (3 years ago)
Does the hole world like Hercules or just the people in his city
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+Dwight Baker It's assumed he's a popular figure
AWESOMESTEVIE27 (3 years ago)
Freza's second form is a million
AsgUnlimited (3 years ago)
+Qaamans Land Hey Qaaman, what would happen if Piccolo used the multiform technique and then used the Namekian Fusion, Fusion Dance or used the Patara Earings?
Wisp (3 years ago)
havent been around for a while but loving the new mic!
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+Wisp thanks
I’m retarded, but (3 years ago)
Do you know the age of all/ or some of the characters in dbz?
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+just shawn I have a general idea but I don't memorize ages
Quincy Cambrel (3 years ago)
Can you please review this power level chart? There are so many problems with it. http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Forum:The_real_MOST_ACCURATE_list_of_power_levels
Steve H (3 years ago)
Who do you think is going to win the Finals Quaaman?
Steve H (3 years ago)
+Qaamans Land Please call out Lebron for his traveling violations :()
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+UGA Dawgs Warriors. i may do a final review just to see the amount of reception
Normality I (3 years ago)
Future Trunks is awesome. 'Nuff said.
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+Normality I I agree
King Breloom (3 years ago)
King Piccolo, according to the Daizesnhuu 7, has a power level of 260, that is, the strength of a small nuclear bomb.
King Breloom (3 years ago)
On recalculation, he would be equal to 45-75 nuclear bombs according to the games, which is even more stupidly ridiculous.
King Breloom (3 years ago)
That would mean that Guldo, would be equivalent to the power of more than 20 small nuclear bombs. Can you make a video explaining this?
123beserk (3 years ago)
1. What if Piccolo defeated android 17 before cell arrived and how would that impact the future. 2.Why did Goku SSGSS get mortally wounded by a Lazer beam rifle(spoiler) in fukatsu no f when he has taken much more damage than that regardless if his guard is down or not. 3.Are Dbz characters Faster than Light in combat speed 4. What if Vegeta died when he fought the saiyans on earth and how would that affect what happens on namek
123beserk (3 years ago)
+ToxicFlame707 1. i think piccolo might have been able to pull it off but yes he would have been defeated by 18 but he would have ruined cells plans to become perfect. 3. raditz what..the english dub had a mistranlations
PoisionLizard (3 years ago)
+123beserk 1. Piccolo was sweating and panting while 17 was not short of breath in the slightest, the chances of Piccolo beating 17 were slim. If Piccolo did kill 17 it'd have to be with all of his energy, after that Piccolo would be open to attack from even the likes of Yamcha, so Android 18 would kill Piccolo. Imperfect Cell would see 17's corpse and self-destruct. 2. Because he was also tired from fighting Frieza, he did use a good amount of energy for that Kamehameha that was meant to finish Frieza. 3. Raditz 4. Quaaman made a video on that
Wolf-75 123 (3 years ago)
Qaaman make you own power level list.
Fernando Morales (3 years ago)
Why dint the sayans from planet vegeta were revived since frieza killed them b/c mr.popo wished for all that we're killed by frieza and his men
Brich Xx (3 years ago)
Are we going to see vegtio
Young Jadoe (3 years ago)
How to start a argument in dbz: Kid buu is stronger than super buu
Dasavien Dennison (6 days ago)
+Qaaman that didn't age well my friend 🤣🤣🤣
Kung Fu Granny (3 years ago)
i really thought this might bring up a discussion about it, but it seems people rather might discuss about what might bring up a discussion :o
Goku (3 years ago)
Or SP Cell is stronger than SSJ2 Gohan
PoisionLizard (3 years ago)
+Sniper Jay Broly is stronger than SS3 Goku
Michael Key (3 years ago)
+deadp gtav Even better, only say these 3 words: GT is canon!
Ariq Quach (3 years ago)
+Qaamans Land for discussion do what if Goku survived PIccolos special beam cannon?
chaos HONEY Down (3 years ago)
I have never read the manga of dbz before but have watched the anime a load of times. Is there any point in ever reading it? Or do you think I should give it a try since I kinda want to since you mention alot of things about it I don't know.
Juan Salomon (3 years ago)
I have a question I hope you do this who would be stronger freiza or cell I would like you to say like first form second form ect, but if you want you can just say they're strongest form
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+Juan Salomon Cell is much stronger but if you include FNF then Frieza
TheAGamer (3 years ago)
Hey Guys pls help me all the Dlc packs won't work (PS4)
TheAGamer (3 years ago)
okay Thx for anwsering
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+TheAGamer Only have a pc sorry
Ludvig _ (3 years ago)
What if all the Z-figters enterd one Tenkatchi Budokai with the same power level, who would win?
Aditya Nayak (3 years ago)
What if future trunks died and gohan went ssj2?
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+Aditya Nayak He would still lose to the androids considering ssj2 is a multiplier of 2 and 17 said he used less than half of his power when he fought gohan
LastGREATEST (3 years ago)
What if Frieza would have killed Gohan? Would Goku care? He went super saiyan because he didnt think Krillin would come back but if he knows Gohan would be able to come back would he care enough to transform? Would Piccolo go super namek god if Gohan is killed? if Piccolo was killed again infront of Gohan woyld he have awaken super saiyan?
CheapsKate (3 years ago)
my problem with the anime part of this is that the future androids as stated in the anime are much weaker than the 17 and 18 that goku and the rest of them fight which means you can't use the to compare future trunks with the current day fighters when there against androids. i couldn't comment on the manga i'm not fond of manga. anyway still enjoyed the video.
What if Vegeta instantly found out about the dragonball that Gohan had when Vegeta encountered him for the first time on planet Namek?
Machiyuu-gaming (3 years ago)
+Some Ninja Guy I guess Gohan would die and everything would be screwy
Bakir AL-Fetlawi (3 years ago)
Can you pleasr make a video about your assumption on whether or not Future Trunks can go Super Saiyan 2 and if so when exactly do you think he could, basically a prediction.
Bakir AL-Fetlawi (3 years ago)
I meant when exactly after the cell saga do you think he achieved it how many months/years of training would it take without a partner for Trunks to achieve ssj2
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+Bakir AL-Fetlawi Im sure he can go ssj2 theoretically but we don't know if he ever achieved it
qbonumber1 (3 years ago)
I never thought about it, but Qaamans you have a really sweet intro.
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+qbonumber1 thanks
Sly Cooper (3 years ago)
Damn Trunks why u so weak gotta watch this again
Huzaifa Ahmed (3 years ago)
+King Breloom *Demon* King Piccolo
King Breloom (3 years ago)
Considering that King Piccolo, accordin to the Daizesnhuu 7, is as powerful as a small nuke, it would mean Guldo would be equal to more than 20 nukes. Considering that trunks super Saiyan is up to par with 3rd form frieza, he is well over the power of 120 small nuclear bombs in comparison. So yes, he is strong.
Red Hood (3 years ago)
whts the song at 2:15
Dead Account (3 years ago)
It's Hikari no Willpower.
Sly Cooper (3 years ago)
its from a dragonball z video game I think final bout or something
William DeLucio (3 years ago)
Hey Quaaman, what if, in the original Dragon Ball, Tambourine ambushed Goku instead of Krillin? Would Goku survive? Or would Krillin have to take on King Piccolo?
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+William DeLucio Hard to tell I think he may survive but it's a stretch
태선우TaeSunWoo (3 years ago)
Discussion prompts: 1How does fusion thought process works? 2.And female super saiyan analysis. 3. Do you think Future Trunks make a comeback in Dragon Ball Super(he might since he wrote a letter to present Bulma before the events of Resurrection of F) and his effect on present kid/teen trunks and the other characters. 4. Your thoughts on Bra/Bulla and her role in Dragon Ball Super. Really hope you and your squad can tackle at least one of these, thanks in advance and thank you for your vids and pooling more interest in the dragon ball community.
Qaaman (3 years ago)
+Steffon Foster 1. Not sure but ill think of it. 2. Check out my old video on can pan and bulla turn super saiyan 3. He might but it's hard to tell 4. I don't think they will have a big role to be honest

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