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Jaja aka Lady Tight Eyez vs Gurl Maddhulk/Girl Option | Realm 2014

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Jaja aka Lady Eyez "The Realm" preslection Lady Eyez vs Gurl Maddhulk battle The Raw / The Realm January 3rd & 4th, 2014 For more videos and the whole preslection go to http://www.youtube.com/officialtighteyez Gurl Maddhulk/Girl Option (Brazil) Jaja aka Lady Tight Eyez (Czech republic/USA) - winner Twitter, Instagram @jajavankova Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/jajavankova http://www.youtube.com/officialtighteyez IaMmE & Street Kingdom
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Text Comments (127)
Louis Mcarthur (2 months ago)
I see why she is called lady tight eyes she is literally the female version of the original tight eyez
Pegasson (3 months ago)
Nikdy bych nečekal, že holka z české kotliny dobjije Ameriku v krumpu. Mám husinu, když ji vidím. Tohle je prostě něco jiného. Super jsou její animace nebo popping a hiphop. Freestyle mám taky moc rád, protože se tam prolínají všechny styly. No na tom je vidět, jak univerzální Jája je. No ale krump mě dostal. A Jáje tenhle styl zatraceně sedí. Let's go Lady Tight Eyez :-)
bekti dwinanto (11 months ago)
Gurl maddhulk i love u...
katera brown (1 year ago)
Like krumping yaya way better 😂😍😍😍😍
max g (1 year ago)
Can't belive how amazing she is !!! Every opponent is weak comparing to jaja, this is an other level!! Keep it going JAJA :)
OMG789 (1 year ago)
was this the final battle or did she face one more person? if so, who was it?
Amadou tranvan (1 year ago)
Salut je suis danseuse de nationalité. Sénégalaise j'ai. Vu l'affiche. Et je suis intéressé je voudrais savoir les formalités pour y participer
Jean Garcia (2 years ago)
i don't know Maddhulk... but in this battle she has no musicality. JaJa is a murder!
Jaja actually looked like she knew what she was doing the other girl was just jumping around in my opinion
Naiihrr Dryden-Mason (2 years ago)
I can totally see why she's called Maddhulk
kingjames3570 (2 years ago)
Not even close Jaja smoked this girl
Mary Langi (2 years ago)
ahhh hell yeah jaja won ... she was on a whole another level.
John Deathspell (2 years ago)
this bitch don't last long though lame! nonstop is more interesting of them all! female dytto too jaja does 1-maybe 3 minutes! les twins, fik-shun nonstop go longer harder and are guys this jaja should be able but can't! jaja gasses out way fast though even slow robot shit she can't do it long
Game Face (2 years ago)
Beast Mode.... Engaged >:)
Breyanna Graves (3 years ago)
the both sexy 😍😍😍😍
JLUPE (3 years ago)
Lol that other girl look like she samurai krumping. Jaja takes the W
NevTheDeranged (3 years ago)
Those were both pretty great.
cdwadams (3 years ago)
Why does it seem like Jaja gets more respect from men the women?
kingjames3570 (2 years ago)
cdwadams Jaja is a total badass she was taught very well
TheStrawbeery (3 years ago)
+cdwadams If that being the case just be supportive that's all why is it that hard? It's all about being supportive,even if they can't do it.
cdwadams (3 years ago)
I think it more the fact that it's hard to be a girl in a male dominated field & they all know they can't do what she does.
TheStrawbeery (3 years ago)
+cdwadams Hate comes naturally from women
TheStrawbeery (3 years ago)
The girl in the pink jacket looks like Satan sister clearly she's a hater and girl madhulk is not on lady tight eyez level.
Raadhe Don (3 years ago)
jaja best
Kvng Navaeh (3 years ago)
All Dat Fallin Onna Flore Was Not Call For
DJ HIliteZ (3 years ago)
her opponent with the red sleeves has a body like a man o_O
Indigo Ray (4 years ago)
Brandon Johnson (4 years ago)
What was the name of the track on 0:06 that jaja was krumpin to on the first song
Keynitra Houston (4 years ago)
Love the energy in this battle
LoyalLogic (4 years ago)
Both ladies did Great, I mean just Excellent !! Hope to see more of them out there dancing and getting it in!!
PauloPiccoly (4 years ago)
GURL MADDHULK !! Aqui é BRASIIIL !! Barbara lima é o TERROR DO BAILE !! ;)
Dang, girl in front row in pink, her face might crack if she showed any more disdain.
Reanu Keeves (3 years ago)
Next to the girl in the hoodie? Both sitting down on chairs? I think that's how she looks normally, it doesn't look like a face that's trying to put out a emotion. She naturally looks like that I think lol
Naiihrr Dryden-Mason (4 years ago)
Gurl was just jumping alover the place. Krumping is more than just thrashing. It's a lot more controlled than it seems.
MilkBookPro (4 years ago)
that girl in red shirt dances like she's in some screamo metal band. bitch GTFO. LOL
Mr. Exclusive (4 years ago)
OK that went hard, this was lady tight eyez best shit. Thas wassup keep the movement alive.
dotty man (4 years ago)
fckin love you jaja!!!<3
Abztract Isight (4 years ago)
That was awesome, thanks for posting.  I love watching the girls dance.
Ir0n Zulu (4 years ago)
Jaja Vankova is on another level. Such body control. Salute 
Charlie HustleHard (4 years ago)
Brian Toombs (4 years ago)
maddhulk! =)
Big Slimm (4 years ago)
Jaja got that one, hands down!
Rakloro (4 years ago)
Jaja Vankova is something like Les Twins - when I watch them battle I skip the opponent as theres no point loosing my time watching them, skip straight to the action!
That is exactly how i do it when watching the the two, les twins and JAJA !
VisionaryVibe02 (4 years ago)
Lady eyez vs miss prissy
Deijah Wyatt (4 years ago)
my krumping name is cyborg from teen titans
Deijah Wyatt (4 years ago)
i krump with my friends reggie michael king pin josh joesph christian at the disneyland
TheVenomz (4 years ago)
culture. pure culture. living out in colorado springs, there are just some things i don't get to experience anymore. hip hop is live and well around the world. i miss the culture.
Tom Ben (4 years ago)
Wow. Nejlepší Tanečnice ever!! A k tomu z ČECH!!
Dujean Williams (4 years ago)
Chocolate ThunderBear (4 years ago)
Bucky from S. Korea is the best. Sorry girls...
Jazz Flow (4 years ago)
can someone please tell me the title of this trackx
dida079 (4 years ago)
The other girl needed to use the floor to show skills...Jaja owned the floor standing!
kassan williams (4 years ago)
My bad but lady tight eyez is thick anyways she killed it lol sexy ass
Abiade Bandele (4 years ago)
We are always creating styles then letting everyone in and white folks steal ut and capitalize off of it. They stole rock n roll, blues, jazz, heavy metal and now they are stealing hip hop and r&b. Black folks don't seem to ever learn. The delusion of inclusion. and btw krump is an outlet to communicate with the Afrikan Gods now it is commercial!
elitedw12 (4 years ago)
Gtfo of here with that foolishness
Darren Banks (4 years ago)
lol... The creators of krump disagree with you..
Irving None (4 years ago)
Your point, Professor?
HybOj (4 years ago)
+Sean Campbell  man... there are exceptioons, but in general, for example black ppl run and jump better, thats why they rule in Olymics (sprints, marathons, jump etc). And majority of all biggest nobel discoveries in physics is made by whites. Those the examples u can actually measure. Whats ur problem? Think about my opinion istead of projecting some racist bullshit on me man, Im not racist nor supremacist nor any kind of same ideology please  
Sean Campbell (4 years ago)
+HybOj my grammar was not incorrect. There wasn't anything else to say. One could argue this all day but clearly you are not great with logic. You'll say black males are better at football I'll rebuttal then how is Peyton, JJ Watt, Jordy Nelson, Gronk leading the way this year in stats. Nobody is better at something because they are a color. It's all about work ethic. I was a white point guard, oh hey so is Steve Nash. One of the best passers in the last decade. Two time mvp? You're a clown.
bigjonkaine (4 years ago)
I am charging Jaja with first degree murder. She straight killed it!
De4dByD4wn (5 years ago)
Good god, woman... It aint just that she hits SO hard, SO clean & is SO versitile, its her personality shining through that sets her apart. Jaja, you are straight BUCK.
JGally (5 years ago)
Look at the little kid on the right loosing his mind lol
bohdy en Ohry Rottier (5 years ago)
So sick and dope!
Ed Ryan (5 years ago)
Jaja YOU KILLED IT!! much loveee! All hail Lady Eyez Queen of Krump!!
The Rafael Show (5 years ago)
Lets get it JaJa
MrDarrel100 (5 years ago)
JAJA!!!! love love love that girl
BigTymeDancer (5 years ago)
whats the name of the song they battle to?
Howard Pak (5 years ago)
BigTymeDancer (5 years ago)
jaja you are one of my fav dancers. i never get bored watching you just go all the way off. your moves are so crispy
Herbs (5 years ago)
That was so heavy Jajaaaa!
Jekhari Lovett (5 years ago)
alajauan lewis (5 years ago)
She wasn't playing no games .. Damnnn
shortboypinoy (5 years ago)
It must be just me, but I was looking at their arms and there were some parts of Maddhulk didn't know what to do with her arms. She had a strong opening but it didn't hold up for the 2nd half.
gbotic (5 years ago)
Good popping foundation = good hits
Forever Tupou (5 years ago)
i love krump man!!!!!!!!!
Jourdan Williams (5 years ago)
Wow, I cannot say who I think is better because they are both so very talented.
Dre Dotcom (5 years ago)
Dre Dotcom (5 years ago)
Yaya sick as hell!!!!
KurtTaglinao (5 years ago)
Fck Jaja you went off!!!
Tahlele (5 years ago)
The other girl was amazing but jaja was too clean! I've never seen such clean hits in krumping! Mah gawd! Every move she hit precisely! Mah manz is a frickin exacto knife on the dance floor
Jonathan Leodhuvaphan (5 years ago)
Intro was Nassty
Alex Del Rona (5 years ago)
she's going harder everytime
VikaSchokotorte (5 years ago)
JAJA killed it!
riesso echoral (5 years ago)
Jaja^^^^too buck for a female mane.
D LocK (5 years ago)
If i could krump like anyone it'd be jaja
Alexander Mishtenkov (5 years ago)
u r animal JaJa !!! keep it up !!!
VeniceTrojan (5 years ago)
that is eyez behaviour! wow so live
Aliah Zabidin (5 years ago)
Jaja is not a human!!
xxxJY (5 years ago)
Wow..no words..you killed it!! ♥
clubOrange (5 years ago)
shit you both went OFF This is amazing progress since your first krump video!
Kaybs (5 years ago)
Diana Laura Sanchez (5 years ago)
breaknecks (5 years ago)
Chills all over.
Dominic B. (5 years ago)
"What?! What?!" My ass Jaja kills the female comp.
Gabriel Francisco (5 years ago)
That shit was banananananas....excellent battle and correct decision.
Brent Toledo (5 years ago)
culloscrach (5 years ago)
Jaja/Lady Eyez was great! Girl Maddhulk was ok. Her round in the beginning was good, but it shortly died down.
Kurt Wylde (5 years ago)
I swear Jaja. Any type of style that you learn, You accomplish it very Well.....If that makes since
Viry Sandoval (5 years ago)
You so good <3
B-boy URB (5 years ago)
Novacane (5 years ago)
Seriously how can you beat that 
Anuar Zamora De León (5 years ago)
awesome job +JAJAvankova you did it great! just.. wow
Chocolate Moose (5 years ago)
Uhm, not gonna lie, the other girl looked like she was just convulsing. Jaja looked like she was actually krumping. XD
Anthony Deas (5 years ago)
ooooooo that went way to hard shivers all down the spine
Gary Savage (5 years ago)
Omg. Jaja is too crucial. She got off.
Vito Martinez (5 years ago)
HungryDylan (5 years ago)
Psst, hey, Jaja, theres none here, reply to me *psst* *hey*
Sergio Garcia (5 years ago)
Awesomeeee💜 I love you Jaja
Rueben Redvibe (5 years ago)
Best dancing I've seen in along time. Love you and your crew

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