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TRANS - BEWBS?! | Girls React | TRANSformers

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***Please keep strong opinions on feminism, racism, equality, etc, to yourself. *** If you are easily offended please DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO. This is just a reaction montage. This video pokes fun at the topics. We are here to have fun and laugh and hopefully you can see the humor in this video. Click here and Join the Nerd Herd now! ► http://bit.ly/WGPSUB Check Out FlashGitz Transformers Video ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg0D1PpgCXs&t=5s Transformers website ► http://transformers.hasbro.com/en-us YouTube Rewind ► https://youtu.be/S6_svtwqTfo 2016 Bloopers ► https://youtu.be/fwD4qSFyHvI Get a NERD HERD SHIRT! ► http://watchgirlsplay.ecrater.com/ REACT VIDEOS ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLomW8DYDLvf8sp9xHv7wM369MlYw7FbQe CHALLENGE VIDEOS ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLomW8DYDLvf_xQNpbq-Rli3pOuPzXbgHM GAMING VIDEOS ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLomW8DYDLvf9hOAePE2HPtP7BJE9auJvM Mail to us! ► PO BOX 18729 Salem, OR 97305 Website ► http://watchgirlsplay.wix.com/watch-girlsplay Merch ► http://watchgirlsplay.spreadshirt.com/ Instagram ► http://instagram.com/watchgirlsplay Twitter ► https://twitter.com/WatchGirlsPlay Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/Watchgirlsplay Twitch ► www.twitch.tv/watchgirlsplay Thanks to all of you watching!
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Text Comments (1435)
Still a better Transformers story than a Michael Bay movie.
Total Noob (2 months ago)
Alterss Bot (3 months ago)
Transformers. More (down there) than meets the eye
Maple Sappy (3 months ago)
better than anything he couldve every dreamed of with any portion of his brain
Eric Just A Sinner (4 months ago)
" i am sexy"
Tia Aaron (2 days ago)
05:58 And I'm idiot shaming you now.
Tia Aaron (2 days ago)
I feel some of them could see the truth in that video but they were afraid to voice their opinions.
Celestial Dragon (4 days ago)
Autubots roll out
thiccsnake_45 • (5 days ago)
4;54 " life of a being a women is hard " is it though, is it you dumb bitch , try getting kicked in the balls maybe that'll reshape your bullshit
Jet Bear Person (8 days ago)
Bumble Bee for taking action and getting that dented thicc ass
Moonlight 1567 (12 days ago)
I wonder if optimus prime will get a pair of his own too. then it will even the playing field and I hope for a crazy pillow in the end.
awesome ave1 (14 days ago)
Why do most of these girls look like the bad kind of thots?
Love Wolves (18 days ago)
5:30 confuse girl
Ethan Maresch (22 days ago)
I lost it when I saw the police transformer shot the black guy
Josh Kearse (23 days ago)
The cop car killing the black man tho jeez
MEMESTARHIPHOP (26 days ago)
Women couldn't understand this joke even though it's plain out
Mary Venuto (26 days ago)
Craig Robertson (27 days ago)
Its still funny no matter how corupt you are
I felt the same way you girls did when I first saw this it was wrong and messed up and my favorite was Optimus Prime
Lawrence Grott (29 days ago)
Can whamen be any dumber?
The real F.B.I (1 month ago)
Sums up 2016 pretty much
TheInternetIsConfusing (1 month ago)
6:37 I like how the prettiest one is also the least toxic
Emilio LT (1 month ago)
This channel's name is false, women gamers dont exist
Gilbert Uy (1 month ago)
*what has just transformers become?*
Naz Huron (1 month ago)
My favret tranformer is bumbelbee
Aaron1 (1 month ago)
my favorite is Optimus prime and Bumblebee
Time-War-Productions (1 month ago)
I love how they're all average gamer girls and not to mention Feminists lol...
INOF (1 month ago)
This video just screams feminism,god I hate it
Saniah Epps-Addison (1 month ago)
This is the whorst video ever because my children watched the video
Matt Boselli (1 month ago)
Comments lighting up.!! Love this
dnx 006 (2 months ago)
woman are pathetic,made this world pathetic , world without em is better world day.
pin55head (2 months ago)
Bitches react ! What else can they do. No talent
:Merciless~187. (2 months ago)
I am black and I lost it laughing when Prowl shot Blackbot/Black Guy. LoL Grimlock with the anxiety attack in Safespace, and Bumblebee with the fa fetish for Curvebot was great to. :D
Gem Nut (2 months ago)
How they react to there own crap🤣🤣
Jacob Champagne (2 months ago)
You girls are sexy
TheSilverZodiac (2 months ago)
"what do you call it when you kill someone with your butt, what is that called?" Me:I got this assicide! Totally nailed best made-up word ever!!!!
Daniel Gurney (2 months ago)
90% of them didn't get the point
Rolland Jacobs (2 months ago)
I liked the safe space one
IRON MAIDEN (2 months ago)
There is no such thing as girl gamers who aren't lesbians
Arsenic Flask (2 months ago)
When you gotta reach 10 minutes no matter what
Jeremy Aelmans (2 months ago)
Cute Girls.
Benign Rabbit (2 months ago)
The fucked up part about it.....it is all fucking true, sad.
Lmhoanshelt (2 months ago)
ucity metalhead (2 months ago)
Don't forget the silly ben and Jerry's flavor names and the bulge in the black guys pants. 😂
FixHit (2 months ago)
Buzzfeed 2.0
Red Pandaway (2 months ago)
WTF 😱😱😱😱
Golden Eyed Tiga (2 months ago)
Attempting to care hehehehe lol
RetroDeer (2 months ago)
Why do you force it dfuq
oldmateaus (2 months ago)
The typically feminist looking person is the one with the most reasonable response
yulia volkova olegovna (2 months ago)
Bărbulescu Andrei (2 months ago)
Megatron is right!Arcee was shooting him!!!!Fucking shooting him!!
TheDroidBay (2 months ago)
She was called Ass-ee, and was pink? The Autobots beat you to the curve bot joke, decepticons
Jon Harris (2 months ago)
Tampon Megatron lmao 😆
Jacques Garoul (2 months ago)
Random honest straight male comment here: The thick chick with the gray "Attempting To Care" t-shirt and the tattoos is so fucking lovely, I want her to suffocate me with her titties 💓
Billy Bonnette (2 months ago)
You girls are the best
Iken Draves (2 months ago)
You also had relatable SATIRE
Turtle Boy (2 months ago)
These girls aren't even that hot
Sakura neko (2 months ago)
Stephanie looks like avril lavigne
Carrington Copes (2 months ago)
Yep cause Michael Bay transformers made no since... just explosion and fire explosion... And more explosion....
SuperBrentis (2 months ago)
The fact that y’all don’t realize the video is making fun of y’all is hilarious 😂
SuperBrentis (2 months ago)
Girls Play Bahahahahaha y’all are a special kind of stupid aren’t ya
Girls Play (2 months ago)
The video makes fun of SJW and other nonsense. You obv have no clue who we are. You’re part of the issue. Spreading hate without even fact checking. Move along now.
Daveed da sick (3 months ago)
I only want to fuck one of these
Capital Thrills (3 months ago)
Thanos did good, he did good
Milton Bates (3 months ago)
Goddamn these are some cringey bitches.
Down In A Mirror (3 months ago)
I wonder how they will react?!
Jamieson Pauls (3 months ago)
I'm sticking with Optimus, because he's the one who said you don't beat up a woman, or commit serious offenses, but seriously It's not okay to just be an evil psychopath with tits.
Skelepunner 745 Sans (3 months ago)
Very true chicken Bristol
Metal Head (3 months ago)
It's almost as if 'react' means talk through/over
SuaveSpyMojo (3 months ago)
Worst reaction assembly i have witnessed in my entire life. Who are these people and why are they on youtube?
Herp Derp (3 months ago)
The whole purpose of the skit was to show how stupid being PC is and to make fun of feminists and SJWs . If you took ANYTHING else away from it your genuinely retarded.
Hayley Caroline Smith (3 months ago)
Oh I'm shocked
Papasteve 5 (3 months ago)
Wtf is this Bullshit channel it's so cringe and just boring.
Arena Rat (3 months ago)
not very genuine reactions.
Arena Rat (3 months ago)
the transformers video is great, in the satirical sense only.
Arena Rat (3 months ago)
you dont even show the whole video
OnePunchBrand (3 months ago)
Øbs-Sin (3 months ago)
dislike for the overreactions, like for not being a leftist
Hufe Pufe (3 months ago)
“He shouldn’t go there”
Philip Baughen (3 months ago)
“You’re a minority, start acting like one” 😂😂
Coldblade (3 months ago)
Well if you realize that a animated Robot has more Boobs than many womans😂
Kannaletto - (3 months ago)
funny !
splatattack 03 (3 months ago)
I remember watching this and thinking, what the actual fuck
Alex Barbu (3 months ago)
That was one of my favorite Flashgitz videos, but seeing your live reaction to it was at least as good.
Machine Gamer (3 months ago)
FBI open up
William Doombot (3 months ago)
Weird girls are the best
Conor Simmonds (3 months ago)
Best part, 4:16 It’s just Megatron With Tits!
Azazel Thorne (3 months ago)
Trans-formers. . . Used to be a guy... Wait, isn't Bruised Gender a Transformer?
baka baka (3 months ago)
Feminism does nothing for women, only make them look bad.
these girls have the charisma of a raw fucking potato
Hunch Burnem (3 months ago)
Thx for giving the creators of the TRANSformers video more ammo to hit you morons with more comic gold ladies, toasters, non binary cells, ...uhhh.....wtfe you call yourselves these days.
DE M (3 months ago)
they talked so much they missed half the jokes... smh
M Rs (3 months ago)
Fuck feminism
MrIkillgamers (3 months ago)
Feminism is fucking stupid especially these girls fuck you for ruining battlefield !
Dan (3 months ago)
Trying to hard too be funny when your not is really pathetic and unwatchable. Each one was a bigger fucking moron than the last. Pure YT cancer.
CurrentlyOffline (3 months ago)
You are so much more annoying than the other cancerous channels, thinking making autistic noises makes you more hip or whatever, just take some scissors, and cut your fucking tounges out
FreezeGaming (3 months ago)
This is simply satire and sarcasm. It's clear, literally lmfao
Riley Nash (3 months ago)
Don’t want to get “slut shamed”? Then don’t be a slut.... huh, logic 101 also men and women can both be dirty sluts and either one is disgusting. Fucking anything that walks is a disease
Coswen and his Channel (3 months ago)
I'm not gonna comment. I'm not gonna comment. I'm not gonna comme-
Apple 13 Infinite (3 months ago)
"This is the most politically UNCORRECT video"
forkandknife (3 months ago)
It's funny because it's exactly how fuckin stupid feminists and SJW's are.
Tharim Ahmed (3 months ago)
These women are too cringy
El Inextricable (3 months ago)
Women with low IQ arent sexy anymore...
kaje bengston (3 months ago)
They missed the whole point of the video lmfao

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