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Text Comments (957)
GLEIPNIR BI (3 minutes ago)
Mdr quelle virilité bordel
Ishraaq Mohammed (23 minutes ago)
Hussein Halim (7 hours ago)
العراقي لايك 🤣😂😂😂
Chris Baker (8 hours ago)
I don't understand the desire to have huge number 3 on the side of the face
FatGuyonTheCouch (12 hours ago)
I don't have enough juice in my nuts to grow a beard like that.
Valmir Araujo (14 hours ago)
Foda de mais
hard Play (16 hours ago)
4:50 esse cara e o amigo do Lucas inutilismo
Aaron D (17 hours ago)
Not very many real men out there anymore we are a rare breed these days.sad to see guys spend more time on there hair then wemon do.
akuma4u (18 hours ago)
These haircuts let the world know you are a douchebag and proud of it.
wissem (19 hours ago)
I see the hair but I see no men
محمد عمر (21 hours ago)
Muha Alhmoud (22 hours ago)
Here I’ll give you a super fukin duper haircut will last for 2 days only What a shame people looking for perfection that it turned us to freaks
all country (23 hours ago)
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Dime (23 hours ago)
Soy men
Allison Holly (1 day ago)
Whatever that is called at 1:55 needs to not be a thing. It looks incredibly stupid. Having a centimeter width strip of shaved hair in the front of your head...
Askill OP (1 day ago)
Este es el ridículo que siempre me sale en Instagram!!!!
ZkReckz !! (1 day ago)
Name this song 2:07
Jai Johnson (1 day ago)
We not gonna act like ole dude didn't have a lighter in his ear for a ear ring
Dance (1 day ago)
Men ? Where ??? I only see Males
Mad Hatter (1 day ago)
Metrosexual boys is more accurate.
TazePK (1 day ago)
Is that Julian Edelman
Elias BJ (1 day ago)
Los cortes más ridículos que he visto en mí vida 😂🤣
Liam Gael (15 hours ago)
Note quedan a ti es otra 😂
Stan mas peludos.mis huevosss.
2:05 yisus v:
Mason Lanning (1 day ago)
9:36 guy has a three on his face
Veridiano Dantas (1 day ago)
Caralho que homem lindo
MR Y (1 day ago)
1:38 I'm not gay but those eyes are not normal blue damnn!
Grazi (1 day ago)
🇧🇷? 2019?
Gords 123 (1 day ago)
What’s the outro called
JoeyW74 (1 day ago)
1:30 that is one gorgeous man
Tajbir Singh Kaler (1 day ago)
1:12 Peson 1 : I always forget my lighter when i travel. Person 2 : Oh! I have mine always with me in my left ear. Person 1 : 😑 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
BORZ official Page (1 day ago)
عمالقه الحلاقين
Ly Ve (1 day ago)
3:55 handsome
ARNØM SANTANA (1 day ago)
Alguém Brasileiro por aqui?🇧🇷
MeSteve (1 day ago)
Dude had a fkin lighter in his ear
Макс Марц (1 day ago)
09:18 music???
Savi Maison (1 day ago)
akuma4u (18 hours ago)
2 douchebag lane los angeles california
ZOZO Muhammad (1 day ago)
• مـِْט مر صدفةة فليصليَ ؏ـلۍ النبي םבםב ﴿ ﷺ ﴾💛. ┆•﴿ اللهم صلِ ؏ محمد وال محمد ️♥⇣
ZOZO Muhammad (1 hour ago)
+٠ احسنت💟
٠ (2 hours ago)
اللهم صلي على مهمد وال محمد
TETO TETO (1 day ago)
الله مصلي علا سيدنة محمد
David Burke (2 days ago)
Brilliant. Best wanker-scaping I've seen. Soy for breakfast, soy for lunch, soy for dinner. Shoulda got their vaginas done at the same time.
fr3wby (2 days ago)
Remember the days beards were for men
Luis Toala (2 days ago)
Min 6:20 canción de Donato like si lo conoses
Vivi Variedade (2 days ago)
Muito legau😉😉😉
Max Ali (2 days ago)
Why those long beards they long nasty .
Tatiana Ruiz (2 days ago)
La barba del primer hombre🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Liam Gael (14 hours ago)
As de chupar pija con pelo y tienes asco de una barba 🤦‍♂️
Desmonetização (2 days ago)
Cabelin na régua
Jhonatan Gusmão (2 days ago)
Olha onde o escanor foi parar
Мужик на данный момент не тот. Ему сейчас на маникюр и причёску нужно ходить
Лучше уж отлично смотреться и поменять манера ,а не с одной и той же дэбильной челкой всю существование
Depois q lava fica uma bosta KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKL
LazyGibbon (2 days ago)
Yeah get a fade so you look like all the other fuckbois.. What ever happened to getting a decent haircut instead of these way to sharp cut beards with fades,
Taek1498 (3 days ago)
I respect that first guys mustache👌
Hamdullah Bağış (3 days ago)
1:05 reynmen hangi ara kuaför olmuş
FerVerg (3 days ago)
Hahahaha GAAAAAAAYYYYY. Thank god I am not sensitive for fashion grills and actually think people will be impressed by your fairy looking haircut(s). Just get a normal haircut and don’t make a fuzz about it, insecure douches. In reality people laugh at you behind your back and think you have a low IQ, just saying... dislike from me
Jea Green (3 days ago)
Where these people at .. cutting hair like that 😳da fuk!!? I NEED A CUT LIKE that FACTS
Armed Astronaut JM-83 (3 days ago)
Too funny, I'm calling these peps circussoleibroadwaybarbers.
Alyssa K (3 days ago)
1:30 oh my word. Clicked so fast because of him
DeleosVlogs (3 days ago)
9:33 UN TREH!
Bella Robertson (3 days ago)
1:48 is such a gorgeous man😍😍😍
hehe xd (3 days ago)
1:04 tyler 1 lol
Xavier Roca (3 days ago)
So using Pacino everything makes these the best cuts ?
Lillian Mariana (3 days ago)
Porque que deixam essas barbas horrorosas!
Erick Jhonson (3 days ago)
Queria saber a primeira musica?
Shamera Grace Baylon (3 days ago)
is it just me or you just sometimes think they would look alot better without those bushy beard. 4:36 looks really good.
Lc Souza (3 days ago)
Saraphina Godlisten (3 days ago)
The 3rd customer's eyes......woooow
like a bear not human why so much hair 😨
Gustavo Serrano (4 days ago)
Somebody nows the name of the black mask
You are English and the fedeo
Sem (4 days ago)
Im a girl and I dont know why I have this in my recommendation but damn thats a lot of work.
Sem (23 hours ago)
+Box Ni**a I specifically include it because few of us girls dont know much work goes into guys haircuts. So screw you, I can include whatever I want. Also, I subscribed.
Box Ni**a (1 day ago)
No one honestly cares your a girl you didn't have to include it in your comments
Ava Salazar (4 days ago)
1:25 when he vaped all over him he was like "really?"
anonymous (4 days ago)
There is a straight up lighter in his ear. 🤔
Tupac Shakur (4 days ago)
Same douche bag hair cuts.
WHIITNEY gygyo (4 days ago)
Vincent Quejo
LastAutumn Leaf (4 days ago)
8:09 he's chewing gum while working ... thats disgusting on a whole new level
Bebita Deseada (4 days ago)
2:14 *follame ahoraaaaaaa* 😍😍😍
Jack T (4 days ago)
4:41 Fade is nice but you honestly pushed part halfway onto his head. This will require a buzz cut to grow out properly again. Terrible.
Ya Mans Jr (4 days ago)
That’s Muslim dude hair cut clean
Biggie Cheese (5 days ago)
these barbers got phds
captain P (5 days ago)
What happened to men ? Where did we go wrong ? Men putting on Make Up. Men in Tight clothes. What color are these bitches gonna make their nails ?
Brayan Martinez (5 days ago)
Dile el único que a la español ?
Beki Berisha (5 days ago)
Profi 👍🏻
Rain C (5 days ago)
6:40 Alan
myszka M iki (5 days ago)
I like what he does to the hair of the clients, but the faces are terrible
Joel Paul Gaming (5 days ago)
A rod A milly
Dz 213 (5 days ago)
Evon Evon (6 days ago)
He's eyes😱😱😱😱
Efecan Aslan (6 days ago)
3:36 Reynmen
Xx melXx (6 days ago)
Me:mom i want to be a barber Mom:STUDY HA- me:dont even think about saying that
Michele Migliorini (6 days ago)
I literally hate every single one of these haircuts. Also, they require constant maintenance.
Fabricio Alvarado (6 days ago)
Hombres en salones de belleza, solo falta que usen falda.
Péter Megyaszai (6 days ago)
these fakestyles last for 2 days before hair starts growing back everywhere, no hate, fact
Lefyre (7 days ago)
Real men don't sit in salons getting attention seeking hair fashions
iProformance (7 days ago)
I wanna know where this dude cuts at!!!!?!?!
Anym (7 days ago)
This vid should be called "how we turn people into generic fuck boys"
EricaYE6 (7 days ago)
1:29 How many ladies clicked on it for him? 😍
Katy Biller (5 days ago)
Like damn his eyes 😻😻
Katy Biller (5 days ago)
EricaYE6 me to be honest 😂
Sarah Jo (7 days ago)
0:59 Lol.

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