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WhipAddict: StreetWhipz Mega Show 2K18 Part 2, Custom Cars, Big Rim Racing, Cadd vs SS Shaun

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The 2nd Half of the #StreetWhipzMegaShow2K18! More custom cars pullin up, Box Chevys, Donks, Foreigns, SUV's and more! Plus action at the track with some fast new and old school cars! Blue Magic and SS Shaun headline the show and race for branging rights! Seems like a lot of big booty girls were hanging around at the closing of the show too! Another great show at Atlanta Motor Speedway!
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Text Comments (25)
Vocals 43 (6 months ago)
When I grow up I'm ma be just like you LOL candy paint so wet where is the towel girls lol
Vocals 43 (6 months ago)
Baddest cars on the planet how you got some bad chick's in the back of a truck with water and beach balls my man you you balling I'm at a loss for words one of you, rich bad balling Boyz hook up a brother with an interior job or something in other words throw a brother some bread $$$$$$
Donald Byrd (6 months ago)
Good LAWWWWWD, all that ass.
Will W. (6 months ago)
Nice video they could've left them chicks twerking at home tho
Donald Byrd (6 months ago)
You are one funny ass Dude, attempting to get the money shot and had to play it off. Lmao
carlton3000 (6 months ago)
Nice vid Whip! Just met you at All Around Customs in Mableton. 👍
Christopher Watson (6 months ago)
love that 79 ta . that's kat's. I gotta 78 trans am we building. motivation. Been following that firebird for years. procharged monster.
Christopher Watson (6 months ago)
no match for boost doctor though. still badass
Wesley Jones (6 months ago)
That s63 tho
shawnthomas397 (6 months ago)
yo whip nice cars and trucks and vodieo and audio/ it's nice to see ( our color people do a fantastic job on there cars and trucks every one was different each and every way / nice job after market for life!!!👍😎🚥🚘💵💰💵2018#
Ramel Lucas (6 months ago)
My dudes from ny
GOD'S GANG TV (6 months ago)
Them hoes were trash tho!!😂😂😂
Jeff (6 months ago)
Mr SS (6 months ago)
darkside1473jd (6 months ago)
What did SS Shaun win the trophy for
MEAN GENE CUSTOMS (6 months ago)
A bunch of bad ass cars bro excellent footage ☝
darkside1473jd (6 months ago)
I see SS Shaun even showed up want to hear in and out customs I see savvy
demetrius lewis (6 months ago)
I see dat boi Jarvis on him foreign shit😤😤😤
darkside1473jd (6 months ago)
Boost doctor should have race Blue Magic
darkside1473jd (6 months ago)
I knew Eazy money was going to get on the track
Turk Nichols (6 months ago)
Hustle to u die!! Get it how u live..
darkside1473jd (6 months ago)
I see my n**** Blue Magic showed up
darkside1473jd (6 months ago)
Tell Jay don't ever sell the reception Chevelle it needs to be in the museum the show out first and only black president
darkside1473jd (6 months ago)
I wonder what happened to Jay's Customs is glad to see your mouth are rolling hopefully you get more footage of him
BIG boy from ny 585 (6 months ago)
👌 hell yeah 😇😇😇

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