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Bored Drunk Marines Dancing Funny

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3 bored marines drinking a few and having a good time.. having a good tim....having a good time....having a good time....having a good time , by weezing the juice and mingling in the sun
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roll27blunts (9 months ago)
i see my cousin billy perkins!
poodtang1 (3 years ago)
For a white boy he can dance.
Martin Cordero (3 years ago)
That last guy had some sick asss dance moves!
Angie ross (4 years ago)
This video made my day!! I laughed so hard ! You all ate cute specially the guy in green !
Shawn Ledford (5 years ago)
last dude looks like he's smuggling plums in those damn tight ass jeans
Eliza Sanchez (5 years ago)
damm boys ;)
Pooksz Coreas (5 years ago)
Omgee so cute :)
Jonathan Quinn (5 years ago)
I just saw this WOO Thank you We all love you
Jonathan Quinn (5 years ago)
we all have facebooks lol
Jonathan Quinn (5 years ago)
we all have facebooks lol
Jonathan Quinn (5 years ago)
Thank you!!!
Jonathan Quinn (5 years ago)
Jonathan Quinn (5 years ago)
Thank you!
Jonathan Quinn (5 years ago)
are you a marine?
Jonathan Quinn (5 years ago)
We are always down to party! haha
Jonathan Quinn (5 years ago)
Glad it helped!
Jonathan Quinn (5 years ago)
Girls on the dance floor by far east movement
steve thompson (5 years ago)
maddie kline (5 years ago)
this is amazing.
Katie Arnold (6 years ago)
Wow so drunk
Trisha Anderson (6 years ago)
i wanna party come to kansas!!! message me if you want lol
Adam Klane (6 years ago)
im sure in the back of their mind they wanted to take all of his clothes off and have an orgy
lgarc657 (7 years ago)
how often does the military screen their bois??
mikka329 (7 years ago)
the marine in the green shirt. He is freakin HOT! He can so have my number :-)
caliwlove (7 years ago)
@BoredSExyMarines i wanna party with you guys lol
Jonathan Quinn (7 years ago)
Send us a message if u wanna party! Were always down to have fun!!
Lucy Æðelred (7 years ago)
The commentary took this video from awesom to OH SHIT! Classic!!
Evellyn Blair (7 years ago)
@DoitFortehScience I know right Twentynine Palms is boring! Thank god they got the Cams to have fun with! LOL
cassymae (7 years ago)
Looks like you all were having fun! My brother never mentioned doing ANYTHING like this when he was at 29 Palms! lol
A Living HoneyBun (7 years ago)
hi please marry me k thanks
Emma (8 years ago)
wow i was having a bad and you all just made me laugh... not to meantion how cute you all are.
Jonathan Quinn (8 years ago)
Lol thanks everyone and we all r cute Haha.. and lap dances with camies is a go... just hit us up lol.. we all have facebooks, send us a message if u want them!
squeetog (8 years ago)
The guy at the end looks like Tiger Woods.
Jessica Marie (8 years ago)
@BoredSExyMarines LOVE THE TATS
Jessica Marie (8 years ago)
Lol are you raving with the lights on?
Jonathan Quinn (8 years ago)
Yea... were all killers lol
Jonathan Quinn (8 years ago)
Well hit us up and we'll show u how we party and get down ;)
Jonathan Quinn (8 years ago)
Well hit us up and we'll show u how we party and get down ;)
Jonathan Quinn (8 years ago)
[email protected] haze... lol well I'm glad we made u ladies smile.... @danny... well be sure to hit us up so we can chill ;)
Danni Nguyen (8 years ago)
haha ill be seeing you boys soon. imma be doing my mos school there for data systems! ;)
hazeluvu (8 years ago)
You guys are crazy! watched this with my roomies we all cracked up! Way to go boys ;)
D Z (8 years ago)
@BoredSExyMarines 29 palms hell hole! lol
Jonathan Quinn (8 years ago)
yes we are hot ;)oh are were stationed in 29 palms.. hit us up for our numbers ;)
Jonathan Quinn (8 years ago)
yes we are hot ;)
Swazilla (8 years ago)
LOL hilarious, i love how that guy is wearing a boonie XD what base is this? ive never seen barracks with only linoleum floors, my bf's barracks has carpet and linoleum
jaydis98 (8 years ago)
This video should be called Bored High Marines Acting High LOL!!
Piang Duremdes (8 years ago)
Littl3 Ho0dzy (8 years ago)
=) omg I wish more marines had fun like this haha
Jackie Ruso (8 years ago)
That was funny, it looked like the guy in the nice hat had a boner in his pants when he was dancing
AvaGabriel (8 years ago)
haha :) loved it!
SK8GOD420 (9 years ago)
Yo! You just got served!!!! Oh what now?! hahaha
D Z (9 years ago)
im in love
TheDeathlilly (9 years ago)
lol i love the guy with the Tat's. he's a cutie
Far East Movement (9 years ago)
this video is dope.. shouts out from judy.. thanks for reppin fam

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