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GIVE YOUR OLD JEANS A SECOND CHANCE Check out these crazy yet cool hacks for your jeans! Your jeans are really old, but still, you love them so much and don’t want to throw away? Replace the front pockets with elastic and stretchy pocket maternity pants that will cost you a penny! These pants only took a few minutes to complete and they are so comfortable for growing belly. Maybe your favorite pair has stretched out and lost its shape, the best way to shrink jeans is to boil them in a pot! Heat a large pot of water until it reaches a rolling boil, then toss hour jeans in, be sure they are fully submerged. Leave them boiling for ten minutes, drain as much as possible, and then dry on high heat. You will look fabulous again in your favorite pair stretches. Besides, learn how to dry your jeans in 5 minutes using the bottle of cola! And this time I've prepared a number of great hacks to make your jeans and denim clothes even cooler with bleach. Grab your scissors and create a fancy top from your old pair of jeans! Reuse your old clothes as it’s the way to help the environment by reducing waste and save money. Watch this video till the end to see how to make a backpack out of old jeans. We share unexpected vodka lifehack that is really helpful if your jeans tend to be smelling bad, spray vodka on them. Now it’s easy to resize your jeans: make two slits one to two centimeters away from the belt loop and sew the elastic into place underneath the belt loop. Watch our video and find the tutorial! Chewing gum is a fashion disaster for all of us when some stuck to your clothes, all is not lost. Use ice cubes to solve the problem. Wondering how to remove blood stains? We will show you how to wash off blood using salt. Did you know a brilliant lifehack that we are ready to share – pants will fit if the waistline goes around your neck. Don't you believe us? Try this lifehack and share the results in comments below! TIMESTAMPS: 00:55 Shorten your belt 01:17 Fix the zipper 01:55 Maternity pants 04:46 DIY fancy top 07:09 Bubblegum hack ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5min.crafts/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5.min.crafts/ 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: https://goo.gl/PEuLVt Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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5-Minute Crafts GIRLY (1 year ago)
So what do you think about these jeans crafts? I think they're genius! ;)
norma zavala (3 months ago)
Filip Kowalski (3 months ago)
+unicorn cereal🦄 @a
Filip Kowalski (3 months ago)
LOL ale naprawdę jak te spodnie się nie można zrobić wszystko co można z tego zrobić to proszę zróbcie ale 7 7 minut pa
emotionally exhausted (3 months ago)
I'd say someone someone wouldn't know how to warm up the 💓 shaped material so it sticks in stead of scorching it
Natalia Katajamäki (4 months ago)
+sri nidhi hi
Leanne Lee (25 days ago)
As if you would take your jeans off while out shopping and wear them on your back holding your shopping hahahaha!!
Mahima Banawal (28 days ago)
Love this channel you got a new subscriber keep going
Retaj Mohamed (2 months ago)
4:40 spray ur jeans with water so it can fit u and voilà it looks like u peed urself! But who cares! At least it fits u💁🏻‍♀️😂
Beagle (2 months ago)
Cool, but if I’m being honest there were only ONE hack in this 10 minute video that I found convenient. And I’m not even sure if it actually works. It’s the one where you can find your jeans size by putting it around your neck... just saying but yeah, anyways good video :)
Blue Mochi (2 months ago)
4:35, what are u gonna wear now?😂
natalia tielidze (3 months ago)
Thananju205 (4 months ago)
6:07 looks like your carrying a booty around
Κατια Μσ (5 months ago)
Did you just srsl scrolled all this way down? You have no life...
Kadyn’s Lost (7 months ago)
They should’ve called the video JEANIUS HACKS
Elizabeth Brooke (7 months ago)
BHARGAVI cute (8 months ago)
Anita Singh (8 months ago)
So bad idea
Josue Diaz (8 months ago)
4:17 to 4:33, so you took your pants off...
Rayne B (1 month ago)
Josue Diaz lmao right 🤣
Raazia Shafqat (8 months ago)
:O My fave music song thingy!! Hey Sailor!!!
ASHAQ0130 (8 months ago)
Why do u repeat hacks?? I'm getting sick of this....and ur main channel does not deserve that many subs! (there main channel has over 32Mil)
Izzy Simpson (13 days ago)
When u wrote this 8 months ago they might’ve had 32 million... now they have around 55 million
Flash Strike (3 months ago)
Think so? ok... I need Class when I ask friends to do sommething to me. Empathy and LOVE; I guess we all need LOVE and support Much LOVE to your and YOUrS All the BEST. I love YOU
Κατια Μσ (5 months ago)
Wth are you talking about this is litterally their first video?
Jen Bannach (8 months ago)
Thank u...Ive seen all of these before...COME UP WITH SOME NEW ONES!!!
Louisa Chuks (8 months ago)
Thanks; I have a trouser I like but length is the problem. Going to fix it now. Once again, thank you.
Lolla LoLo (8 months ago)
Cooooooolllll ILove you♥♥♥♥♥
Em ča (8 months ago)
ayushi sinha (8 months ago)
Cool nice
Helly soni (8 months ago)
kriti dhakad Hakwadiya (8 months ago)
Samantha shelton (8 months ago)
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Niji's Creative Space (8 months ago)
Amazing 👍👍👌
CubickGamerTCT (9 months ago)
If the original channel wasn’t sexist enough, you’re doing this. Sexist clickbait!
1961_ Legends (9 months ago)
Its so genius!! Anyway look at your first one,and at your last one!!
Maria Mendoza (9 months ago)
the more I see the diy's the more I'm starting to do them. Thanks 5 minute crafts for the videos.Ima try out one of this diy's tomorrow because my jeans don't want to fit anymore
Youssef Ibrahem (9 months ago)
AMAZING !!!!!!!!! Really fuck companies the human is the creator .
Jennifer Espinales (10 months ago)
they are so cool
nichola grain (3 months ago)
at is it amazing is 3:17
at 0:54 the belt is down
but what’s wrong at 6:10
Heather and Kids (10 months ago)
OoOoOo she wet herself at 4:44
Iuliana Vlasceanu (10 months ago)
1000000 good
Janet Villalta (11 months ago)
I might try these one of these days. You go, girl!😀👱🏼‍♀️
Water Color (11 months ago)
love this channel!
Gundini Don (11 months ago)
Can you make a video on turning baggy jeans to skinny? Please help
Anushka Pillai (11 months ago)
make a video on ice hacks too
e m (11 months ago)
6:42 all of my jeans tho 😂😭
nhung Phan (11 months ago)
roastbang (1 year ago)
Who else clicks on 5 minute crafts because of the thumbnails?
Daniel Manß (1 year ago)
You make everytime the same😐
Crystalee Rosario (1 year ago)
I got 99 problems, but being a girl AIN'T ONE!!!!!!!!!!
odie 908 (1 year ago)
You are alwsome
rajender kumar (1 year ago)
Anurag Sirohi
Sonnya Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Sushy Torres (1 year ago)
I love this new channel and I subscribed❤️
super keelin (1 year ago)
Amai die weten voor alles een oplossing 💡💡💡💡
All About Gaming (1 year ago)
it's very useful I really love it 😍😍😍
Sarah Cameron (1 year ago)
no one in their right mind would ever do this
Lies Linsen (1 year ago)
Im gonna do 1:33 and 5:57 and 8:53
- Kathy Playz - (1 year ago)
why am i watching the oldest video
DaVinci Code (1 year ago)
Should've said Jeanius ha see what I did there😀
Dawson hinshaw (1 year ago)
That was jeanius
Anisa Animation (1 year ago)
WOW a new channel?
ernest syavika ernest (1 year ago)
very useful
Rizki Chairani (1 year ago)
4:44 that hack make people say 'You're pee in pants' u forgot to dry with hairdryer
Amanda Hoston (1 year ago)
Yay! A new five minute crafts I am subscribed to all of them
lol lol (1 year ago)
Im not a boy or a girl I have no gender BUT BREAKING NEWS: All boys are groping this video
Cyra 999 (1 year ago)
lol lol Yes, you have a gender. You were born with wither breasts making you a female or a stick making you a male.
Nicel tm (1 year ago)
Im a boy
Savannah I (1 year ago)
766th like😍😍😍 love ur channel
Katie Greening (1 year ago)
You're making a channel called "5 minute crafts GGGIIRRRLLY" in the decade of feminism and lbgtq+. Okay, okay, sure. Cool. Just saying. Really you should just put all of your videos from your previous channel on here. Unless it's EXCLUSIVELY FOR GIRLS, (like period hacks or something).
Julia Campbell (1 year ago)
after she sat on the bench it looked like she had her period
Jennifer Espinales (10 months ago)
Julia Campbell yeah
Julia Campbell (1 year ago)
it looked like she peed her pants
Jennifer Espinales (10 months ago)
yeah when she sprayed water on her pants where the zipper is at
Julia Campbell (1 year ago)
he/her is fat
ابو هبيت (1 year ago)
روعة 👖👖👖
mataji Ntw (1 year ago)
Abd Alkani (1 year ago)
Ana Bianca David (1 year ago)
Cool videos!☺
Phani Choudary (8 months ago)
Ana Bianca David by by by by. By gt Hi guys are you'd by VG
VANAND Patil (1 year ago)
all are same
Rekha Chauhan (1 year ago)
5 min craft's uploads are always awesome....👌👍😊
Ema Púllová (1 year ago)
Wow its magic
Simi Simu (1 year ago)
Good good goood
Nancy Pino (1 year ago)
Simmu's Arts el zip
a c (1 year ago)
True Blieber's (1 year ago)
I love your all channels👌
True Blieber's (1 year ago)
Please upload more Nice video's
Ivet Kuzmanova (1 year ago)
This is super video 😆 Perfect Chanel 😍
K& H (1 year ago)
Good ilove this channel.😍😍😍👌
Kamylly Vitória (1 year ago)
Deepak Dutt (1 year ago)
TheJoeyCheng (1 year ago)
I guess you could say they're pretty Jean-ius
Izzy Rose (1 month ago)
Lol the cringiest thing i have ever heard
Raazia Shafqat (8 months ago)
Sadia Islam (9 months ago)
TheJoeyCheng good one
Sylvia H (11 months ago)
That was very PUNNY
TheJoeyCheng (1 year ago)
I clicked only cause I wanted to say that
Anden1344 Hej (1 year ago)
Dalvanira Paiva (4 months ago)
482nd like
Lika Kipshidze (1 year ago)
5-Minute Crafts Boy?
Lika Kipshidze (1 year ago)
How many 5-minute Crafts be?
Nivedita Subramaniam (1 year ago)
Liked your new channel which is separate for girls
Katie Greening (1 year ago)
Nivedita Subramaniam Yes cuz only girls shop and wear jeans. Yep. K
armando garcia (1 year ago)
This is so cool how do you do it
sey CarolPlaysYT (1 year ago)
I think boys love this channel for the reason that they show the booty ALOT XD
Yanis Iulian (1 year ago)
Jessica Sanchez (1 year ago)
I love it
You are awesome!Please more video
freya craig (1 year ago)
love em
Ana Krishna (1 year ago)
mariel Sainga (1 year ago)
Its so nice
unicorn cereal🦄 (1 year ago)
unicorn cereal🦄 (1 year ago)
I am biggest fan i ❤art and crafts
Mayura Dhotre (1 year ago)
love ur second channel and u got a new subscriber
Martina Glogovská (1 year ago)
lovely sing (1 year ago)
5 munute crafts girly its a fantastic
nichola grain (3 months ago)
『 Angellina 』 (1 year ago)
You have great ideas
MicahsToyLab (1 year ago)

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