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Street Styled | Men's Hair and Style in London | Winter 2018

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Street Styled, London style. Seeing what winter fashion the men of London and wearing; and what they’re using in their hair. Want more men’s style and grooming in Street Styled? Let me know! Have you listened to my Podcast? iTunes: http://robin.yt/FWCiTunes Spotify: http://robin.yt/FWCSpotify #MensFashion #MensStyle #Winter #MaleGrooming #Grooming #RobinJames #ManForHimself _______________________ WHAT I’VE STYLED MY HAIR WITH: — Nioxin Diaboost - http://shopstyle.it/l/tzjC — Label M Matte Paste - http://shopstyle.it/l/wlGx IN MY MOUSTAHCE: — Lockhart’s Moustache Wax - http://bit.ly/2nqYwkh I’M WEARING: — Topman X Lochcarron Tartan trousers - http://shopstyle.it/l/yJ3m — Black roll neck [similar] - http://shopstyle.it/l/yJ34 — Dolce & Gabbana Boots - http://shopstyle.it/l/yJ3W — Mulberry Backpack - http://shopstyle.it/l/yJ3w MY HAIRCUT: - My hair was cut 6 days before this video was filmed. It was a 0.5 clipper back and sides. - The top comes down mid-way on my nose. - It’s longer in the front than the back. _______________________ FOLLOW ME! Come and follow me on... Instagram: @ManForHimself Twitter: @ManForHimself Facebook: /ManForHimself iTunes: Search “Flat White Chats” Check out my blog too: http://www.ManForHimself.com ________________________ SUBSCRIBE I’m Robin James. My YouTube channel is a destination for men’s style, lifestyle and grooming. I make videos showing how to achieve different hairstyles and haircuts; exploring grooming products; and showcasing men’s seasonal and trend led style and fashion. ________________________ PRODUCTION CREDITS Music by Lakey Inspired - https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Shot and edited by Adam at PurpleYam Productions ________________________ This video is not sponsored. I use affiliate links.
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Text Comments (272)
Robin James (9 months ago)
My absolute favourite videos to shoot. If you want more Street Styled, make sure you let me know. 🙏🏼
Somo (2 months ago)
YES. Try doing one on the streets during London fashion week!
tollefsen (6 months ago)
mooooooooooore <3
Jason Velasco (9 months ago)
More street style
xing hai shi bu xing (9 months ago)
Ray Allen (1 month ago)
Don't know if it's just me but I think London street style is very much like American street fashion it's not to colorful simple an very effective
cafe del casual 89 (1 month ago)
good stuff.
_Ravishing35 (2 months ago)
man everyone in london looks so clean and groomy. i love the way london dresses
Green Cloud (2 months ago)
Bit weird?
La El (3 months ago)
lol that first guy dress have to go slowmotion and that weed outfit looks so brave!!!
Mohd Farit Bin Rajuli (3 months ago)
There are so stylist ! Love it ❤️
Jacob Mansfield (4 months ago)
What jacket are you wearing here?
Jeff B (4 months ago)
It's great. Real style for real guys. So unlike the pimpy crap most designers are turning out on the runway.
Fallen Angel (5 months ago)
" where are you from " " french "
Dean Overloop (5 months ago)
ID on the bag? Much love x
dturtleneck (7 months ago)
Very nice, please continue. By the way, your style was the best.
Adam Howard (7 months ago)
Such a legend. U need a job as a presenter.
Alicat 72 (7 months ago)
That last guy was really nice looking. Great style, good sex appeal.
ferdinandi garcia (7 months ago)
More of this pleease
Kaleb Carter (8 months ago)
Wonder what clipper length ceaser had on top
August Harvest (9 months ago)
Love the outfit with check trousers 👏🏻
Taylor B (9 months ago)
2:45 no product? Seriously?!
DamnFineCupOfCoffee (9 months ago)
I don't understand how some of these guys don't use product in their amazing hair
Amatsubane (9 months ago)
damn your hair is fresh as hell in this video
Devin G (9 months ago)
Such a great, positive vibe! People are so flattered by your compliments on their looks. It’s great! Goodbye from the Netherlands.
M S (9 months ago)
Definitely want to see more! It's so interesting to see other people's style :) Keep it up, love the channel!
everfunky (9 months ago)
I'll be staying in London next couple months, and this video helps me a lot. Thank you
Its Vizual (9 months ago)
As a shy person your approach to going up to people is good. Youre not intimadating and youre very kind :)
Brian Gutierrez (9 months ago)
1:23 Omg I swear he said Pussy! LOOOOL Way off from Putty but nice vid *thumbs up emoji*
Francisco José Carvalho (9 months ago)
Really really dope ! congratulations Robin =)
Lucca Chats (9 months ago)
I like these videos, it's interesting to see people with different hairstyles and a wide range of them too, keep up the good work!
DREY 444 (9 months ago)
Please do a video about men with wavy hair
The Nun (9 months ago)
Bro shave ur Mustach.
Robin James (9 months ago)
Bro, no.
sus4b9 (9 months ago)
I want that fur coat!
Deep Web (9 months ago)
Brilliant as always !
Michael (9 months ago)
This is fun. People in London have such a great style no matter where in the world they are from. Not always the case here in Los Angeles.
Victor C (9 months ago)
You make very good and reliable videos & tips From Spain with love!
Igor Glukhov (9 months ago)
Amazing series! Clicking on these videos right away
Lotfi Sh (9 months ago)
I have very thin and fine hair ...can u help me to find responsable product to type of my hair
Liam Ström (9 months ago)
Your mustache is making you look like a super stylish movievillian
Rob Chamberlin (9 months ago)
yaaaaas, these videos are great. Oh - side-note: your hair looks awesome in this!
GANESAN Sivanandam (9 months ago)
Great video.. And Robin Ur Hairstyle is As Sexy as U.... ❤️❤️
Rishabh negi (9 months ago)
Dude do a video on products that are in surplus available in the Indian subcontinent nd how to use them
Mr. Moon (9 months ago)
cool London
Techno Good (9 months ago)
very good ,more of these videos!
Gianluca Tkach (9 months ago)
Missed these. Amazing
centenoj85 (9 months ago)
awesome. salute.
IONS LEGACY (9 months ago)
You should do a series whr u give a makeover to those who can look better
Redhaxk (9 months ago)
What is a grooming cream @robin
Klaidas Zaranka (9 months ago)
Hey Robin, I love these series and you look on point as always! Your backpack is so nice, but it is soooo expensive! Maybe you know where I could find similiar style/type of backpack but cheaper..??? :D
Connorc 7474 (9 months ago)
Love the video robin
Tanner Grinzel (9 months ago)
When is brand battle?
John Rossiter (9 months ago)
Best videos you produce robin :)
Kostas Ververis (9 months ago)
great, great, Great :)
Edohiguma (9 months ago)
You people have it easy, you're short. I'm 6'8". Though, it's getting better for us tall folk. But back in the 90s, this was a PAIN.
RocketFox (9 months ago)
Such a good series, plus...Robin your hair looks great!
Ankush Dev (9 months ago)
Well scripted. Godbless u mate. Love the videos..
mtbagz (9 months ago)
Really enjoyed this video!
Faisal Shah EpicVideos (9 months ago)
Another great video and robin i love your hairstyle auesome
suvrat dwivedi (9 months ago)
it's good to see this series coming back....I love watching these videos robin ! great job
theunwantedworld1 (9 months ago)
Love the apparel Robin!!
Hettik (9 months ago)
You make us happy and the people in London you talked to c: Great video man!
el ser mas defectuoso (9 months ago)
so lovely. <3 ( saludos desde argentina)
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thank you
JC Burgos (9 months ago)
Robin, your outfits are always on point. Love those blue trousers!
Robin James (9 months ago)
Juan Burgos Thank you. Favourites at the moment.
More of these street walks please Robin. Enjoyed this and last weeks episode.
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thank you
willfrig frost (9 months ago)
Whenever i watch street styled time's passing very quickly and i dont even come to realize it.btw tysm for ss.love from india🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳.
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thank you! Glad you enjoy it.
Aditya (9 months ago)
This was Awesome Robin 👌🏻🖤
Aditya (9 months ago)
Robin James Welcome sir!
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thanking you!
Triddo (9 months ago)
Do you think men are shy about being open with what they have on/grooming and kind of play dumb or do you think they genuinely don’t really care/know?
Robin James (9 months ago)
I think there's a mixture. Loads of guys just have their favourite products, so don't think much of it.
Brian D'Souza (9 months ago)
YES! More Street Styled please! Awesome video, would love if you can stretch these vids a bit longer.
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thanks Brian. I like keeping them short to keep your attention.
Zoel Hernández (9 months ago)
I love these streetstyled videos! 😍 they are very interesting
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thanks Zoel. I love making them!
Aryan Kashyap (9 months ago)
Yes, we want more street styled videos Robin
Robin James (9 months ago)
Good to hear!
Aryan Kashyap (9 months ago)
I liked this video
Robin James (9 months ago)
Ianism (9 months ago)
Robin!!!! What about that Anchors Courage Clay review huh? 😆
Robin James (9 months ago)
Hey, I've never used it. Sorry.
Oneris (9 months ago)
Wow, the cinematography is on point in this video, I love everything about it!
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thanks! Adam (the guy I work with) is a master.
Phillip Good (9 months ago)
If your channel was just Street Styled I wouldn't complain
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thanks Philip. One of my favourite things to make!
MiteyMax9 (9 months ago)
Love it when you're out on the streets. The woman question video was great and this one was so tastefully done. Well done Robin! :)
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thank you. Loved doing the one last week too.
Saad Ehsan (9 months ago)
amir at 3:24 had a really nice fit. btw, it's nice to see another street styled robin, definitely one of my favorite series from this channel
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thanks Saad. Amir looked great.
See Billy Run (9 months ago)
Always love street styled & always want more!
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thanks Billy.
Traxus (9 months ago)
The guy at 3:14 is dressed really well, and I like how he spent money on a high quality coat that'll last a long time, and then it's fine to go cheaper with basic hoodies. Wish he gave you some more time. Big fan of 4:54 as well.
Robin James (9 months ago)
I loved those looks too!
Traxus (9 months ago)
your hair looks so good in this vid. probably looks great in all your vids but i just noticed it here haha
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thank you!
John Michael Rili (9 months ago)
Do this more often and in different countries too.
Robin James (9 months ago)
Would love to, John.
Robin James (9 months ago)
Hey Brian. You're kinda right, but really it's because a lot of production goes into Street Styled with very little return. Commercially and based on resource, it doesn't always make sense.
Brian D'Souza (9 months ago)
John Michael Rili I don't think he earns that much revenue from his youtube vids but if his views and subscribers goes in millions he may have that kind of budget to go in different countries and street styled! Also due to cultural differences not every country would co-operate for street styled, that's my thought!
NSG (9 months ago)
Great videos 😄
Robin James (9 months ago)
TaBreZ (9 months ago)
Robin James (9 months ago)
Glad you liked it.
Parijat Nandwana (9 months ago)
Robin great content
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thanks Parijat.
Neo KJ (9 months ago)
You deserve way more subs Robin ! Love what you do
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thank you.
mirza shirajul Alam (9 months ago)
[email protected] can u plz tell me how tall you are
Robin James (9 months ago)
Hey Mirza. I'm 5'10 (/180cm).
Ramesh Weston (9 months ago)
Need more videos like this!
Robin James (9 months ago)
Would love to
I'm vAmbushh (9 months ago)
Yes finally!!!
I'm vAmbushh (9 months ago)
Robin James I absolutely did, thank you!
Robin James (9 months ago)
Hope you enjoyed
ifap totraps (9 months ago)
Great Video Robin <3
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thank you
Liyang Yao (9 months ago)
love your street interview. And do a backpack or waist bag related video plz~~~~
Robin James (9 months ago)
Bags would be good!
Wyatt Stonhouse (9 months ago)
1:23 what does he use in his hair???
Robin James (9 months ago)
He said putty, matte clay... Not sure he knew!
bag ofhammers (9 months ago)
Love these Street Style vids 👍
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thank you
Peter Newell (9 months ago)
You should take someone off the street next time and do a makeover for them that would be a good video
Robin James (9 months ago)
YES! Such a great idea.
Vijay Rana (9 months ago)
Yes,I would love to see more street style.
Robin James (9 months ago)
Would be great to make more!
Ross Firman (9 months ago)
Really really really enjoyed this I liked knowing the brands and esp what they used in their hair
Robin James (9 months ago)
Cheers Ross. I like chatting to people!
Alejandro (9 months ago)
this was so fun!
Robin James (9 months ago)
Jonathan Stokes (9 months ago)
Love street style. Gives me ideas.
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thank you! All about the inspiration.
gman (9 months ago)
These are my favorite types of vids you do Robin. Shame they are so short.
Robin James (9 months ago)
Always leave you wanting more!
Houcine Hm (9 months ago)
Please robin do a vidéo about an attractive style please 👍👍👌
Robin James (9 months ago)
Well, attraction is all very subjective.
shyamkaria (9 months ago)
AMAZING! was wondering which part of London was this filmed? luv ur videos Robin!
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thanks Shyamkaria. It was on Carnaby street.
Danny G (9 months ago)
I loved this!
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thanks Danny!
neeraj kumar (9 months ago)
That guy in hurry was from india.
Robin James (9 months ago)
He looked great!
Jhonatan Sanchez (9 months ago)
Love street style!!!!!!
Robin James (9 months ago)
Thank you Jhonatan.
75 (9 months ago)
Come to Brighton ✌🏻👀
Robin James (9 months ago)
Would love to!

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