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Victoria's Secret Goes Global!

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Join Supermodel Candice Swanepoel for a little tour (and a lot of excitement) as she cuts the ribbon of the first Victoria's Secret store in Canada—Victoria's Secret West Edmonton Mall.
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mabsoluta (8 years ago)
Victoria's Secret should come to Brazil! Adriana Lima and Ale would be proud!
rmackenzie0112 (8 years ago)
will Victoria's Secret come to the UK? PLEASE SAY YESSS!
Taylor C (8 years ago)
I just went there yesterday :) I love this mall it's the BEST! Living here is wonderful!
Liara Miller (8 years ago)
oh.. I wish Germany had a Victoria's secret store.. would be so awesome!!!
Georgia Johnson (8 years ago)
How exciting for Edmonton! Couldn't imagine living without a VS in my town... Glad they've now got one, too!

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