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Charles C. Mann: 1492 Before and After

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No name seems more inextricably linked to the grand hemispheric experiment of "America" than Christopher Columbus. Seen alternately as explorer and conqueror, hero and villain, Columbus endures as an essential character in America's national story: his "discovery" of America in 1492 changed the course of history. Who better to interpret this undeniable influence than author Charles C. Mann? A correspondent for The Atlantic, Science, and Wired, Mann authored 1491, an award-winning study of the pre-Columbian Americas, and 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created. Both of these books take a riveting look at the earliest days of globalization, introducing a new generation to the conundrum of the "New World." Mann shares an expansive and compelling vision of the "ecological convulsion" of European trade practices that continues to shape our world.
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Nelson H (8 days ago)
The proof is in the DNA of the tribes that crossed the Beringian bridge is evident. Since these people are Native Americans (First Nations).
Nelson H (8 days ago)
J Vincenzi (1 month ago)
Slavery. Isn't it the most obnoxious notion? Was it really less noxious several centuries ago? I don't think so. People sacrifice their moral principles for economic gain. My grandmother was born in 1901. So, let's say her grandparents were born in 1800. That means slavery was alive and kicking with the entire disgusting apparatus only 5 generations ago. How odd to consider that cultural evolution on the one hand produces Bach, for example, and on the other produces slavery.
J Vincenzi (1 month ago)
potatoes are easier to farm in Europe than cereals....hence the popularity...
Quantum The Band (2 months ago)
Mr Hanbury anybody?
oiram repus (2 months ago)
natalie (2 months ago)
Gavin Harris (2 months ago)
+Quantum The Band lol sup
Quantum The Band (2 months ago)
Gavin Harris Chaze
Gavin Harris (2 months ago)
who the hell are you its gavin
R. Alejandro Zegarra (3 months ago)
Latin America became corrupt when the Europeans came bringing greed into our beautiful infrastructures.-they brought with them corruption-but Karma gave them their worst vices-Tobacco and Drugs.
Nelson H (8 days ago)
Remember that the Latin America has been a stomping ground for the WWII Nazi criminals. History is still in the making there. There is no place they can hide.
Ryan Harper (2 months ago)
dabigpodina (3 months ago)
First' I enjoyed the lecture and am glad to see you not afraid to contradict what has been taught, but at the 53:40 mark the woman asks about the "native indians " being sent to Africa. The explanation makes no sense. Why do scholars go out of their way to pretend Africans had not already been in the Americas before any European expeditions? What do you think of the Olmecs, or as they called themselves, the Xi?
The blacker Tha Berry (1 month ago)
dabigpodina facts
WarisitaBoricua (1 month ago)
Have you read "They came before Columbus"? It talks about the evidence of the African presence b4 Columbus. I am reading it now.
Kaiapanda94 (4 months ago)
If you go to Northport and have this as your summer assignment, are you procrastinating reading the comments as much as I am
tienglongmy (5 months ago)
Columbus was one of the greatest Men who ever lived, and the greatest sailor of all time. This speaker is a pathetic little weiner.
Ava (11 months ago)
I always almost fall asleep in social studies even though it’s my favorite class and i wasn’t able to fall asleep last night so I watched this and it worked
Juan Valladares (11 months ago)
Can we deport the Europeans back home??
Nelson H (8 days ago)
Sure, but they'll only bring back more crap! They've already boxed themselves into a corner!
John Marin (1 year ago)
One must read historical sources and not hear say on a subject that requires a minimum of literacy. Hispanics with Columbus as Captain-General discovered America in 1492. In the case of Columbus his reputation as explorer was besmirched by what is called La Leyenda Negra much of it invented by rival European competitors to diminish the accomplisments of Hispanics as they became the first Europeans to explore the vastness of what Hispanics called Las Indias Occidentales later supplanted by the label America. Columbus crew - Florida Museum www.floridamuseum.ufl.edu/caribarch/columbus.htm What follows is a listing of crew members by vessel along with a ... H. Fuson, The Log of Christopher Columbus ... 8, 1492 to March 3, 1493 ...
Luca Scalia (1 year ago)
Who else is from hunter?
max wu (1 year ago)
hello luca
Eric Chae (1 year ago)
Izzy (1 year ago)
Pangaean continental drift separating "the living creatures INCLUDING THE PEOPLE" of those continents? 10 seconds into the conference and you can tell this is UTTER BULLSHIT. Go somewhere else.
Justin Modessa (2 years ago)
Amazing talk. Such a shame we haven't come to this proper view of American history sooner.
5000Kone (2 years ago)
It sound like the slash and burn method they used in north america might be what we in Finland call deciduous forest lash and burn. When you slash and burn forest you have to let the trees go back, so that you get nutrients etc back. to the ground. Maybe the "parks" where just forest that waited to be old enough to be slash and burned again. After the you plant the crops what needs the most nutrients and next crop is what needs less. Normally you could harvest three crops, after that the nutrient level is was so low that you had let the forest grow back and wait about 30-40 years to do the slash and burn again. Still you could get up to 10 times more crops that if you would make just normal field and whit less work. Old finnish slah and burn video from 1937 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMQcXuKYjno
Sinhu Kim (2 years ago)
Why do the audiences laugh even when speaker is seriously talking? I'm scared...
Murf Chiilas (1 year ago)
it's innocent - not to be taken the wrong way
david smith (3 years ago)
& of course he leaves out the fact about the genocide of the ppl & rape of women & lil girls & butchering & forced slavery of the ppl
Aaron Joseph Everhart (2 years ago)
+david smith not only did he address these things, his entire thesis has to do with explaining, without recourse to dramatic retelling or emotional appeal, HOW these things came about, what social, environmental, and economic conditions allowed these things to take place, and also HOW we have come to misunderstand all these historical events, many times purely in order to inflate our own, post-colombus western egos.
Matilda (2 years ago)
+david smith That's too small scale for what he's talking about.
Ruben Hilari (3 years ago)
As Aymara when I have chance to meet Charles Mann I will give my things for writing his research, 1491.
Marcos Chacha (3 years ago)
Have to watch this for my APUSH summer assignment, anyone else have to do this?
ELI Lichtblau (1 year ago)
Jake Grande (1 year ago)
WPHS ftw but 2 years later
Amare Harris (2 years ago)
us history to 1877 assignment
Number Pi (3 years ago)
+Brm Johnryder WPHS ftw
Princess Isis (3 years ago)
+Brm Johnryder yup
TheLordIsMyStrength (3 years ago)
Can't watch because of drunk audience laughing like morons. Is this a comedy show?
allamakee1397 (2 years ago)
Thanks for offering a Christian view of this lecture.  Are you the one who asked " Why don't the Jews & Muslims settle there differences in a Christian like manner?
Jaii Raph (3 years ago)
14:00 Amazin
Lisa Martens-Flood (4 years ago)
From about 1790 to 1860 the slave population was about 50% of the total population in the US South.  In the North about 20% in 1790 to between 1 and 10 % in 1860.
dabigpodina (3 months ago)
So my question is what happened? Because my wife and I's greatgrands, grandparents and parentscame from very large families. Whites historically have smaller families than non white populations.
Steve F (4 years ago)
Question: 2/3 of a population of his estimated 80 million died of disease in 150 years.  Where are all the remains of these people?  That is almost 53 million people.
dabigpodina (3 months ago)
I believe that is a myth. My theory is that "African Americans" ain't African, but the actual indigenous americans.
F Bandersnatch (3 years ago)
+Steve F Not sure what you're getting at. The remains are everywhere. In the last few hundred years hundreds of millions of animals have died. They're part of the soil.
Bruce Wayne (4 years ago)
This is awesome, definitely my favorite author. I liked the question about contemporary natives and what they thought. His answer was so true, much respect to him. I dont think i'll read much of the physics books though lol
Stan Prager (4 years ago)
This is a great lecture worth watching more than once.
Tom Gilfoyle (5 years ago)
I'm amused that one would contend that a people as advanced as Mann suggests would have as a motivation for burning their forested areas the desire to sneak up on their prey in their moccasins. And putting the lie to burning in the forests by pointing to lots of old trees also indicate one who didn't read the book- small low fires don't kill mature trees.  Two quick points. One- sailors in the 1500s commented on the fires visible and the ash raining down in burning season; two- early European settlers/explorers commented on the large percentage of nut trees in the "primeval"  forests. The "Indians" apparently practiced "agro-forestry," promoting the trees they wanted.
Love it!!!  
Stan Prager (5 years ago)
No idea what you are trying to say with all the misspellings and random stream of consciousness ejaculations. I would suggest you read the book
GamersWelcome (5 years ago)
BS. Native americans burnt all the forests?how does congaree national park have so many old trees and great smoky mountains.Oh by the way any biologist can tell you animals effect forests , bison eat the shit out of anything,so do elk, open forests you bet,500 year old oaks and chestnuts with those massive herbivorous that will open the forests up.
sticknstonesbrkbones (5 years ago)
13:40 Killing the insects was a byproduct and so was new vegetation. The real reason they burned the forest was to make it possible to silently walk, or stalk, up to prey animals. It was beneficial to have new growth to lure the animals in, and to kill the insects, but that was not why these hunters burned the leaf litter. Leaf litter is loud under foot, and every animal can hear you coming, if you eliminate the leaf litter then you can hunt better in a spot in stalk scenario.
2001lextalionis (5 years ago)
wonderful talk
Stan Prager (6 years ago)
Brilliant. Everyone should read Mann's "1491." And now I am in the midst of his "1493." Very impressive multi-disciplinary blend of the latest science and history on a fascinating topic.

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