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52. Design - Designing for Internationalization - Character encoding

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The author's recommendation: the ADF Architecture TV channel is a training course to extend customers' knowledge in ADF, it is not a marketing or promotional exercise from Oracle Corporation. If you've arrived on this episode by Googling in, please make sure to look at all of the content on the TV channel rather than taking this episode as a standalone topic. This episode: The best internationalized applications can be ruined by improper character encoding. In this week's episode of the ADF Architecture TV series with Frederic Desbiens, you will learn how to preserve the integrity of both data and on-screen text through proper encoding. You will also see where the main encoding settings are located in the JDeveloper IDE. Like to know more? Check out: Watch the previous episode: - Design - Designing for Internationalization - User Interface Design - http://youtu.be/ARx0hRNGfcU Watch the next episode: - Design - Designing for Internationalization - Resource Bundles - http://youtu.be/Q8fS7axk6Ho Subscribe to the channel: - http://bit.ly/adftvsub See the episode index: - ADF Architecture Square - http://bit.ly/adfarchsquare
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