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Top 3 Worst and Best Girls Cartoons

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Phantom Strider checks out some of the best and the worst of female cartoons generally aimed at women. Links below :) Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/phantomstrider PhantomStrider on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PhantomStrider PhantomStrider on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhantomStrider-Striders-Channel-1588877554658959/ Music: Outro: OCRemix "Drowning my lives away" by Halc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe7uAlpWjXc Background Music by Nicolai Heidlas and Bensound https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-B3l3dgbIk2lOkUpHkpCDQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8qITGkBvXKsR1Byln-wA Created by Josh Strider
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Text Comments (7137)
the life of sam (6 hours ago)
Forestcat33 (11 hours ago)
I think "the asylum of animation" means the company Asylum which make horrible movies instead of a literal asylum.
floydboyy (13 hours ago)
As much as the Bratz cartoon was really goofy and dumb, I don't think it wasn't that horrible. Yes, the visuals are atrocious, but I don't think they were that bad. They were very fashion oriented and hyper-feminine, but I don't think they were actually bratty, slutty, or entitled/bitchy.
Lelichka S (1 day ago)
Doesn't everyone start singing along when he played the ladybug song
As for what you forgot, you forgot divastarz
Bratz, and Diva Starz, teach kids to dress up in skimpy, skin tight outfits and has just the worst morals. I f I had to choose between being shot out of a cannon in an active volcano, and watching Bratz, FIRE AWAY, CAPTAIN! I am so glad they got that unholy abomination of of netflix.
French Fries (2 days ago)
I loved bratz when i was young..... i remember loving the movies! They were the bomb when i was younger lol
Jasmine Owens (2 days ago)
OH HELL NO!!!! I KNOW YOU JUST DIDN'T DISRESPECT BRATZ. Let me tell you what..... Bratz was and still is popular now. Bratz was about being loyal to your friends and never giving up your dreams, So don't ever and I mean EVER disrespect Bratz like that ever again.
Corinne O'Gorman (3 days ago)
IDEA. MLP AND SU CROSSOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PonyParade42 (4 days ago)
*B R A T Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z*
Studio Purple (5 days ago)
mrs mozzarella sticks (5 days ago)
Bratz iz the worzt
Tamara Jenkins (6 days ago)
When I read the title, I thought we were counting down the worst girls' cartoons that we all love anyway
bella zuppa (6 days ago)
Where is Glitter Force?
DarkestLost (7 days ago)
Ladybug has a handy from toei
LuLu Obsidian (7 days ago)
I like Bratz fashion Picies because it's the only movie with a plot that isn't something I've seen one billion times. It's the only one of the movies worth watching. +Miraculous Ladybug is the BEST cartoon ever!!!!!!
Angie Doodles (7 days ago)
Z Counter: 28397t6r7oe32386t
Pot8oes Mazhar (8 days ago)
Timberwolf (8 days ago)
where's Monster High???
Tylah Todd-McMahon (8 days ago)
I love brats
Live,Love ,Eat (8 days ago)
That was an amazing Barbie movie in my opinion
Kelsey Ruiz Heredia (8 days ago)
Hey I still love bratz
Angel thedemon (8 days ago)
At least Bratz is diverse
Angel thedemon (8 days ago)
Waya525 (8 days ago)
Beverly Hills Teens. Bad Animation, messages that are incredibly sick, self centered and wrong, terrible performances. Need I say more?
Chlorine Bites (8 days ago)
Lol, I remember watching Barbie: The Fairy Secret when I was a little girl. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.
Happy Cookie (9 days ago)
When I was 10 I was kinda really smart and funny while I didn’t agree I was told that but if you said I was pretty I would kick you in the face because a lot of girls shoes were about being pretty and going shopping and I thought that was so boring and that’s when I went to actually good shows
Broccoli Man (9 days ago)
When I watched Bratz when I was 5, I was like "OMG Its so cool and the animation is so good!". But me now....I was disgusted about my taste for cartoons before (It wasn't even in the T.V. I watched it in YouTube. That's how you know I had terrible taste)
Anon (9 days ago)
I personally enjoy Miraculous, but Kim Possible should be numero uno, or both should be tied.
Anon (9 days ago)
1:16 turn on subtitles. Thank me later.
Køøkie e (9 days ago)
I couldn’t agree more with Miraculous Ladybug to be #1, I still love that show ^^ but the funny thing is, when I was little I actually hated bratz, dunno why 😂
Also the boys in BRATZ look like a toddler hung a men dolls face over a fire and watched it melt, and then remolded it ,
الاميرة سمو (9 days ago)
I was watching all of the best girls cartoons....but when i find out that there is a love story in ( Miraculous the ladybug) i stopped watching her.
Pearce Durnin (10 days ago)
l love piny
“uNivErsAl dEmOGraPhIc” You mean little girls and 40 year old bronies
Xxshadow5 stormxX (11 days ago)
you see miraculous lb on his pc
Masked Mystery 4 15 (13 days ago)
How about star vs the forces of evil, I love that one.
Mlp İklond (13 days ago)
Well, MLP is a part of my life and I love Miraculous.
Keltin the Unicorn (14 days ago)
Says that mlp is the best cartoon but putts miraculous at 1st
mrs mozzarella sticks (14 days ago)
What normal people hear: oooohhh! Bratz! What I hear: aoooohhh! Barets!
Do Dodakowski (5 days ago)
Aaaaaaaaaah, a Baret. (Piu) Ded*
Kurosawa Ami (15 days ago)
It should be Winx's first seasons instead of MLP. (MLP is so boring)
:3 hi (15 days ago)
KIM POPSICLE (thats the name of a ytp).... Watch the kim ytp
akanisi wong (15 days ago)
When I saw Miraculous Ladybug in the beginning I was willing to kill if it was on the worst list. Once I finished, all is good and well in the world.
physical yeet (15 days ago)
Am I the only one who didn't like miraculous ladybug?
Big boy Eugene (15 days ago)
Phantom when saying it’s the asylum it’s the company the asylum (which is known for bad cgi films) not an actual asylum
Temmie and Tem (15 days ago)
My little sister has some Bratz movies. And makes me watch them.
Sparklefish K (16 days ago)
Miraculous Ladybug is my fave show
Carla Tibbs (17 days ago)
Am I the only one who likes the intro of bratz?
Isla Rinehart (18 days ago)
When you realize you have all the barbie movies ever made :(
Stina Tordsson o.O (18 days ago)
Barbie and the fairy secret arent really the baddest movie...Barbie as the superprincess Are the worst EVER...;-:
Aleda Brady (19 days ago)
Eddsworldfan (19 days ago)
The Barbie Movie *sigh* I STILL LOVING IT I HAVE a problem i think ;-; XD (this is my nostalgia x') )
Gabbles Eats Apples (19 days ago)
Bratz was the SHIT back when I was five. I remember begging my mom to buy me Bratz dolls and watching all of the movies at least five times EACH. Despite being really badly animated, Bratz wasn't just part of my childhood. It *was* my childhood.
That Vegan Manatee (20 days ago)
I personally think the worst Barbie movies are the fariytopia franchise. I think Barbie a fairy secret is okay.
Karla The Charmander (21 days ago)
The girl's makeup and looks in Bratz look like that it got beaten up by an apple
Littleladybug 14 (21 days ago)
Miraculous ladybug for life
leave me alone. (21 days ago)
Sparkle Glitter (22 days ago)
I have the book of Barbie: Fairy Secrw
Sparkle Glitter (22 days ago)
ola sabawi (22 days ago)
8:22 NOT COOL!!!
Captain Moz (23 days ago)
Fluttershy and Twilight to me are best mane cast members.
Quinn Mint (23 days ago)
8:56 You just did a perfect impression of my cellphone ringing somewhere I can't find it.
Seante Marshalll (26 days ago)
I love you again
Seante Marshalll (26 days ago)
thanks you for miraculous
Seante Marshalll (26 days ago)
Barbie is the best shut up old man
Seante Marshalll (26 days ago)
Barbie is the best shut up old man
OtakuMartin 99 (26 days ago)
Drag0n Mistr3ss (27 days ago)
Strider, you might wanna get that beehive removed. :O zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~
kyle phifer (27 days ago)
your sexits
Sucrehh (28 days ago)
How DARE you >:(((((((( 8 year old me is triggered
Combat Creepers (29 days ago)
Lea Ziesing (29 days ago)
Royalty is Not only for girls ya know, don't forget Knights and Kings are kinda Royal too, or think of Excalibur.-. Also there are much much worse Barbie movies now:>
I was born at 2008 and that terrible princess school came out O_O
baja muslihat (1 month ago)
Powerpuff girls? No? ok.
phoenix knight (1 month ago)
2# worst was made by morning star entertainment, not (what you say)
Berke Konak Orjinal (1 month ago)
Oh,I’m gay now.
Akane Hiromi (1 month ago)
Bratz aren't good role models......... erggh try again
Dannie 1084 (1 month ago)
When I was a little girl Iused to destroy my Barbie dolls.
Dannie 1084 (1 month ago)
* I used *
Dyla Bratz (1 month ago)
Bratz was iconic and it's coming back!
Brats are not the best but the genie movie was funny lol girlfriend : do i Look fat? Boyfriend: i wish i had a nickel for everytime you asked that question!!! Genie: makes tons of nickles rain from the sky i also liked the part where man puts the coin in the machine and the genie acted like she was the machine and was answering his questions then when she had to run she answers his last question by leaning in and moving like a normal person what i like about that one brats movie is it has an actual story and a good message that true friendship is more important then what a friend gives you!!!! And i like brats super babys for the ending haha the aliens sees the potato's getting choped and decapitated its funny cus for all u who have not seen the movie the ending was amazing the aliens try to pose as the babys so the babys had there grandma make mash potatoes fries ect cus the aliens look like potatoes XD the only to good movies from brats most of the super baby movie is garbage just the ending was good and the live action was alright
I Love mlp and kim possible there epic
Cool Sisters Show (1 month ago)
I’m 16 and I like Bratz and my little pony
Nick Gonzalez (1 month ago)
I Love the Bratz 💖💖💖
Torra Liar (1 month ago)
I like monster high
Partymangle 2018 (1 month ago)
You know your girls cartoon is bad when someone considers it worse than what video brinquedo has to offer.
JesterMCL (1 month ago)
The original bratz cartoons were actually really good. They were wholesome with good messages and friendship was the most important thing in all the original episodes. Over time it took a turn. It really hurt me to see my childhood show get ruined with that 3D animated junk. The messages completely changed into fake superficial Barbie junk. I used to have the posters on my wall from the original art design the first cartoon movies they made were amazing. Just wanted to throw that out there. I agree with your list completely but the the very first messages were good from Bratz.
Marvel Fan (1 month ago)
Bratz to me wasn't a bad show
Nuketubez Gaming (1 month ago)
You CANT tell me miraculous ladybug intro is not among the best intro ever
I love ladybug
WhoDafuqAreYou ? (1 month ago)
In my opinion, i dont like miraculous. I do think it’s a good show story wise, but the actual episodes are extremely formulaic and annoying to watch. the show can teach good messages and has good characters, but the fact the episodes go by the same formula every, single, time, just annoys me so much. I mean I know that’s the point of the show, but I would honestly like a episode without a villain at least ONCE. I understand it’s a super hero show, but I just get so annoyed with the same thing happening every single time. A Character is introduced, character has conflict, character is then akumatized, then is defeated by the hero’s. EVERY SINGLE TIME. also the voice actors really annoy me in the show. if anything, I do actually enjoy the romance in the show. They portray a strong female lead and a just as strong male lead that go together quite well. I enjoy watching them fight together as a team.
cute cat lady /\__/\ (9 days ago)
WhoDafuqAreYou ? In origins pt 1 it doesn't go to plan. I'm S2 New heroes and a mysterious New villain
Cat Crew Martinez (1 month ago)
As a toddler my favorite show was Bratz
Cat Crew Martinez (1 month ago)
When I was a kid my favorite movie fairy barbie secret
Zwieten Bo (1 month ago)
I don't think the monkeys are trained
Kalvin Chester (1 month ago)
meanwhile Mia and Me is.... I don't know how to describe it
I like Cookies (1 month ago)
So the tooth fairy takes my tooth because of money for shopping???
Shealyne Anglin (1 month ago)
I LOVE how they worked so hard to keep Marinette from being a stereotypical girl. Sure she likes pink, cooking, and sewing, but she also likes video games and she designed and built her "secret box" all by herself and she's the class Rep. She is cool and confident, clumsy and silly, clever and tough, kind and caring. She's my favorite character and she totally rocks!
Shealyne Anglin (1 month ago)
I'm OBSESSED with Miraculous!
ShipQueen28 (1 month ago)
In all honesty, I'd recommend a young girl watch the Barbie Fairytopia trilogy over Fairy Secret. Fairytopia isn't as self centered and has a lot more action, with things like different elemental fairies. Besides, what's the CONFLICT in Fairy Secret? At least in Fairytopia they had the evil queen lady who tried to 1. Take over the fairy kingdom. 2. Take over the mermaid kingdom. 3. Cause everlasting winter.
Caydenstarlight (1 month ago)
Lol I love Miraculous so much
iiDonutGamezz 35 (1 month ago)
The ZZZZZ needs to STOP
iiDonutGamezz 35 (1 month ago)
Miraculous ladybug is boring to me

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