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How to Configure AME in R12 - Assign Roles & Create Grants for User

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How to Configure AME in R12 - Assign Roles & Create Grants for User In this video, I have explained how to Configure AME in Oracle R12. 1. Assign Roles to User 2. Create Grant Option For Learning Oracle E-Business Suite.. Check below sites. http://www.oracleerpappsguide.com https://www.facebook.com/LearnOracleErpAppsGuide/ https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111267855409088676081 Email: [email protected] Happy Learning!.
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Text Comments (9)
Thank you so much it's really helpful....Please upload the next video
Bin Chan (2 years ago)
Could you please help on how to made the Award field mandatory in iExpenses R12.  Thank you
Rameswar Reddy (2 years ago)
it's nice one and plz upload next session videos related to AME
Oracle ERP Apps Guide (2 years ago)
+Rameswar Reddy Thanks. I'm working on it. Will update soon.
Purushotham Gsp (3 years ago)
excellent video......thank you very much
Wael Dawood (3 years ago)
very helpful thank you
Amit Sharma (4 years ago)
Nice Viedo...thank you so much
joy johnson (4 years ago)
Can you also upload the next section of AME
Sathish kumar (4 years ago)
Good Explanation. If would have explained on my user login might be more clear to all.

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