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Heatless Straight to Curly Hair Tutorial | Straw Curls

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WATCH IN HD! The day has come! So today i'm showing you guys how I get my hair so curly using basic straws. I hope you enjoy!! THANKS FOR WATCHING! TOOLS USED: -small rubberbands -spray bottle -water -straws -hair tie/clip to tie back hair -PATIENCE STAY CONNECTED WITH ME! IG: b_doan https://www.instagram.com/b_doan/ EMAIL: [email protected]
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Text Comments (5310)
moosi2a (1 hour ago)
Ur a liar u have spray on them so they stay otherwise they donr
moosi2a (1 hour ago)
How would u sleep with all of that on ur head?????
21cuteg BHAD. (8 hours ago)
How long does it last ⁉️💕(pls answer somebody )😫⁉️💕💕💕💚‼️🙏
A R (11 hours ago)
Saw this video on snapchat a few months ago. Wish I had the time and dedication to do this.
Denise Ames (13 hours ago)
I just realized she used her fingernails to part the sections. I don't have fingernails:( How do you come up with stuff like this?
chip chip (16 hours ago)
where you get those big straws tho
Anna Maxi (17 hours ago)
My hair is wavy
Kaoutar ab (20 hours ago)
Thats goood
Aesthetically Sonia (21 hours ago)
im a little late but I did this and it worked really well but if you mess up on one straw plsss redo it its only gonna take a few seconds to and since I didn't half of my hair was shorter than the other. it took forever but its so worth it
Patricia Burris (1 day ago)
Around how many straws do you ise?
Steve Miller (1 day ago)
mom is me from roblox its melodiefirefox
A. Kidd (1 day ago)
I loooovee it, can't wait to try this out! 😍👍👍
It came out so cute 🥰
Isabela Montenegro (2 days ago)
She kinda looks like Rihanna with those curls
Ciara Mitchell Dillon (2 days ago)
going to spice girls tomorrow was looking to do scary spice on my white gurl hair and this is perfect!! just need straws now!! haha (like gold dust nowdays the plastic ones)
nga venus (3 days ago)
Chérie (4 days ago)
oof i remember watching this before i went natural ouuuh the self-hate
Missy Va (4 days ago)
What I thought you got curly hair oh the thumbnail
Gracie Morrison (4 days ago)
be careful using straws I just did the same thing you did it work really well I got some beautiful curls but I went to my mom and she said that be so careful or don't even use straws because they can melt
Wiktoria_ 17 (4 days ago)
w h o i n 2 0 1 9 ?
Montizzy Vlogs (5 days ago)
Does this work with wet hair
lime green (5 days ago)
please don't waste straws guys, plastic and all that stuff ( i know this tutorial was from 2017, but still)
Modgil Cheenu (5 days ago)
Love your lip color👌🏻👌🏻 which lip color??
I have natural curly hairs , only I can feel the pain when I comb my hair😥😥😥🖕🏻😢
Austic (6 days ago)
Your so pretty you slay curly hair more than me damn sis ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Courtney Dawson (6 days ago)
when your hair is longer than the straw and won't work :( can anyone else relate?
Rupparna Chatterjee (6 days ago)
U actually look great in these curls😘
Fricken Chicken (6 days ago)
But it would be so uncomfortable
Daniella Marie (6 days ago)
YT GEN (6 days ago)
I did this and it work!✌✨
You could do this on Mia’s hair
Daniella Marie (7 days ago)
I did it!! I’m about to sleep with it sooo hopefully it turns out good! I think i gunna be bad tho... Let’s hope for the best!🤞🏽
Daniella Marie (6 days ago)
A s h l e y IT WORKS!!!!!
Daniella Marie (6 days ago)
A s h l e y also it took me like 3 hours lol
A s h l e y (7 days ago)
Let me know if it works!
imane yossra (7 days ago)
Woow .
Miranda Fisher (7 days ago)
For the turtles sake I hope you reuse the same straws every time
Miranda Fisher (6 days ago)
A s h l e y :(
A s h l e y (7 days ago)
Prob not
Varsik Julhakyan (7 days ago)
Elsa Beth (7 days ago)
Argan Life Shampoo really works its amazing love love it. What a difference in my hair, I have long hair and this stuff keeps it shiny ,has a clean smell to it.
Manuel Nugent (8 days ago)
The style fits u so weelll
stephany umana (8 days ago)
What if we have very short hair
Andreas karlsson (8 days ago)
That is a lot of straws going into the garbage :(
Daniella Marie (8 days ago)
This is hands down the best tutorial EVER!!
preshy gal (8 days ago)
How long did it take before going back to your normal straight hair?
preshy gal (8 days ago)
+Brittany Lien Ok thanks
Brittany Lien (8 days ago)
It won’t go back completely straight unless you get it wet
Spill the tea Now (9 days ago)
If you have thick and long hair will it still work? I have mine in right now and school is the next day so when I wake up it’s either gonna be a hella mess or it’s gonna be my dreams come true, something actually going right in my life. Updates will be tomorrow
Spill the tea Now (9 days ago)
My hair to thick help meee idk if it’s gonna work for my hair
Anuj Dmello (9 days ago)
Thanx for make this video.
mariadzierzon (9 days ago)
Ash Nicole (10 days ago)
Jus finished watching the full video, this is amazing ima definitely try this‼️ if it works I’ll def have an update 😩😍
Ash Nicole (9 days ago)
Brittany Lien ok thank you, and i wash my hair every 3 to 4 days
Brittany Lien (9 days ago)
They’ll probably be a little frizzy by then, and idk how your hair does with getting oily but I usually wash mine out after two days.
Ash Nicole (9 days ago)
Brittany Lien i finished it, it took three hours. I have plans on Saturday do you think it would be safe too keep them in until friday night or Saturday morning?It’s Wednesday right now
Brittany Lien (10 days ago)
Ash Nicole (10 days ago)
I wish i could get my hair permanently this curly😩💯
xxShadyPotato (10 days ago)
My hair is wavy but some days it decides to be straight *i don't know what's really going on up there*
errie summer (2 days ago)
xxShadyPotato omg I RELATE
Rosie Jasmin (11 days ago)
How long do they stay in for?
itz ya girl tiare (11 days ago)
What can we sub straws for? What else can I use bc I don’t want to waste straws
Valerie Epondulan (11 days ago)
How long did it take?
Lilli_ Jayla (11 days ago)
Sis this really helped
Lps Fluffy (11 days ago)
REEE, I want curly hair but like.. Softer curls... Cuz I'm tryna recreate some kinda Peggy Schuyler look but it ain't working cuz I'm EXTREMELY pale and I barely have any curls ;n;
Sarah Fobo (11 days ago)
I want to do my hair curly with straws but i feel guilty for doing so because i am a cause then for killing sea life like turtles😭
tteessaa aann (12 days ago)
this dont work for me lmao i feel like you have to be naturally gorgeous for this.. explains why she looks so good with them smfh
Thaina Zimmer (12 days ago)
im sorry but this video is too funny for me ... like .... i always had to hide my hair, i had it chemically straight for YEARS and seeing girls trying to get the hair like mine with those horrible and humiliating ways is just.... so funny... is like a reward bc.... i just have to wake up and boom my curly hair is right there DJJAJKADJKADNJWJDK im sorry
Gianna Tripamer (12 days ago)
Then: Using plastic straws for hair 2019: DONT EVER USE PLASTIC STRAWS....THE TURTLES
Adelina Cazacutu (12 days ago)
You can also use fabric strips. I cut and old T-shirt I don’t use anymore. It’s much softer and you can sleep with them overnight. Also, the most important part, you can reuse them!
Spill the tea Now (9 days ago)
Adelina Cazacutu do you do it like what she did but with fabric
BillieBinks xo (12 days ago)
Im just blessed im mixed and i have natural tight curls tbh..
Kristina Bogdanovic (13 days ago)
I like turtles❤️🐢
Charlie Charin (13 days ago)
Can i rent your hair for a week?
Natasha Baias (13 days ago)
So how long will it last ?
Kinzie Kurn (13 days ago)
Can you do it with wet hair ??
Вот это я понимаю,заморочилась,капец)))
Lorienta Ist daa (13 days ago)
Pranavi Thawani (13 days ago)
I gonna try this sometimes
Unknown Unknown (14 days ago)
She sounds like Jennifer Lopez 😀
Unknown Unknown (14 days ago)
Sgw sounds like Jennifer Lopez 😀
Hümeyra (14 days ago)
Turtles are probably very mad right now
Daniela Ortiz (14 days ago)
You are so pretty
Brittany Lien (14 days ago)
Thank you!
Blueberry Snowflake ' (14 days ago)
Why would you want curly hair it’s horrible believe me
MASUD ALAM (14 days ago)
Hey girl....you are very qute 🌵🥀🥀🥀🌹🌹🌹
Avery Moore (15 days ago)
How long did this take?
Megan Moya (15 days ago)
Would colored pencils work 😂😂
فاطمة عباس (15 days ago)
She is sooooo beautiful
Sksks tea (16 days ago)
Shes so pretty she makes me feel ugly lol
Brittany Lien (16 days ago)
Aww don’t put yourself down gorgeous! 🥰
kim_ slipstreams (16 days ago)
See the way my life is set up l don't have time lol very cute style
Jayelina V. (16 days ago)
I just broke a "couple" of my hangers and broke the part where is was like a straw so yea!!! 😐 looks like I have to go buy some more for my mom!!!!!!😅😓😓😅
Likkle Pikkle (16 days ago)
Ayt so let’s be real how long did it take to do yur hair cuz I want tot do this but I ain’t got all the time
Yibble Yabble (16 days ago)
how long does it last for?
xloipapak (16 days ago)
dont do this on short hair😭😂
Emmylou Granger (17 days ago)
Bruhhhh....I’m in the middle of trying it and how tf does she do it???!!!!!😭😭
Mikki Kas (17 days ago)
It looked so adorable before you put any of it up and just loosened with your fingers. So cute on you, too! The final up do was also adorable!
Brittany Lien (17 days ago)
Thank you!
Nathalie Oliva (18 days ago)
Omg that’s so cool you killed a lot of turtles for this
Anna Hutson (18 days ago)
Just use a wooden pencil and a flat iron.
qxeen._ (18 days ago)
Does it straighten when u brush ur hair xx
Zuzana Piroutkova (19 days ago)
Who dont want to use starws?!?? Different Quicker method IS with using pencil from Wood And Iron straightner(sorry for my english) the same, hair around pencil And warm straighter few times give on it.. And woala its Done.
Zuzana Piroutkova (18 days ago)
+Ducky Darlingx yes thats trze👍😊 I just with my hair know it Will never dry in one day like this.. And also so so long time than u have IT Done.. 🍀
Ducky Darlingx (18 days ago)
Zuzana Piroutkova ya but heat damages ur hair :) this is a heatless alternative
Sandra Escobar (19 days ago)
Can i use the perm chemicals using this tutorial?
HADESCORPSE (19 days ago)
I love you baby marry me
Memeogod Widgens (19 days ago)
My head is throbbing bc i aint got enough rubber band and its to tight to my scalp and its also like 12 am rn im honna cry in the morning
Bang__tan__ boyx (19 days ago)
Someone tell me she doesn’t look like Halsey in the thumbnail where she’s wearing makeup😦💜
Jess Dunseph (19 days ago)
Chispita de miel azul (19 days ago)
Tengo el cabello lacio y corto pero si me lo hago voy a tener tremendo afro porque algo de negra yo tengo
soad mukabal (19 days ago)
My hair is so thick so i don't think it will be easy to put straws in it or if there will ne enough straws -∆-
lucy cTM (19 days ago)
I mean, does this work with paper straws? cause plastic straws are banned in my area🙂
I loveee this method but it’s so hard😭😭i love my curls small and tight so it takes for ever and idk if this happens to anyone else but i pull my hair a lot when i do it and it’s annoying😭 and then your arms end up hurting soooo bad😭😭but it’s worth it my hair is really straight but this can last me up to 5 days if i want to so it’s worth it
Mais alguém do Brasil aqui?
Zuzanna Jujka (19 days ago)
OMG that looks amazing 😍😍
Chakkara Chakkara (20 days ago)
It amazing 😍and l like it
Malia Archer (20 days ago)
I have curly hair and I hate it

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