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CGR Undertow - CALL OF DUTY: WORLD AT WAR review for Nintendo DS

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Call of Duty: World at War review. http://www.ClassicGameRoom.com Shop CGR shirts & mugs! http://www.CGRstore.com Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Call of Duty: World at War for the Nintendo DS developed by n-Space and published by Activision. Call of Duty: World at War is a first-person shooter released for many platforms in 2008. The game tells an intersecting story of three soldiers during World War II. The gameplay is similar across all platforms, but the Nintendo DS version is unique for its touch controls. Players move their character with the directional pad, but aiming is handled with the stylus. Similar to Metroid Prime Hunters, dragging the stylus on the touch screen moves your reticule on the top screen. It's a more fast and accurate way to play shooters, despite the tendency to cause hand cramps. Call of Duty: World at War has single and multiplayer play on the Nintendo DS, and despite the weaker hardware, the 3D environments look surprisingly good. This video review features video gameplay footage of Call of Duty: World at War for the Nintendo DS and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
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Text Comments (472)
Madison Williams (1 month ago)
I played this as a kid
Rectus Rectumius (4 months ago)
Basically developers made a bunch of N64 graphics games in the 360 and PS3 era.
Rectus Rectumius (4 months ago)
These games got beat by Modern Combat series on smart phones. Activision should have cornered the smart phone market when they had the chance.
Generic Troll (7 months ago)
Sounds like Ralph the Movie Maker
mistake (10 months ago)
You sound familiar
Narayuga Prajna (11 months ago)
This game was the GOAT of DS FPS game after Metroid Prime Hunter! I remember playing multiplayer a lot with this game. The morse code mini game is also fun!
Les v2v Didier (11 months ago)
Ou ta trouver se jeux
gloege1 (1 year ago)
stillthe best reviews around
Mark Kenneth Nicart (1 year ago)
i just dont like the controls :( its a great game i think. i only played black ops and MW3 on my ds due to availability of button controls.
Glenn Quagdingo (1 year ago)
Prefer the 360 world at war
Lil Indomie (1 year ago)
cod on the go?, wynaut
Mackson Khor34 (1 year ago)
Ps vita
Ysbrand vd Velde (1 year ago)
Remember playing this like eight years ago.
Nafarious One (1 year ago)
Before I could afford a PS3 and all I had was a DS, I played through COD 4 Modern Warfare. Boy! When I beat that game, my hands were killing me and I had to go get them massaged for true relief. But, it filled the gap until I could get a PS3 and the first game I got for that was COD 4 Modern Warfare. The multi player alone was worth the buy and I spent hours getting to level 55 and then prestige. For the DS version, all you could do was wireless link to another DS and it was you versus the person in the same room with you running around trying to kill each other. World At war used the same setup and controls as Modern Warfare. Again, this filled the gap till I could get better. But, the payoff was extremely hurt hands.
JS JULIAN (1 year ago)
when you record your game never do it in the dark
Hayden Aubrey (1 year ago)
Yeah maybe the reason it didn't have a lot of fps titles for it was because it wasn't a great setup for fps games
katelyn mora (1 year ago)
you are a dumbass u play cod for ds wow i'm going to drink bleach
Viraj Dobriyal (1 year ago)
This is the only game I missed. Have to go back and finish this
Gentry Kirksey (1 year ago)
that little theme song intro smacks!!! its clean af!!
Siralsmi (1 year ago)
i remember playing the multiplayer, it was pretty good like 10 online
Justin Welch (1 year ago)
3ds needs to do some remakes
Noah the Boa (1 year ago)
you sound like ray toro
Slonderman (1 year ago)
I want this on psp
Ivy Gaming (1 year ago)
What looks better,this or bo3 on last Gen
Ivy Gaming to be honest I like the simple yet detailed environments in waw ds better
well I recognize that (1 year ago)
l have a DS and l have this game it's fun!!!
Michał Suntharam (1 year ago)
This looks like medal of honor on ps1
panicman10 (1 year ago)
COD Black ops was a hard one to get use to but, this one looks awesome! A lot like golden eye did. I need to add this to my collection now and its 2017 yikes! Just goes to show don't need graphics to have a great and fun game :)
TheSloMoBroAnd More (1 year ago)
Is there zombies on it?
Prison Security (2 years ago)
used to play this all the time on my DS, i kinda miss it for an odd reason even tho ik now that it sucks
SpellsKiNG (2 years ago)
I'm glad I decided to check out your video! Keep keep it up! Have a fantastic day, ok?
Akreak Silvy (2 years ago)
I feel that the graphics are the same as Medal Of Honor 2: Allied Assault
Grigori Rasputin1990 (2 years ago)
looks so bad
Alexander Otey (2 years ago)
Grigori Rasputin its a ds what the fuck do you expect?
Sal De Luca (2 years ago)
No, just no
Kuan Lee (2 years ago)
This feels like playing COD: Finest Hour with PS1 graphics. That's a good thing.
Kuan Lee yeah it's fun I've played it before as well as finest hour and I still can't believe some people still play online in finest hour
this guy (2 years ago)
fuck off the Xbox 360 controller is great
Mohammed Al-Kooheji (2 years ago)
Dude he obviously meant dual analog controllers in general.
Mef262728 (2 years ago)
sound effects sound similar to roads to victory
Kelrick Barrow (2 years ago)
Who here wants a new call of duty game?
Kelrick Barrow (1 year ago)
Chris Person (1 year ago)
I don't have this game but I have defiance and black ops and mobilized
Kelrick Barrow (2 years ago)
+Andrew Ortega It has somewhat of a story. But by any chance, do you know how to contact nintendo?
+Kelrick Barrow does this game have a story or us it like roads to victory where you just shoot stuff?
Gabtriel Dante (2 years ago)
+Kelrick Barrow i want this on my game.com
Manga Marcus (2 years ago)
Does it have zombies?
PAPA DOLFY (2 years ago)
Still better than infinite warfare...
HailToTheKing (5 months ago)
PAPA DOLFY infinite warfare is not a bad game shut the fuck up you damn fuckboi
AiDeN FrIeDmAn-YeTtAw (11 months ago)
+Dexus not black ops declassified...
Dexuz (1 year ago)
Any shooter is better than CoD: IW
Silvershotprop (1 year ago)
TV Illuminati I've never play infinite warfare is it that bad?
Chris Person (1 year ago)
Have you ever played this game it's a blast on ds and have you ever played infinite warfare I have not but I want to play it.
Trail Sammarco (2 years ago)
I honestly expected you to say you where kidding but then the video ended.
Pixel R (2 years ago)
Was he reviewing the overall game or having a long discussion about the stylus and controlers?
Diggy22 (2 years ago)
We miss you, Undertow...
Bluesp1k3 (2 years ago)
bruv i was stuck on the boat section! were you have to shoot down some planes
James James (1 year ago)
Fuark I played this game so much before I got a PS3. Multiplayer was actually really fun, you played the same people a lot of the time because no one hardly played it.
Ta Fefe (2 years ago)
same here I best the single player atleast 20 tines
Ethan Lozada (2 years ago)
I never got the achievement for getting the Morse code perfect it haunts everyday
JmanAsh-B (2 years ago)
if i wanted to play with a touch screen id use a cellphone..
rebane2001 (2 years ago)
The thing is, that DS has three important advantages: 1. You can still clearly see the top screen without having it obscured by your finger 2. It still has physical controls, like the dpad for movement and triggers on the back. It kind of even feels more like playing on a laptop with a touchpad 3. The DS has better games than mobile devices So let me advertise this game to you in another way: Hey, do you like playing on your laptop (let's say you answer is yes, even if it wouldn't be)? Well, we just removed most of the laptops buttons, but left the wasd (dpad) and a few other buttons. We made the laptop smaller and lighter so you can carry it right inside your pocket and we also made the touchpad show information and added additional functionality to it If you don't like using a touch screen to play, I totally understand you, but imo a DS is much better than a cellphone
Ethan Lozada (2 years ago)
You mean a smart phone
Kicks (2 years ago)
Can you Trickshot?
Onu Henry (2 years ago)
VectorCam (2 years ago)
The graphics look worse than the first call of duty on the ps2 and Xbox.
Mynthon (2 years ago)
Nope. Call of Duty was never released on PS2 or Xbox. However, it was later released on Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360.
Mynthon (2 years ago)
Yeah, no fucking kidding. The specs of the original DS are comparable to those of PS1 and N64, it much much weaker than PS2 or Xbox.
N30L0G1C 2U (2 years ago)
+David R. T Yes there Is for ps2 and Xbox
David R. T (2 years ago)
The first call of duty was not released on those consoles, but nice troll
YesWayJose Gaming (2 years ago)
fuck all yall hhoes
Ethan Abate (2 years ago)
i couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic, i hope not cause i was going to buy and ply all the cods that are ds edition
Poppii Dawg (2 years ago)
This guy has autism. Why would he say the day has the best on controls
Suspended Doritos (2 years ago)
This brings me back... this was my first Call of Duty, believe it or not.
George Mosidze (2 years ago)
anyone else who has all 3 nds call of duty games in cartridge form?
beavis (2 years ago)
there's not 3 there's 5
Leonid Albertov (2 years ago)
Cool game. I have all cod games for ds.
ribs (2 years ago)
you will be missed
Steven (2 years ago)
i didnt know Black Ops III on last gen was released in 2013
VzzVOfficial (2 years ago)
+Andrew Ortega, No one's even talking, it's a fucking comment from a keyboard.
shut upp
Matthew Larscheidt (2 years ago)
IOS GAMER (2 years ago)
It looks like bo3 on the fucking 360
Melvin Floran (2 years ago)
COD black ops for the DS is better... who else plays DS games on the 3ds?
H4CKER1O1 Fake Things (1 year ago)
Melvin Floran Me too I have lego star wars 2 and Mario party ds
Damian Kreps (2 years ago)
Me To
Mr. BeepBeep (2 years ago)
I play black ops on 3ds it sucks that I cant connect to internet though (i dont expect to see anyone though)
ElonMusk 668 (2 years ago)
sorry this is only in supply drops
Fabian Cerda (2 years ago)
we now bring you cod potato warfare
MF doom (2 years ago)
still looks better than bo3 on old gen
Is it the same campaign
SRM13 (2 years ago)
XenoParadox (2 years ago)
A call of duty game on a Nintendo console I don't think so
Joe Stalin (2 years ago)
what do you mean because it is confirmed that nintendo are going to make powerful consoles again, m8 it was proven by the 3ds (especially the new 3ds) and when some leader guy from nintendo saying he wants a "gamers console" and to make more powerful consoles. so cod on the "nx" would be awesome
Eo To (2 years ago)
why this game exist? o.O
G2 LTT (1 month ago)
Because it exist?
Keegan Tinnes (2 years ago)
Robbie Walker (2 years ago)
FYI cod world at war is the first game in the black ops story
ElonMusk 668 (2 years ago)
+Shamy Jams cod 3 was
Libny (2 years ago)
If they made this for the 3DS, There be hundreds playing the multiplayer option.....ON THE GO!!!!!
Kelrick Barrow (2 years ago)
+Joe Stalin Yeah. I wonder if we can contact Nintendo on this. I really wanna play call of duty again on 3DS. At least I liked playing it online.
Joe Stalin (2 years ago)
+Kelrick Barrow just as long as it isnt like cod black ops 3 last gen, a 3ds cod would be great
Kelrick Barrow (2 years ago)
+Joe Stalin Yeah I REALLY hope they make one.
Joe Stalin (2 years ago)
+Kelrick Barrow i want one for the 3ds that actually pushes the limits of the system
Kelrick Barrow (2 years ago)
Who here wants a new call of duty game?
Random Juice (2 years ago)
well u can't be any older because no body puts lol then a period
Random Juice (2 years ago)
SkullBoy64 (2 years ago)
You are not old because grammar.
BigWheel (2 years ago)
personally i disliked the controlls mainly for the aiming aspect... i like to ads but i was forced to play mostly hipfire all the way through they felt clunky but at the same time were simple so not a big issue as far as graphics even for the ds... pretty meh... they tried too hard to make it look realistic that it came out like a bad quake mod... ntm the colour pallet is mainly grey pixles so enemies farther than point blank are an annoyance it had multiplayer which is good for what it's worth i feel like its a good game but you gave it a bit too much praise.
KingLui285 (2 years ago)
better then codblackops ds version
bLiXy (2 years ago)
this must be so hard on ds.
Meow Cat Sam Xx (2 years ago)
No you kind of get used to it
Random Juice (2 years ago)
J R (2 years ago)
lol. you probably don't even remember when waw came out you're so young
Nick Tasy (2 years ago)
This was the first Call of Duty game (of ANY platform) that I ever got. I got it maybe 5 or 6 years ago from now (2016). I still have it an occasional if I'm bored I whip it out and played. I agree the graphics are amazing for the DS, and it's a very fun game to play. You could be playing the regular World at War on PC and then get off and hop on to some WaW DS.
Newbieguy 5000 (2 years ago)
OH YES THE MEMORIES And now I find out that it's c0d AND THAT I play tf2 now... and all the c0d games are similar but I loved the game though memories
Libny (2 years ago)
TF2 was to hardcore for my brain, and my brain is like the size of an atom.
Newbieguy 5000 (2 years ago)
OH YES THE MEMORIES And now I find out that it's c0d AND THAT I play tf2 now... and all the c0d games are similar but I loved the game though memories
1legomaster (2 years ago)
Before I got an HD system I had a PS2 and DS. I bought and loved this game. I played it all the time and even beat the campaign. For the DS, its a great game.
TheGamingGecko (2 years ago)
i wonder if kids were like this back then Hey DOOD i got the new call of duty waw on my ds (other friend)COOL (other other friend) OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG the graphics cant get bette rthan this now there like hey bruh i got the new bo3 on my xbox one lol its changed
LongLogStudios (2 years ago)
I think people should just Shut the fuck up about GayBox or FailStation Controllers and Graphics. You guys won't even shut the fuck about keyboard and mouse! Mostly all of you retards won't just shut the fuck about the ds sucking! I just can't stand the retardedness of having to see all this stupid shit about AssCube and FailStation. Just shut the fuck about having the ds a Dick-Screen.
John Hyland (1 year ago)
He is just mad that a lot of people in this comments section is whining about the graphics.
You are using words, but i dont think you have grasped how to structure them in a sentence. Please contact your government appointed handler, have them help you.
Jose Serna (2 years ago)
ds is not that bad but psp is better
Gregory Smith (3 years ago)
Don't insult me we all have our own opinions i like the keyboard and mouse it is a good control system in my opinion a xbox controller is better.
Man ds sucks.
Meow Cat Sam Xx (2 years ago)
Whaaaaat no ds brought a handheld revolution that now we have today
Kevinthepinecone (2 years ago)
Jaikie Perry-Sloan (3 years ago)
why do people keep moaning about the graphics not being as good PC graphics, its a DS you dumasses
ItalianStallion76 (3 years ago)
During my own play through, I hand to thought of it, but this game sorta reminds me of Goldeneye 007.
Hijynx87 (3 years ago)
Did it have zombies? Ik Blops has zombies.
TheDualWieldingGamer (3 years ago)
+Hijynx87 No sadly.
Cinnamon Green (3 years ago)
this would be one of those shooting games i would actually be good at
joaquin ferrer (3 years ago)
I always hated how the DS betray me as a left handed :(
Mef262728 (2 years ago)
+Clorox Bleach I see in lots of videos in lots of places around youtube actually.
Mef262728 (2 years ago)
+Clorox Bleach Hey I've seen you before.I saw you on leafys vids.
Libny (2 years ago)
me to but when I played Black Ops DS, they had the best option to change button layout, and man I was able to beat it twice.
Ayy Lmao (2 years ago)
I can use both hands
lol who dis (3 years ago)
+Some Guy im left handed and I use the default controls as you would
King Winston (3 years ago)
It must be said battle front two on the psp has some of the best handheld first/third person shooter controls. It uses the l and button in a context sensitive way, and the d pad to switch weapons and use your scope, it uses the face buttons for camera movement/looking depending what view point your using, when in first person mode it makes everything so precise.
King Winston (3 years ago)
I got the last model where everything was pretty well built except the start and select buttons, they were under a plastic cover so eventually the start button slid out and I was left with a barely usable psp. Although I did pick up the 3000 which I owned for about 6 months before trading it in for a vita.
scottthewaterwarrior (3 years ago)
+Homer sams Yeah that game was great, I always used the advance controls though which used the face buttons for movement, then the thumb stick was just for aiming. Too bad the PSP itself was built so poorly, everyone I know who owned one has had it fail on them, some have even had more then one fail. I never dropped mine or anything, and after only two years, the casing was cracked, one of the hinges on the disk tray had broken, and the unit stayed in the button lock mode no matter which position the power switch was in. Those UMDs were crap too, dust would get into that little slot made for the reader, but not come out again, so my disks got scratched just from playing them! Have been thinking about getting a 1000 model though, they felt a little sturdier then the 2000, and then I would just hack it and download ROMs of all the games I want.
DJ Garlic Bread (3 years ago)
This is what those kids that say that they did your mom on xbox should play.
uqusas L (1 year ago)
lol true
thomas leo (3 years ago)
horrible..just horrible.
Kai River Edler (3 years ago)
New Nintendo 3ds xl HYPE!
TheDualWieldingGamer (3 years ago)
+Kai River Edler You can play DS games on New Nintendo 3DS XL
Ethan Wilson (3 years ago)
That's already out, though.
Kai River Edler (3 years ago)
A call of duty I mean
Kai River Edler (3 years ago)
I hope they release one anyway
Gregory Smith (3 years ago)
I think a xbox controller is much better than a freakin keyboard man get your head in the game.
Onu Henry (2 years ago)
naah got a pc fuck the consoles
Onu Henry (2 years ago)
+Sebastian Wesolowski chill the f out if you are like me you will want something different soon i lost my pc and now havent played pc for a long time and now im gettin a friggin ps4 ( and also i have a dsi )
Sebastian Wesolowski (3 years ago)
Are you stupid? Keyboard and mouse is way better than controller in fps games. PCMASTERACE
nova lover (3 years ago)
Black ops for DS looks and plays so much better
django chubbinz (3 years ago)
is he serious?.. how is a ds touchbad better than analog sticks wtf???
Control Room (3 years ago)
+django chubbinz The touch pad with the stylus is incredibly precise and make the overall experience so much fun.
huge balls (3 years ago)
+django chubbinz Metroid Prime Hunters for DS had amazing controls with the touchpad. I agree with +EatGameSleep it is the next best thing to a mouse.
Kurt Roundstone (3 years ago)
Yeah the controls are actually great you can aim like a pro
JaceN (3 years ago)
+django chubbinz It's way more precise, sort of like a trackpad. It's the next best thing to a mouse.
Xxxtentacion (3 years ago)
This looks nothing like cod waw my opinion
Kvng Spaz (3 years ago)
is he stupid xbox and playstation have the best controls on call of duty
Pretty much.
Onu Henry (2 years ago)
+The CWCville Auditorium controllers are good too but i think the ds beats it in the precision department
+LongLogStudios Something tells me that you're just saying this because you don't have either console and are stuck in the last generation of gaming...
+Kvng Spaz I think you're saying this because it's what you're most comfortable using. Which is fine. But it doesn't entirely come down to what one is used to. When it comes down to precision and mechanics, the DS touchpad is as precise as a mouse. Which, for first person shooters, is what will allow you the ease of aiming. So he's not at all stupid, given how imprecise thumb sticks actually are.
Gamer210 Bestee (2 years ago)
Will you grow up! Who says failstation and gaybox 1 ? I wouldn't be surprised if you were 13.
Susy McAdam (3 years ago)
That's stop it
Saladazz Salad (3 years ago)
Kevinthepinecone (2 years ago)
YouTube commenters you can see the wild beast the snicker licker/do not feed the animal or he will lick you're snicker /
William Leeder (3 years ago)
Leave these morons with their Mario
Enrique (3 years ago)
+xIdentified, Your Lord and Savior i know what were they thinking.... and mw3 ans black ops;-;
Enrique (3 years ago)
+xIdentified, Your Lord and Savior oh so they weren't trying to make some mlg 4k 20000mil fps portable ok ;-;
Enrique (3 years ago)
+xIdentified, Your Lord and Savior that it was shit and they should of never made it i think? ;-;
Enrique (3 years ago)
+xIdentified, Your Lord and Savior fuck i was gonna reply ahmed basit not you sorry ;-;
Enrique (3 years ago)
+xIdentified, Your Lord and Savior better than those shitty mario 5 year old games whit terrible graphics
Isaac Toth (3 years ago)
How can you like this?! This game is godawful
smosh 237 (3 years ago)
This video has 666 likes.666 has 3 numbers in it. tryangle has 3 sides.illuminati conformed
scab268 (3 years ago)
+TheMamaluigi300 smosh is a youtuber. luigi doesnt have a mom. you guys are idiots......confirmed
TheMamaluigi300 (3 years ago)
666 is the number of the beast. Beast = Satin. The devil destroying the world confirmed
Jennifer Gomez (3 years ago)
No online?
Onu Henry (2 years ago)
it has i think....

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